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Software Developer

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Location: Gaza - Beithanoun, Palestinian Territory

Member since: January 2011



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  • ₹195421.00 INR
    Profile image for Seller my89


    Jun 18, 2014

    He is the most expert person in crypto currency world we have ever met. His working attitude and professionalism really impressed us. We are going to hire him again.

    Project Description:We are in a need of a programmer with knowledge on C++ for AltCoin creation. It is medium difficulty project where the only thing missing is an expert with technical knowledge on how to create an AltCoin...
  • $500.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller hostit1


    Jun 3, 2014

    Excellent service and very knowledgeble

    Project Description:This project is to create 95th percentile reporting and charting from data collected within a MySQL server. The data is computed on virtual servers every 5 minutes and inserted into a MySQL server located on a cPanel system...
  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Orangeman2014


    May 21, 2014

    Will not know for another 24-36 hours if this resolved issues, but I believe we have been steered in the right direction.<br/>

    Project Description:Got a VPS server using Centos and Zpanel. Everything works fine: However, can&#039;t figure why I can&#039;t send emails using external programs like &amp;quot;Mail&amp;quot; on mac. I can receive emails and send via RoundCube...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller paidtodevelop


    Apr 20, 2014

    Very pleased. Great work. Highly recommend!

    Project Description:For another project we are hiring! Own Crypto Curreny (Bitcoin alike) - Urgent Project! **** PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS. **** We are really tired of Freelancers taking over jobs and failing to complete or just disappearing...
  • $645.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller domfree


    Mar 31, 2014

    An outstanding developer who knows what he is talking about, this Developer is awesome, very very knowledgeable in all field, excellent communication skills all the time , 100% recommended

    Project Description:As posted .
  • $631.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller b1ueman


    Mar 30, 2014

    very good trustworthy

    Project Description:10 articles on sports,on a regular basis
  • $64.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller adamberger


    Mar 25, 2014

    Gret, very happy

    Project Description:Hey guys, i am not even sure what I have done. I have a running proxmox server node and I lost the webui access (no longer listening to port 8006) trying to fix this I think I have screwed it up even more and now when I try to upgrade it comes with: Reading changelogs.....
  • $1000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stlcoin


    Mar 4, 2014

    100% top of line, plan to hire again .....

    Project Description:fix stlcoin will not sync, issue with block chain, error roc 200
  • $473.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stlcoin


    Feb 25, 2014

    Happy Man.

    Project Description:create a mac client wallet for STLcoin Lived in Buzios for a month, WoW... Love it...
  • $2263.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller andermarce


    Feb 12, 2014

    Good job!! Good man!!Great!!!I recommend to other customers.

    Project Description:I need create a new coin with 22 milions coin, 1000 coins per block and mining each 1 second for a new block. Difficulty is not increase ( 1 only ). I will need client wallet with macos, linux and windows...
    Palunixnet has not completed any projects.
  • $50 USD/hr In Progress

    I want to create a new crypto coin. detailed sent privately

  • $3157 USD In Progress

    We need a custom design for our coin wallet and a block explorer.

  • $105 USD In Progress

    Witam chciałbym żebyś zainstalował pushpool a także fornt-end simplecoin pushpool opiera się na bitcoind server

  • $189 USD In Progress

    I have a VPS running Windows 2008 and it needs to connect via VPN to a remote system using AES-256 shared key encryption.Its an endpoint to endpoint configuration.Networking experience Windows Serverand Firewall setup is importantRemote Desktop access is available to carry out the work.

  • $110 USD In Progress

    SituationWhen an Referent is selected in the Gridview a popup show where the feedback and competences can be inserted/updated. I have a gridview with an couple of competences which needs to be rated. Each rating has the possibility to be motivated. The questions are in one table. The results are in other table. Each rating has the possibility to be motivated.CompetentiesCompetentieIdintUnique IDCompetentienvarchar(50)Title of competenceOmschrijvingnvarchar(MAX)Description of competenceRatingCompetentiesIDintUnique IdReferentieIDintUnique Id of person who gives feedbackCompetentieIdintUnique Id competenceRatingintThe rating of this competenceDatumdateDateToelichtingnvarchar(MAX)Motivation of the ratingIPnvarchar(50)IP-adress ReferentiesReferentieIdintUniqueIdAanhefnvarchar(50)GenderNaamnvarchar(50)Name of person who gives feedbackTelefoonnvarchar(50)PhoneEmailnvarchar(256)Email...More fields Screen shotIn the below screenshot you see a gridview in which one item is selected. A modalpopup with a formview appears and makes is possible to enter values and do the rating.These functions are already developed and can be downloaded as a project.Requests:1) How to insert/update the rating and the motivation in the textbox (in the gridview)2) I am looking for the a solution how the rating and the motivation are filled in the rating gridviewRequirements-MS SQL 2008-C#-Visual Studio 2012 (express)Please take a look at the pdf attachment for the screenshot

