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  • €32 EUR
    Profile image for Seller sebastianom



    A good freelancer, some problem with communication (maybe my english), but he have done a nice work.

    Project Description:I have got an excel sheet and I would like someone who transform the data in xml following my layout. Absolutely serious requested.
  • $264.06 AUD
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    very hard worker and ensures all work is done perfectly

    Project Description:As discussed, we need data entry job to collect university education.
  • $100 USD
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    5 days ago

    Great user! Very quick with work.

    Project Description:We need to fill in this spreadsheet with the career services staff of the universities listed. Types of Contacts Career Advisors Career Counseling Career Coaches Career Development Career Specialist...
  • $200 USD
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    10 days ago

    very nice person ,

    Project Description:easy job, you have to collect mobile phone number from web page. i need a team.
  • $257 AUD
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    16 days ago

    Great team, focused to deliver the project and ensure that every thing works perfectly fine. I will def hire them again. Thank you

    Project Description:We are in requirement of international data for our customers. The right applicant is required to copy existing data and form it into a database. All content within this database we need to copy and it needs to be delivered, it will be used for modification once its delivered...
  • $307 USD
    Profile image for Seller dirkgrandjean


    18 days ago

    Quality work. Very satisfied.

    Project Description:Dear Freelancers, My team is working on the development of new webshops and we are looking for a team who would like to enter the products into our database. If you are interested, please PM me. ...
  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeremybirch

    jeremybirch [ Incomplete Report ]

    22 days ago

    Had him perform 1 hr. of work. Volume of work produced was OK, but 50% of the leads were missing emails and the other half were the result of very inaccurate Google searches.

    Project Description:Hi there! I need to scrape the list of System Integrators off this site ( I want to extract the contacts from every state in the USA, as well as the UK...
  • $33 USD
    Profile image for Seller PegasusICS


    27 days ago

    Good freelancer, fast

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $333 USD
    Profile image for Seller dirkgrandjean


    Mar 17, 2014

    Quality work, will hire again.

    Project Description:Dear Freelancers, I am looking for persons who would like to help build or catalog by entering products into our Magento system. If you have time and are willing, please contact us. Kindest regards,...
  • $32 USD
    Profile image for Seller AlfedoAnastasia


    Mar 15, 2014

    Wasted 2 days of my time training him and no work done he wanted to sleep and pray<br/>

    Project Description:Need easy task of basic data entry and research work copy and paste stuff. All into the shopify shopping cart. Lots of products entry
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  • $50 USD In Progress

    Search for radio stations in Bangladesh in order to populate a contact database (provided Excel spreadsheet) of all persons involved in those radio stations. (See attached files for full details.)

  • $33 USD In Progress

    Collect specific data from a list of 90-130 websites. Enter the data into a spreadsheet. The websites are all events. I need to know how many participants they had in 2013, and what categories they fell under. The list of websites call all be found at It will require clicking on each event site, looking at the results for 2013, 1)tallying up the number of participants, 2)tallying up the number of each team size (i.e. 6 person teams = 100 participants, 12 person teams = 50 particpantsetc), 3) tallying age, and gender

  • $13 USD In Progress

    ***URGENT*** Business info needed. Information ASAP. Depending on delivery of results will lead to more work! *** URGENT

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    The Company needs someone to search the internet and compile a list of news agencies / websites that have run the Company&quot;s press releases. The Company use a news agency to distribute our press releases and is looking at the agencies that are actually picking up the release and publishing it online. All press releases are distributed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) so the announcements can be identified from the ASX and then searched to determine who is actually publishing.The data should be send back in an excel spreadsheet showing the release, then the agencies + websites that actually published the release with links to the actual release.We provide a list of the six releases for searching.Matthew

  • $40 USD In Progress

    Collect emails from resume

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Collect company data and images

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    We are looking for data entry experts who have the ability to enter at least 500 entries per day. You will be required to visit different websites and scrap data out of them. \r\n\r\nThis is a pretty simple job for a full time data entry individual. Please note that you will be able to do this at your own convinience but entries will be required daily.\r\n\r\nThis is a fixed price job and will pay out $200 on a monthly basis, i.e. $ 50 per week.\r\n\r\nYour target will be to achieve at least 500 (Valid entries, quality checks will be done periodically) on a daily basis, and 2500 entries on a weekly basis. It is more or less COPY & PASTE work.\r\n\r\nIndividuals who would fail to report 500 entries in a single day would be removed from the job posting.

