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Chance J

Professional IOS Developer

Username: ifriends710

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Location: 丹东市(dandong), China

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  • $947.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aj4fe56


    21 days ago

    ifriends (Chance) is a great developer and designer. Anyone would be happy with his work.

    Project Description:Application shall monitor device motion and time in background. When the device is moved, the application shall record the data points for the selected data items according to the number of seconds specified in the settings box...
  • $331.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller brownra


    22 days ago

    A great project. I will work with ifriends710 again.

    Project Description:Hello, I have an app that is already on the ios app store. It is currently version for the iPad, and I now need an iPhone version. I will also be replacing the existing icon. For the successful...
  • $610.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller cgilliesrunning


    23 days ago

    HIghest level of service and professionalism provided. Will definitely be using again in the future. Highly recommended.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I am looking for a long term relationship with a high quality app developer. The first request will be &quot;simple&quot; re-skinning from an add build for iphone which we need to beautifully on ipad. In the near future will be building more apps based on this game design...
  • $180.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jungol


    27 days ago

    He is one of the best iPhone developer. He understand exactly what I want to. I'm satisfied with his job. I'll re-hire for iPhone development. Thank you friend!

    Project Description:0. Overview We need login section which is working with RESTful API and store login information into mobile phone. (simple RESTful API will be provided) 1. Log In 1.1 Username and password : username...
  • £901.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller GoAgency


    29 days ago

    Chance is excellent with perfect attention to detail, very quick and contentious. Working with Chance was a pleasure. I would recommend you use him for you project, you won't be disappointed.

    Project Description:We are looking to develop an iOs iPad app. I have attached the site map to give you an idea of the layout. The content will be basic text and images for each ‘page’. Each category will have it’s own pages /galleries (as shown in the site map for the first of each category)...
  • $926.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller michaelzug


    Jun 20, 2014

    He was professional and very polite. Delivers on time and as promised. Was easy to communicate with, very good english and patient when discussing requirements and implementation. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:I would like to have an app that uploads a form with an attachment to our server. Step 1: The user installs the app on his phone Step 2: The user enters his details (Name, Address, Email .. all just text fields, 17 fields in total)...
  • $650.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller BPIINC


    Jun 8, 2014

    Great freelancer. Did a great job and was very fast, I couldn't keep up

    Project Description:Multiple Barcode Scanning and Search App for the following mobile operating systems: IOS Android The app will function as proposed in the PowerPoint presentation attached. The presentations shows the screens, functions and buttons required for application...
  • $666.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller benie8


    May 28, 2014

    Fantastic freelancer. Great communication and a fantastic skill set. Highly recommended for any project!

    Project Description:This application will be a gym routine tracking app that will allow users to create and use set routines, or make a new routine on the fly. Within these routines they need to be able to add exercises that...
  • $330.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nikhilnaidu92


    May 6, 2014

    He has got skills. Good work.

    Project Description:i need a project similar to the below attached file. the code of the project should be changed.
  • $309.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nurikkella


    Mar 17, 2014

    Has more experinces. Good freelancer. Hire him again

    Project Description:Hello need coding in objective C for iPad application for restaurant menu, based on service. Service is written(works on JSON) and design for this application is ready in PSD format. In first case when...
    Chance J has not completed any projects.
  • $180 USD In Progress

