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JuanShu Jin

Talented Game/Web/Linux/Network Expert.

Username: honeypotant

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Location: DanDong, China

Member since: January 2012



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  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Connroad


    13 days ago

    Job is good.

    Project Description: I want this game with all levels and puzzles and bonus. I dont want any advertise in game. Making not the absolute same this game,there must be changes inside it...
  • $773.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller virkarash


    22 days ago

    very good and easy communication.

    Project Description:The app format and graphic interface is going to be much like that of Flappy Bird, meaning it's going to be the clean and simple. The games gameplay is comprised of the pipes much like in flappy bird but...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ansonshum


    May 7, 2014

    amazing hard working programmer, amazing new graphics and really good work done with the ads.

    Project Description:new game logo.(baybee dodge) new background the shield animation the shield item for the game
  • $1500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ansonshum


    Apr 21, 2014

    amazing, really talented and hard working programmer.satisfying work, definitely will hire again!.

    Project Description:hello, i want to make an iphone game basically a spaceship dodging tons of rock, but the number of the rock will increased and the rock will move faster after each round. i will provide the graphics...
  • $1100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Taycod


    Mar 24, 2014

    Awesome developer.

    Project Description:Im looking to build a side scrolling game very similar to Flappy bird but a bit different. It's a very simple and straight forward game. My Max Budget is around 1K. If you charge 1 cent more than that or cant do it, Please don't contact me...
  • $721.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller coolhellkid


    Mar 19, 2014

    A bit late due to her moving home. The developer,Jin,friendly, good communication,get my idea and make it work. Not 100% exactly but still very satisfied.Thank you for finishing a great game.

    Project Description:Easy design, easy to play as Flappy bird. Ideas will be written in details for developers when we finish choosing the right one. Thank you. Please feel free to contact.
  • $3059.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller jaroed


    Mar 13, 2014

    Very nice jobb! Very satisfied with his work!

    Project Description:Simple dice game with multiple levels from easiest to hardest. Each level has small adjustments in relation to the previous levels. Total approx 105 levels. The game will contain shop, rules, map and highest score...
  • $900.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gemybasha


    Mar 12, 2014

    I will always hire her ... in time ... listen to me ... fixed my needs .... has a good experiences .... awesome and very very hard work i will hire her again thanks

    Project Description:I want to Create A simple Flappy Bird Game for Android ... first of All I have the Bird Character which i need a designer for my current bird to make it fly in the game and create a unique iCon for it...
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kdabove


    Feb 27, 2014

    Excellent developer will hire again in the future !

    Project Description:Milestone #1 Developer will show the code running over TESTFLIGHT(no exceptions). All ads networks including revmob, chartboos, and flurry must perform flawlessly with no glitches. Change trees, cars, motorbike, person and whatever other appropriate graphics I provide...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kdabove


    Feb 22, 2014

    Very good developer will hire again!

    Project Description:Milestone #1 Developer will show the code running over TESTFLIGHT(no exceptions). All ads networks including revmob, chartboos, and flurry must perform flawlessly with no glitches. Change trees, cars, motorbike, person and whatever other appropriate graphics I provide...
    JuanShu Jin has not completed any projects.
  • $1578 USD In Progress

    Main Features:1) The project should use PhoneGap + PHP/MySQL technologies (Host provided)2) Any registered user can "Subscribe" to a Venue (Majles) and then gets a Push Notification of the status update whenever changes3) UI will be bilingual on the same interface without changing language4) Server side coding is also required for the App. DB Structure is providedLogo and Color theme already existing.Neat & Flat design is required.Each profile on the system can be of Categories, either a Normal User or Verified Venue Owner that is set only on the Admin side.Venue Owner can: 1) Set the Venue ON/OFF 2) Upload limited photos 3) Update Venue Status (Keep history of status)

  • $263 USD In Progress

    Hello, we need to build 2 mobile websites, starting from the design in adobe illustrator (we already have it). We require a very good developer and a very fast work.Thanks

