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Dinesh Shah

ios,android,windows,blackberry and all kind of mobile apps and games and web application development

Username: icodingtechno

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Location: ahmedabad, India

Member since: April 2013



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My projects:

  • $1100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller scottfoesho


    Dec 11, 2013

    Great development and design team will work with you until it is 100%, will hire again in the future.

    Project Description:Finish the game we agreed on.
  • $3000.00 USD
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    Nov 27, 2013

    Great coder, easy to work with.

    Project Description:I need a game created for android. The whole game should be created from scratch, I will provide you drawings of the creatures that will be used, but everything else is from scratch. The game will have...
  • $1500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller biztrain

    biztrain [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 20, 2013

    Do not deal with this freelancer, You will get nothing. Waste time and money !! . They said will deliver within 30 days, but over 60 days ago, I have seen nothing !!! . Do not shred your money !!!!

    Project Description:Please offer price and timeline to write XCode 3D game project as below detail: Initial sign up using Facebook account / Game Center / Email Platform : iPhone / iPad Concept : Hay Day / FarmVille...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller katsu62544


    Oct 22, 2013

    I could satisfy high quality and great design.

    Project Description:see original nextage karaoke system this is not standalone project. bidder has to know existing nkp specifications.
  • $613.25 AUD
    Profile image for Seller SmartS0ft

    SmartS0ft [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 14, 2013

    Not recommended. Looking for a way to report to with the chat/email history and project progress.This app is supposed to complete in 5 weeks for both Android and iOS platform. We found iOS has limitation on background operations, so after discussion, we still want to go with only Android app. Then this freelancer replied once per week, kept saying that they got some minor issue, should be able to fix soon. After delay for 4 weeks, they sent me email that they changed team and will start from scratch.We paid AUD 600+. They refused to refund anything but said that they actually put more resources in R&D event they don't deliver, and said that "we have some issue in project we are not claiming this from u..."

    Project Description:We need an PhoneGap app with plugins to collect usage data from both Android and iOS devices. The collected data will be sent back to our database through a web service. Technically Must Have’s: •...
  • $335.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller karlboer

    karlboer [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 30, 2013

    DO NOT HIRE THIS FREELANCER AND BE CARE FUL IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING WITH HIM. As you can see, Devraj S. (he went by that name and even signed an NDA) has recently gotten very negative feedback and I can confirm to it. He got almost US$400 from me and I didn’t get ANY work at all and he refused to give a refund. He always had excuses such as the developer is sick, the designer is sick, etc. He has vanished and doesn’t respond to emails, messages or skype. So do yourself a favor and DO NOT HIRE HIM.

    Project Description:I want to create an iOS travel application. The concept is relatively simple but it requires the development of a 3D map which could probably be done using an OpenGL framework. The app also involves social media integration (Twitter & Facebook)...
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller naz89

    naz89 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 24, 2013

    THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD, I have completed over 20 projects on freelancer, you can see my 5 star rating as an employer and this is my first bad experience on freelancer, this company said that they developed this game, check it here: , I checked the credits and the developers who designed it are not related in any way to this company.Secondly: the company sent us a picture as a design for our game, we found the picture here:, as you can see the image is copyrighted for another designer.I found this out after I paid 600$ as an advance payment, I asked for a refund and they said that they will not refund until I give them 5 star review and close the project, I refused and now the company does not respond to my messages or emails, my advice is do not choose them for your project, they will rip you off.

    Project Description:We have a plan for a tennis game with gameplay similar to these games here:
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller scottfoesho


    Sep 13, 2013

    Great game designer and coder, will make your idea into the game/app of your dreams.

    Project Description:Develop an android/iphone game that we have previously agreed upon.
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sacha1612


    Sep 9, 2013

    Amazing work and delivered very fast ! He did exactly what I have asked for ! Great Freelancer ! Will hire again

    Project Description:Hello Freelancers, Here is what I need: We need a mobile App for Android, WM8 and Apple Store with some of the features of Attached xml commands used to get SIM cards info, and configure Sim Cards/Balance etc.....
  • $4500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller polbe590


    Aug 24, 2013

    Great work and well executed project. Would have no hesitation in hiring again.