  • $80 USD In Progress

    Need help with routing on OpenVPN Access ServerEverything is clean installed, users and passwords already created, with default iptables and default OpenVPN-AS settingsvenet0: x.x.x.150 - ServerUser1 =&gt; venet0:0: x.x.x.150 - IP1(public)User2 =&gt; venet0:1: x.x.x.151 - IP2(public)User3 =&gt; venet0:2: x.x.x.152 - IP3(public)User4 =&gt; venet0:2: x.x.x.153 - IP4(public)An explanation on how it was done included please.

  • $21 USD/hr In Progress

    I have Debian Squeeze installed on a dedicated server.Using Virtualmin WebminA friend tried to install open church this day on my mysql crashed because of the /tmp dir running full (every week once). tmp dir is only 1024 mbI tried to change the tmp dir but now mysql is running but virtualmin is not detecting it running. Virtualmin gives this error:Failed to create temp directory /home/temporary : uid=0 mode=16895I don&quot;t know if i installed it ok and want to check it.Your mission: 1. optimize tmp dir (making it bigger)2. Optimizing mysql and virtualmin so it detects it running again and using the bigger tmp dir and it doesnt fill up the dir again.3. Installing Open church.

  • $147 USD In Progress

    I am currently working on a website. I need assistance in creating a Results Page for an Olympic Games style Awarding System. The page will need to display multiple information from different tables in SQL Server 2008. It will need to bring back the information from the tables and display them in a styled tabled layout.This page will appear once an Action Link has been clicked. The Action Links I have already created.Iv&quot;e managed to bring back and display some information on the website which shows the Organisations that competed in the Olympic Style Games. And I have turned each organisation into an ActionLink but once I click on them, I would like to display each Sport that the Organisation competed in, how many times they came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each sport, the Total amount of Medals that they have received from each sport, then the Total amount of medals they have received throughout the Games as a total added up from all sports. This needs to be done for every organisation that competed, which I have already created. All of the dummy data is already created for you of which I have a GUID set that will bring back all the information once this has been accomplished.The skills you will mainly require are C#, ASP.Net and MVC 3.

  • $100 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;My Fedora server says problems connecting to port 143&quot;

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Databases in linux, Scripting, Networking, Tools in linux, command line, Basic linux, Advanced linux,The whole project is three parts. 3 parts. Each part has 7 word documents, Part 2 will be sent to you when part 1 is fully finished and reviewed by our staff. Part 3 you will receive when you finished part 2. I recommend experienced linux users to bid, since some of the questions in the lessons can be hard for starters..

  • $952 USD Yesterday

    Hi,looking for a C++ coder to make secure & bug free coin.Specifications :x15 asic resestance Total coin 37,000,000PoW for 12 hours then 100% PoSPoS Interest rate 5% ( 6 Hours- unlimited)Trx fee = transc fee = 0.1Wallet, Windows, lunix, mac.

  • $749 USD 4 days ago

    I need someone with experience in the following:* Making wallets* Editing cryptocurrency properties and customizing the settings.* Anything else is a +.Please bid in the low range for the job because we will tip more after a proficient job.

  • $1368 USD 6 days ago

    Hello there:I need to copy and pasted atcoin like blackcoin. (pow 2 days then pos)Requrment :- Make similar to black coin 31 M.- Setup host for the coin.- Make a block chain site.- Make 3 system wallets with logo, IRC and bock chain.- pool to mine the coin if you have ready pool that we can use that&quot;s Ok.- High security coin- 5-7 days to finishI am ready to hire experience Dev.Kindly Regards

  • $4210 USD 11 days ago

    Hello, We need a complete system for a crypto currency like Bitcoin for our own currency, with full backend and a very spectacular looking frontend. Please only bid if you have worked on something like this before. Please provide us with your best quote possible.

  • $105 USD/hr 13 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1473 USD 14 days ago

    Ill talk about it in person. I&quot;m thinking of working together to co-find the software.