  • $526 USD In Progress

    Please do not bid before reading the full description.We are basically seeking a partnership with a Mobile App developer. We need an App developed that is a game, we have all the graphic, audio etc, everything is in place and we are ready to begin development, we have a budget of $500, which we would pay as milestone until the project is completed, what we need is a skilled programmer.We are offering for partnering with us, 30% of all revenue generated from the app after expense. So, if you are not all about the money and willing to try something that will lead to future success, get in touch with me and have sample work ready, I will disclose more about the project in details providing we find the right freelance.Thank youAnd good luck

  • $3600 USD In Progress

    Android/iOS Application to 1) find installed apps and device HW. These information to write to file and send by email (config smtp server).2) find out usage of applications (time with app focus). These information to write to file and send by email (config smtp server). GUI:-basic GUI (only 1-2 screens)-Start a scan (find out apps, device HW)-Set up SMTP connection - sending file by a email-Set up a period for a scan (daily, weekly, monthly)-we provide logo and UI designPurpose:-Scan a list of installed apps a and device HW-find out usage of installed apps-write to a file-send by email

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Your team/company is invited to design a game in the style of "Mega Jump", not exactly the same, a little more creativity will be added. It"ll be sold on Apple and Android app stores.**We provide graphics of game characters, game items, backgrounds, GUI, as well as character animations.The game will have 15 stages initially, each stages will have a "normal" and a "hard" difficulty level version.It should be flexible enough to add more levels in the future.It should support in-app-purchase of boost items and other items, such as new characters and new stages.Your team should design all codes and sounds. Maybe some simple graphics if needed.The game produced should be creative and challenging.Your team must also - Add specific SDKs for banner ads and nag screens ads- Add specific SDK to analyze user activities- design app icon- design banners with descriptions to be place on app stores as screenshots- provide bug fix service for 3 months start from app launching

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Java server and client project for web and android and Iphone apps. Multiplayer game server and client. Server should be able to handle at least 10 k players at same time. Project will be paid in milestones and will require QA process.

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $2631 USD Today

    I want to build a social media app for further questions contact me

  • $315 USD Today

    Create a simple game, i will discuss more in chat

  • $631 USD Today

    The goal of this project is to code an iOS app but coding has to be in tandem over 10 parallel skype sessions (audio and chat), each 1,5 hours long, for a total of 15 hours. The aim is to teach a newbie iOS Objective-C coding in Xcode and, as a second priority, to develop a specific iOS app along the way.The app is retrieval application to access contact information stored in a Web-based database. The developer of the web database is available for information request and /or API and interface development.The app functionality starts with logging in. From there, a list of contacts which are due to be contacted / called (a call list) is shown, as well as a search box to search for arbitrary contacts in the database. Search results are listed with basic contact and company information as well as a picture of the person. Contact information is used to initiate an email and to initiate a call. With one click, the contact information of that single person can be synched with the iPhone"s contact data, including the persons picture. Finally, an iPhone contact can be searched and retrieved and be synced back to the web database.In terms of "curriculum", I would expect to begin with some Xcode basics, teaching a seasoned developers ways and thinking when approaching a new app development, from (data and object) models to views, handling login credentials and state, JSON data handling, populating view elements, handling tables, accessing iPhone contacts and more.Requirements: native or excellent command of the english or german language, patience :-) enjoying sharing knowledge, excellent iOS coding skills, availability on Skype, best from around 6:30pm on specific, pre-agreed evenings, but other times including weekend times are possible.

