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Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Member since: April 2010



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My projects:

  • $552 USD
    Profile image for Seller alexmt1


    Mar 16, 2014

    Thank you for delivering the project on time.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller purecubemedia


    Feb 20, 2014

    Good Job as usual. Highly recommend!

    Project Description:Hi, I want to some changes made into my app.Its very very simple. Basically, its an android theme and it has a various buttons in its interface through which you can apply the theme on your phone.I'd...
  • $400 USD
    Profile image for Seller happybum


    Dec 30, 2013

    Excellent job as usual. Always a pleasure to work with!!!

    Project Description:Enhance an existing Android app to support a team punch (or crew punch) feature. - Records will be uploaded via web services to the server - Support offline punches if there's no internet connection...
  • $131 USD
    Profile image for Seller deeptikohli


    Dec 4, 2013

    Excellent work. Will hire him again.

    Project Description:An xml containing all questions with answer choices and answers will be given. You need to write an Android app that will use this xml file and let user take Mock Exam to assess and refine their skillset in a given subject area...
  • $252 USD
    Profile image for Seller IMAA


    Nov 18, 2013

    It is great working with Hung, can only recommend him I will hire again.Excellent work

    Project Description:1. add one more button to exit the App: 0.5 hours 2. add web-service to login to a web pageand also to create an account ---> Add web service (Server code): 4 hours + call service from app: 4 hours ---> create an account(Server code): : 4 horus + call service from app: 4 hours 3...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller bruno6dea


    Nov 7, 2013

    He works on time, and good communication!

    Project Description:I need a simple app, i think its called a "webapp", its just an app for Win8 phones that loads a website. I need the back button on the windows phone works as go back in the application, like in a browser, now the back button exits the application...
  • $104 USD
    Profile image for Seller funkycold


    Oct 22, 2013

    very good developer, will hire again.

    Project Description:Hello, We have developed an App for iOS, it is a Radio Player very simple App. It has a small bug and is missing a simple GUI. The bug is when we click PLAY it wont play but from PAUSE it will resume play...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller happybum


    Oct 15, 2013

    Hung is the best! He's amazing on the Android app created for us. He's very knowledgeable on consuming web service calls to tie back into our app on the server. I am using him on 2 more projects. I highly recommend him.

    Project Description:Android app: update an existing Android app built in 2011 December to work with Nexus and the new OS
  • €53 EUR
    Profile image for Seller freelancernow2


    Aug 16, 2013

    Absolutely fantastic freelancer to work with - highly recommend. Everything we asked for done in timely and highly professional manner.

    Project Description:Upgrade to existing RIPText project: Bugs 1. This is a very serious problem affecting some of our users. The application always has to be forced closed a couple of seconds after opening it. It'll show a blank screen before crashing...
  • €315 EUR
    Profile image for Seller marco98

    marco98 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 7, 2013

    Incomplete, and i lost a lot of time... more than 30 days.... after i found somebody that done my project in simply 3-4 days... Never hire this person again.

    Project Description:hi, i need to create an application for windows phone, that is a clone of an actual app for iphone/ android The application is made by this 6 forms: 1) list website & update website 2) add website...
    AGS Team has not completed any projects.
  • $605 USD In Progress

    Modify the existing iPad and iPhone apps to add a new team punch feature and a new approval feature, as well as fixing the transfer app crash issue in the iPhone 5S

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    I Want An Simple App. Very Simple App Which I Can Get Free On Appgeyser.. But i Want you to make for all os .. android,iphone,ipad,windows phone windows 8 :) i want this urgent .. the app should open my website in it frame and just cool splash screen !

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Android app: provide multi-lingual support for French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

  • $1800 USD In Progress

    Convert an existing Android app to work on Windows Phone

  • $178 USD In Progress

    Enhance the existing app to upload the supervisor approval of an employee"s hours via a web service call

  • $789 USD In Progress

    We are looking for an honest and reliable developer who can program a word game application for us on Android. Following are the main features that this game will have:a) One common gameplay (round) across the application but with multiple modes of difficulties. (concept will remain the same). Like "Ruzzle"b) Each gameplay will have similar graphicsc) There will be a timed and un-timed mode. d) Integration of dictionary APIe) Score and Points systemf) Hints optiong) In-app purchases for 3-4 productsh) Integration of Facebook to share scoresi) Integration of adsj) other minor detailsAll graphics and UI elements will be provided (including sounds). The game should be designed for all screen sizes including tablets. Logic and flow of the game will be explained to the developer thoroughly. More details will be provided to the successful bidder. When you bid, please give a good estimate based on the information provided above. Do not give a random quote just to get attention. Of course we will award the project to the one who has experience in Android game development, good ratings, good communication style and reasonable offer.

