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iPhone Developer

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Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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  • €98.00 EUR
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    May 11, 2014

    good frelancer, made the job in time and in budjet

    Project Description:I need the layout part of an xCode project to implement the simple layouts attached. NOTES: click on 1st item on 1.png brings on 2.png clickl on 3rd item on 1.png brings on 4.png clickl on 4rd item...
  • [Sealed]
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    Apr 28, 2014

    Great job. Will hire again<br/>

    Project Description:This is a private project. Please do not bid unless you are invited to do so
  • $98.20 USD
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    Apr 13, 2014

    Excellent work, i'm very satisfied. Thanks.

    Project Description:It is not a complete app, but rather it is just like a prototype. Applicants will use this app to fill in resume information. My requirement is to build the user interface according to provided design in the attached PDF...
  • $194.00 USD
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    Mar 25, 2014

    Thank you very much!

    Project Description:Hi, We are looking for iOS software engineer to make an app to list comics. Please find attached design and function list. Milestone will be following. ManuBar 10% MyComicListVC 25% ComicSearchVC...
  • $240.00 USD
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    Jan 31, 2014

    He is great and inexpensive.

    Project Description:Good Day, I am developing an iPhone app, and my developer has gone missing. I need someone to take over. It is 98% done. I can send you the existing source code. I need one more feature added described below...
  • $55.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nmalik50


    Dec 14, 2013

    Good Job done in the end

    Project Description:I need to develop Iphone APP that will send text messages to mobiles obtained from a MSSQL remote database. I already have the database on the internet that has the numbers and can provide a SQL statement to extract the phone numbers...
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  • $98 USD In Progress

    Hi,For the app link mentioned below we need to add the following feature: We need to add one feature to the app. We need to add a “Download all” button where when the user press it, it will download all the files. the app will have exactly 114 mp3 file and this number will not change. when the user skips the intro, a pop up alert must appear telling the user if he want to download all mp3 files and it must show the progress of the download. The &quot;Download All&quot; button should be placed inside Online Player next to &quot;X&quot; button (Please check attached screenshot)So, How much it will cost and when it will finish? App link: Please note that i cant provide you with the app source code as i don&quot;t have the right to distribute it. you should buy it and check it before bidding if you serious about this project (it cost 14$ only).Waiting your bids.Thanks

  • $25 USD In Progress

    Hi everyone,I need an application for embedding a website.- loading icon during load any page of website (from start loading and finished)I also need configuration file:- url web page (configured)- loading url received from notification (configured)- admob frame (account is configured)if you have confident, please bid here.Thank you.

  • $250 CAD In Progress

    I need someone to develop an app that will perform functions similar to my website.

  • $98 USD In Progress

    We need to create an Iphone, Ipad, Windows Mobile app, that will communicate with a WCF Service. The WCF Service is already created.You just need to develop a very basic, simple app that will communicate with this WCF Service and will send and receive data from this service.We need a very simple app that will do the following functions :1. Register client2. Login Client3. Create a record anonymously4. Create a record as a logged in client5. List created records for the logged in clientPlease understand that the login here will be &quot;virtual&quot; meaning that you will just have to compare the user input in the app with the data that you get from the .svc service.The app will just communicate with the .svc service by sending and receiving data from the service.So practically will be just an interface to that .svc service. Everything else will be done from the .svc service that we already have in place.Please consider that we do not need any design at all. we just need the app functions so whatever basic design you use is fine for us.We were willing to spend $150 - (for Apple Iphone, Ipad), $ 150 (for Windows Mobile) Total $ 300for this project since this is a very simple project.Thanks

  • $333 USD 4 days ago

    need a ios and a android appboth must be the same appClient&quot;s skype id: jujju1170its a small little appadd him and discuss with him-good luck!

  • $16 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Program 10 lookup tables (five of which are very short) and then integrate them into a partially completed program. Verify functionality. \r\nAlso code same program/algorithm for Android. You will need to sign an NDA for this project.