    Project Description:We are looking for an A+ iOS App developer to create an app that provides information on surf breaks in a particular country. The app will include a geo-location feature that provides directions via google maps from the users current location to a particular break...
    Dinesh Shah has not completed any projects.
  • $4000 SGD In Progress

    Hi,I need a very experience team to help me to develop a software which allows me to send bulk Whatsapp/Wechat messages to unknown users based on "region" "country". The system must be able to have a huge database by itself. 1) whatsapp program and get further customize work done for wechat.2) Both programs MUST be within the same system. Front end design and back end design must be changed to my liking if not you have to work with the design firm which I have chose.3) We are intending to resell the program, so the program must allow us to have agents account under us in which we are able to track their sales4) Each agent account will only work with a license key for authentication purposes so that users wont buy 1 program and resell again. If possible, we allow 1 agent to have 4 sub agent accounts under them. Sub agent accounts must have license key for authentication purposes too..5) Should allow Voice call/Messaging/Images to be sent to user6) Should have a reporting system to see the status ( how many people receive, how many people see, how many people deleted et )7) Agent accounts which are under the Master account --> The program should be the same as the master account. However, master account can disable certain functions within the agent account. 8) Master account will open for agent account, inside agent account i want about 5-7 standard template color and agent able to insert their logo.9) Web based10) Send Single Message ( Text / Audio / Image / Video / vCard )11) Send Bulk Message ( Text / Audio / Image/ Video / vCard )12) Set Delivery Times For Bulk Messaging 13) Add Groups / Edit Groups Online14) Monitor Delivery Reports15) Inbox ( Reply From Clients )16) Outbox** YOU MUST HAVE AN EXISTING SOFTWARE OF AT LEAST WECHAT OR WHATSAPP to bid for this. Before i award the program, i will want to go inside the program to see.Thank you

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    For IP cameras which are sending a live stream we will need a ActiveX, a Safari, a Firefox and a Google Chrome Plugin.So in total 4 Plugins are needed for all major webbrowsers. Currently there is only an ActiveX Plugin excisting but a new one should be created.The plugin needs to be able to play different kind of streams from the camera. The stream should not have any delay and should include video and audio which is sent from the camera.Additional to that it should be possible to activate / deactivate audio (active microphone from camera)activate / deactivate audio (microphone on computer can sent audio to the audio out of camera)record videostream including audio to the local computer harddriveallow digital zoom up to 10x into video stream in real timeactivate and deactivate buffer for video/audioThe plugins need to be adjustable later. Right now there is two types of cameras which deliver different type of streams.First camera type:Provides only a videostream or an ASF stream including audioSecond camera type:Provides RTSP stream and / or HTTP streamIf it can not be handeled in one plugin, it can also be two different plugins. One for each camera type.Any questions please feel free to ask.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    We have a video File Format: AVCFormat / Info: Advanced Video CodecFormat Profil: Baseline@L4.0Codec-ID: H264This files get generated by our products and can easily be shown in VLC Player or Windows Media Player. Just Quicktime can not play this videos.We would need a Codec that can easily be installed in Quicktime on MacOS to play the video file.

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    Please list 3D android games you"ve completed.I want to create a game similar to "PERFECT KICK" for Android. Please check it out. Applicants must be fluent in English.Lastly, please answer these questions:1) how big is your team?2) how long have you been developing?3) how much do you charge?4) what is your favorite color?5) what is the best app you"ve completed?IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