  • $4 AUD/hr In Progress

    Looking for the all Restaurants in Brisbane. see attached file VenueAddressPhoneFaxEmail

  • $53 USD In Progress

    Looking for a list of all cities in USA and Canada. IN excel. including longitude and latitudecolumns: city, state. (US) city, Province.(Canada)

  • $257 USD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for Oil royalty traders,Fuel oil dealers,Oil and gas field services, Drilling oil and gas wells,Crude petroleum and natural gas, real estate. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you

  • $63 USD Today

    Create an approved XML feed to syndicate my Real Estate Listings. The feed needs to be approved and created to spec for

  • $53 USD Today

    We are looking for someone to search a list of websites and find contact details of a series of people on the sites. These sites will be mainly academic university web sites so some knowledge of academia would be welcome. We will initially supply you with a list of Universities and cities and recommend the types of people we are looking for. We will require you to find the people, their contact details, email address, physical address (mailing address) and their area of research.This job would suit someone with good English skills and may be long term. We will be looking for lists initially from the English speaking world so good English is a requirement.We will pay based on the number of contacts found, around 5$ per 100 although this will be negotiable. We will cross reference and test the contacts supplied and will only pay for contacts that meet our requirement.You can either use Webscraping techniques or basic searching, copy and pasting. We will be paying for the contacts supplied so we don&quot;t mind how it is done.Thanks

  • £52 GBP Today

    I need six drawings for a childrens book, in black and white and colour.

  • $53 USD Today

    Clinical guidelines are medical papers written by a team of physicians. My company needs to reach these physicians by email. The clinical guidelines and their authors are easy to find (instructions will be provided on how to find this information). In some cases, an author&quot;s email address can be found easily by simply searching in Google: \\

  • $5 CAD/hr Today

    We are looking for somebody to perform research to find online/distance degrees from lists of universities that we specify. Your role will be to find the university&quot;s official website, and find whether it offers any online/distance degrees. If there are online/distance degrees (full degrees offered 100% online), we will need certain information for each degree. If there are no online degrees offered for a certain university, please note that the university has been researched and that there are no online degrees offered through that university.Details for what information is required can be found in the file attached to this project. Once accepted to work on this project, you will receive login information where you will be able to upload the required information to the site, and submit it to us for approval. We will then check the information, and either approve it or mark it as requiring corrections, and provide feedback on what changes need to be made. Once all degrees for a certain university are uploaded and ready for approval, please let us know and we will review the items that have been uploaded. This will also keep track of the number of degrees uploaded, and how many have been approved/in progresss/require corrections. Payments will be sent once all degrees for a certain university are uploaded and approved, after any corrections have been made. The number of online degrees offered by each univesrity varies from about 5-50 degrees, depending on the university.We will begin with a project of about 20 universities as a test project. This will allow time to check the work, and provide feedback to about the work, and to answer any questions you may have in case of how the information is presented and what to do with it.Please note that all of hte information that is to be found must be from the school&quot;s official website, and not from any aggregator sites, in order to ensure accuracy. The source page for every degree will need to be included with each one.We are looking to hire on a per degree basis, so a fixed price for each degree that is approved, plus compensation for time spent researching a university if one does not offer any online degrees. We are looknig to pay between $0.30-$0.35 per degree, and $2 for if a university does not offer any online degrees. At the beginning it may take a bit of time to find the first degrees, but then additional degrees from the same university will be much faster as the information is typically presented in the same format. It will also be going faster as your questions are answered, and you know how to treat certain situations that you may encounter while doing the research. We think these should be fair prices as the time required per degree averages out, please include in your bid description the price per degree you are bidding.The first project will be of 20 universities based in the UK.Thanks for reading, I look forward to your bids.Thomas

  • $50 USD Today need 500 of the pictures edited .. i need the faces cleaned up and the pictures to all look very natural to the environments.

