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PHP , MYSQL ,AJAX- Penny Auction Expert,Social Networking ,Ajax

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  • $10 USD/hr Mar 14, 2014

    Hello, I"m search for someone who can optimize one of a magento site of my customer. ( have build this site with with some persons, but we are not happy with the result or let i see: happy with the design but the code is not always good/efficient.We make some changes by our self but now we are at a point that we want to have a good/optimal site where we can build ferther.Some points:- standaard Google E-commerce tracking never works on this site, we manuly put in the tracking code into the code. We want to use the magento standaard, we now cann"t use the e-commerce tracking.- Compiler function off Magento is turnt off because of errors.- W3C gives so errors on the coded.- some small things in design (overlappings)- is tryed to update 1.7.2 to 1.8.1 but this fails, we set back the files but the database we couden"t recover to before the update; maybe this gives also so faults.We want to have this resolved, could you please provide me some information if you could do this and in what time?After this little project there is a lot of things to do on this site, but also other sites. So we are also looking for a good person that can manage this.Please let me know,Regards,Maarten SoenI don"t fill in a budget because I want your feedback.

  • $1055 USD Dec 12, 2013

    1. Custom Pricing.- When the customer registers, the admin will have the ability to give the customer a custom price. This will normally happen when we speak to the customer directly and negotiate on specific product pricing. Lets say this customer gets silicone iPhone5 cases cheaper somewhere else but they talked to us and we agreed to lower our price for THEM only. The admin will then go ahead and select the iPhone5 Silicone category and adjust the price to what ever he and the customer agreed on. Each customers price will be different and will need to be stored for all of there orders.2. Excel Document Upload for adding mass products/updating excising products- I have attached our product list below so you can see what we have and how it is organized. We wish to keep this format so it cannot be changed. Under the K column named description you can see that there are some bullet points in there. Some products will not have a description but most will consist of 1-3 points. How we want this to work is by having the admin log in and basically just upload the whole file to the site. If there is a new item it will automatically add the URL picture, price, Title, and so forth if set. If anything is left blank it will still add the item but will just leave the blank field ex: price to be blank (or in the case of the price being left blank, it will be set to $0.00)The 2nd site will need to only sell products that work with these carriers. 1st site wont have these* Metro PCS* Boost Mobile (Might be called just Boost)* Virgin Mobile (Might be called just Virgin)There should still be a page where we can manual add a product one at a time and upload a image for it as well.3. Adding Multiple Products without leaving a page.- If you register for a account and get accepted underneath each product you will see a small box for adding your quantity of that specific item. We love that idea and want to do it as well. But when they press "Add to Cart" it will redirect them to the cart. What we want is to have the customer be able to add multiple items on 1 page by pressing a button that says "Add All" which will be located at the top or bottom of the page (Or can even just scroll with you) so when a customer says adds 5 red cases, 5 blue cases, 3 green cases by just adding the quantity in the box they can click on the Add All button and it will add all of the cases.4. Latest products (Home Page)- We want a latest products section where on the original template it shows "Category deals". Once we add new products we want it to show and loop through the latest 10-20 products we added. When we add more we wish for it to automatically update by it self.5. Popular Phones.- We wish this section to be right under the Latest Products Section and we wish for it to just show the most purchase phone category. (So if most of our sales are for iPhone5 silicone cases then in this category it will show the iPhone5 name/picture.) We want to display 5 and only those 5 most popular phones.6. Featured Section.- For this we just want to show a mixture of popular cases.7. Home Page/Warehouses- We have two warehouses with two different types of inventory. I have attached a picture that gives you kind of a visual example of what we want below. Basically when you go to the homepage it will take you to a page that gives you two options. One is to view the northern warehouse and the other is to view the southern warehouse. Underneath these two buttons are the popular carriers each warehouse specializes in. Both sites will look exactly the same but they will hold different inventory (Which is why we need our products list to be separated) We should be able to upload/update each site using the same file structure for excel. Again these two sites are separate, one site (The northern ca site we deal with the orders, the other site we send them to our sister warehouse to fulfill the orders. But we manage both sites.)

  • $257 USD Oct 23, 2013

    Hello all!The project is to create a back end system such as those seen on these two websites: doesn"t matter what CMS you use to create the system be it Wordpress or Joomla.There will be a main landing page with a login allowing people to access their accounts. I highly recommending signing up to both websites to have a better look at the way their systems operate, I have attached a few screenshots to show you an idea.Website design is not needed, it is simply the coding that is required to make this website possible.Please let me know if you think this is possible and how long it would take you to produce. Many thanks,Gareth

  • $144 USD Oct 23, 2013

    Hi there, Need someone who make make a website similar to Simple clean design, ecommerce website, social media integrated.

