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Location: Ahmedabad, India

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  • $100.00 USD
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    May 20, 2012

    Excellent work, thanks a lot. Delivered on time, to a very high caliber and was was very supportive at all times. Would definitely recommend and hire again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $100.00 USD
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    Apr 26, 2012

    Awesome person to work with! Answered questions within minutes of receiving my messages. Communication was phenomenal. I had a very close deadline for a fairly large project and he delivered right on time keeping me up-to-date by the hour. Quality of the results was 100% perfect with no errors however some slight adjustments had to be made, however these were correct right away. I will certainly do business with this person in the future! Thanks again!

    Project Description:See the attached file for specific details. Build a sample database. You will create the tables in Oracle, add sample data and create several queries and a report. Submit one Clean combined text file...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller engoy247


    Mar 6, 2012

    i am very pleased with my project , thx huzaifaatlancer :)

    Project Description:I need android app with web services so the app can use this web services. like IPTocountry , or convert the temp from fehren to celsius. also i have another project but later i will talk about it.
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yonatank


    Dec 6, 2011

    A smart and hard worker, and very motivated and eager to learn as well as to complete the project in the best way possible. I was very surprised (for the good) for the innovation and the initiative taken by Huzaifa. This is not something to be dismissed or to be taken lightly. His offers on how to improve the software were very helpful and made our product even better in the end.The working experience was great and we will certainly take Huzaifa for future projects.

    Project Description:Hi, I need the following software: Setup on a user's computer. User then will need to login (he will have a user on our website, and verification will be using URL). Show banners on user's desktop...
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  • $400 USD Mar 11, 2013

    We are looking for a Java web developer to work on a new web site. The site is part of a e-assessment site for an e-learning company.The site should be coded using the following technologies and frameworks.JSP and JSTLStruts 2, Spring and Hibernate Eclipse, MySQL and TomcatThere are about 20 pages that need to be coded. The code should be well structured and well commented. The coder should be able to follow coding guidelines and naming conventions. We have produced a number of projects in the past using these technologies therefore we have portions of code that should be useful to the coder from previous projects.The XHTML/CSS, Javascript and graphic design will be done by other programmers.The coder must be available to work on this project on a full time basis and have good communication skills and also must provide be able to provide daily updates. Must actions and submission errors will have user feedback. The coder will be given all constant values for validation messages, user feedback, values for forms etc as the project progresses.We have designed the database structure.Please contact us for more information and prototype of the web site. This prototype should be used to give an idea of how the finished site will function.

  • $300 USD Jan 7, 2013

    i. user interfaceA. Opening screen is a menu with several options 1. Create New Record 2. Open/modify Existing Record 3. Synchronization 4. …B. If “Create New Record” is selected, then another menu is represented 1.1. Basic Info 1.2. Weather Condition 1.3. Road Condition 1.4. Vehicle Condition 1.5. …C. If “Road Condition” is selected, then a series of questions will open 1.3.1. Is the main road passable? The answer has 3 partsAnswer part 1: Yes/No/Don’t Know :: these are mutually exclusiveAnswer part 2: Comments :: free format textAnswer Part 3: pictures or videos attached, one or more pictures can be attached to the question 1.3.1. (Once a picture is taken, user can view it, delete it and take another picture, or name it and attach it.) D. All other questions are similar to 1.3.1. with the same set of answers.E. The only Item that is slightly different is the “1.1. Basic Info” which opens a screen with a series of inquiries. The answer to the questions posed by Basic Info will have the additional list selection function. For example, Basic Info contains the following questions:1.1.1 Leader Name: “JOHN SMITH” :: John Smith can be entered as text input, or can be selected from a list of possible entries.1.1.2. Trip ID: “11D3”1.1.3. Vehicle Length: “5”1.1.4. ….-------------------------------------------ii. initialization of menu itemsMenus are not hard coded, but rather read from an initialization file. The numbering of each item determines its position, its sequence and parent/child relationship. for example the initialization file contains:1. Create New Record2. Open/modify Existing Record3. Upload to mother ship1.1. Basic Info1.2. Weather Condition1.3. Road Condition1.4. Vehicle Condition….Here by looking at Weather Condition with a sequence number of 1.2. we know that it is the second child item of 1. which is Create New Record. And if there is an item we know it is a grand child of Weather Condition.The relationships are strictly hierarchical, i.e. no incestual relashipship.--------------------------------------------------iii. synchronizationA. This app works offline.B. When a network connection is available, the user will be able to synchronize with the backend database. Once new records has been synchronized with backend database all local records are deleted. C. Also at the time of synchronization, the latest init file is downloaded to the local application.

