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Hi Technology & Services

PHP, Wordpress, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, Designing

Username: hits

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Location: Rourkela, India

Member since: January 2005



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My projects:

  • $789.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller AKR9270


    24 days ago

    MySql Database

    Project Description:A MySql database to register workhours using their mobile phones using a responsive site. It will be developed in Bootstrap and coded in PHP. The data will be delivered to the database in csv. Deadline: 14 days The projected will be devided in 4 milestones...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller jmorlan


    29 days ago

    They understood the task at hand and were able to quickly fix problems as they arose. I would definitely consider this freelancer again for future products, they are a very competent developer.

    Project Description:We send out a number of emails each week to our users and we are looking to automate this process. Some of the content of these emails changes, and the times the emails are sent can change(bi-weekly alternating times) We are looking to do this using a combination of php and cron on our server...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller newyorkdesigns


    Mar 6, 2014

    They are experts at what they do. Thank you Abha!

    Project Description:Revised scope of work: Admin Panel: • Login, Logout, Change Password • Create User (Mail with auto generated password) • Manage Page Contents with wysiwyg.(2 hours) • View Survey Reports (4 hours)...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller smartconceptions


    Mar 4, 2014

    Good Job guys! Thanks!

    Project Description:Hi everybody, My website is I need an experienced developer to fix a bug that appeared recently on my site and a little modification to the admin console. This first step should be easy but I have a lot more work once this is done...
  • $1170 USD
    Profile image for Seller tlyndonvw


    Feb 26, 2014

    Abha and her team are the best team on<br/>

    Project Description:Hi Abha, I&amp;rsquo;ve started a new project for another week on this project. I have permission to continue this project for another 6 weeks. But I got that approval! I am still working on a very detailed specification regarding the Axia/Authorize.Net implementation...
  • £1199 GBP
    Profile image for Seller thomasjohnfoley


    Feb 23, 2014

    Abha was great to work with. Her and her team really understood my requirements from the start and delivered a great product. I look forward to working with them again.Thanks

    Project Description:Hi, This project is to build a secure website that allows users to input, share and practice questions in various multiple choice formats relating to specific exams used within our organisation. Data will be stored in an appropriately normalised MySQL database...
  • $800 USD
    Profile image for Seller newyorkdesigns


    Feb 17, 2014

    HITS is a great company, they are proficent and they WORK FAST!!! ...but, there was some oversight with small issues, I only wish they would thoroughly do a quality assurance testing before stating all is fixed and completed. However, they were very professional and quick to fix whatever issue I found, I will hire again, thank you HITS!

    Project Description:Please re-do my entire website mison [dot] com. Make the new site work the same and look the same as possible, using the suggested theme evolution, which is attached. I understand there may be some deviation...
  • $1200 USD
    Profile image for Seller pdx667


    Feb 10, 2014

    excellent work. will work with him again.

    Project Description:I need a simple review website for my company. I am attaching the initial design which is summarized below: - User can login - User can create a review. He will need to select a list of reviewers and reviewees...
  • $700 USD
    Profile image for Seller shanerocky


    Feb 8, 2014

    What can I say about Abha and her team? They were extremely professional from start to finish. I can't recommend them enough. There will be other freelancers offering to do your project for less but I guarantee they will not do as good a job as Abha:) I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

    Project Description:I am looking to create a website that will have a log in for both ordinary users and admin users. The website will need geolocation functionality, survey functionality and possibly functionality to pull data from Moodle accounts...
  • $789 USD
    Profile image for Seller Racket99


    Jan 23, 2014

    Very good freelancer. Competent at getting task done. Generally very helpful. I would use them again.

    Project Description:Hello, I would like to create an online resume site where users login and update their profile which will have simple fields (name, education level, test score, prior work experience, skills, hobbies, state in the US where they live)...
    Hi Technology & Services has not completed any projects.
  • $1052 USD In Progress

    Hi,My name is Mark Warady. I am part of the Executive Management Team at 3LT.We are a Clearwater, Florida business that is looking to hire a Freelancer to implement a business dashboard on our 3LT website, that is only accessible via a management logon panel.I have taken the liberty to draft up documents to provide you with a high level overview of the requirements and specifications for this project. Viewing the two documents, as an extension of the other, should allow you to glean a general understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. If this opportunity is of interest, we would like to request a meeting to discuss this project and the associated costs.Best regards,Mark Warady – President

