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Mahammad Mostafa

Senior Mobiles Developer

Username: hegazy

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Location: 6th of October City, Egypt

Member since: September 2006



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  • $960 USD
    Profile image for Seller tschipunza


    28 days ago

    Waal it was nice working with him, his understanding and honesty

    Project Description:Details are as we discussed before.
  • $127.6 USD
    Profile image for Seller jhcdenmark


    Nov 15, 2013

    This really is a programmer who is very clever. Can his stuff and he gets a great experience that makes you constantly feel comfortable with things as he develop<br/>

    Project Description:Import configuration to IOS devices.
  • $1500 USD
    Profile image for Seller christianKL


    Jun 25, 2013

    Overall ok.

    Project Description:I need an Iphone app for monitoring and emergency situation. The application will receive user details from our databases (2 because one is a backup) like licence, contact number to call and different parameters on the monitoring itself...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller mamromer


    Apr 1, 2013

    Pleasant working together, he is able to work with a minimum number of specs and convert that too good programming.

    Project Description:Mobile phone are becoming faster and faster, this seems that also the capability for analyzing images from the camera should get better. This project is a Proof of Concept for fast auto recognizing the...
  • $1130 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Hortiman


    Apr 11, 2012

    Thanks for getting the app up.

    Project Description:I would like to create a branded iPhone application which can be used to both scan codes, search my website ( and also provide tabs to relevant sections of my site (eg. News tab).
  • $1250 USD
    Profile image for Seller ctisch


    Feb 7, 2012

    hegazy was excellent to work with. Very professional, great communication and very fast turnaround time. The project was completed to our exact requirements. Would highly recommend hegazy to any looking for a quality developer.

    Project Description:Hello, We need help developing an iOS app that is essentially a web browser with barcode scanning capabilities (Code 39, Code 128, UPC, EAN, QR). When the app opens we would like a splash screen...
  • $800 USD
    Profile image for Seller Newnews


    Aug 10, 2011

    Great stuff

    Project Description:Looking to troubleshoot current BB GPS app. Must be compliant and functioning on latest BB OS platform version for handset types
  • $1600 USD
    Profile image for Seller Newnews


    Jun 6, 2011

    Very good and professional

    Project Description:+ Looking for GPS location based services for iphone development + Experienced team/ individual + Offers 24 hour turnaround time on bug fixes/ resolution + 6 month guarantee of work + Project to be...
  • $2480 USD
    Profile image for Seller gtrakltd


    Apr 6, 2011

    what can i say, it been a pleasure working this project with hegazy and he knows his stuff when it comes to Windows Mobile. Top quality piece of software, very reasonable pricing. I allways say you get what you pay for and for the extra $400 or so compared to toher offers I am not dissapointed. Top guy, Top developer couldnt ask for any more.

    Project Description:OK Here we go, what i need is someone to write an app (and installer) to basically relay the following to a server Message Type (int) # Device IMEI # Latitude # Longitude # GPSDateTime # GPS Speed # GPS...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller mxlx


    Feb 28, 2011

    What can I tell you, I'm reviewing other projects with the guy. He knows what he's doing and very professional. Will use him again

    Project Description:demo app for testing
    Mahammad Mostafa has not completed any projects.
  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    Continue prveious work.

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    Import configuration to IOS devices.

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    We need a reliable developer to port our iOS application &quot;Global.AQ&quot; on to Blackberry. Global.AQ is somewhat similar to WhatsApp or iMessage. It allows to chat over a SMS like system but it in comparision to WhatsApp it also supports sending and receiving standard SMS and it works on devices with no built in GSM number such as iPod touch and iPad.We want this to be ported to Blackberry (and later to Android and maybe Windows mobile and other potential platforms). We need an expert who is deep into Blackberry development and knows it inside out (no beginners please). The work would be from A-Z including re-designing the GUI Blackberry like. The API for the backend can be provided (and might be modified). It should work on todays devices including the tablet.Key challenges:- Push notifications- proper blackberry style GUI- Integration of shop to purchase SMS credits- Integration of adressbook- Other new social network features and future enhancements.This can be a longer term assignment also for future revisions when new ideas will be added.

  • $35 USD/hr In Progress

    I need 4 different ad sdks included in my phonegap android app. Also, I need a good social sharing element(either with phonegap plugins or something else that will allow sharing of photos easily and across social, txt, email etc) within the app. I can give you the apk file and the particular sdk documentations you will need to integrate it.Thanks for your time,Brian

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Application needs to save incoming MMS on BlackBerry versions OS 5.x and higher. BlackBerry phone should not be rooted or unlocked.Application will run as a service and when incoming MMS is received it should be saved to local device automatically.No GUI, or settings will be needed.