  • $236 USD In Progress

    Hi - I have an iphone app that i would like converted to Android and prepared for sale on Android app store. The iPhone version is described here: have the iPhone source code and files which I will provide after NDA. You will need to change image sizes from psd and ai files to meet android specI am not an Android user, so you will need to do all testing and get me set up for app to sell (free w/ in-app purchase for upgrade to full version)The project should include 3 milestones:1. beta version for testing2. app ready for store 3. app available for sale

  • $147 USD In Progress

    I need someone to set up an app for my site, all of the details and programmers needed are listed on this link. I have tried to set it up but I am not familiar with the coding etc so need a professional.

  • ₹37500 INR In Progress

    I am looking out for development of a entry level mobile app for iOS, Android & Windows phone stores, i require a freelancer to work in my project.If interested kindly mail me your profile and i will get back to you with further details.RegardsBhargav Bhagawati

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $236 USD Today

    We need Designer part of work from free lancer. Scope of work: Build UI Part and embed in our Project for IOS based on already approved screen images we had.Approximately 12 Screens

  • ₹78947 INR Today

    Requirement in Android Application* Person need to be Trace using the mobile number * Distance and Petrol Calculation* Admin Panel for tracing to be Designed in their admin panel

  • [Sealed] Today

    We are looking for a mobile app developer who can develop a native mobile application that will run on both Android and iOS. The mobile application will be used in the travel and tourism industry to do the following:Allow service providers in the travel and tourism industry to register and record the GPS position of their location. On registration, they select the category of their business or service. These categories will be created in the admin interface of the system. After registration, the service provider will be verified by sending an SMS to their mobile number. The mobile number should be on the phone with the mobile app. Once the SMS has been delivered, the mobile app should read the SMS and verify the service provider. On registration, the service provider will list all the services that they provide.A traveller will also install the mobile app but gets a different interface. There is no need for verification or registration if its a traveller. Verifications are for service providers only. Once installed, the app will then LOCATE service provider in a particular category. As somebody is driving, there app will provide a live feed of service providers on the map.The app should also have an admin interface where service providers who provide false information will be banned or suspended. Travellers can also comment on the service provider and rate them. To be able to comment and rate a service provider, a traveller will have to register and get verified like the service provider. Registered travellers should be able to place reservations through the mobile app and such reservations should reflect instantly on the mobile phone of the service provider who has the mobile app installed.Service providers will also be able to post pictures and video. These will be available if a user choses to view the gallery associated with their location on the map.The mobile app should allow those who install the app to invite their friends in the contacts. The invitations are send to the contact lists through SMS. The mobile app uploads the contacts on the website that will be storing the information for the mobile app, and the website sends the SMS invites through our SMS Gateway. Therefore, the SMS invites are not send from the users mobile phone but from the website.The mobile app should allow Travellers to follow a service providers. Once a traveller is following a service provider, they will be instantly notified of any announcement made by the service provider.The admin should have access to rate service providers as well and put them in different categories based on the service that they provide. The rating done by the traveller is different from the rate by the admin. The admin is essentially assessing the service provider and puting them in the following categories:1. Bronze2. Silver3. Gold4. PlatinumThe mobile app should reflect the period a service provider has been in a category.This project should include a web interface as well. This means travellers can also locate service providers through the web interface and admin can also do their tasks through the web interface.This app should also work offline. This means location data in a particular area should be available offline line. A traveller can chose to download location data on their mobile phone before they leave their hotel.At completion, the full source code of the mobile app and website should be provided together with technical documentation which also details how to deploy.

  • $236 USD Today

    I have a running property wordpress site and would like to create android app.The app should include property search same as my existing search on my wordpress site.Thanks

  • $447 USD Today

    We are interested in the source code of some very good android games ,we require some great android games ,not ordinary ones.So please bid if you have any game that is very popular.

  • $2894 USD Today

    **** PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE A ROUGH SOURCE CODE DEVELOPED IN COCOS-DX THAT WE WILL BE USING ****Individuals are also preferred but we are open to speaking to agencies.Our team is looking for a full time programmer for an upcoming Mobile Game Studio that will be making a huge impact on the industry. We need someone that is talented, creative and as passionate as us about the work that we do.If you can bring something to the table, contact us.Required skill set:• You should have experience coding in Java.• You should have at least 1 year experience in developing Android native apps.• You need to be able to provide examples of two or more Android apps, which you have worked on, published on Google Play.Additional desired, but not required, skills:• Experience in developing games using Cocos-2dx or other game engines such as Unity.• Knowledge of Open GL ES programming• Experience in 2D game development• Knowledge in C++/java script• Hands on experience in IOSOur team has an in game designer that is doing all of the the animations, illustrations and sounds. Your role will be just to build the game engine. This should not take more then 2-3 weeks.

  • $2368 USD Today

    I am looking for an ace developer (no company individual only) to write an iPhone and Android application for me. The app will be similar to "" except some more features in it. It will be accessible world wide of course.