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3500 USD In Progress

    Following project to be finished within 10 days:Bug fixes in existing database/web interface•Add filters (search function):•Add link from all forms, to add new records to the tablets used in the forms. For example: Product form: Add link to add records in: Product groups and Manufacturer (supplier).•Danish language switch (translation provided)Adjustment of tableUpload logo fieldUpload letterhead fieldPassword (to be conveyed manually to customer)Existing email field will be used as login idGive the customer ability to change password (I know I said the opposite yesterday…) Admin features:Add table Time UnitsTitledaysManage MaintenanceTitleDescriptionFrequencyTime unit (linked with time units above)Table adjustmentMaintenance required – yes / noIf yes then allow for selection of maintenance titleManage terms and conditionsTitle – not in table given by you – needed or not? YesDescriptionManage Payment TermsTitledaysManage BOMNameDescription 1Description 2Picture 1Picture 2Product (to be selected by number or name), select Unit, add quantitymultiple productsUser Interface:Login, Logout, Forgot PasswordManage terms and conditions (Managing/adding own terms and conditions) Manage BOMNameDescription 1Description 2Picture 1Picture 2Products to be selected by number/ name, only products in product price table.+ Historic from Invoice quantity, select supplier(multiple products)Manage ClientsNameAddress 1Address 2ZipCityEmailPhoneMobileManage ProjectsSelect Clientproject nameEnter project numberProject titleproject descriptionDate (datepicker)Reference Required bypayment terms (select)reservations (select) Multiply (more than one can be selected)Project Cost Calculation (This in the same form as project)Select project (Is selected when in the same form)Select BOM, enter qty (can change individual products, their quantity and supplier)(can select multiple BOMs)Select products (only those that have this customer in product price table or also different? YES + Historic from Invoice The lines we gave opportunity to add yesterday, which dosn´t exist in product/price), quantity, unit, supplierTotal cost will be calculated of all itemsenter margin %Calculate sale priceTax 25%Selling priceOutputs:1.Client will see complete offer on site but with individual product (If it’s a BOM, don’t extract product lines) and without cost, total cots, margin%2.Client will see maintenance details – one for each maintenance title (there may be multiple products in project that need same maintenance title). List the products with the same maintenance ID in front of the maintenance details!3.Show only BOM´s (not products). Description 1 form the BOM, added under the title of the BOM. Links to view pic/PDF (Image 1 and image 2)4.Show all products/BOM´s, Extract products from BOM´s. Example: If following is in the project:

  • $1052 USD In Progress

    Hi Freelancer,I&quot;m seeking highly skilled and expert professional personnel to develop a website for me similar to where users can sell their second hand products. Please let me know how much will cost and for how long.Thanks

  • $44 USD In Progress

    I require content of this page on my website changed.I have a picture of the layout required, plus text and images for the page. They are in the attached zip file.Ray.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    I have several Company Image and Marketing related things that need to be done. I&quot;m looking for one great person to help me knock them all out. I am too busy to work on them.You don&quot;t have to do all the items I need done, we can agree to which items you want to take on.Here are the items on my todo list:- I have an existing website. I&quot;d like to improve it and improve the website message for my target market. The header of the website also needs fixing because it doesn&quot;t quite communicate the message I want.- I had a logo designed using a contest on freelancer. Now I&quot;d like to adjust the logo and incorporate it into the website and business cards.- You could also make Renderings and aesthetic Designs of the high agricultural machine we are building. We would use it in marketing material or to just get people excited about the machine.- You could also do analysis of our target customers and prepare a marketing strategy.- You could also prepare marketing tools, such as brochures, or surveys we could use to communicate with them.Ideally, I would love to find one person that can handle all these things, one at a time and do a consistently good job on each item.

  • $1050 AUD In Progress

    have psd designs for a website that will need to be converted to wordpress cms. the site is a price comparison site. with features including user star ratings, needs to a control panel in the back end to update products and prices on product.

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    We need an ecommerce site built for our t-shirt business. It has to look like but we need additional functionality.We want our customers to have the ability to create accounts which allow them to upload their t-shirt designs onto a template and to be able to sell their shirts from our site. So we need an image uploader and the ability for customers to have their own dedicated store within our store.Reporting would have to be done in such a way as for both the customer and ourselves to get notification of sales and we would need to have coding for appropriate payments to be split between us and the customer. ie: when a customer gets a sale of a shirt for say $40 we would receive $25 and the customer $15.As a guide it would be similar to red bubble or zazzle.

