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JuanShu Jin

Talented Game/Web/Linux/Network Expert.

Username: honeypotant

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Location: DanDong, China

Member since: January 2012



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  • $1100 USD
    Profile image for Seller Taycod


    22 days ago

    Awesome developer.

    Project Description:Im looking to build a side scrolling game very similar to Flappy bird but a bit different. It's a very simple and straight forward game. My Max Budget is around 1K. If you charge 1 cent more than that or cant do it, Please don't contact me...
  • $721 USD
    Profile image for Seller coolhellkid


    27 days ago

    A bit late due to her moving home. The developer,Jin,friendly, good communication,get my idea and make it work. Not 100% exactly but still very satisfied.Thank you for finishing a great game.

    Project Description:Easy design, easy to play as Flappy bird. Ideas will be written in details for developers when we finish choosing the right one. Thank you. Please feel free to contact.
  • $1309.2 USD
    Profile image for Seller jaroed


    Mar 13, 2014

    Very nice jobb! Very satisfied with his work!

    Project Description:Simple dice game with multiple levels from easiest to hardest. Each level has small adjustments in relation to the previous levels. Total approx 105 levels. The game will contain shop, rules, map and highest score...
  • $900 USD
    Profile image for Seller gemybasha


    Mar 12, 2014

    I will always hire her ... in time ... listen to me ... fixed my needs .... has a good experiences .... awesome and very very hard work i will hire her again thanks

    Project Description:I want to Create A simple Flappy Bird Game for Android ... first of All I have the Bird Character which i need a designer for my current bird to make it fly in the game and create a unique iCon for it...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller kdabove


    Feb 27, 2014

    Excellent developer will hire again in the future !

    Project Description:Milestone #1 Developer will show the code running over TESTFLIGHT(no exceptions). All ads networks including revmob, chartboos, and flurry must perform flawlessly with no glitches. Change trees, cars, motorbike, person and whatever other appropriate graphics I provide...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller kdabove


    Feb 22, 2014

    Very good developer will hire again!

    Project Description:Milestone #1 Developer will show the code running over TESTFLIGHT(no exceptions). All ads networks including revmob, chartboos, and flurry must perform flawlessly with no glitches. Change trees, cars, motorbike, person and whatever other appropriate graphics I provide...
  • $525 USD
    Profile image for Seller pjfrancis


    Feb 18, 2014

    AWESOME! This developer knew exactly what they were doing when it comes to mobile app games. I totally recommend. They respond quickly and gives you updates daily on your project.

    Project Description:Project for HoneyPotant. Dont bid
  • $900 USD
    Profile image for Seller jlee1010


    Feb 17, 2014

    Did a great job working over time on the weekend to get the app built. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great app to be built in a timely manner.

    Project Description:Very similar to the game Flappy Birds. The game that has literally everyone talking. But this version of it will definitely have the people talking. The original Flappy Birds in concept is set up very simple...
  • $425 USD
    Profile image for Seller jdny85


    Feb 15, 2014

    Excellent! A professional that did everything to my liking and made me a great game! Will work with again!!

    Project Description:Looking for a developer to help produce a similar gaming experience such as Flappy Bird.
  • $1327.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller bowhog


    Jan 28, 2014

    This developer is very hard working, endless at times. There were days I encouraged her to get some rest. I would use again for sure. (And plan on doing just that)

    Project Description:I have a collision repair shop and want an app that my existing customers and future customers can use to contact my shop in times of need, wrecks,breakdowns,towing, etc.
    JuanShu Jin has not completed any projects.
  • $773 USD In Progress

    The app format and graphic interface is going to be much like that of Flappy Bird, meaning it"s going to be the clean and simple. The games gameplay is comprised of the pipes much like in flappy bird but this time they will be located horizontally across the bottom of the screen with about the same gap. A single bird will fall from the top of the screen and the objective is to use the iphone accelerometer to tilt the device in order to make the bird fall through the gap in the pipe. The edges are not going to be an instant death if you cross over, but rather it will be that if you completely go off screen on a certain side, you will pop out of the screen on the other side at the same height and position. As soon as it clears the pipe, a second bird will fall from the top. This will continue and gradually the birds speed will increase until a certain speed is reached. Alongside this, as the user reaches a certain score, the pipe below will slowly start moving to the left and right. Visually, the background will be simple and nothing too eye popping.

