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  • $150.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller noobhelo


    May 27, 2014

    thanks , awesome freelancer ,will hire him again soon!!!

    Project Description:please attach file below , thanks
  • RM150.00 MYR
    Profile image for Seller razinramones


    May 11, 2014

    This is the second time I hired hbxfnzwpf. As usual, he did a great job. He is simply the best. Very highly recommended.

    Project Description:There are three updates that need to be done. 1) the password for login must not be visible. e.g. password: ***** 2)in lecturer page, create a new text field to display the total numbers of detected registered devices...
  • $289.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller NMKS

    NMKS [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 7, 2014

    hbxfnzwpt accepted my project. He told me he can finish it in 3 days. he started on April 7 and on April 14 he told me that he cannot complete my project... He wasted my time!!!

    Project Description:I'm a researcher, I have written an algorithm that finds a small connection subgraph from a large graph (I have also implemented it). I would like to compare my results with an already published algorithm...
  • RM605.00 MYR
    Profile image for Seller razinramones


    Mar 28, 2014

    This guy is just great and awesome. He did a great job on my project. Very highly recommended. He gets things done. you won't regret hiring him.

    Project Description:hye my name is razin i am doing my final year project . and now running out of time . i am using netbeans as the platform. the objective of my project is that to manage a class attendance via bluetooth...
  • $95.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller slntscrms


    Mar 23, 2014

    He is easily one of the best developers here. Will rehire him in the future.

    Project Description:Project involving programming knowledge of C / C++ and Object Oriented Concepts.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnche8888


    Mar 22, 2014

    He is the most efficient and honest guy. Great guy to work with and I will DEFINITELY hire him in the future. He can work on complex and challenging programming problems with ease.

    Project Description:The project will require very high level knowledge of programming language as well as expertise in implementing data structures.
  • $238.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mishari1


    Jan 31, 2014

    This is my second project with hbxfnzwpf and he exceeded my expectations this time. Very professional, good communicator, and knows programming. The program is easy to use and the readme file is helpful. Will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:The project is to analyze large data (over 3 million observations). Most of the analysis is count. For example, the input has two columns: Var1 Var2 12 5 12 6 12 9 32 5 32 8 54 2 54 9 1) For each var2 value, Count the number of var1 that include this var2 value...
  • $112.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller ulislamraihan


    Jan 6, 2014

    He is very professional and expert person

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $225.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller harjinder21


    Dec 8, 2013

    A great programmer, will strongly recommend.

    Project Description:I need to implement a compiler for pascal which includes following 1. Global local symbol table. 2. Pascal syntax. 3. Negation. 4. Loop (For, While, Repeate..Until). 5. Select case 6...
  • $90.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller dro2013


    Dec 2, 2013

    He is great as a programmer and as an individual.

    Project Description:Description: Implementing a multilevel scheduling algorithm using multiple threads by using (queues that associated with different priorities by a circular buffers) 1- Main thread which produces number of fake processes randomly...
    hbxfnzwpf has not completed any projects.
  • $100 USD In Progress

    Project for someone with skill in programming

  • $368 AUD In Progress

    Create a python wrapper for the C++/Java API of Interactive brokers. Only some functionality needs to be exposed, details will be discussed with the successful bidder

  • £20 GBP 3 days ago

    i need some support in processing data, i need someone who can help guide me with the project that im working on, contact me for more details on the help i need.

  • $416 USD 3 days ago

    Hello,I need a custom console software for Linux.What does it mean?Here are the specifications1 - When a certain Linux distribution opened in a black screen, our console automatically will be displayed instead of linux console.2 - When linux opened, as you know, a word "root" displayed on the screen because that is a original linux console. But in this case, instead of "root", for example "myroot" word will be displayed.3 - This is a custom console and it will accept "our custom commands" from the keyboard and calls and runs the original linux commands.4 - But user, does not need to know original linux commands. He/she will use just our console.5 - User of our console can not open original linux console or original root mode because you will hide it.Waiting bids...Thanks.

  • €111 EUR 3 days ago

    I need reference C code that works on the real internet, I can use that to create what I need.I need to be able to send a UDP packet from a server node and have all the clients receive it (barring occasional UDP failure).So, client and server code to subscribe to the multicast address, a way to determine the right address to use and a way to send the multicast packet. The UDP receiving code should be standard other than the subscribing to multicast address.Ideally, it would be written using libuv. When testing we need to make sure the executables work on Windows, Linux & Mac. Server will be Linux.

  • $66 USD 3 days ago

    Please see the attached files. Please go through it and let us know in case you have any query.