    ***ANY BIDS OVER $200 WILL BE IGNORED. ONLY NEED iPHONE APP***Hello,I have a simple 3 .PSD application I want to get developed. It&quot;s a currency converter.***IMPORTANT: SINCE THE PRICE OF CURRENCY IS ALWAYS CHANGING, YOU NEED TO FIND A FREE, UPDATED AUTOMATICALLY CONVERSION API***Here is what needs to be included:1. It needs to be in correct code x-code or whatever so I can upload it to the Apple store and it gets approved.2. Must work on iPhone 4/4S 5S/5c, so it needs to work on those IOS systems including 6.3. Must be easy to update to new systems if ever need to.4. I need the source files, ALL of them.5. Instructions on what files need to be uploaded to apple so people can download it.6. Need to install/help me find the best thing to add advertisements (full screen) to it.7. I will have a paid version with NO ads, need help with that to. (0.99)Here is what the app needs to do:1. Loading screen (will just show my logo I have, it&quot;s vector).2. Screen loads to the Convert Screen... User will click on &quot;select currency&quot; it needs to show the sign and the name of the currency (pounds, usd, and what not). They than need to click on the convert to (and same list shows up as the select currency list).. After they hit enter amount, they need to enter the amount.3. After they enter the amount they hit the convert button...4. They go to the next page; it shows the amount in bold, with the currency they selected.. below it, it will show what they put in such as &quot;100 Dollars changed to Pounds&quot; The first part shows the amount they entered and the current currency than the changed after changes to whatever they selected just the name not the sign.5. At the bottom they have a part to clear it, which takes them back to the convert page.6. That&quot;s it.The order of the app:1. Loading Screen (2-3 seconds)2. Convert Screen3. Results PageUpgrade to pro, that banner needs to be at the bottom, they can X it out but it will always appear on re-load. If they click it, it will take them to the .99 cent version which won&quot;t have the ads.* I want the ads to be full screen and show JUST BEFORE THE PRICE IS SHOWN. So, I know you read this, post today&quot;s date before your proposal or I will not consider your bid and you will just waste a bid.... this is my first app to get made so it needs to look exactly like I have on the psd, same fonts and all. Only image that will be on the site is my logo, everything else needs to be CSS.

  • $1578 USD In Progress

    We have a 25-30 page PSD mockup of an iOS app that we need developed. We have the working version of the Android already completed by one of our startup partners who is a software engineer. The mobile iOS application will have the ability to communicate with the SQL database through 3G/4G and WiFI connections in order to push and pull metadata. We have all of this code already written for the android app and for our website dashboard. I have attached a few JPGs of the PSD files we have for the iOS app project. please email me some questions. Obviously, cost is essential. We already have a quote received from a firm we have contracted with before, but their price point seems a bit high.

  • $21 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi, as we discussed already, this is a private project so please do not bid if you were not invited to bid. thanks

  • £1263 GBP Today

    I&quot;m looking to have an iphone app built with functionality similar to Tinder (but the information to choose/rate will not be other users). Users will see photos and descriptions pulled from a database and swipe to include or trash. All such user data will be captured in a database. It will also be linked and use information from the Facebook API to choose information to present to users. Initially the algorithm to code will not be too complex but there will likely be incremental business for coding of later improvements.I will be able to share more details only after an nda.I will provide- logo and app design (psd files)- wireframes (png or similar)- algorithm logic for all data processing (docx or similar)You will- create a database (please specify which and how)- code the app main functionality (and apply design)- code the data processing algo- code the link with Facebook API

  • $315 USD Today

    Hi All,We&quot;re searching for an expert/honest/committed to help us fix our iPhone app. The current developers failed to deliver and refusing to help. They tried to fix it and unfortunately they caused more damages ...- Name of the App: marazeem (please download the app from Apple Store)- Source Code: We&quot;ll share the link with interested qualified developers since we don&quot;t want to live through the failure again and again- Please refer to the below for the current problem (& also the attached images). - We also need someone to test the codes again, since no one trust the previous developers (they caused many damages; took them more three months; and provided us with more than 28 failed demos; then the final version which is published in Apple Store)The Problem:User1: Posts an item for saleUser2: click on more then send private message to user1- Hi- I&quot;d like to buy the item- Please send me more details User1: receives a notifications that user2 sent a message; but when he goes to Icon.5, the chatting icon, he sees nothing .. a blank page.then it works if user1 replies ..User1: - Hi - did you you have any questionuser2: receives the message & they can chatBut:The first time messages are gone; they&quot;re in the admin page but NOT in the user appMeansThe first time user2&quot; messages don&quot;t appear in the chat room Regards & I hope that I&quot;m not confusing you

  • £842 GBP Today

    We are looking for a News App to be created for both iOS and Android for a Viral News Website based in Hong Kong. Please respond with *HELLOWORLD* in your subject of reply.