  • $721 CAD In Progress

    Flappy Bird Emulation with additional features and ideas. I would like to hold off on a detailed description until I contact a developer.

  • $1159 USD In Progress

    The project is a basic audio streaming app for android using wifi network without internet connection. the server is PC machine. Application contains 3 channels. PC application to compress 3 audio signals and then send it to mobile is also needed

  • $3600 USD In Progress

    Android/iOS Application to 1) find installed apps and device HW. These information to write to file and send by email (config smtp server).2) find out usage of applications (time with app focus). These information to write to file and send by email (config smtp server). GUI:-basic GUI (only 1-2 screens)-Start a scan (find out apps, device HW)-Set up SMTP connection - sending file by a email-Set up a period for a scan (daily, weekly, monthly)-we provide logo and UI designPurpose:-Scan a list of installed apps a and device HW-find out usage of installed apps-write to a file-send by email

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Your team/company is invited to design a game in the style of "Mega Jump", not exactly the same, a little more creativity will be added. It"ll be sold on Apple and Android app stores.**We provide graphics of game characters, game items, backgrounds, GUI, as well as character animations.The game will have 15 stages initially, each stages will have a "normal" and a "hard" difficulty level version.It should be flexible enough to add more levels in the future.It should support in-app-purchase of boost items and other items, such as new characters and new stages.Your team should design all codes and sounds. Maybe some simple graphics if needed.The game produced should be creative and challenging.Your team must also - Add specific SDKs for banner ads and nag screens ads- Add specific SDK to analyze user activities- design app icon- design banners with descriptions to be place on app stores as screenshots- provide bug fix service for 3 months start from app launching

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Java server and client project for web and android and Iphone apps. Multiplayer game server and client. Server should be able to handle at least 10 k players at same time. Project will be paid in milestones and will require QA process.

  • $1052 USD Today

    looking to get a mobile app built for iphone & android for my new sports company. Mockup files attached.

  • $736 AUD Today

    Need Ipad/iphone/Android app. Please also advise your basic app charges. logical smart data generator app needed.

  • $1052 USD Today

    I am a fugitive recovery agent (bounty hunter). And I am looking for an App that will streamline my business. I work for more than 1 bonding company and have several employees that work for me. I have expenses, mileage, payroll, and fees with every aspect of this job. All of which, including the fugitives themselves and their information need to be incorporated into this app.Basically I am looking for an app that will work on the ipad and iphone. It needs to keep records for me, keep logs, and have the option to print off just about anything i choose in the app.I am looking for a nice sleek look with the graphical interface. Something very user friendly and custom icons and graphics used throughout it.This app will need to do all of the following:Client area:-add/edit/delete all fields-pdf attachment files to each client, add attachments from emails-multiple photo upload fields, if no photo is attached, a generic image is used-video attachment field, add attachments from camera roll or emails-address fields should have a button to click to open up my native Map application for easy directions-and all other pertinent information fields such as name, address, phone, bond amount etc. There will be approximately 30 fields that need to be filled out for each client. all of which should be searchable-arrest location-all client files should have a button on them to print out a "wanted" or "reward" poster. after all information is plugged into the fields, this button will create a PDF or HTML document i cant print.-all client files should have a calculation area for amount earned, amount paid out to informants and co-workers-there should be area where i can click a button and it creates a document filled out by several of the fields. And at the bottom of the document it needs a signature from a finger. After it is signed, it needs to be emailed and saved into the clients file with the other documents.Arrest area:-i am looking for a button on the main page that i can click and it will bring up an interactive map with a pin placed for each location i have arrested someone. if i click that pin, i want to be able to see the name, bond amount and photo of the person i arrested at that location. there should also be a link to open his/her file.logbook area:-this should be some sort of a log that i can track my mileage on my vehicles. Possibly have it integrated in with the client files. example: if i was working on "john doe"s" file and i put 30 miles on my car, that field will be in his client file, as well as this area.-the log book should be able to export all information in a HTML and or PDF file for tax purposes, etc.-there should be an area showing the total amount earned for a specified period of time, amount paid out, and amount paid out to co-workers. All of which should have an export function to HTML or PDF for printing and emailing.Search area:-there should be a search function that searches every field for the search term. no matter if its a log or in a client file.-i should be able to search by bonding company names, bond amount, arrest dates, male or female, or by any specific field that a user can input from**** MUST BE ABLE TO BACKUP AND RESTORE THE DATABASE ****-this will give me the option of using the app of several different devices. I would ultimately like to just press a button an be able to "sync" the database, and do the same on other devices and have it all streamlined.this project could ultimately be hosted and placed on a website and the app can just pull information from the site. If that is possible, we can talk about that further. I am not against this route, I actually might prefer it, then I can have access to the data via the web and an app, but I do not know the technical stuff and if that is possible. If it is, I can buy a domain and hosting to set you up to start the process that way.