  • $2500 USD In Progress

    This project is to create two application similar to Talking Tom with two different characters for each application. The freelancer is responsible to make all required work to complete the work. I will provide the freelancer for search words to find images or video related for selected character on Google.Freelancer is to provide the final work with 6 month technical support of the application on apple store upload from first day of listing.Freelancer is to complete the work until publishing. If he stop working at any stage of project and cannot complete the work, all paid milestone including initial milestone must be paid back to (Nowertom) as an employer.The work can be delivered in English then freelancer responsibility is change the language of application to Arabic (Arabic word that replaces English words to be provided by employer)Applications Copyright is for employer only. Application should work on all apple devices.All provided work must satisfy the employer (Employer has the full right to reject work if it is not well done)If the work period exceed 90 days without completion all paid mile stone must be paid back to employer.Hired freelancer will get the opportunities to rework on similar project with another characters in future. Moreover, freelancer will be most likely to be awarded for android application project in future.Milestone25% Initial milestone and work start up20% Graphic and animation work completion for two characters15% Source Code design and implantation20% Applications Testing on iPhone or iPad10% Application Arabic Language work completion10%Applications Upload to iTunes store.

  • $2500 USD In Progress

    I need a custom made app made. It is feature rich and should be nice looking. We have made the sketches of the app ourselves, so we are just looking a developer.The complexity of the app is similar to https://poutsch.comThanks,Mathias

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Looking to develop a mobile and FaceBook app, that allows to create lists of place pages, view and add details to your friends" place page lists and suggest place pages to friends. More details in attached to responsive mockups:

  • $2500 USD In Progress

    We want to discuss with you a great app development. We would require you to do the design and the development. We have some ideas. The game must be top notch. It will be a free game with in-game buying.It will be a racing game, that could be expanded to various race forms. I do not want to share too much here to ruin the moment .. so contact me. I only will reply to the developers that have good reviews and great previous experiences.

  • $2650 USD In Progress

    Needed an android 7" tablet app with graphics design of 4 screens: 1) one-choice selection questionnaire (5 questions), 2) a voice-recording form (audio, string input), 3) a feedback form (string input), 4) a thank-you screen. All gathered data will be transfered to a server.Output is an Android or html5 report sent to a user"s smartphone (Android / all smartphone types compartible).Essential skills: android mobile programming, mobile graphics design, html5, DB query.Draft timeline - 1 week, further upgrades - 2-3 weeks. Total deadline - 1 month. Workload - 40-60 hours a week.

  • €1170 EUR In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €4000 EUR May 5, 2014

    We need to create a website which will sell and advertise all our services. Some of those services already exit and we will just link them to the main webpage. Some will be created now.Web Site services (Doesn’t exist, we will create it now)1.Website only2.Website & e-shop3.E-Catalogue (no shopping cart)Marketing services1.Send bulk SMS (just a link to (exists)2.Send bulk e-mails (doesn’t exist - we will create now. It will just sell through amazon bulk email packages. Will be under the web address Other services1.Offer online backup. Webpage is ready. Will just redirect to a webpage ( (exists)2.WiFi services. Will sell Access points for Cafes, restaurants and hotels. Will sell plans only (f.e 4 access points and a yearly wifi hotspot plan). The wifi cloud server already exists. We will just put a shortcut to the admin panel ( Therefore we will only create a single page which will sell those hotspot plans.Web site and e-shop Customer must be able to select a template from or bring us a design based on the requirements we will set.e-shop must have the following features:1.Various prices for each item2.Special prices for each item, group of items or brands, for specific customer or group of customers (service level agreements)3.Discount coupons for customers (% discount on item, brand, category of product. Specific price on item. One voucher code to be used a certain amount of times or multiple auto generated inn excel file voucher codes)4.Orders management5.Dropshiping function (some items will be imported from a file through internet and will be marked as dropship items. Those items will not be in stock from the eshop owner….)6.Items specifications function (characteristics. F.e. A notebook will have the following characteristics: CPU: i3, HDD: 500gb etc.)7.Shipping calculation and setup (be able to setup shipping with weight, volume, specific item group, brad category, country etc.)8.Wide offers on shop for categories, specific items, specific brand etc.9.Loyalty card (customers get points for each purchase they mae)10.Ticket system support11.Multi language supportAll e-shops will have the option if customer owns the powersoft 365 stock control application to synchronise with it (stock and orders). All APi, files needed will be provided from Powersoft (we have an agreement with them). We will also have full support for implementing our platform with themWe will give you access to the existing platform we are using, so you see and copy the functionality as it is there now and as described before.We will also need a price for annual support (for bugs and incompatibilities and data corruptions)The whole project will be hosted on our cloud server 9hosted by 1&1). It is a linux server but we can get a windows server as well if required.The project will be divided into the following phases:1.Be able to create e-shops (1 month)2.Main webpage with all functions described (1 month after 1st phase)3.Testing and debugging (2 months)

