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hvt technologies jsc

Founded in 2010, HVTSOFT is the convergence of experience and creative thinking

Username: hvtsoft

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Location: HaNoi, Vietnam

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  • [Sealed]
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    Nov 26, 2013

    Good communication and support through project, would hire again for future requirements.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $773.00 USD
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    Nov 8, 2013

    Had nice communications with hvtsoft.Was listening to our feedback and was quick to work and reply.To recommend.

    Project Description:We created a free native iPhone app ( We need an Android native app based on this work. What it does is to let the user search for an available guest room around him or around a given address / place...
  • $1000.00 USD
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    Oct 23, 2013

    Been working with htvsoft, specifically Vy - great developer and always willing to make changes and put up with my picky standards :)

    Project Description:details here:
  • $515.00 USD
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    Oct 17, 2013

    Great job all around. Will definitely consider for future projects.

    Project Description:EasyIDD and EasyIDD Lite for iPhone need to be ported to Android. Please download these apps to understand the functionality. Country, IDD, and Call Back home information is simply read in via a hosted XML file...
  • $416.00 USD
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    Sep 22, 2013

    HVTsoft are very professional!! they delivered me exactly what i want, and even though i had a lot of changes during the process they were very flexible and helpful, they always had brilliant ways of solving problems!! definitely will hire again!! A+++

    Project Description:Simple Android App with DataBase:- User either takes a picture or uploads an image from device. User can only upload one image (with delete feature) As a user you can view the images that other users uploaded randomly...
  • $6000.00 USD
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    Jun 25, 2013

    Very satisfied with product!

    Project Description:We are seeking an Android team of developers to convert an existing iOS museum app onto the Android OS. The app can bee downloaded here: ...
  • $55.00 USD
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    Jun 1, 2013

    Excellent work. Code was compact and concise. Delivery was fast. Will definitely look to hire again! Thanks, hvtsoft.

    Project Description:Hello Everyone, What I am looking for is a no-Frills application that turns the camera Flash LED off and on with a button. The requirement is that it work with ALL ANDROID DEVICES. Simply setting the Parameters.FLASH_MODE_TORCH will not work on all devices...
  • $250.00 USD
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    Apr 17, 2013

    Always a pleasure to work with hvtsoft team. I'm sure there will be more in the future :)

    Project Description:provided in txt file.
  • $400.00 USD
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    Mar 31, 2013

    Really love working with hvtsoft. So happy I found them and we decided to work together :)

    Project Description:details provided via .numbers file.
  • $4500.00 USD
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    Mar 21, 2013

    During this project I worked with both Tom and Vy, both of whom were excellent to work with. I know that I am very picky about how things work and look but Vy not once complained and was ALWAYS willing to work with me until we got things just right. I highly recommend Tom and the rest of the hvtsoft team. I definitely intend to continue working with them any time I need help with development.

    Project Description:I have an iOS app that needs to be ported to android. It performs the following basic functions: Data logging Atom/rss feed parsing Timers (stopwatch, countdown, etc.) Importing a SQLite database from...
    hvt technologies jsc has not completed any projects.
  • $600 USD In Progress

    Create an android application to display product. Shows images of product. Has a search function to search for product. Has a store locator. Has a email to friends and contact us by email function.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Create an application for iPhone/iPad to display product. Shows images of product. Has a search function to search for product. Has a store locator. Has a email to friends and contact us by email function.