  • $315 USD Today

    I need an app game written for Iphone.The game is called Xang.In this game, a city landscape lies at the bottom of the screen. Evil Alien lord Xang fires a missile at your city and then his space ship flies away, but he leaves 3 barriers in the sky to cage the explosion in (one along the top of the screen, and one running down either side of the screen.its your job to keep it out the missile out. You have 3 rows of 3 shields positioned above your skyline that you can activate as the missile attacks. But you can only activate one shield at a time, and it takes 10 seconds for the shield to re-energise before you can use it again (a 10 second timer should appear on the shield as soon as you use it, and it should change from BLUE to RED while it is re-energising). And remember, the missile will keep bouncing back towards you off the barriers Xang leaves behind.Once the missile is dropped from the spaceship, a bomb clock timer will appear at the bottom right of the screen to let you know when it will finally detonate. if you can keep it away from the city with your shields until it explodes, you will earn XP points and ultimately move towards promotion. successful completion of a level = 20xpcompletion of a level without using all 9 shields = 10xpEvery shield not used in a level = 5xp eachLevel 1 = XP 0-99 = RookieLevel 2 = XP 100-199 = PrivateLevel 3 = XP 200-299 = Leading SkymasterLevel 4 = XP 300-399 = Senior SkymasterLevel 5 = XP 400-599 = Lance CorporalLevel 6 = XP 600-799 = CorporalLevel 7 = XP 800-999 = Junior Sky SeargentLevel 8 = XP 1000-1499 = Sky SeargentLevel 9 = XP 1500-1999 = Senior Sky SeargentLevel 10 = XP 2000-2499 = Chief Sky SeargentLevel 11 = XP 2500-2999 = Warrant Officer Grade 3Level 12 = XP 3000-3999 = Warrant Officer Grade 2Level 13 = XP 4000-4999 = Warrant Officer Grade 1Level 14 = XP 5000-7499 = Master Warrant OfficerLevel 15 = XP 7500-9999= Sky Sub LieutenantLevel 16 = XP10000-19999=Sky LieutenantLevel 17 = XP20000-29999=Sky CommanderLevel 18 = XP30000-49999=Sky CommodoreLevel 19 = XP50000-74999= Vice Marshall of the SkiesLevel 20 = XP75000-99999 = Marshall of the SkiesLevel 21 = XP100000-149999= Chief Marshall of the SkiesLevel 22 = XP150000+ = Supreme Military Lord of the Skies IN APP PURCHASESPlayers start out with a Gold Balance of 100. They get an extra 25 gold for every successful promotion in rank.Gold can buy them the following.25 Gold = Detonation clock speed x 2 (Purchase item name "Fast Clock")50 Gold = Shield recovery reduced to 5 secs for 1 level (Purchase item name "Quick Shields")250 Gold = Heat seeker missile trigger which sends a missile from the ground to destroy one of the missiles at the harder levels when there are more than one missile. A red button will appear at the bottom left of the screen for use when the player needs it. Players can own as many of these as they want to use at whatever level they need it. (Purchase item name "heat seeker")500 Gold = All shields activate at once and remain in place for 20 Seconds, they then immediately re-energise but go back to being useful only one at a time1000 Gold = EMP blast triggers all missiles in the sky regardless of the detonation clock time (Purchase item name "EMP"Players can buy extra gold at the following cost25 Gold = £0.9950 Gold = £1.89250 Gold = £4.99550 Gold = £9.991200 Gold = £19.995000 Gold = £34.99I will upload images for the different rank badges, I will also upload images for the in app purchase Icons.The scenery will change at every level (5 different landscapes in total) I will upload this once I am happy with an initial stage completion.I would like it possible for players to share their progress in the game on facebook/twitter. (they should not need to fill out any text for the facebook/twitter post, this should be automatic)

  • $526 USD Today

    Hi,Hope your day is going good. I would like to hire someone to create a simple dolphin trivia related mobile app game. I currently have a small template created in Xcode to reference if needed and have the first set of questions created. I have the answers indicated for the programmer and would just need to know the best sized image scales for the programmer. I would like to create the game with a an arc4random function and have it set to three levels of easy, medium, and hard. For the easy setting I would like the user to have three chances to get incorrect answers before the trivia game stops. For the medium setting I would like the user to receive two chances, and for the hard, one chance. For a couple of questions their will need to be exact images to correlate with the dolphins but most of the images can just appear at random. Obviously I would like this to be app store ready so neat/organized coding is desired. I can"t wait to see this done, and to work with you. Thank You in advance. Thank you in advanceTo close it out I would like their to be a scoring system with a series of high scores for the user to be recorded. Currently I would hope to find a programmer who knows unity so it can easily apply for all platforms but, Xcode is also very acceptable. Here are a couple of image examples.