  • $3092 USD May 5, 2014

    I am requesting apps that can view posts on They should be able to show the post. With "submit" button from my posts, they should show form output that can be copied or emailed. There should be ability to search for site content. There should be pages for archives, tags, and categories. There should also be pages for most popular, highest rated, and most favorited. All content on the website should be viewable from the apps. I am requesting an app for android and for apple iOS (ipod and ipad).

  • $4123 USD May 2, 2014

    I have a project for app messanger like whatsapp.I dont need app chat ready because there are many in circulation.I have some specific things but i will talk to the winner for this.I want to take the best things from whatsapp, tango, viber, and to create a super App.I need someone to trust my project and to do what i want. Not what he want.I need to support my app for all bugs in all time. And create for me updates. (Updates with additional payment) not for bugs.Give me your best price . But dont forget IM NOT BILL GATES.

  • $2500 USD Apr 28, 2014

    Need a site similar to releasemyad.comModular template design in php, mysql –model sit – and•Can adopt CMS like wordpress or joomla for core functionality if needed•User Management•Admin Control > Add user, Agents, Paper/products, ratecards, design templates, packages, discountsCore functionalitySelect 4 options needed from menuTotal modules: (as in Text AD2.Classified Display AD3.Classified Page AD4.Print MediaShowcase module: Print media:Admin Role: Create template designs (Images, Size parameters, )layouts > visiting cards, wedding cards, tshirts etc – Design area size needs to controlled by using combination of standard template – Text and graphic combination – with a small clipart library and ability to upload client designThe basic template design needs to be fluid – meaning the placement of text and image can be controlled by the client within the design area (for every template the design area will vary)Front and backside or order – in same orderAttributes based on which price vary – ability by admin tp add attribute and fix pricesDiscounts based on quantitySample model – vistaprint,printvenue or any online print siteCart on checkout – ability to select a date to publish and quantityCoupon codeDelivery and shipping address with charges (for print ad not applicable)Payment gateway: paypal , Indian payment gateway(Payzippy), money order, cheque, DD with modular design to add other payment gateways laterOrder snapshot on login with previous order history

  • $5670 USD Apr 18, 2014

    This is the 4th time we have listed this project with previous applicants not having the ability or resources to complete the project. To keep it simple we have a FIXED budget of $3000 based a dev time of around 120 hours. If this is not good for you please DO NOT BID - if you bid more than $3000 you will be excluded Our inhouse team have been building a sideline project for about a year using codeigniter & bootstrap which has never really been finished because of paying customer work. It would be great to find someone who can take over and finish the product off , bring it up to date with bootstrap 3 (currently version 2) and get it to a stage of users being able to use it!To give you an example of its functionality I would suggest you look at , & some of the content marketplaces which allow people to purchasecontent from outsourced providers.You will need to be able to think for yourself , create nice front end interfaces ( using Bootstrap 3 templates) , and understand CMS products like Wordpress etc.You will get any help and support you need from our inhouse team when it comes to understanding what we are trying to build but you will need the skills to do it yourself!SKILLS REQUIREDBootstrapMySQLSVG GraphicsPHPStripe PaymentsWordpressGithubPayment will be made in 20 milestones released on completion of tasks

  • $5154 USD Apr 14, 2014

    Bonjour,Je cherche à développer une application de prise de photos sur tablette android, fonctionnalités principales :⁃ Jusqu"a 4 personnes prises en photo avec des accessoires⁃ Choix d"une image à intégrer à la place du fond vert⁃ Prise de photo sur fond vert⁃ Acceptation CGV, puis choix envoi par mail et/ou vers un album photo sur la page facebook d"une marque et/ou vers la page facebook d"une personneDéroulé des différentes pages de l"application :⁃ Les gens se positionnent devant le fond vert physique⁃ Page d’accueil avec choix de l"image de fond à incruster à la place du fond vert⁃ Page prise de photo avec aperçu avec fond incrusté + bouton prise de photo⁃ Page confirmation photo prise + preview photo⁃ Page publier Acceptation CGV, puis choix envoi par mail et/ou vers un album photo sur la page facebook d"une marque et/ou vers la page facebook d"une personne)⁃ Page confirmation photo publiée + bouton retour page d’accueil