  • $55 USD/hr 4 days ago

    App Programmer, App developer, Mobile Developer, Mobile, iOS, iOS Programmer, ioOS Developer needed. Preferably located in the state of Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston).

  • $98 USD 10 days ago

    Here&quot;s what I&quot;m looking for There is a controller. - perhaps I get a unique password that allows me to input name/data every month--I also put in vacation data and can change any of the input data anytimeAs a user -you choose the app and it says what date do you want out put? You enter 07/14 and you&quot;ll get the output other interesting output would be &quot;your call and vacation schedule&quot; if selected. &quot;Enter name&quot;. This would return the following output...Mayer. Call September 13 Vacation 7/14-7/20 7/24--7777 9/12-9/19 etc

  • $444 USD 10 days ago

    Hello, I am looking for someone to develop an iOS app for me utilizing Google Maps API.The app will have five main functions- a function where user can enter in list of criteria they do not want in their food (i.e. don&quot;t want asian food, don&quot;t want nuts, don&quot;t want vegetable, etc.)- a function where user can select a gps location using Google Maps API- a function where it will generate a random value within that area that will randomly select a restaurant in a nearby place based on the list of criteria set by the user- a function where when the user arrive at the restaurant, a random value of menu from the restaurant can be generated for the user based on the criteria(using the menus available on google)- a function where the app can notify the restaurant via text or some other form that the user of the app made a reservation for x amount of people at certain time that user has set.

  • $333 USD 14 days ago

    Write a iPhone app for my website. Basic operations are needed like register, login, forgot password and some forms.

  • $16 USD/hr 15 days ago

    I need the Native iPhone PDF viewer App for ios7.and important feature is to run this app when long tap pdf file on the mail before award you, I will ask some technical problem for this thing.ThanksPeter

  • $155 USD 15 days ago

    i am looking to have someone make an app where i can create a personalised app for the client wedding couple so where they can view their photos and videos. on one app for themselves on their iPhone or iPad and view their wedding photos or wedding video. I should have able to add those photos and videos on the app and give the app to the client for them viewing on their iPhone and iPad. I will be able to edit on the app to make it personalised for each client. however more importantly how can we make a app for them to download on our site with password protected. I want the video gallery to be interactive like DVD with Scene selections and access to bonus materials. with the photo gallery they can view the numbers of photos and able to zoom in and save on their phones or share. if you need to chat will be happy to find the best quote and of course deadlines. it is a simple app.

  • ₹7777 INR 15 days ago

    hello everyone,this is Shilpa seeking help in IPhone project the code is already there so just need to give finish off by removing errors and doing some modifications the file is already attached with it....This is small mobile app by seeing design structure one can easily understand what is this exactly...thanking youShilpa

  • $333 USD 15 days ago

    Hi, We need a app developed and designed for a health clinic. I have an example I will show you of the exact functionality we need. We also need help with a good designer.

  • $98 USD 15 days ago

    As simple as possible program/app for register how much money you spend on a singel subject, or a singel hobby or your car, vacation, your party an so on. Letś say I buy a used car. I fill in the sum of itś price. I fill gas.....and I register my fillings. I go to carshop....i register the sum...I go to service with it and so on. In four years I wanna sell my car. Then I wanna see how much gas did I use in these four years....or how much are the workshop costs....or how much is the overall costs. From all my registering, I wanna get out rapports like these.Another exampel: I wanna register the costs of my 40 years birthday party, what the music costs, napkins, food, drinks and so on. This is simple excel doings, but i wanna an app for this simple things.Another example: I call the headline Split the tab....we are 5 or 7, maybe only 3 persons eating dinner. We all order different, and different costs....I wanna put in person one....drink one 2 kr,....drink two 5 kr...dinner 120 kr....dessert 40 kr....then person 2...drink one 3 kr....drink two 3 kr....dinner 150 kr and so onWithin this app I can make headlines saying ex. Car..or party...and register each tiny costs under each singel subject or project.Itś just simple calculating but sometime you want the lines of what you acctually bought. It also ca be used to make budget with.You got the ide, this should be real simple ......You should have choices like euro or pound, norwegians krones and all other countries money.How much does this costs with a nice outfit.Maybe I wanna call this app &quot;The Costs&quot;It is one called my Wallet....but I want it easier....:-)