  • $2631 USD Today

    A client of mine is looking to create an application where users can track moods, health, happiness, etc. Users would receive a push notification daily to answer a set of questions (rating each from 1-5). Questions would correlate to one of 3-4 factors, which would then be visible on a graph & calendar. Over time, users could see whether or not their moods, lifestyle, and health are improving or not. The client has a Magento eCommerce store where they sell nutritional products. If possible, we would like for the app to link to the customers Magento account, where they could purchase product directly from the app using the stored information within Magento. Push notifications would be required to notify the user when they are getting low on product and it"s time to reorder.

  • $1052 USD Today

    I need a programmer to program an ios app. Design, layout, graphics etx are already designed. I need someone to do the coding and turn it into an app.

  • $315 CAD Today

    Hi, I need: - Admob, iAd, Chartboost set up, it needs to be the most recent versions of Ad SDKs as both Admob and Chartboost and IAd released updated versions recently.-Rate Button, set up.-More Games Button, set up.-Upload to my itunes .I will provide the source code.

  • $842 USD Today

  • RM894 MYR Yesterday

    simple game like mario,aim and shoot game,speeding car,block breaking,

  • $315 AUD Yesterday

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $5263 USD Yesterday

    We are looking to get a mobile application developed for both the iPhone and the Android OS. We have a well thought out application that will require creating user profiles, chats between users, group chats for multiple users, geolocation, and a matching system between groups. This application will also require some proper database creation and management to handle the back end for users and other stored data. I apologize for not explaining the application in full here, but will require the developer to sign an NDA before we can disclose all the details. We are looking for a single developer who can do both iOS and Android, as we don"t want to use one developer for each OS and complicate everything.We have a large budget depending on what all you can offer us, and would like to see the full mobile application completed within 120 days. Thank you for your interest.

  • $684 USD Yesterday

    I need a simple video editing application

  • $789 USD Yesterday

    I set a reminder on my calendar for my wife"s birthday, although it reminded me, all I had to do was hit ok and it went away. Obviously being a busy man I forgot to get something. So I need an App that will link to my calendar and give me the option to buy something there and then. It needs to recognise words in my calendar such as anniversary, birthday etc and events such as valentines day Easter, Christmas, Father"s Day, Mother"s Day etc. I would like my phone to say for example it"s your wife"s birthday in 5 days would you like to buy a gift, options are yes, no, remind me later. If I hit yes I would like it to link to a list that provides me with options, for example, jewellery, lingerie, perfume,flowers, and cards etc and when I make a selection it will take me to a lucky retailer. I would like it to link to my contacts so it can use their delivery address, if I can"t be bothered to fill that in then I want it to send the gift recipient a text from my phone with a link, to read "Happy birthday,Jamie has sent you a gift click here to enter your address for delivery" I would also like it to link to social media like Facebook or Twitter and remind me of people"s birthdays via their DoB so I can instantly buy them a gift and get back to being busy. if I find that I am too busy to browse then It should have a wishlist, the recipient like myself can be looking around and add something they like to their own list you can buy a swish gift from their swish list the option is yours, add to your own list with a bar code scanner or save to swish list when browsing, the concept is sound and the possibilities infinite help me build this app. Thank you, jamie.

  • $2631 USD Yesterday

    This is a social sharing platform that touches on social responsibility, politics, and cultural items that are shared among followers of users. Trending stories/photos are available for viewing and users can share on Facebook and possibly Twitter. The concept is easy but the overall build may be moderate to difficult because it will require servers running user settings and content as well as giving feedback to the user.

  • $684 USD Yesterday

    I would like to create a game that is similar to Angry Birds, but themed differently. If possible allow for multiplier matches.I am unfamiliar with the process to get this app into the itunes store, but I am willing to split all profits.For this version my goal is to post a game to the itunes and app stores. Please contact me fo we can discuss the details.

  • $1473 SGD 2 days ago

    Create a mobile app for both Android and iOS

  • $1368 USD 2 days ago

    Need an APP Developer immediately, project must be completed in 4 weeks or less time. This is not a game app, requires knowledge of gps coding. For more details and can complete at a timely manner, contact immediately.

  • $789 USD 2 days ago

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

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