  • $105 HKD Today

    For around 200 companies we need to know:CEOCTO/Head of TechnologyEmail address for eachHead office phone numberThis information will be verified so accuracy is very important.Must have excellent formatting skills in excel to ensure clean, well formatted spreadsheet is returned.We will provide:Company nameCountryWeb address of company

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    Looking for leads on US consumers with great credit! If you know a source or a way that I can find them, reply to this post. Thank you.

  • $257 USD Today

    Clinical guidelines are medical papers written by a team of physicians. My company needs to reach these physicians by email. The clinical guidelines and their authors are easy to find (instructions will be provided on how to find this information). In some cases, an author&quot;s email address can be found easily by simply searching in Google: &quot;First name last name email address.&quot; We want to accumulate as many emails as possible, so we won&quot;t spend too much on authors that are difficult to find. The rate for this project is $0.20 per email address.

  • $144 AUD Today

    Need a list of Australian Businesses that have a Facebook Page, in particular those with not many Likes. The data collected will be used to market Social Marketing services to those businesses via Facebook messages.Ideally you will have done similar jobs to this, to secure the work, please provide examples/references.Can also agree a price per lead or number of leads, or a fixed price for a set number of leads.

  • $23 USD Today

    I need someone to go through this page: all the networks, go to their websites and find the contact us page. Then create a spreadsheet with:Company name, email address (if available), Contact us page

  • $126 USD Today

    I will provide very specific instructions on which 1,500 North America Universities and Colleges to be included in the search. Only Universities/Colleges that meet that critera will be accepted. You will then look up the University/College webpage and find specific contact information for each professor: (First Name, Last Name, Title, email address, phone number, University/College name, University/College address). Maximum of 3 professors per University/College. Search results are to be recorded in Excel. Search results will be verified for compliance with instructions and within agreed upon time frame prior to 100% satisfaction.

  • $515 AUD Yesterday

    List the street addresses of all houses with swimming pools in the suburbs of Castlecrag and Northbridge New South Wales. Both suburbs are close to the CBD in Sydney. All swimming pools can be seen on Google EarthAn address would be 9 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag for example. The address should be presented in a Microsoft Excel speadsheeet with each part of the address in separate columns There should be an additional column stating if the pool is small, medium or largeSmall pools are 8 meters by 3 meters approximatelyMedium pools are 10 meters by 4 meters approximatelyLarge pools are larger than 10 meters long

  • $257 USD Yesterday

    Hello everyone,I am looking to purchase already scraped data from linkedin for USA. I need a large number of data. 5-10 million profiles. The key items I need are:1.Linkedin person profile URL 2.Company3.Job Title4. City/stateItems 1 and 2 are a must. Items 3 and 4 are optional. Please let me know how many urls you already have?

  • $103 USD Yesterday

    Clinical guidelines are medical papers written by a team of physicians. My company needs to reach these physicians by email. The clinical guidelines and their authors are easy to find (instructions will be provided on how to find this information). In some cases, an author&quot;s email address can be found easily by simply searching in Google: \\

  • $257 USD Yesterday

    I have a few .tif files containing spreadsheets that we need transposed into excel format. They are around 135 pages long. We need this done in a timely manner and accurately.