  • $447 USD Today

    We want to have a feature designed for both android and iphone that is similar to a stock market ticker. We want to do a new idea of this type of widget but design it for mobile vs websites or TV. Here is an example of what this feature looks like on a web site: - look at the bottom of the screen. We want the widget to be able to take dynamic content that from a feed or from a news website like CNN, we want the feature to be clickable and when clicked will take the person to a page with detail about the information in the feed. We want the feature to be unique and innovative but familiar so that mobile users are instantly familiar with the concept. The data we want in the scroll will be the hot topic of the day in entertainment, news, current events, fashion, etc. We will need all code to be delivered at completion. Please only bid if you are experienced with mobile development for iPhone and Android and if you are innovative and have a good design eye.

  • $3684 AUD Today

    Animal AnarchyThe first version of the game is similar in type to Mario Cart. Except the riders are different breeds of Monkeys and they ride different animals like a Bull, Rhino, Hippo, Lion etc. The Monkeys have armour and ranged/melee weapons. Each player has a team consisting of 2 animals mounts and 5 Monkey riders. The player selects the primary mount, the driver and the secondary Monkey Each monkey can be from a different species and each species has different strengths and weakness (like hitpoints, attack etc). The animal mounts also have different species, strengths and weakness (speed, armour, jump/ram). Like Mario Cart power ups can be obtained around the track and the further behind the more chance of getting a good power up to get you back towards the front of the race. The driver"s attributes give a negative or positive bonus to the mount, the secondary Monkey attacks and defends. If players mounts get close enough the player can try to board the opponents mount. If they beat the secondary monkey the driver fights and the mount auto pilots (mount is slower but can"t crash, opponents mount also keeps pace and can move side to side to collect power ups), if the person boarding beats the driver their monkey delivers a death blow to the mount before jumping back on their own mount. There is a lot of blood and gore. Steering is controlled by tilting the phone, slow medium and fast speed setting. The mounts skid around corners sort of like drifting, a heavy impact can cause a crash sending both animal and rider/s tumbling and damaging them, it also takes time to re-mount slowing the player"s team. Players can target either the mount or either rider by touching them on the screen. Ranged weapons start basic but later evolve into guns, armour and melee weapons can also be upgraded. Each Monkey species has a different hand to hand martial art. This is used for the driver"s when they fight. If a rider is killed, a new monkey (selected from the other 3 picked at the start by touching rider"s portrait) swings onto the mount (via vine) as it crosses the start/finish line. If the driver dies the mount will continue to run around the track (loosing driver bonus), if another player can board the mount it is killed, if it crosses the line new rider/s swing onto the mount. Riders and mounts have three visible damage levels shown by how bloody they are. Light, med and heavy damage.Players can create their own tracks and play their friends or play their tracks online.Players level up, the higher the level unlocks which level armour and weapons can be selected for each rider and mount.Armour - RiderLvl 0 - nothingLvl 1 - vinesLvl 2 - barkLvl 3 - woodLvl 4 - coconutLvl 5 - leatherLvl 6 - metalLvl 7 - bullet proof vestLvl 8 - riot armourLvl 9 - combat armourLvl 10 - titanium alloyHarness lvl 0-10Weapons lvl 0-10Armour - Mount lvl 0-10Fighting styles:Muay Thai - Monkey Karate - ChimpanzeeWrestling - BaboonBoxing - GorillaNijitsu - Spider monkeyKung Fu - MonkeyOnce a player levels up enough they can then unlock special mounts (elephant, sabre tooth tiger, small dinosaur). Special weapons (light sabre, lazer pistol), special armour (force field for 5-10 sec then cool down timer). Up to a certain level players can select from 4-5 mounts initial mounts, the special mounts for high level players (4-5 again) give a large advantage.I have more detail available regarding how the game works. I"m also looking for an artist athough I have a couple of friends with good talent. I"ll also be posting for an artist on Freelencer though to see what available.

  • £236 GBP Today

    an app for tracking projects incorporating contacts, calender - todo list, photos sharing and a progress tracker

  • $657 USD Today

    Developing android application for Live tV and radios

  • $1842 USD Today

    I am loking for an IOS application similar to Please only 5 stars

  • $578 USD Today

    You can find all details required for demo here 26 AprilAnd I have a budget of $600 app

  • $578 USD Today

    You can find all details required for demo here Deadline 26 April And I have a budget of $600