  • $1500 USD Apr 14, 2014

    4 sayı ve 4 dil seçeneğinde hazırlanmış pdf dergiler için bir mocil e-dergi yazılımı. basit bir arayüz ve sadace dergiyi yüklediğinde derginin okunabilecegı sayfa sayfa bir yazılım.

  • $2000 USD Apr 9, 2014

    A social media application for android aod ios, ( it is an exclusive idea, so i wouldnt want to share details here)

  • $2500 USD Apr 9, 2014

    am creating an app that allows users to interact with their friends and the world through photos. I am looking for a PARTNER who can develop the app. DUE TO OUR LOW BUDGET, A 50-50 SPLIT OF ALL REVENUE FROM THE APP WILL GO INTO PAYING FOR THE FEE. FOR EXAMPLE IF THE FEE IS 400$ YOU WILL RECEIVE 50% OF ALL REVENUE TILL YOU GET YOUR 400$THIS ALLOWS FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE.

  • $1500 USD Apr 9, 2014

    I want to make an app to find people in China who want to invest in the US in exchange for an investor visa

  • $2000 USD Apr 7, 2014

    I want for my website and the app should be similar design and fuctionallity like SPB TV app. And the app should have client admin subscriptrion control.

  • $5000 USD Apr 7, 2014

    I need to generate 10,000 accounts on my website. Basic profiles with first/last name, photo, location (and matching IP address using a USA proxy, and some globals).

  • $14 USD/hr Apr 7, 2014

    A good start would be to check out as its a good jump off point on kinda what I am looking for a more modern version but similar to all the site does as far as features.Front end for player loginBackend with statisticspaypal integrated for purchasing the various packages as said before you must familiarize yourself by playing at to see what features I want as far as packages you can buy and prize tournaments and tournament qualifiers.I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO WORK ON LONG TERM BASED ON HOURLY AND HOW MANY HOURS i SAY AND PAY FOR FOR A WEEK. Sometimes work will be only a couple hours a week to start than pick up as project proceeds. I WILL SPLIT PROJECT INTO A BUNCH OF SMALL PROJECTS AS DEVELOPER RECOMMENDS SINCE I WILL BE DRAGGING PROJECT OUT FOR AWHILE.DEVELOPER WILL BE USED ONCE PROJECT IS FINISHED FOR ANY NEW FEATURES/FIXES/UPGRADES I WANT A VERY LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPIf you are looking to make a couple thousand this week dont bother bidding as project will take probably six months or so.

  • $4000 USD Apr 7, 2014

    Taxi app. taxi booking app IPhone AndroidWebsite with bookingAdmin panel

  • £3000 GBP Apr 3, 2014

    We"re looking for a coder to create software that is similar to what does both front and back end but with the ability to add parts (such as the ability to add textures etc.) and administer the workings.

  • $3500 USD Apr 3, 2014

    Looking for someone with demo scene/graphics experience to write a very fun and challenging little program. \r\n\r\nProgram will generate very fast and efficient plasma effect demo in C or AVR assembler. Must use only integer math and rely only on built in operations like + - * / and bitwise operators. Must generate raster stream of RGB pixels - platform is very RAM limited so can not buffer the screen. \r\n\r\nYou only have about 75us per pixel running on a 16mhz AVR. This is a few hundred instructions. \r\n\r\nExample of what the program will look like...\r\n\r\nfor( f=0; f