  • $138 USD 3 days ago

    I am im working in a new protocol for sockets connection, i want to use data compression, for small data(10- 100 bytes) and some another great small data( 300-5000) bytes,i need the bests compression algorithms in c++, if possible i want 4-8 algorithm for small data and 4-8 algorithm for great small data, i need all ready to use, and explain this, i wont use some key or some another thing, cuzz i have to focus minimun possible data to send and recv.

  • $45 USD 8 days ago

    I need dev java to edit login thanks .

  • $194 USD 8 days ago

    Hi,i want a someone that can help me build a scraper.A scraper that can extract data from craigslist site.My budget not too much around $200 -$250 Please bid if u are expert with scraping data.

  • $25 USD 14 days ago

    Purpose of this assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to understand the loop programming construct.Problem Description: Write a program that calculates the balance of a savings account at the end of each month and a final report at the end.Input data from data file “ola5.txt” cp $PUB/ola5.txt ola5.txtFirst, it reads the starting balance and the annual interest rate.A loop should then iterate to process all stored data.Each line contains each month data - total amount deposited into the account during that month and the total amount withdrawn from the account during that month.For each month, the program should displaystarting balance of that monthdeposit of that monthwithdrawal of that monthinterest earned that monthending balance of that monthAfter the last iteration, the program should display a final report that includes the following information: You count number of months in data file andstarting balance at the beginning of the ____ month periodtotal deposits made during the _____ monthstotal withdrawals made during the _____ monthstotal interests posted to the account during the _____ monthsfinal balanceSample input1000.00 0.1300.20 100.00200.00 300.00500.00 50.00Sample Runs:initial balance : 1000annual interest rate : 0.1Enter the amount deposited this month : $300.20Enter the amount withdrawn this month : $100=========================================================monthly statement:the starting balance of this month : $1000.00deposit of this month : $300.20withdrawal of this month : $100.00interest earned this month : $9.17the ending balance of this month : $1209.37Enter the amount deposited this month : $200Enter the amount withdrawn this month : $300=========================================================monthly statement:the starting balance of this month : $1209.37deposit of this month : $200.00withdrawal of this month : $300.00interest earned this month : $9.66the ending balance of this month : $1119.03Enter the amount deposited this month : $500Enter the amount withdrawn this month : $50=========================================================monthly statement:the starting balance of this month : $1119.03deposit of this month : $500.00withdrawal of this month : $50.00interest earned this month : $11.20the ending balance of this month : $1580.23=========================================================quarterly statement:starting balance of 3 month period : $1000.00total deposit of 3 month period : $1000.20total withdrawal of 3 month period : $450.00total interest of 3 month period : $30.03ending balance of 3 month period : $1580.23REQUIREMENTS:-Your program should provide an appropriate prompt and messages to inform the user.User cannot overdraw from this account. Request another amount of withdrawalUse fixed format with 2 digits after decimal point precision.Print monthly and end-of-all reportYour program must have a beginning comment block and proper documentation as shown in ola1.Programming Procedure:login to ranger

  • $50 USD 14 days ago

    I have 2 programs, i want to change the icons for the first one.the second program worked well last year, now i can not set up iti can pay 50 $ as maximum for boththanks

  • ₹2250 INR 15 days ago

    For example we enter a String -> mynameisnamebutyounameisnotnameWord to find in String -> nameThen Output -> name is repeating 4 times in string.I want this kind of well optimised code in c++.

  • $94 USD 15 days ago

    I have 110 pdf files and also 110 text files and I need to proofread it. Check if the text file is similar to pdf file... It is simple... Lowest Bid will be considered... :) Happy bidding