  • $61 USD 15 days ago

    I currently have small projects done in Java for Android applications.I need to &quot;convert&quot; them into iOS apps for iPhone/iPad.I am looking for a kind of a tool that converts simply my android java code to objective c (I guess it&quot;s iOS language).If you have read the project, start message by &quot;project read&quot; !Thanks.

  • $198 AUD 15 days ago

    Hi there,I&quot;d like to an app for iOS and maybe later on Android - so I can do ux and designs but I need someone to build it for me.There are going to be five major pages and smaller pages (only text and images).major pages are1. Goals - where you can write done your goals and set the reminder 2. Affirmations - where you can do affirmations, listen to sample audio and record your voice and listen3. Make Dreamboard, get the images from your picture gallery and make a dreamboard and set the reminder.4. Calendar, but its not editable (1-3 are mini activities you can do everyday and it has different colours and when you hit the done button, the calendar are filled in by rainbow colours.) 5. more section where I can have more links (How to use this app, recommend to friends etc.... )I&quot;ll have ux and designs done in about three weeks, I have a rough sketches but I just wanted to know how much you think it&quot;s going to cost me.... This is my first app project so i have no idea.Thanks very much.

  • $98 USD 15 days ago

    I am looking to hold a UI competition. I will send you 2-3 of the main wireframes of the app. The same 2-3 will go to all the contestants. The winner will complete the app in full.

  • £98 GBP 15 days ago

    Wants to create mobile application for iphone and android and Windows phone

  • ₹3333 INR 15 days ago

    Hello There Myself is Manjunath, i m looking for assistance for completion of My tutors dairy app.summary 1.Platform: X code2.Using Objective C3.Database: Sqilte4.Story Board Design 5.Iphone mobile app name is Tutors dairy. Its small app i have completed almost main part of app and hanged out at final Stage can any buddy help me. if nay one interested to do Plz call me 8087200848File is attached below, Study and give a Quote for range is around 3 to 4 k. i have little bit finance problem so.

  • $49 USD 15 days ago

    I need an app for the ios, the app should have only 2 simple feature.... the app is a simple browser where you can browse the websites.... you can open different table and browser.. there no other functions on the app.. it has to be done in few days... I know this wont take a long time... this is just a beta version so I&quot;d like to hire an amazing developer to work long time on different projects as well...

  • $98 USD 18 days ago

    Mobile app for nutrition and fitness

  • $98 USD 18 days ago

    Mobile app for nutrition and fitness

  • $155 USD 18 days ago

    I need an app for iphone/ipad and android system, the app needs to be able do complete the following functions: 1. Front page should show two user options &quot;login&quot; or &quot;guest&quot;2. If guest account3. Read a QR Code4. Once it has read the QR Code it will then play a video on the phone from a PHPMotion websiteIf login (registered with site) 1. Read QR Code2. Play video from a PHPMotion site3. Option to add to favourites or email a link to a friendIt will also require a search function for the sitePlease only bid if you can definitely provide this effectively, I am aware that this is not a difficult task, as there are several self build apps free to use on the internet, what I am looking for is someone with some artistic flair who can produce a great looking app.

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Jul 2013 - Present (1 year)


I have been building iPhone/iPad apps for mentorvisionpak, and still working in this organization.I also got my traning of iOS development from here,and since then i have been part of many applications that are also present on app store.


Bsc Computer Science




COMSATS Institute Of Information And Tecnology

This certificate was awarded to me for learning C and C++(Graphics) and passing different tests related to it.I scored 93 marks out of 100, and was among the top scorer's of the batch.