  • $750 USD In Progress

    No backend integration necessary, all backend functionality would be done with separate tools or manually/by hand.1 Home page aLogin bLinks i. Registration c Intro copy2 Registration a Basic user info b Paypal or CC info3 Account Status a Balance History4 User Profile a Current Profile b Allow changes i Send email after changes acceptedAdmin interface1 List/Filter Users2 View User Details3 Set user status a Current b Insufficient Funds c Suspended d Cancelled e Don’t Allow

  • $599.37 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $1578 USD Yesterday

    We are an art company located in Oman. Our intention is to build a website where we can sell our paintings and other antique materials. It has to be simple and accessible website. We might be also interested for regular maintenance done by your company (if it is possible).

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    I need to add a registration page (with custom fields) and a scheduling page (for test and result explanation) which would be something like what you see for ticket websites or embassy sites which let you know available slots for tickets / interview for visa appointment.The process would be like this: Someone who is keen to schedule an appointment for our services would need to register and confirm their email.Once registered they can select a date and time from available slots to set up their appointment. I need an admin interface to manage the available and blocked out dates.Two people should not be able to accept the same slot. After the initial test, the customer needs to schedule another appointment for the results. The customer would need to go thru the appointment schedule once again to schedule an appointment for the consultation.If approved they would get a confirmation email. Two people should not be able to book for the same slot.My website is in Wordpress and would need to integrate this into the Wordpress website.

  • $4000 USD Yesterday

    Stock Management ModuelA form where we have to enter the bike details that we received from the manufacturing unit.Like the model, engine number, color, date of order, date of delivery to our showroom, cost price, etc.Once it is added it has to be under Pre-Delivery Inspection list. After Pre-Delivery Inspection we should be able to approve it &amp; then it has to enter into the stock record which will in turn be available for sales. So sales team should not see stocks which are pending for inspection/approval.Bikes that don’t clear PDI will be rejected. Rejected list has to be generated with amount. These are sent back to the manufacturer, so return date has to be included.All related reports that can be genereated. It should also be such that we can add the stock deatils by uploading an excel file to the appropriate sections (PDI, Stock or return list)Lead Generation &amp; MaintenanceA form where the details of lead will be added - Name, Cell phone number, Tel, Email, interested in new or old vehicle, vehicle model details, remarks, the sales person attending, the loan percentage/amount if the client is going for a loan, bank details, etc.Sales team should be able to follow up via sms/email or newsletters by scheduling sms and email to follow them.Detail report of lead status, which sales person handling whom &amp; how many orders could a sales person could get from his leads.Client Management ModuleAble to convert the lead to clientAble to add new client directlyClient details should includeBike model, purchase date, payments made when &amp; how, registration date, reg status, accessiories requested, overall status of the bikeList all the purchases made by a client in date wise list with all detailsName of sales person handling each time a new product or accessory is added to the client listbills raised should be numbered separately &amp; bills cleared should have seperate numbers such as A1, A2,.... (&quot;A&quot; can be changed by us)Client loginClient can check the order/purchase status any time onlineAny sales man should create clients profile add show product pics, accessories pics, etc &amp; add it to the wish list of the client &amp; sent it to client&quot;s email. If client approves then convert it to invoice.Clients can see service due date for their vehicle &amp; also receive sms &amp; email alert 1 week before &amp; 2 days beforeProduct ModulesAdd bikes/accessories with details &amp; photos. Available it for online selection &amp; orderBillingSend payment confirmation sms &amp; email to the clientAble to take reports of pending bills, cleared bills for a given periodAdd taxes automaticallyAnd other relevant features. If I have missed any.

  • $789 USD Yesterday

    I&quot;ve had the same old tired website for years and it&quot;s done me right. That being said I&quot;m ready to move on. I&quot;d like something that I can update whilst on the road somewhat easily. I&quot;d like to incorporate a well-made and well-designed e-commerce part of the site. The main way my customers pay is paypal so it must work with that. Please get in touch if this sounds like something you can build.

  • $789 USD Yesterday

    Looking for a professional and simple information based Wordpress travels website.. We dont need any booking engine or so..Its only and only information based website..We focus more on design..reference: you have any more good references, then you can suggest me..For serious bidders right : &quot;Travels Design&quot; at top of message.Thanks

  • $789 USD 3 days ago

    I am looking for a programmer to make me a dashboard that displays budget hours versus actual hours on our projects.This dashboard needs to update every 1/2 hour.We use a online time clock to collect these hours. This software has an API. made a drawing of what I would like the dashboard to look like.The programmer also needs to set this software up for us. I am not sure where this software would reside. Maybe on our website? Our website is hosted via godaddy. I would like to be able to view this dashboard from multiple computers and ipads. The dashboard should be password protected.I have other dashboards that I want to get made after we get this one working.