  • $53 USD Oct 21, 2013

    We need a simple PHP script written:It will allow the end user to put in a couple of words in a few different fields.It will then attempt to use the letters from those words to come up with new words that match a preset word list. The user will decide how man words they want to generate from the new list.It will then sort them based off of how many of the letters are used in the new words.The script should also attempt to put words together as a whole. For example. One word that was put in was watch, another was dog. It would generate watchdog (if that was on the list).This is the initial start of a project. If things work well, we would want this developed even more.The interface should be a simple but pleasant interface. Preferably using ajax or the like, so the page does not need to refresh itself. Rather once they click calculate the bottom will change. Or if they switch the amount of words.

  • $309 USD Oct 21, 2013

    We require a php/mysql coder, who will code the first phase of our datign website.This will include registration process , homepage , admin panel , and all basic features, built from the ground up.I will give reference site also .

  • $773 USD Oct 21, 2013

    Create a custom online store, based on magento community latest addition. with customized features and configurable products as described in detailed on the attached excell file with all it"s work sheets. "DecorativeBeams scope of work final.

  • $1505 USD Oct 21, 2013

    Dear Friends! I need help to build web-store for automotive parts selling. It should has a massive graphic interface. So, please take in consideration that it should be project more suitible for person with deep graphics expirience. Best way to conclude decision is glance on your portfolio first. Thank you very much and hope of prompt response in advance. Alexander.

  • $50 USD Aug 3, 2013


  • £463 GBP Jul 24, 2013

    Hello, I currently have an online shop selling bodybuilding supplements and im looking to completely rebrand and start with a fresh website. I need to be able to upload a stock list and images via csv too as my current website doesnt allow this. Only people with experience in ecommerce websites please apply who understand the checkout and cart functions.Thanks

  • $55 CAD Jul 15, 2013

    Modify a notification bar WordPress plugin to have country specific messages (from another plugin I will provide). Additional options to original plugin include ability for people to choose the font size for the message, for social links not to appear unless the social link has been specified and to have the option to add different social icon images other than the ones provided.

  • $155 USD Jul 15, 2013

    edit sorting order in webpage, admin pagemass editing of product , editing in excel helpthanksedit sorting order in webpage, admin pagemass editing of product , editing in excel helpthanks

  • $555 USD Jul 15, 2013

    Hello,We are looking for someone to create a website that is similar in scope to and will contain two different sides offering different services. There will be further details after signing an NDA pertaining the contents. But here is a general outline of what we are looking for:-Create it in PHP so we can have the ability to store data in MySQL that will interact with the website. (there will be hundreds of thousands of records to stores)-An area to log in, (one log in to user type 1, and log in for user type 2) create a unique ID for each account-Requires email confirmation for log in, giving password ect. -Splash page that looks similar to AngiesList/ (be creative)-one part of the site will allow users to build lists based on the data stored in the site-users will also be allowed to submit topics to be reviewed on the review portion of the site-users each have a personal home page (more information will be provided)-Tabs to include...Home, About Us, Build A List, Reviews, Contact Us-Have a search bar that can search through the website-Business professional quality and appearance-Has ability to accept payments, SSL secure, ect.I understand that this request is vague at this time but I will update when I choose who I want to work with. The person hired will have opportunities to work with us in the future as this site will just be the beginning and will change with the business. Thank you for participating! Feel free to PM is you have any additional questions.

  • $1277 USD Jul 13, 2013

    Looking to create a website for the spanish community. Concept is visitors to site will have an option to upload image and choose to have it enlarged. They will have the option of a couple of standard sizes and also input their "Custom Size" They will choose what material they want it printed on and then we will receive order to fullfill. On our end we will receive file, print it in whatever material they choose and ship it to their delivery location.I am looking to make this site as USER FRIENDLY as possible.The name of the site will be "MeGustaGrande" translation is -- "I like it big"The idea is that users will be able to enlarge any picture or graphic file that they send to us. We have the capability of printing at ANY SIZE and want our customers to benefit from this.Steps should be...1 - Customer will be asked if they want to enlarge a file.2 - They will then have the option of choosing if their file will be used indoors or outdoors.3 - They will then have a choice of materials that they can choose from and 3 standard sizes + a custom size option4 - They will be asked to upload their image 5 - They will fill out a form with their billing information and shipping information. Billing will be thru Paypal or Secured Credit Card terminal6 - They will be asked if they want their picture shared on our site for others to see ... if they choose yes their image will go in a gallery of printed jobs, if they choose no their image will not go in gallery.This will be stage one of this project. After site is up and running other additions will be made to site such as giving users the option of adding photo effects to their file. A third stage may include the developement of a mobile app. A fourth stage may be to have an interaction with facebook, pintrest, and other social networks.Submit examples of sites you have created. Sites must be up and running.Similar site - Posterbrain.comI have 6 other sites that need to be created. If a good working relationship is established and site is succesful i will give freelancer to work on second site as well. Will also look for ppl to create SEO after completion of project.