  • $17 USD/hr Today

    create a mobile app for fast food decision making. Create the ui first then locate gps system and finally create an array for storing fast food/ restaurants

  • $2105 USD Today

    Hello,I am in the market to develop a photo collage/editing app with more customizable functionality than similar apps currently available. My main requirements:- iOS Mobile App Development (iphone 4, 5S, ipad)- Guarantee that app goes live on the App Store, and assistance with the upload process.- Knowledge of and willingness to assist in any backend server/infrastructure setup that might be required- Available for initial app maintenanceSkills:- Familiarity with photo editing programming- Design knowledge to create or obtain simple patterns-Experience with Social Media functionality and image sharingCandidates should be available for a short Skype interview after an NDA has been signed. I will work to accommodate any differences in time zone. Thank you in advance for your response and interest. Looking forward to meeting many of you. Best Regards,Steven

  • $5263 USD Today

    Hi there,I&quot;m looking to develop a App for exclusive use within my company in order to improve communications between my employees. Thanks in advance.Heitor Duarte&quot;

  • $1473 USD Today

    I want two apps created.The first will allow browsing of profiles filtered by three categories. Each profile will contain text, reviews, images and an optional video. The app will also allow users to post a request with structured data. This request will then be sent to a filtered selection of the profiles (based on the data). The user should also have a message section where they can see the responses from the profiles.The second app is for profile owners. They should be able to add all fields to the profile. They should be able to receive and respond to user generated requests.The first app should be an iPhone app, the second app should be a website.Design in the form of psd files will be provided and further details of wireframes and workflow can be shared when an nda has been signed.

  • $1210 USD Today

    Developer require for HTML5 app which will be connected with WordPress based website detail requirement document will be share with selected freelancer

  • $5268 USD Today

    This application&quot;s main purpose is to help the user choose clothing that matches.The user (male) takes a picture of the article that he wants to find a match for and outlines the clothing so that the app can isolate it from the background. He then chooses the type of article it is (dress shirt, plain shirt, graphic shirt, dress pants, shorts, etc.), and the app uses a built in database to find him matches.The app should first return multiple types of clothing from which the user will choose which one he wants ( ex: user takes a picture of a red and blue t-shirt, the app then asks him if he wants shorts, bermudas, jeans, pants, etc.). After selection, the app will return a list of articles of clothing that can be worn with the one in the picture.If you choose to work on this project I will provide more specific information to clarify any doubts about the project.Budget is up for negotiation.

  • £1263 GBP Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • £1263 GBP Today

    I am looking for a freelancer that can design a mobile app(Android/Apple/Windows) with the same format/layout as the Eurosport and app in the UKThis app will be launched in New Zealand.It needs to be easily edited by myself to upload new stories etc.As well as the news feed,results/fixtures, live scores and notifications etc I also want to be able to have an interactive &quot;page&quot; where users can comment and upload videos etc like a facebook feed. The app will survive on an image advert when opening, and also a bottom panel on selected stories.I look forward to hearing from you.Kind Regards,Chris.

  • $757 CAD Today

    The app is an interactive study tool built for to help accurately diagnose ocular infections. The app displays a grid of photos depicting unique ocular infections, when tapped photos will expand, when double taped, the photo flips over to reveal the diagnosis. Users can view more photos as well as read treatment and medication options.Other features 1.Tilt app(iPhone) sideways: App displays camera -Take a photo - photo consumes left side of screen. The right side of the screen displays scrollable photos of eye diseases. This is used for comparison to help the accuracy of the diagnosis. 2. Enter into a quiz mode where you have to match photos to proper diagnosis etc. -I will supply all images and content

  • $12105 HKD 2 days ago

    Regarding to our project, we want to develop an app based on the existing app in the market. We will share similar workflow and design as the given app and build in two more functions for our app.For your reference, the link is shown below here. your information, this app is a platform allowing students to do exercises through the app and get feedback from it. But we want to include two functions, we will discuss in details when in contact.