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    Create a mobile apps for iPhone and android platform to show products. One example of the apps is Flirt Prom. We don"t need search for store function. We just need display our designs, add to favorite and email us to find more information of a dress.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    Siding Calculator v2Scope of work:1) Update existing iOS Siding Calculator app ( ) to V2. Add ALL new features that were added to Roofing Calculator v2.Include ALL new features that were added to Roofing Calculator v2.Make iPad and Android Tablet modes.iOS - minimum version 4.0Android OS - minimum version - 2.0Changes from v1:A) Add multiple sections.B) Add Results Saving and Exporting.C) Add GPS Locations D) Add PDF exporting.New features:E) Make certain modifications to calculation formula.F) Add new fields to siding materials profiles, general settings and to main screen.G) Create General Settings Profiles (same as material profiles), so user can choose with settings to use, from a drop-down menu on main screen.H) Add ability to scroll between saved results, by adding left and right arrows at the top of individual report screen.J) Add ability to export multiple results (selection) or all results at once - either as a single PDF file or Individual PDFs for each report being exported. K) Small UI fixes, to make using the app easier.************Detailed description of new features:E) Formula modifications:On Main Screen, on Sections 2-10 only, add selection "Number of Sides" - Options "3 Sides" and "4 Sides".Based on this selection the section will be calculated in the following manner:If 4 Sides is selected - calculate section normally.If 3 Sides is selected, subtract "1 length" - Example: (1 * Length * # of floors * floor height) + (2 * width * # of floors * floor height) F) Calculation changes and new fields: In Material Profile, currently there is a "Vinyl / Non-vinyl" On / Off selector.Change to:"Vinyl / Aluminum Siding"and "Cedar / Fiber Siding" Have bullet point selector besides each, so only one can be selected.When one of the above is selected, disable the Trim inputs for the other one.***In Material Profile screen, remove "#s" from Light Mounts and Water Spigot. Add "Dryer Vent [ Price Box ]".Add to Main Screen, at the bottom: - Light Mounts [ Number Box ]- Water Spigots [ Number Box ] - Dryer Vents [ Number Box ]***In General Settings Screen:Add "Soffit Install Cost (ft.) [ Price Box ]"Add "Fascia Install Cost (ft.) [ Price Box ]" When calculating, add "Install Cost" to "Soffit/Fascia Price" and multiply by length.***In General Settings Screen:Add "Other" To insulation and Price box.Calculate the same as other insulation type.Add option to Drop Down menu for insulation on Main Screen. ***In General Settings Screen:Add Sales Tax - will work the same way as in Roofing Calculator.G) General Settings Profiles:Create profiles similar to Siding Material Profiles.Add a drop-down menu on main screen "Work Type" - this will list Settings Profiles.Prices will be calculated based on information entered into selected "Settings Profile".K) UI and usability changes:Note: Most of these will come from roofing calculator v2.Examples:All fields blank on main screen (Section 1 - 10) and new material profile (as well as new general settings profiles).Treat blank fields as ZERO.When adding New Material or New General Settings Profile, if fields left blank by user, do not force user to fill all fields.Other small UI changes, from Roof Calc v2. Each time Job is calculated, create new report (if selected to "Auto Save"). Exception - ask to overwrite only when user Modifies existing report.**********END OF SPEC.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Make a chat application for android version, with chat, map, random pictureA would like my application in 1 day

  • £400 GBP In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3500 AUD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $300 SGD In Progress

    Looking for an application developer to write an Android application that can detect the location of the phone (via GPS or mobile network) and alert the phone owner when a certain area is entered via an alarm.

  • $750 USD In Progress

    Extentrix is interested in building Extentrix WallPaper App for iOS 4.x and 5.x. The application will run on iOS 4 and 5. It will run on iPhone 4G, 4s and iPad 1 and 2. The App would show customer list of image where he can download it and have the option to use it as a wall paper. IT will be similiar to wallpaper Apps such as iWallpapers and WallpapersHD I will provide mroe information when sign NDA agreement.

  • $2000 USD Jun 24, 2014

    I got a recommendation from one of the developer to contact you concerning an android app....please contact me for the full description of the project. The website involves website creation and an android app

  • $10 USD/hr Apr 15, 2014

    Xin chào HVTSoft !Hiện tại cty tôi đang cần outsourcing big game trên android, ios và có thể có HTML (WEB) dự án sẽ được thảo luận contact trực tiếp.Xin vui lòng long liên hệ lại qua email: son.lam@widocom.comThanks !Note: xin vui lòng không ACCEPT PROJECT này, thanks!