  • $183 USD 17 days ago

    I need a application based Windows scraper for the following ecommerce site, in short it should be able to scrape the products thereScrape Interface-Scrape Products by Category/Sub-category/Sub-Sub-category or "All Products" at once in the Main Category-Scrape the filters (attributes) in the categories for the products (A product can have more than one filter attribute)-Scrape Color attributes existing in the product (Different from the above mentioned category/products filter attributes)-Scrape Size attributes existing in the product (Different from the above mentioned category/products filter attributes)-Scrape all languages / currencies (25 Languages / 16 Currencies)-Scrape filter attributes for each product-Have a delay function in seconds (So the server iam scraping from doesnt block me if it goes to fast)-Choose the Language and Currency i want to scrape -The images to be scraped are those without logo with a size of 384x384-Meta Keywords / Meta DescriptionDatabase Interface-Save products to database-Search for products in database by Category/Sub-Category/Sub-Sub-category-Export to CSV file from database (choose category/sub-category/sub-sub-category to export) or all database-Choose the Language and Currency i want to export to the CSV File (If already exists in database)-I should be able to increase the price of products in % in the db (should be flexible so i can change it anytime, should not affect the original scraped price)-Search for products in a price range (example from 2$-4$)-To Save as/Save/Load a db, since there is 25 languages it is better to be able to save and load databases for each language and name the database whatever name i want.-DB should be able to handle multiple languages and currencies for export and search, i choose language and currency and export (If the language and currency is imported and available)-The interface for the Scraper & Database should be in English, but when i do export Categories in other languages than English in the CSV file the Categories should be in that chosen language.-Counter that shows total products existing in all of the db and every Category / Sub-Category / Sub-sub-category (When chosing that category)When exporting to a csv file everything should be in the language i choose to export Category and Name / Description / Filter Attribute Names etc..Example on Filter Attributes is Compatibility / Features / Color / Style / Type / Port / Material / Connector / Gender / Movement / Band Color / Band Material / Brand etc...Different categories have different Filter Attributes, all the filter attributes is needed.(Example on CSV columns export, Filter Attributes should be named after the name on the site)SKU│CATEGORY│NAME│DESCRIPTION│META KEYWORDS│META DESCRIPTION│IMAGE│ADDITIONAL IMAGES│PRICE│INCREASED PRICE│PRODUCT COLORS│PRODUCT SIZE│STOCK│FILTER ATTRIBUTE1│FILTER ATTRIBUTE2│FILTER ATTRIBUTE3│FILTER ATTRIBUTE4 andSKU│CATEGORY│NAME│DESCRIPTION│META KEYWORDS│META DESCRIPTION│IMAGE│ADDITIONAL IMAGES1││ADDITIONAL IMAGES2││ADDITIONAL IMAGES3││ADDITIONAL IMAGES4││ADDITIONAL IMAGES5││ADDITIONAL IMAGES6││ADDITIONAL IMAGES7│PRICE│INCREASED PRICE│PRODUCT COLORS│PRODUCT SIZE│STOCK│FILTER ATTRIBUTE1│FILTER ATTRIBUTE2│FILTER ATTRIBUTE3│FILTER ATTRIBUTE4 The CSV should work with (Opencart CSV Product Import)

  • $250 USD 17 days ago

    an online lab has 14 easy QS.....

  • $150 USD 17 days ago

    Use c++ to write a go-back-n protocol simulator in socket. The program should simulate all the function of go-back-n. Need a readme to explain how to use this program.

  • $3000 USD 17 days ago

    hi , i need a simple program in c++ ,

  • $138 USD 17 days ago

    I need to have this project completed within a day and a half or 2 AT MAX, monday before 6 PM.I want basic coding and nothing very advanced, serious people only. Will check the code. Instructions attached in the files.

  • $194 USD 19 days ago

    1)Software Requirement

01.Import an stl model file, display it (can be a simple one).02. Generate optimal supporting structure for the model. 03. Picking on each supporter shall be allowed. The selected piece can move along with the mouse, press “delete” to remove it04. Create another function which generate one supporter.The location of the newly generated supporter is decided by the user.05.Check out MeshMixer software from AutoDesk if you don`t know how it shall look like.06. C++ is recommended and the running environment is WINDOWS.07.The program must run effectively without too much memory consumption, and stability is necessary, frequent crush is not allowed.
08.You will be given priority if you have similar experience on doing this.

2)Acceptance Criteria

01. realize all the requirements mentioned above.

02. submit the relevant source code.

03. finish in one week

  • $150 USD 20 days ago

    Hi, i have a open source code for my new website, some one have to ad some extra features and re edit something on open source. the project only for bidder who have awesome knowledge in "Ruby Language" software writing. other details will be provide in P.M.

  • $127 USD 20 days ago

    Write a program to find hamming distance given two binary numbers.The binary numbers are arrys of size n each. The bits are stored in the arrayso an 8 bit binary number will be stored in an array of size 8 as:num1[7].

  • $750 USD 21 days ago

    Hello,I`m looking for great reliable agencies that truly deliver and does take care of the developers issues for me. I don`t want to chase developers, instead I want great agency that has expertise in many fields.Thanks,Dori

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Senior Engineer

Aug 2009 - Present (4 years)

IBM, China



Tsinghua University



The second prize of Tsinghua ACM

Tsinghua University

Our team won the ACM contest which was held by Tsinghua University in 2006.