  • $257 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for someone who can create product listing on my ecommerce website. The job includes creating a product with name, descriptions, pricing, images, category mappings, attribute mappings. Most of the time we will provide details on the images and they will need to be edited to match the size for site or a better quality image will need to be searched and edited. Editing of images can including cropping, removing background and placing on a standard background, adding shadows. The product descriptions are normally provided by if not they will need to be created.These are all the tasks that are required and this can become regular work if this job is done righ

  • $53 USD Yesterday

    DON&quot;T BID THOSE FREELANCER WHO ARE ALREADY WORKING THIS PROJECTUSA shop url research (Name and Email) [ Please review bellow attached sample file and work instruction]========== We are looking for full time and part time freelancer =========Freelancers must agree to work 5 days per week and daily at least 5 hours. Will choose multiple freelancer for this project.Will pay daily end of the work now, but from next week will pay weekly. Its long time work.We pay good $(amount) for this work and will share payment information only those freelancer who provide us good sample.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We will only select skilled freelancers with a sound experience to research USA leads in a deep web research. So only bid if you have experience in finding out information on Google, Jigsaw, Linkedin, and U.S. related directories like Any ideas of better options or how to find out the contact name, email and phone numbers of USA leads is very welcome. You may also share a sample USA research work, you have done before. It will help me choosing you.Work Description==============We need to find out:1.) the contact name2.) email and 3.) phone number in a list of URLs. Work process : 1.) Contact NameResearch one responsible contact name from an URL, such as the shop owner / founder, CEO, President etc. - You should try to find out the appropriate name in the top management.2.) EmailYour need to find out the email of the contact person you researched in (1). This research is mostly done on Google.3.) PhoneWant also need one phone number. The phone number is research on &quot;Contact Us&quot; or &quot;About&quot; sites of an URL. Phone format should be like “xxx xxx xxxx “[[[ I have share a sample file and instruction work format. You can find both file bottom of project description &quot;additional file&quot; attached section ]]]--------------------------------------------------------------------Your need to provide us at least 5 sample data sets, if you want to work in this project. We will only select freelancers able to show quality samples. Please also put a note where you found the result contact name, email and phone number. ---------------------------------------------------------------------[Please write &quot;I love Shops&quot; in your bid proposal area. By this you confirm that you&quot;ve read our project description carefully.]*Without sample bid are not accepted*

  • £52 GBP Yesterday

    We have a list of 1100 skip hire companies (the list includes their post code and telephone number). We need someone to telephone every company listed and acquire a basic quote (the ex VAT price) to hire a 6 yard skip and 8 yard skip (a specific size of a large rubbish bin). Please only apply if you can make telephone calls to the UK, speak excellent English, and can use excel. More details can be provided on application. If the job is completed to standard then there is a much larger project available. An example of the kind of spreadsheet you will be presented with is attached.

  • $33 USD Yesterday

    There are 11 Yoga directory sites that we need to get:1. Name2. Address3. City4. State5. Phone6. Email address 7. Website (their personal website if listed)THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, WE WOULD IDEALLY LIKE YOU TO VALIDATE THE EMAIL ADDRESSESHere are the websites to scrape:1. no more than 200 contacts2. around 150-200 contacts?3. more than 20 listings4. end up with alot of the same people as the previous scraped website broken into same regions5. more than 150 contacts6. 50-75 contacts7. 200 in the USA and four other regions8. to tell how many contacts, have to go state by state9. 25 contacts10. contacts11.* only about 15 or so email addys listed but you can get them manually by clicking on the name

  • $10 USD 4 days ago

    Dear Freelancers,We are currently starting up a new brand. We need a banner which we will use for advertising. The banner will be used to print out and put in a billboard. So NOT for website.Our brand is called AP AUTO ONDERDELEN. AP AUTO ONDERDELEN is a car parts seller. We aim for low prices and offer all kinds of car parts. Exhausts, tires, brakes and more.The following text needs to be included in the banner:Slogan/tagline: De Auto onderdelen discounter van Nederland!Street Address: James Wattstraat 9BPostcode: 6902PR ZevenaarTelephone: 0316-750492Email: info@ice-onderdelen.nlFurthermore you can choose the following formats:1020px by 405px800px by 800pxEDIT: The banner will be in the form of a .jpg or .png. The banner will be printed out and used on a small billboard.Be creative and enjoy ;).Regards,The IceFlag team.

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