  • €2210 EUR In Progress

    Same project, same details are shown here and discussed via the internal messaging system of this the discussed things are valid, just the currency changed.The delevoper will develop an Software Application, running on iPhone and a related software backend, running on a webserver.General approach:The application is meant as a replacement for traditional &amp;quot;buy 10-get 1 free&amp;quot; cards. Business owners can easily create an QR code to reward the user for a buy of a specific product. The application should be a easy-to-use, nice and sleek little application. Its User Interface needs a modern, nice look. Target group are young mobile phone users .

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Hello dear Freelancers,one of our customers asked us to investigate the possibility of developing a smartphone game, but at the moment we are overburden with work. We are not bidding for the actual development of the software, but for the design of the specifications and the writing of a SRS document of the engine that will run the game, complete with an analysis of the resources required for the development. This document will be integrated with a market analysis made by us, in order to enable our customer to study the possibility of an investmentThe game will be a graphic adventure, so experience with 2d animation is required, as the knowledge of a scripting language, as LUA. Non-disclosure and non-compete agreement is required on the part of the developer. All owenrships of the software will be given to us.Maximum professionalism is required and given. Please bid only if you are serious, and you are sure of being able to complete the project.

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    Hi im looking for a coder who can make a client app to run on a mobile phone that will send gps data to a server the data should try to send every 20min and and be able to change from 20min to 1 min 5 min and 10 mins and 12 house it should also run silent. When the phone does not have internet access it need to keep the data stored and send it when its available. The server software need to be accessed from a web page and load up and ask for a phone number then a user name and a password all 3 things need to be correct ie the phone number needs to be the number of the phone that the location or last location, the user name of the person looking at the data and there desired passwrd then open up a page that will show google maps or similar with the location of the phone and the track it has taken and to only store no more then a weeks torth of data also a time chart so u can click on the time and the point of where the phone was at that time is then shown on the google maps and i guess if its going to have 7 days worth of data then it also needs to choose the day. the installation of the server software needs to be simple to install the phones being used are nokia e71 and blackberry the software im look to buy need to look like but with out all the extra stuff this is for my company to track my sales reps with there mobile phone great work will be rewarded and may bring other options for work down the track thanks for readding and happy bidding

  • $600 USD In Progress

    Hi,I want let develop a software for mobile phones for scanning a product with the mobile phone. I want a application for the mobile phone which can scan a bar-code (by taking a photo of the bar-code) and can search in the database for that item. If the item is found in the database the it needs to look for a specifie column in the database if the last column contains &quot;A&quot; the it will show a big OK sign like (&#8730;) on the phone Else if the column contains a &quot;B&quot; then it will show a big &quot;cross&quot; sign (stop sign) on the phone screen. if the last column contains a &quot;C&quot; then it will show a big question mark (&quot;?&quot;) (it means questionable) on the phone screen. If the Item is not found then it will show &quot;&#510;&quot; icon on phone screen. First of all application will be made for Java driven mobile phones, later Android, I PHONE and Windows will follow. The database will be delivered by me, and it is a part of the software. There must be update function for the Database from PC/internet.The mobile application will work in combination with a website. Website will contain about 50.000 items which are marked one by one with a “A”, ”B”, “C” in one of the columns in the database. If the scanned bar-code is not found in the database then the search will result in Not found Icon on the mobile screen (&quot;&#510;&quot;). The Website will handle the back-end application. The database will be refreshed from time to time (1xmonth). The mobile users will also update their content from the website. So mobile phones don’t need to be connected 7x24 to the internet. Update of the software and database will be done by WIFI connection of the mobile to internet or it will be done by a USB connection of the mobile phone with PC and from there to the internet&#61664; website &#61664;database. For the database PHP/Mysql will be used for the updates. You can get more info if you want. See attachment for details.