  • $5263 USD Today

    Looking to create a tower defense game with a unique and witty twist to it. Looking for a game similar to Defender

  • $421 USD Today

    hi guys ,,, i have a small project to run in Unity 3D .... this is what game looks like :- the theme of game something like Rayman Jungle Run !! i attached some photos maybe could help- the characters just ( jump + fly + run + Shot Fire + and speed up ) it"s only 2D side game , which mean it"s HD game with endless flying & running - there will be Coins and Gyms or fruits to collect to buy stuff with- there will be 3 super powers to use in game - there will be ads in game tooWhat i have ready ........- i have 3D objects of 2 creatures ...... they both have SAME rig and SAME 6 Animations sets !!- i have 2 Textures for each creature so peoples can choice between- I have FULL levels ( 3 Levels painted ) - i have the soundsall i want is your C# programing ,,, ONLY in unity 3D ,,,, to make it for windows phone 8 + Apple + Android ..... and you will do some plants animations inside the game ,,,what you will have ?? you will have something between 300 - 400 $ ... and a prize when game finish ,,, and you will be my partner forever get 20% of game Money >> :) and you will be my developer in my next upcoming games .... i will pay around 20000$ for ads to make my game famous in all platforms ;)Kind regardsPLEASE i will not award peoples with higher price ,, it"s easy game guys lol

  • $526 USD Today

    ***** Please don"t send bid if you not facing these abilities****Making a snooker game for IOS android Windows mobile and Facebook application

  • $736 USD Today

    i need to develop an interface with 6 folder with 3 levels with more folders and files the folders should be able to read the data from a memory stick or usbthe aplicacion is just for local informationthere should be 2 diferent types of files to read mp4 and pdf... that should be visible a a window on the sideaswell i need a part where are 6 icons where a light will flash if the type of document is in the folder ( 4 icons for pdf and 2 icons for mp4)to finsih, should exist a part where you can see the informacion of the folder you select

  • [Sealed] Today

    Create an app for a Mobil Phone that will send internet usage information to a web server for reporting.Web server designer will provide API / Syntax for data transmission.App will first offer user to input name, password etc.. then log in to server to activate account.The app will collect URLs visited from the phone and bandwidth used, this data will be transmitted to the web server for reporting.The first phase is to develop an Android app.