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    We are seeking a team of Senior Software Engineers to develop educational software applications targeted at teaching English pronunciation on mobile devices. The ideal team should have proven experience building high-quality, mobile Android applications using the latest technologies which will leverage extensively our existing web, mobile and desktop product portfolios. Work description:•Responsible for coding, testing, debugging, evaluating, and documenting new application development on Android platforms.•A highly skilled and motivated agile development team.•Design and implement elegant, high-quality Android applications with a perfect customer experience.•Deliver solutions on time and at high-quality that conform to user story acceptance criteria.•Work closely with our overseas product teams and product management to understand requirements and translate them to elegant implementation and to resolve issues.Requirements:•Senior Engineers will require Bachelors Degrees (EE or CS preferred). Masters Degrees preferred.•Mobile application development experience on Android.•Demonstrable portfolio of Android apps you have delivered•Experience targeting multiple Android devices, both phones and tablets, from various manufacturers and across all OS versions.•Strong understanding of java and Android lifecycle, garbage collection and design patterns.•Strong experience with Android SDK and NDK•Strong experience with multi-threaded interface design•Strong experience with mobile relational data stores.•Familiarity with agile/scrum development processes and methodologies.•Produce full documentation of design and unit test cases. Utilize systems approach tools such as functional block diagrams, flow diagrams, simulations, fault tree analysis, state-diagrams, and others as required in product development.•Extensive experience in unit testing and test driven development.•Strong understanding of techniques to achieve high-quality user experience.•Strong experience building Android apps that interact with scalable, reliable and secure web services(RESful, SOAP and XML webservices).•Understanding network protocols(http, tcp/ip, udp)•Strong system level debugging skills.•Excellent communication and written skills.•Flexibility for work hours to meet important deliverables and project deadlines.

  • $236 USD Today

    Android app, that will display a map of a certain location. Below that are a range of checkboxes,each which represent an entity(ATM, door, toilet etc). When a checkbox is selected, the entities will display( call co-ordinates). When unchecked, they disappear. Idea is to display all facilities on a map of university, to allow user to navigate to them. Checkboxes required as there are over 200 entities, and to avoid clutter.

  • $236 USD Today

    This application will trigger a simple form after each call.The form will be a wizard with 3 pages and up to 15 columns in total.The data filled in the form along with the data about the call will be saved locally.After that the data will be sent to an external application using a defined web service.The application must have a settings section, where the user name, password (for the web service) and WS address will be defined.The application should be multilanguage (this is optional).I want to get the application as well as the source code and rights for it.

  • $2368 AUD Today

    I have an existing mobile site which is used by business clients. I want a custom application created for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone which utilises the core web browser to display the site but uses a different wrapper so that it doesn"t look so much like a browser and more like a native application. At this stage the functionality will be minimal but looking forward I will want to expand the app to utilise device-specific functionality (file system, camera, geolocation etc.) so a well designed project from the start will make this much easier. I haven"t had any experience with them, but I"ve heard about Cordova and Phonegap which sound like they may be the best option for this, but if you can provide some alternatives then we can discuss it in more detail.The app will only have 2 settings at this stage - internal server address and external server address. When the application launches it automatically connects to the server and displays the page. The server the application connects to may be within the local intranet (internal) or over the internet (external). The app should handle which address it connects to automatically without the user needing to do anything - if the internal server is available then use it, otherwise fall back to using the external address. This could change while the application is open so it needs to be able to handle this. The app also needs to be able to communicate using Bonjour/zeroconf/mDNS for automatic network discovery. This is used when the application is opened for the first time and has no settings; it checks the network for a server which is broadcasting as this application and automatically connects - if it"s not available then it can alert the user and allow them to enter the settings manually. When the application accesses the server (internal or external address) the server needs to respond with a particular header and if this header is not sent then the application gives an error and won"t load the page. I also need an easy way to update the internal/external server addresses from within the pages themselves so that a change to one of the server addresses can be updated on each device.I want the UI to be clean and simple and look native for each device. Most controls will be handled by the page, but the app will need to handle back/foward, refresh, tab switching, and document opening. Tabs will be created by the page itself (disable any popup security warnings) but the app will handle tab switching/closing - I don"t know how all devices handle unfocussed tabs but the pages are dynamic so they need to retain their content when switching and not reload (which I"ve noticed Safari does at times). It should also handle opening documents readable by the device, mainly PDF & Excel, and offer to serve them up in another application. Screen real-estate is important so the controls should be unobtrusive and shrink/hide when not needed - Safari on iPhone seems to handle this well where the address bar disappears into the top of the page although I don"t like how it slides back down when you scroll up the page.

  • $657 USD Today

    Fantasy Football Application for iOS 7 and possibly later to AndroidSimilar to and download and take a look for functionality)PM for further infobids to start with FF2014 please

  • $657 USD Today

    Looking for a good freelancer to design and develop an app for iOS 7 and in future AndroidFor British Premier League FootballSee and download and for examplesMust be able to manage teams on the app, and make changes in line with the official Barclays Premier League Fantasy FootballSection to incorporate website with articles and discussion boardsBids to start with FF2014PM if questions.

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