  • €1052 EUR 2 days ago

    I need an iOS mobile app developer to work on an app which allows users to record audio (37 seconds), then send this audio to someone in their phone contact list. If the chosen recipient does not have the app installed, the app should send a text message from the senders phone to the recipient telling them to download the app to listen to the message. The audio file will be saved on the phone when recorded then sent to the cloud severs so that it can the recipient can download it and listen to it. Once the recipient listens to the audio, they can reply with an audio message of their own. Audio messages will expire after 24hours. Users should be able to see an archive of messages that were sent/received. But messages can only be listened to (any many times as you want) within 24hours.Users can also allow others to &quot;follow&quot; them. Then this user can send an audio message to all its followers by selecting this group of recipients instead of poeple from the contact list.This app has I have .png&quot;s of each page and how it should look and feel.The app consists of:1) Splash Intro screen (autoloads to next screen)2) Install welcome Screen (only shows when app is installed first time - Text & &quot;Next&quot; Button)3) Registration Screen (only shows when app is installed first time - Text/ 6 textfields/&quot;Next&quot; Button)4) Record Audio Screen (Record Button - Press to start and press to end. On end of recording, automatically show next screen.)5) Send Audio Screen (ie choose recipients) (Choose recipients from list of phone contacts or send to followers. Message can be sent to more than 1 recipient.)6) Message Screen (i.e. Inbox - lists all messages in and out. Clicking on a message here will play it - but only within 24 hours of it being sent)7) Settings Screen ( Change account/app settings here. Only some basic things. )8) Followers Screen (lists all the users you follow - also show suggestions of people you can follow. You can unfollow people from this screen. Will include search bar.)9) Privacy/Terms & Conditions Screen10) Help/Support ScreenI also have the server side database (mySQL) created and ready with functions (PHP) for sending and retrieving data. I just need someone to create the iOS app. I need someone who can develop this app (fully tested) before the end of September. The following link shows some details of the design to be used. you for your time and I look forward to hearing from those who may be interested.Steve

  • $2736 USD 2 days ago

    this is a selling and buying app /-u log in through facebook-u have ur own profile ther should be facebook info about u/picture and photos/items ur intressted in and ur own items u have upploaded and a follow botton so people can follow u-Instant message through the app !-Maplocation were the item is upploaded - intressted button and comment on picture-neews feed for diffrent region like (Stockholm/Vastra gotaland/skane etc-Camera funktion

  • £3684 GBP 2 days ago

    We are currently looking for a developer to build an application for the UK mobile sector on both iOS and Android. The project itself is reasonably far down the line, all licences/API&quot;s etc have been obtained, and business objectives outlined. This is a great opportunity for someone to do something that has never been done in the UK. We are also open to offering equity as part of a package for the right developer. Best Regards.

  • $1105 USD 3 days ago

    I would like to develop an iOS & Android mobile application that would carry out the same functions as the currently existing mobile app &quot;Zomato&quot; with much less features.

  • $1184 USD 3 days ago

    We are seeking for a mobiles app programmer in which will write an interface to our MedicVOD server for an application within the following details:General:1. Graphics will be provided by us.2. Application will support all iOS mobile devices such as iPhone and iPads.3. Application will interface to our WEB service in order to talk and get information from our server.Brief wire frame:1. Application should take a video or a photo as file (optionally several files of videos and photos)2. the file is stored on a private storage of the application (not the mobile&quot;s gallery).3. The user will authenticate to the MedicVOD server.4. On successful login, the files are uploaded to the server.Time:30 days from start of work.

  • $631 USD 3 days ago

    Hi,I am looking to hire experienced Developer/designer who has done some App re-skinning before, for a long term partnership.We have several apps to re-skin (currently four apps in queue)Let&quot;s start with the Timberman game app for this time first =)Please quote us your rate for reskinning and programming for Timberman game app.Things I will provide:- Source code of the app- Idea of the new graphics and game designThings you need to do:- Change graphics of the game- Create new Icon and Screenshots- Integrate ad networks (chartboost,revmob, admob etc.)- Integrate social sharing linksReply us with &quot;Baby Baby &quot; so I know that you have read our project descriptionWe wish to have our Baby Mascot as the main character in all game apps. Kindly find the attached files for the illustration.Please confirm if you are able to produce the SAME baby cartoon.

  • $2421 SGD 3 days ago

    Would like to develop a mobile application in English and Chinese language with the following features-Services Highlights-Nearest Service Station Locator with contact features -Service Station Directory-Reminders Features-Info and Setting-Content Management System for the above Using Shell Motorist Mobile Application as reference

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Iphone Developer

Mar 2009 - Jan 2013 (3 years)


I devloped BillBoard(utility app),CloudRider(game) in six month.<br />And I joined the research of Computer Vision.

Mobile Developer/Team Lead

Jul 2007 - Jan 2009 (1 year)

china KJInDa CO LTD



Beijing Union University



C++ Fundamentals



A new edge detection algorithm for flame image processing

I2MTC - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference

Digital image processing is playing an increasingly important part in imaging based flame monitoring systems. A crucial step in flame image processing is to detect the flame edge, a dividing boundary between the area where there is thermo- chemical reaction and those without. The determination of flame edges is a precursor to flame image processing and measurement of flame parameters. Several known edge detection methods have been tested to identify flame edges but the results achieved are disappointing.