  • $20 USD Mar 27, 2014

    how much for a copy of the code for this one? was that code written?Thank you

  • €350 EUR Sep 19, 2013

    Dear SirsI am contacting you on behalf of Kyoki Studio, a European company whose business focuses on the creation of computer applications.Given that we are interested in outsourcing the development of mobile applications (initially Android-based only, with the possibility of future development of applications for Apple devices), we would like to know whether you might be available to work for our company. Specifically, as a first project, we would like to outsource the development of a small Android-based application (our estimation of the work involved would be 8-10 hours, notwithstanding any further evaluation you may wish to make in this regard) relating to Twitter. With a view to making a decision concerning this first project, we would be grateful if you could advise us as follows:- Please inform us of your charges per hour for handling an assignment of this nature- Please advise whether it would be possible to set a fixed price for developing the application.- Please advise us of the accepted payment methods for your charges.- Please provide us with details of the final product (software code, etc…)- Please advise whether it would be possible to hold a conference call (via Skype, Google) to discuss matters concerning the project.We wish to thank you in advance for your attention and look forward to receiving your comments.Best regards,

  • $300 USD Jul 9, 2013

    Hello, i want to create an apps for android, the apps is simple, the apps have to check an email reiceved and check from witch ip adress the email has been sent, is a tracert check, some people send us an email, we open the application put the header and check from where the mail has been sent. Thanks

  • $20 USD/hr Jun 26, 2013

    Necessary to increase bluetooth in my game,urgent need for less than 1 week,only make the Bluetooth connection.

  • $150 USD Jun 25, 2013

    I need an app that would gather cashback offers from several sites and provide comparsion table to a user (something similar to what you would see at which is not my site, but I need an app that would work in a similar way). What would be the cost?

  • $20 USD/hr Jun 25, 2013

    Looking to produce an app that utilizes NFC technology in the Android market with further discussion as to how to utilize the iPhone infrastructre to meet the clients needs as well. Product development is for a client that requires complete discresion on the project and the idea. An additional perk would be a website interface if possible. If the work is done well there will be many, many more projects to come.

  • $20 USD/hr Jun 6, 2013

    Hello.My name is Dan, I"m from Argentina.I would like to build a JSON feed reader (with custom feeds I"ll provide).It will have 2 activities:1) Main Activity (3 Tabs/Fragments)2) Settings- The main activity will hold 3 tabs (News, Photos, Videos). Each one will read a different JSON feed.- The actionbar will have 2 option buttons: Refresh and Settings.The Settings activity will have, Notification, Language and other options I might thing of.I need the project to be supported in Android 2.2 (or 2.3), so probably ActionbarSherlock integration is suggested.I want the complete source code of the project, so I can make modifications and specially, add translations.All labels must be string values in res/ folder (so I can add translations, of course) No hardcoded texts.Please, send me a quote of the complete project, keeping into consideration my needs.I look forward to working with you!ThanksDan

  • $70 USD May 30, 2013

    We are looking to get an android flip clock widget created using our graphics and animated gifs. We want to create 1 and then duplicate the code to make more but simply changing the background and animated gif. Please see attached brief. Click slide show on the powerpoint to see the looping animation. you can download the animated gif psd here as well so you can get going.We have a large back catalogue of Animated PSDs that we would like to create Android Clock widgets but if you can create 1 well as a test quickly, we will then award you a monthly deal to create lots of duplicates but with different gif and colour backgrounds..

  • $20 USD/hr May 15, 2013

    The Safer Internet Centres which are present in 30 European countries are made up of awareness centres, hotlines and, in some countries, of helplines. The nodes are in charge of awareness raising, the hotlines are reporting points for illegal content and the helplines of providing advice to young people, parents and teachers for staying safe online.The actions and activities of the Safer Internet Centres are tailored to the specific national concerns and sensitivities. They are funded through the Safer Internet Programme, following participation in a call for proposals.A full list of Safer Internet Centres that are currently running is available below. In order to see more click on the name of the country or of the project that interests you. A list of completed projects is also available.Awareness centres, helplines, hotlinesThe awareness centres and the helplines are organized in a pan-European network called INSAFE.Awareness centres’ main activities are raising awareness related to potential risks young people may encounter online. They develop information material; organize events such as Safer Internet Day, their biggest yearly international event; organize information sessions for parents, children and teachers.In addition, they set up youth panels to be consulted for the development of awareness raising activities, material and campaigns. Examples of awareness raising material are available.Helplines offer advice about staying safe online to young people and deal with issues such as cyber bullying.Hotlines are organized in a unique pan-European network called INHOPE. Their mission is to receive reports from members of the public who come across illegal content online.The network also has some international members from the US, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Russia and South Korea. As illegal content may be uploaded from one country, hosted in a second country and accessed from a third one, international members of INHOPE contribute to the network’s efforts to fight illegal content online.You can see below a full list of the projects currently funded through the Safer Internet Programme, as well as a list of completed projects.INSAFE and INHOPEUnder the Safer Internet Programme, the INSAFE and INHOPE networks run under the same programme, led by INHOPE and where each coordinator retains its objectives and responsibilities.