  • $2368 USD Yesterday

    ISIS is a web application developed by Datarays, ISIS is a student management system, used to exchange data and information between teachers, parents and students.Teachers add grades, agenda and remarks and parents can view them, also parents can check their account financial statement, etcFollowing are a screenshot of web pages that should be developed trough a mobile application The mobile application will be exclusively for parents and students and public viewersAll webservices needed will be developed by Datarays stuff according to an object model that we agree onPlease check the document attached

  • $736 USD Yesterday

    Looking for someone who can develop a quiz app that contain around 500 question each question has 4 choices the questions will be separated into 4 sections each section has a 6 exams with time limit & alarme.g. section 1 ( math ) exam 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 the end the result will be viewed and the user can review his answers the design is very important for me the app will have google ads and a full version that doesn"t so it will be purchase inthis app needed to be in iphone and android compatible for phones and tablets

  • $2368 AUD Yesterday

    Work Summary Sheet An App to be made for iphone,ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet & Android.Automatic creates next Reference NumberBe able to enter data which relate to questions from the sample work summary sheet.enter council name (this would have database of work type & rate)in a settings menu which allows this to be set upbe able to enter a job numberBe able to add columms automatic and insert in totallength x width = area x rate = totalHave up to 12 databases under Council Item and enter the rates and work type codes for eachBe able to fit on a A4 page in landscape and when one page is finished (18 lines) it emails to nominated email addresses or printstotals work type and summarises it on the bottom as shown on work summary sheet

  • $5000 USD Yesterday

    Create a website and mobile app for a courier and messenger service company. Almost the same functionality as Lyft or Uber websites and apps. All GUI and workflow elements will be provided by us.

  • $21 USD/hr Yesterday

    I must create a mobile app to determine the cost of an army. The army capacity is x where x is determined by the user. They will then enter in the tier and type of the troops used. Each tier and type holds a different cost and space attribute meaning some troops take up more of the army"s capacity and some cost more than others. The user can have troops at different tiers because upgrades are chosen by the user. Meaning a sniper in the army may be tier 2 while a rifleman is tier 4. Therefore to calculate the cost of the army, you must multiply the # of rifleman by the cost for a tier 4 rifleman and the # of snipers by the cost of a tier 2 sniper. Functionality: I must be able to change the cost values for each tier, as well as add/remove/rename/update troops, tiers, costs, and housing space. The user will be able to change the quantity of troops, army capacity, and choose which tier each troop is. After they fill in the required fields, the app should return the total cost of the army. If possible, an option to add icons for troops which I can add in later.Attached is an excel spreadsheet to assist development.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my project. The app should be functional and professional. It is mainly connecting a database to a UITableview.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    HiI have a simple iPhone app that pulls news stories from online database. I need you to upgrade it and make fixes/enhancements to the app. I already have almost the entire design done so you will not have to do the part that is already done.Complete details will be provided to potential freelancers.I am looking for someone with 5 star feedback and fluent English. Freelancers from China will get first pick.Thanks

  • $4736 USD Yesterday

    Looking for: Real-time Strategy game app, similar like this: (it is sort clash of clan way, but than of course different)Detailed info comes later, but not forget to look at url above.We need app in IOS + ANdroid. Total Price we willing to pay: $1500 for all

  • $1578 USD Yesterday

    iphone & ipad GameI need a company or individual to develop a high quality game for iPhone and iPad.Type: Like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope.. but completely different concept and characters. Idea: Will be told to selected Bidder.I shall provide the concept, idea and suggestions.You must have experience in iPhone and iPad game development. What I need from the Developer: - All the Graphics - Music and Sound - Support and Bug Fixes - Skype Contact

  • $2105 USD 2 days ago

    Hi I need an Professional App Built-I need it to be done quickly but it need to be professional - Have amazing graphics-Bulit in app purchases- Made on All platforms- Must upload to the app store when finishIf intrested bid

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    I need assistance in writing a scope document at present and if satisfied perhaps work from there to gain help withdesigning, development, and coding in particular later for mobile phone document (iPhone).The scope document should be a simple project.

  • $736 USD 2 days ago

    Need an app designed Attached is the Model we want.

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