  • $1578 USD 3 days ago

    Current e-commerce site requires conversion from asp to php as well as added functionality for images and more robust shopping cart features and customer account options. Do not want proprietary software with monthly payments. Site could benefit from updates to make more seo-friendly. Also need a data feed to my pos system for inventory management. 301 redirect. Website name will be changing but want traffic redirected or mirror site for time-being. current site

  • $263 USD 3 days ago

    I need a beautiful wordpress blog where I can post technical articles. It should look really good and have all the features of a standard blog template.I would like you to show me your previous work and tell me the theme that you will use.If you wish I can buy it for you or you can include the price of that in your bid if buy that theme for me.Suggestions are welcomed.

  • $789 USD 3 days ago

    We want to have a website (almost) identical to this one must be build on a easy platform with a most possibly easy content management system.

  • €263 EUR 3 days ago

    Hi , I have Mysql query but is much slow, I need modify query for more faster search, ad example using full index text or other metods

  • $263 USD 4 days ago

    i need some very good marketing and management writers.should have good knowledge about marketing and management.

  • £789 GBP 4 days ago

    Create new real-time stock overview page, secured with a user name and password, for the management of the car rental company, using the JQuery AJAX library. The page should give a real time overview of the current fleet of cars, and the stock available for rent per type of car. A real-time overview means that if cars are rented returned, bought or sold by others, the page will update its information automatically without the need for the user to refresh it. Briefly explain how you have gone about this in the report.

  • $263 USD 4 days ago

    Someone to help me move my web site to a different host.

  • $15 USD/hr 4 days ago

    form validation using jquery ui modal window

  • $789 AUD 4 days ago

    Build a website for an Australian retail shop fitting company with national clients. Site is to be generally based around photographs of completed work and focused on fast track construction perhaps using a time lapse video from a completed project. (yet to be filmed) Some focus to be placed on quality of product and point of difference from competitor companies.Site should be 4-5 pages/tabs with project folders and client testimonials.

  • $263 USD 4 days ago

    I have a website created in wordpress. However, the developer didn&quot;t finish the work. My site is a straight forward brochure and blog site. I need three things:(1) to have a subscriotion widgit pit on my blog that lets users subscribe to the blog with RSS feed or by entering their email. (2) to change the way the site appears on mobile devices.

  • $1578 USD 4 days ago

    Looking for a website with a database. It should have a dashboard where people will be able to book from different leads provided and select the one best suitable. Its should have automatic update feature through which we can update the leads on regular basis. peple should be able to sign up into the website after which they will have access to the different leads provided. If anyone ouhere has capacity to build arelevant app that would be great.

  • $526 USD 4 days ago

    Hello we need to convert Html website (page design are already realize ) to wordpresse

  • £1578 GBP 4 days ago

    We’re cleaning company based in London, providing cleaning services to Commercial and domestic properties.I need a website for marketing purpose and for our customers to be able book online.. i.e Self-services online/ requesting services online.

  • $789 USD 6 days ago

    I have an excel sheet of 10,000 products with name of product/product code/price etc (sample content attached) that I email to clients. Each week I have an updated sheet with mostly the same products and the occasional price change. I need a shopping cart where I can import this sheet each week so that the price updates. It is impossible to look through the sheet to see if there are new products so is there some way that I could be alerted to new products (product codes).I have experience working on carts at a basic level such as opencart, prestashop, woocommerce but I really don&quot;t know how to go about such a project or even if it is possible. Is it possible to populate the cart with the products and then afterwards I can assign each product to an appropriate category/sub category and upload a picture. Then each week the cart would import the new xls sheet, update the product prices and would add new products to for example new products, that I then assign these new products to a category and give them a photo.The overall design of the cart will be up to you also. There is no need for payment gateway as all products are sold cash on delivery. Please feel free to ask for more details or clarification as I&quot;m not sure how easy it is to understand what I&quot;m looking for.

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Nov 2001 - Present (12 years)

Hi Technology & Services

I am very proactive and believe in leading from the front. I have steered the organization successfully for the past 12 years and have made HITS a name to reckon with both in the Indian IT market and the big wide world. <br /><br />I am very committed to my clients and my team.





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