  • $240 USD Today

    Without any application on the target phoneenter the target phone number, then the phone will display the location of the targetI require software to be written to run on a android which will do do the following:1) I wish to be able to enter and mobile number into software / website and it will then send a Silent / Stealth Text to the mobile phone. (Ie, the target phone will not know it has been sent)2) It should then return the IMEI Number of the phone number entered.3) It should also return the GPS coordinates and cell id of the phone and the estimated accuaracyExperience of this type of project preferred.Skills required: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile

  • $3608 USD 3 days ago

    Monitoring equipment spy blackberry phone .I need an application that is so easy to install blackberry team that can meet the features I describe below:Call Interception (Live)Unmute ( listen live environment )Read SMSRead messages BBM (BlackBerry MSN)Read messages whatsappCopying photos and videosCopy RecordingsRecords read callsGPS LogsRecords Number of ContactsRecords e- mailRecords CalendarRecords of web pages visitedTo disable and enable functionsThis application must give reports to a web panel with a friendly interface for can visit this website to see an example of the web panel I want : will work with developers who have already made a spy application above.after finishing the application for blackberry , begin to work for android, iphone and others.I&quot;m a serious user , please just committed developers and will work continuously, then constant.

  • $773 USD 9 days ago

    helloi am looking for someone who can develop a quiz app that contain around 500 question each question has 4 choices the questions will be seprated into sections each section has a time limit & alarmat the end the result will be viewed and the user can review his answers the design is very important for me this app needed to be in ios and android ASAPi am very interested in seeing your previous projects

  • $30 USD 10 days ago

    hallomy site is wordpressit isasiafriends.orgit load request so so so slow !!!i want u to fix it by mysql+apache optimizationyou should know good how to do it by root access .after that you need to fix* make search bar work and gd starsand*fix footer and search budget 10-30 dollar (max what i can pay)Thank Youانا بتكلم عربي كمانياريت لو تقبلي عرضي و تصلح مشكله في موقعي , بانتظار ردك

  • $257 USD 15 days ago

    We require a app developer to build custom apps Must have experience developing appsThis will be an ongoing job for the right person

  • $4607 USD 16 days ago

    Rule based programming via web page which is run on the Beaglebone web server. An easy to configure (by user) rule parameters based upon gpio analogue and digital inputs signal info, whilst displaying input data on screen. Screen GUI must be compatible with capacitive touch screen interface/control. Must have option to connect to additional slave Beaglebones and access GPIO&quot;s from same program. Iphone & Android App will later be required as an option to access web server.This will be tested by all aged groups, 12-80 to ensure its ease of use, icons must be interchangeable by user and all labels as such.must have experience with Beaglebone Black

  • $150 USD 20 days ago

    This App allows you to create your family tree by telling it who your family is and it does the rest. With this App you don&quot;t have to worry about dragging and dropping icons, all you do is fill in the names of your parents, siblings, grand parents, children if you have any, and the App does the rest. Do the same for your parents and fill in their parents, siblings and children and you have your aunts, uncles, great grandparents created on the tree. It also automatically knows that your siblings are your kid’s aunts and uncles. Share these with family and friends and request to see their tree. This cross platform family tree App is named after the Xhosa word for family tree umnomho, it creates a family tree for you, allows you to share it, tells you of people you might be related with by simply doing a search on its database of people who might be common on different trees. It also tells you where your family is concentrated by looking at places of birth. It can tell you how much of your family is male of female and what the life expectancy of your family is. It’s a great took to document your family tree for life and generations to come and can help one locate their long lost family and friends, for just a few bucks a month, your great great grand kids will know what you looked like and where they come from.

  • $50 USD/hr 21 days ago

    I need to take a camera module similar to iPhone 5 front camera and design a stand-alone HD video recording system that will include a printed circuit board with custom programming, inputs, outputs, battery, storage, etc. Manufacture will be in China.

  • $22 USD/hr 24 days ago

    We need an experienced firmware developer, Someone with FirefoxOS experience, familiarity porting and customizing linux or linux-like operating systems to custom hardware.In your response, list your development platform, toolchains, and the Processors/SoC you have worked on in the past, and their operating systems you have ported to/from. We require someone who can pay great attention to detail, so in your response, reply with the first word of &quot;coder&quot; and you shall get our attention. We are not after a team, we are after an individual who can work upto 8hrs a day, 5 days a week during AEST if required.

  • €515 EUR 25 days ago

    I need a PDF2HTML PHP class.The purpose of this project is to get the HTML code of a PDF document, focused to get the HTML code of data tables (IMPORTANT: conversion of tables to tags needed) in the documents, to make them readable by my own scripts

  • $8247 USD 26 days ago

    Need a full azan app with qibla direction.

  • $1030 USD Mar 17, 2014

    OK, I am looking for something fairly simple. Using something like a Beagle Bone Black board or duino based board.I want to be able to feed a good quality video and audio signal into the BBB. I need an interface componet that will allowme to interface video and audio to the bbb and I need some sort of software to convert the video and audioto a good quality IP stream to be uploaded to Wowza Streaming server. I wish to be able to specify the rtmp location of the wowza server and automatically start encoding the stream and up linking to the wowza feed. I must be able to control the resolution and quality of video for the uplink.Basically, I want an embedded video and audio encoder. It must be kept on the low cost side to build.Would a BBB board even work well for this application or will it require more cpu power?