  • $257 USD May 10, 2013

    I Have the Samsung Discover S730m phones.Need to custom ROM for the Language (Spanish)it"s use the Android 4.04right now it have English and FrancaisModel: s730MAndroid: 4.0.4Baseband: S730MVLALJ5KERNEL VERSION3.0.8-1141737DPI@HP26#1Thu Oct 11 19:22:01 KST2012Build Number IMM76D.S730MVLALJ5You can download the Rom Source from this web site. is the web site where you can get the open source file for this phoneSGH-S730M

  • $800 USD Apr 27, 2013

    HelloWe are interested in doing something similar at Tactic 3D football. You can find it for iPad. is not exactly the same but similar. We would provide with designs.Please would like a quotation for 2D and 3D.Regards,Juan

  • $9999 HKD Apr 19, 2013

    iOS game based on cocos2d/cocos2d-x.Hi there,We are quite impressed by your portfolio.We are now developing an iOS MMO strategy game (will be ported to Android later on with cocos2d-x) using cocos2d, and we are looking for developers who can help us with the backend/network part of the game.The game is a asynchronous strategy game that"s a bit similar to Clash of Clans ( on App Store with a simlar match making system and data storage and encryption. We would like you guys to design a structure that can support massive players and can be easily implemented on Amazon EC2 and database. Please get back to me to discuss the budget and details, thank you very much!Corey coreyguo at

  • $30 USD Mar 25, 2013

    Hi there,I wonder if you could write app which can recognize the strength, distance of the strokes on a flat surface, using vibration sensors inside a smartphoneit will be great if talk in Vietnamese for more comfortable.Thanks-Phong

  • £500 GBP Mar 21, 2013

    The project addresses issues concerning the lack of allergy advice for consumers when ordering food, within a restaurant environment or on the move. The absence of nutritional information on menus is also an issue, a mobile phone application needs to be developed.Creating a mobile phone application allows users to order food at any time that is convenient to them. The application tells the user when the food will be ready so the user, can arrive within plenty of time to pick up their order. Social media can be added within the application.I will attach a file which has a basic user interface set out, a basic layout of what the app might look like.I hope to hear back from you soon,Krishan Patel.P.S the file isn"t attaching so i will email to you, if you wish to see it.

  • £20 GBP/hr Mar 19, 2013

    Hi "Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites."I"m a university student and my final project is to make this moodle that we (City university students ) use as an android mobile app and its due the end of April so I realised that I don"t have time and i"m not able to do it. Basically my project idea is to make the moodle of city university London as an android phone application where the students of city can access their modules, grades, timetable .. etc.moodle is an open source which might make it much easier for you to make it should be a simple idea but more about time.the moodle as a mobile app is already made and done before and you can download the app and use it straight away which explains exactly what i"m thinking and i want something like this more or less .p.s lots of sources, source codes and templates are available in te internet which will be straight helpful for you to use.finally, looking forward to hearing from you and might seeing you to explain more if possible , plz get back to me asap.Many thanks

  • $200 USD Mar 13, 2013

    i want to write an application for android as same as Situations app which availabled for Symbian, following is the link: writing for android, we can cancel some unnecessary features.i want to customize UI similar to this app.

  • $30 USD Mar 5, 2013

    Hello,Below is the description of the app I want to develop; could you let me know what you estimate your number of hours/price would be?Thanks,MalcolmI would like the app to: a. Reply text message is generated upon receiving text or phone call from selected phone contact numbers b. User can setup selected numbers with default text message responses or create custom messages

  • $500 USD Mar 1, 2013

    I would like to replicate a mobile web app (jquery mobile) into an android application. It"s pretty simple for the most part and will use ajax requests and parse json to display data. I have written the backend and only need the android app written. I would like to purchase the source code as well. If you"re interested, I will give you the URL to the web app. The app will have 6 main pages.

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Android , ios , windows phone 7

Feb 2008 - Present (6 years)

Mobile expert.



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Android , ios , windows phone 7 applications