  • $6315 USD 15 days ago

    Design from scratch cryptowallet with colored coins in C++ and cygwin/wxWidgets. Additional instructions via email.Will send questions to assess knowledge of cryptocurrency implementation ie bitcoin, darkcoin,nxtcoin and C++. Will pay for milestones. Big project

  • $1473 USD 17 days ago

    I need a new Cryptocurrency (digital currency) Based off Bitcoin OpenSource created... Shouldn&quot;t take no more then two days of work. Thanks

  • $52 CAD/hr 22 days ago

    Requirements:- install MPOS on a main domain- install MPOS on two other subdomains- provide instructions on how to setup more subdomainsDetails;- main domain should be installed to mine a Scrypt coin- one subdomain for mining a SHA-256 coin- one subdomain for mining an X11 coin- should be installed under a different user account than root- instructions should be super easy step-by-step that a skid could followFuture:- to correct any problems/issues that arise with the pools in the future. It may take me some time learn.Description:Simple enough, I just want a functioning mining pool on the main domain, and other functioning pools on subdomains. I&quot;m still learning and haven&quot;t managed to get MPOS working on a Ubuntu server. Once the main domain and subdomains are up and running I need simple step-by-step instructions that a skid can follow so I can install MPOS on more domains. I will tell you which coins I want the mining pools for upon accepting.I can give you root access to a droplet I make on Digital Ocean to your specifications, or I can give you access to my Digital Ocean account to set one up.Please let me know. Thanks!Brian W

  • $210 USD 28 days ago

    I need a detailed, A-to-Z description of Perercoin algorithm written in simple, human language.An expert in crypto currencies should go over the code line-by-line and translate it into a diagram that reflects ALL steps and ALL decision points.Description should use non-programming terms like:- &quot;Initial Currency Supply&quot;- &quot;Max Transaction Amount&quot;- &quot;Min Transaction Amount&quot;- &quot;Transaction Fee&quot;- &quot;Transaction Validation Reward&quot; (aka Block Reward, Stake Reward)- &quot;Min Currency Holding Period&quot; in Proof of Stake algorithm- etcTechnical/Programming terms can be used as optional, additional description next to human one.The diagram should be detailed, but simple, and READABLE by non-programmer, non-matematician, but intelligent business person familiar with software algorithms and business logic.An example of such diagram attached to your bid will help me to evaluate your programming and presentation skills.

  • $631 USD 28 days ago


  • $631 USD 29 days ago

    Reskin a Qt based virtual currency wallet originally based on Bitcoin ( The design will be provided as wireframe diagrams and all images will be provided. The wallet must work on Mac, PC and Linux.No new functionality will be added to the wallet, these are visual changes only.

  • $421 USD Jun 19, 2014

    We are looking for a good dependable developer who works very quickly to install and configure the GNU Bitcoin wallet software on a new dedicated server. We want people to be able to open an account, fund that account and buy bitcoin in the account. They should then be able to use that bitcoin to make purchases at those sites that allow Bitcoin as a payment option.This is all GNU license free software but may need some modifications to create account management etc...Time is a major consideration as well.

  • $317 USD Jun 18, 2014

    ninjatrader indicator modificationninjatrader indicator modificationninjatrader indicator modificationninjatrader indicator modificationninjatrader indicator modification

  • [Sealed] May 29, 2014

    I&quot;m looking for expert in developing and dealing with cryptocurrency to support me in few tasks that i have right now.

  • $842 USD Mar 29, 2014

    We&quot;re looking for a oracle developer to assist in performance tuning of current application and provide suggestions on how to improve our setup.

  • $25 USD Mar 27, 2014

    Salamwe need your assistance to fine tune already installed nginx and varnish based server. Please tell me if you can help?

  • $210 USD Mar 17, 2014

    1. Database that will be used to enter client detail such as name, surname, address, tel & email. We need fields to enter details of specific products and colours purchased by our client as well as where these products will be used. 2. Sales people will enter the details which must then be sent via wifi to production department to manufacture and prepare for client. The formulations used must be stored with the relevant client as well as details entered by sales person

  • $1000 USD Mar 4, 2014

    I want to install and configure MPOS and Auto-profit switching. Please find attachment for the detailed document. Before bidding : You should know &quot;What is Bitcoin and How does it work?&quot; &amp; &quot;Bitcoin Json-RPC functions&quot; &amp; &quot;Config of stratum-mining and bitcoin&quot;Do not bid over budget.Payment after completion only*** No milestone payment ***

  • $210 USD Feb 28, 2014

    have the .pro file all ready, but I can&quot;t seem how to figure out how to build the actual file. There are a couple of errors that I can see are troubleshooted online a decent amount, and I can bet that anyone who has done this before will not take long to do this.

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Software Developer (Part Time)

Feb 2013 - Present (1 year)

Palestine Applied Polytechnic

Software Developer

Oct 2011 - Present (2 years)


Software Developer, C++Builder-Delphi, ASP.NET, Oracle , SQLServer, C++, C#, Ajax, JQuery, HTML, PHP

ASP.NET Developer

Apr 2009 - Jan 2012 (2 years)

Almajd Software Developer

ASP.NET Developer


Computer Engineering BSc



Oracle Certified Professional


oracle certified professional

Redhat Certified Engineer

Vision Plus


Multi Protocol Access System

Multi Protocol Access System