  • £773 GBP Feb 20, 2014

    Looking for someone to build me a game, must include advertising as player starts the game. Easy project

  • $320 USD Feb 11, 2014

    We intend to have an application that track devices using GPS, IMEI as we discussed before

  • $20 USD/hr Jan 25, 2014

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $400 AUD Jan 21, 2014

    Good day,There is a project that&quot;s going on now as well and the previous developer have let me down,it&quot;s half finished, so if you accept this project you&quot;ll be adding to another person&quot;s code, please have a look at the whole project in the document below, and let me know if you have any questions. you will need in this project is:- Tap and hold features- Hold and drag features- SQLite- Search feature- Basic UIIf you accept it, then please give me a quote in regards to the cost and the time.

  • $1500 USD Dec 29, 2013

    Guidance visual farm machinery App for iPad using external GPS receiver.Multi language capability.Looking for someone that has already experience in software programming for visual guidance of farm machinery. A-B Lines, Contour, Coverage, Data storage, Machinery and tractor configuration panel. Connection to external interface.Partnership welcome.

  • $150 AUD Dec 1, 2013

    we are wanting the following product converted to Blackberry 10 have asked the developer but they arent looking at porting to BB.I have created the Layout gif&quot;s just needs someone to do the coding.

  • $30 USD Nov 24, 2013

    Without any application on the target phoneenter the target phone number, then the phone will display the location of the targetI require software to be written to run on a android which will do do the following:1) I wish to be able to enter and mobile number or imei number into software / website and it will then send a Silent / Stealth Text to the mobile phone. (Ie, the target phone will not know it has been sent)2) It should then return the IMEI Number of the phone number entered.3) It should also return the GPS coordinates and cell id of the phone and the estimated accuaracyExperience of this type of project preferred.Skills required: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile

  • $1159 USD Nov 3, 2013

    I have an idea which I need a very highly skilled programmer for, this is to be used in controlled environments for software deployment. Among the challenges you will face are:Encrypted communication over a basic tcp based p2p network, this is very simple p2p which grabs a list of ips and accompanying ports over other peers to connect to.JSON get and information parsing (simple).Ring 3/0 access.File execution and sending over the p2p network. Should constantly be listening. File execution is determined by the json get information (hash comparison to that of json)File persistence and hiding.Code needs to be highly optimized.Executable binding.Needs to make use of undocumented APIs in order to remain secure.Contact me for more information.Your bid is the initial payment, expect higher payments in the future (up to $10,000).

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Jun 2009 - Present (4 years)

GAF, oDesk, Freelancer, eLance websites

Contractor, outsourcing<br />Coding and outsourcing on oDesk, RAC, GAF. and eLance. Became a top coder in few months. Last 2 years my business size exceeded $100,000 on eLance with 5 of 5 rating on all projects. And $30,000 on oDesk. With 4 of 5 rated.<br />GPS based applications.<br />Drivers.<br />Parental control applications.<br />Anti-spy apps.<br />Face recognition and skin recognition.<br />Blackberry meetings control.<br />Advanced word processors.<br />2D games.<br />QR and Barcode scanners.<br /><br />Tens of other applications and games on Sym


Mar 2009 - Jun 2009 (3 months)


Technical Lead

Jan 2006 - Feb 2009 (3 years)


Technical Lead, MobiDiv (previously IMAGiNET)<br />Programming embedded devices.<br />Leading teams have more than 6 developers and team leaders.<br />Manage and supervise projects and support teams within the company.<br />Technical lead and developer for many projects centered on mobility services and BiDi middle astern languages support over windows mobile.<br /><br />Senior Software Developer, MobiDiv<br />Embedded VC++ developer on a team that is responsible for several products. The applications are all for BiDi and middle aster



Ain Shams University





several MS certificate and post graduate courses in DBA, PMP, and many others.


Using machine vision in automatic agricultural products classification.

University of Alexandria

<br />Master of Science, Information Technology<br />2005<br />Institute of Graduate Studies and Research- University of Alexandria- Egypt<br />Using machine vision in automatic agricultural products classification. Designing and implementation of an intelligent algorithm can simulate labor's vision system in classification of export oranges to be used in automatic sorting and classification, for an export station in Damanhour- Egypt. Thesis title: Image Intelligence and its Applications in surface visual defects det