  • $100 USD Sep 5, 2012

    Hi,I need an Android app expert to build this mobile app for me. Attached is a zip file which has 6 screens inside, and that represents what I have in mind. Basically, the app receives daily articles from a data server in English and Chinese, displays the content, lets a user select quotes and save them, and lets a user submit comments. Please ask if you have any question.thanks in advance,Richard

  • $750 USD Sep 4, 2012

    I need an application for either Ipad or Android platform that sends information/order from 10-100 tablets to a receiving software on a computer, which I also need. It is only text information that will be sent, but you should be able to see pictures and add requirments before you send your order from the tablet. It must be easy to change the content at anytime and you must be able to see the information in different languages. The application must also be locked in a way so that only admin is able to get in to the tablets content with a password.

  • [Sealed] Sep 4, 2012

    . An installable Android app from respository. User can log and keep preferences in a local file. App should be visible on mobile status bar showing number of new notifications. Download notifications in XML from a server. An history log on notifications received. Notification has 5 fields: date and others (simple). Two buttons each to accept/decline notification received. Hide/unhide rejected notifications. Notifications update should be stored even there"s no Inet connection. Post response on server-- Selection Criteria (in this order). Overall cost. Experience on mobile app development. Time of development and completion

  • $300 USD Apr 21, 2012

    You have to create an application for Doctor’s clinic. Application must have GUI which should start by taking user name and password from user. On correct user name and password application should be opened which would be a window having Menu bars and tool bars. Menu bar should have menus Manage Record, Search Record and Help menu. Tool bar should have icons for Add New Record, Search Record, Update Record and Print.Manage Record Menu bar should have menu items like Add new Record, Update Existing Record and Delete Existing Record. Search Record menu should have menu items like search by Name, Search by ID and Search by age. Help menu should have item about us and change password.Upon selecting Add New Record from Menu bar or from tool bar window should have items on the form to enter patient information.Patient ID (ID automatically displayed but Editable false)Patient NameSexAgeDisease Type(List of diseases should be displayed one of which user may select)Duration of DiseaseFamily Inherited (Radio buttons for yes or no)Patient HistoryMedicine proposed (A text area for that)Two Buttons (Save and Reset)Upon save all record should be saved in a file“patient.dat” by using object streaming.When user selects Update Existing record then in the parent window user should be asked to select one of the Patient id from selection list and then search record from the file(“Patient.dat”) on the basis of selected id and then bring all the info into the form.similirly all other operations like search delete should be performed.(Remember whenever you start you application from the record file it should be automatically checked that what should be the id of the next new patient)Password should be saved in “password.dat”Patient ID should be unique should start from 9000.We need a source code with all files in java.If you can do the work, you should show a sample by doing 20% of this work !! For this Java GUI Application, i will not pay more than $350, So Think before messaging me..Regards Prince

  • ₹5000 INR Mar 16, 2012

    using the mule esb....develop an application that or web pages that demonstrate content based routing

  • $30 USD Mar 4, 2012

    I need a java project completed. first come first server. If you know java please pm me. this shouldnt take long and i will provide the details in a PM.

  • ₹7000 INR Mar 3, 2012

    I have a collaboration system that use java client/server architecture. with that server is running on one machine and multiple clients can connect with that and they can share their desktop with vnc server. clients can interact with the shared content. I need to develop some more controls in current system such as, access control, authentication, server mirror image for all clients etc.

  • $30 USD Dec 29, 2011

    I need simple registration form and log-in pages developed using MYSQL and jsp that will run in a tomcat 6 environment. I have the schema from an online example. The MYSQL table is built as are the html and .jsp pages from the example. The only additional code needed is password validation. I also need directions for placing all the files in the proper directory structure on the server. Tomcat and JDK6 are on the server and tomcat is running Attached is a of the MYSQL DB.

  • $200 USD Dec 28, 2011

    Project Description:An Android based Application is required with following functionality .There is no User Interface required for this Application.All setup and configuration is done via xml conf files This Application auto runs on boot up.Volume set up or control will be done via xml config file. It receives schedule files from a network server. FTPIt plays these files on android media player according to the schedule.It does some housekeeping like deletes any expired files when and as required.etc It sends simple reports back to the server FTP .All Source code with project folders will be required so that these can be compiled locally.Further Information will be provided if needed by the interested parties

  • $250 USD Nov 27, 2011

    It is java project on reader and writer.Implement strategy of reader and writer, where writers have higher priority than readers except when there is no other writer writing or waiting. Kindly contact for further details.

  • $100 USD Nov 19, 2011

    Job description:We are looking for a Java Developer who will be responsible for the design and development of our web application client. Here"s what you need to know.Your responsibilities:- Understand the requirements- Design and develop the prototype of the java web client- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements.Your qualifications:- Programming language(s): Java- Additional skills: J2EE- A work style that is extremely detail oriented- 3-5 years of programming experience

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