  • $33 USD Jul 12, 2013

    Hi I need someone to set up a home page and a price table and a page with an easy to use table. These pages need to be done for two sites. I have ideas of what i want them to look like, and can give examples from other sites online.

  • $23 USD Jul 9, 2013

    Sidebar Widget needed for a poll, with two options: like or dislike as two buttons. After pressing either one of them a popup window opens up with instruction "tell us why?" or "skip". If a person writes few sentences it goes to a separate window which can be accessed through another button which is under either like or dislike button and reads "see comments". Comments under likes or dislikes are organized from newest to oldest. Window with comments should offer return to "Home" after leaving a comment. So again widget has 4 buttons: "like" on the left, with "read comments" button below it, and "dislike" button on the right with "read comments" button underneath. After pressing like you either leave comment or skip it and remain in the same window. The same with dislike. If you choose to leave a comment you can write 150 characters and you need to press enter to leave a comment and then press home to return home. All the like comments and dislike comments are shown in separate windows and you can see them without pressing "like" or "dislike" if you press the buttons under like or dislike buttons that are titled "see comments"

  • $257 USD Jul 6, 2013

    I have a photography website in flash that needs some tweaking / fixing. The OLD hosting site screwed it up with a virus and I had the site moved to another provider which is pretty good. However, the languages file is not connected and only works in Engish. Also, the way images are displayed needs to be changed from showing more recent instead of loading the fist uploaded images. Finally, I want to add a links page where I can show my other websites (vimeo, youtube, flikr etc) and add facebook, twitter buttons for liking etc.To sum up:1. connect language file properly so site actually works in other languages (it used to be before the move)2. change image display order3. links page4. facebook, twitter etc like buttons and linksI am looking for someone responsible that is able to do it efficiently and communicate effectively on the issue. In the long run I intend to change / build the site in something other than flash , so good job on this could lead to further work between me and

  • $4 USD/hr Jul 2, 2013

    Hallo,We are looking for someone who can help us with the many Magento webshops that we have. You must be familiar with CSS(3), HTML(5) and PHP.The changes which we have are more for design but later we will need more PHP help. Deadlines is the most important thing for us. This is how we like to work : We will tell you the changes and you must tell us the deadline and we expect you to deliver the work on that time. If you are a person who can"t work with deadlines please don"t apply to this job. Another thing which is also important that you will be avalible for at least 20 hours each week. We are looking for only longterm relationship.Thank you !

  • $257 USD Jun 26, 2013

    I am looking for someone who can build a custom GPT Site with some features that follows.Features :Postback SetupOffer Wall IntegrationMass Adding Of Offers PTC (Paid To Click)PTP (Paid To Promote)PTS (Paid To Search) - Basically like swagbucks but much simple..Integrated ForumInstant PaypalInstant Gift CardsOffer , Forum and Referral ContestsJackpotOffer StatisticsPoint SystemTrouble Ticket SystemOnline Chat Support SystemLatest NewsPixel PollsShoutboxShopping CartSide Panel AdvertisingPoint ConverterA great functional and simple admin panelI will be choosing the cheapest and professional person to do this project..Thanks

  • ₹10309 INR Jun 22, 2013

    hello,we have a website called It has serious designing flaws. we need some one who can create an awesome home page. The concept should be the same but the visual impact should be effective. You can change the navigation icons more effective, may change the scrolling images to Flash and come up with your own inputs to change the over all impact to the home page.we also need html code for the design as my developer is very slow and if i ask him to develop it based on the design give he will again take atleast six months.we need some one who is free and cn finish this very quickly in a day or two. Pls give us a lowest bid so that if the result is satisfied we would look at getting our new sites with you. we intend to have 4- 5 new sites to increase the lead generation in the near future.

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Team with 7+ years of Experience in Web development

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RTP Software

I take privilege to introduce ourselves as " RTP Software " , we have very good team with 7+ years of Experience in Web portal developments , Web designing and customization. We also have very good knowledge in frameworks such as Joomla , Magento , Moodle,cakephp , smarty ,phpprobid , osCommerce and other leading frame works. We are specialist in Magento ,E-commerece ,Online auctions . Please have a look of our recent projects as given below.<br /><br />


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we have good experience in php, mysql,ajax . we have very good exeperince in penny auction development , relestate portal , social networking portal. Mobile portals and many more . we have expereince as follow<br /><br />PHP - 10 years <br /><br />Mysql - 10 years<br /><br />Ajax - 7 years<br /><br />Joomla - 3 years <br /><br />and many more ...<br /><br />