  • $3000 USD Apr 3, 2014

    Hi I am looking to construct an app that is similar to the iPhone app "Washly". Another company that had a similar app was "Cherry" but they were acquired by Lyft and went in a different direction. I encourage you to download the washly app prior to submitting your proposal. Anyways I am looking an individual or team that is highly motivated and possesses the the design and coding abilities to construct an Iphone app like Washly (available on the app store) Upon submitting proposal, I ask you to fully read the requirements and ask any questions you may have. I would also appreciate you giving me a brief background of yourself/team, as well as sharing a link to a recent project that you have completed that showcases your design capabilities, and coding skills. Any app that has similar features would also be interesting to confirm that you are qualified. I have included a detailed description below of what this project will need. Thank you for considering this project and I look forward to receiving your proposals! Key drivers of the success of this application will be a simple and easy to use UI, simple mobile sign up (through use of facebook/linked in api), geo locate features (ability to match users to employees based upon closest location), store user info, accept payment, etc At this point in time I would like to only use Front End iOS, however i need the back end to be both Android and iOS. Upon success of the business I will hire you to build a front end Android. It is worth stating that this app will the first of many to come. I work with entrepreneurs on a daily basis who are actively searching to solve problems through the use of mobile platforms. We are aiming to create an "Uber" inspired app that is tailor made to the car wash industry. I am willing to work with you as much as possible for whatever you need. Feel free to request any questions and I would be happy to provide you with additional information. Pages out of Uber"s playbook that we would like to emulate are: Simple mobile sign up through fb or linked in, snap photo of cc, incorporate a tracking real time to keep user alert and informed, ability to rate and review/share, allow users to pinpoint nearest location and provide directions if necessaryOn the back end it will allow the employees to log in and set their profiles as active. As previously mentioned it will assign jobs based upon the status being action and nearest geographic location to operate efficiently. If possible I would like to incorporate a internal messaging service upon receiving job to communicate if needed through app to consumer. Once employee marks job as completed, it will send automated message and update the tracker/status of the project Regarding the PHP Back end, the app will require the ability to store credentials for users and employees. It will need to match users and employees via geolocation process, track employees via back end app, capture location of user when prompted, relate both locations to determine which employee is closest and available to accept the job.

  • $2000 USD Apr 3, 2014

    Were looking for an app developer to build an IOS app which is a food delivery app.We are going to buy a script and we want a developer to modify it to the way we want the UI to look and back end to function.Features Functionalities a. Profile a. Select a delivery person nearest restaurantb. Log In Facebook & Email b. Set up Payment solution Stripe c. Sign Up as Deliverer c. Integrate Deals inside the app

  • $20 USD/hr Apr 2, 2014

    Asterisk development project to allow telephone functionality through a web site. We want to develop a very sophisticated web based UI for Asterisk as well as customize the software itself to fit our purpose. We are looking for a serious programmer who can take the lead on this multi-faceted development project. We are seeking a talented, creative and very knowledgeable programmer who is available to dedicate the resources to make this project successful. You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  • $3000 AUD Mar 25, 2014

    As a Senior Web Developer you will bring a breadth of technology help guide decisions on the future technical direction of the product for an exciting start up based in Brisbane, Australia.What You Need for this Position- PHP 5, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery- Working knowledge of integration with 3rd party APIs- Excellence in programming, debugging, and implementation skills- 5+ years of PHP and MySQL development experience- Skills in writing creating/setting up map overlays - latitude and longitude- Flexibility and dependability- Excellent communication and collaboration skills- Bonus points for: MS-SQL, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3 What You Will Be Doing- Working alongside a UX Designer and Tester you will be writing code for a new website (front end will be a responsive WordPress Theme) for the accommodation industry 100% designed in house (no frameworks or major 3rd party api"s).- Creating a matching engine ie so that Party A"s specified parameters match with Party B"s parameters and return an image gallery of results showing all party B"s that match onto the page.- Creating Facebook Sign up integration and will pre-fill fields into a profile page- Making the site transactional with membership sign ups- Preparing the website for live environment- Documenting technical specifications- Prioritizing tasks and daily activities- Creating 4 step workflows for when guests sign up and create their profiles.- Creating a dashboard for users which includes a calendar of availability.To apply, please provide 2 referees, along with your resume, and links to your website/s and work.

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