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Location: Quang Nam, Vietnam

Member since: November 2012



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  • $85 USD
    Profile image for Seller markovitzt


    4 days ago

    Good and quick work! Didn't give up until everything was working. Thanks!

    Project Description:Please bid only if you can do this project now! I need to transfer a parameter from a url, such as this - - (191385212 is a random numbers that...
  • $508.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller davidpatel


    10 days ago

    good job...

    Project Description:We like to make a video streaming application compatible with all andriod version. Features are as follows : 1) Application should auto select the default video and audio sources, default camera resolutions...
  • $484 USD
    Profile image for Seller jefftrammell


    13 days ago

    Very knowledgeable coder.<br/>

    Project Description:Build an online store is not really accurate, it is already built. I just need someone to perform coding tasks I am unable to do, i.e. css changes, advanced html coding, etc. Also need help getting paypal...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller jefftrammell


    25 days ago

    Fixed fast and gave free support for months. Can't ask for more. Great freelancer.

    Project Description:Site is getting internal server error 500. This has now happened 3 times in 3 days. Need someone who can fix the problem permanently now. Site is Again, need someone who can get on...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller gangadharankrg


    26 days ago

    good job !

    Project Description:Hi, I need a developers and programmers for editing my Simple ASP dot net project Front End : Visual studio Back End : SQL server Type of editings required is : creating a new database and add/del...
  • €150 EUR
    Profile image for Seller itloffice


    Mar 18, 2014

    Very good freelancer!! Great communication, work well done. On time. Support provided for 1 month. VERY GOOD.

    Project Description:Actually i have a product feed on my website ( but is not working properly: in the feed there are products that i have remouved frommy website... JOOMLA + ECWID (ecommerce plug in for joomla) the network where my products are...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller smartgroups


    Mar 8, 2014

    nice guy and expert and he helps extra mile , A++

    Project Description:We have a website which is having issue in payment gateway setting , we are using and , website is in php there is some error in server configuration . Looking forward for this quick...
  • $350 AUD
    Profile image for Seller hammered24


    Mar 6, 2014

    I would highly recommend this freelancer to anyone. He fixed my urgent problem and i am happy with his work. He truly went above and beyond what was expected. Thanks Again for your help

    Project Description:URGENT: MUST be completed in a few hours. Need a payment gateway fixed ASAP - eWay Payment gateway. SSL is installed - but the plugin we have been given by eWay Doesn&#039;t support the shopping cart...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller mtaylor88


    Mar 3, 2014

    Excellent communication. He went the extra mile to fix a complex SQL problem in less than 24 hours. I would hire this freelancer again.

    Project Description:I need someone to fix two bugs on my website. The attached file describes my needs in detail.
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller eazy2all


    Mar 2, 2014

    best programmer that i ever deal. He was very helpful, responsible and a good man.recommended.. keep it up... very satisfy.... :-)

    Project Description:I have develop programming based on ASP. but got some problem. Need someone to help me to settle my project by this night
    iglobalvn has not completed any projects.
  • $300 AUD In Progress

    I have a list of 6 changes for a demo site. They are mostly superficial and require some CSS and PHP changes to Woocommerce plugin files and some theme files. The site is already finished, but it just needs minor tweaks. This needs to be done in 24 hours, as it&quot;s very urgent. But it&quot;s important that the work is of a high standard. The site is on: changes include: 1. Set up two sets of prices for all products in Woocommerce. For example one price for &quot;Members&quot; (logged in &quot;subscriber&quot; level users) and another price for &quot;Non-Members&quot; (all other users). Users will sign up using the Woocommerce Subscription plugin. * This plugin ( does what I need, but I want a custom coded solution if possible. Maybe this documentation offers the code needed: For this product as an example - the &quot;Number of meals&quot; dropdown menu the first option is the default &quot;Choose an option...&quot; text. Instead of this, we need to show the first value for each dropdown menu, taken from the variables for each product. ----------3. Remove tabs for &quot;ADDITIONAL INFORMATION&quot; and &quot;REVIEWS&quot; for all single product pages. I only want to display the &quot;DESCRIPTION&quot; tab. ----------4A. We need to have prices shown as &quot;From $XX&quot; instead of a price range? For example, in this product price range is $60.00–$400.00, but I want it to show &quot;From $60&quot; instead. And that price is taken from the minimum price entered for that product in the Woocommerce system. 4B. If the 4A is not possible, we can alternatively create custom fields in Woocommerce to just display the set prices in the single product page. That would just be two sets of prices: * MEALS product type: - NON-MEMBERS PRICE: From $26.00 - MEMBERS PRICE: From $23.40* BOXES product type: - NON-MEMBERS PRICE: From $60.00 - MEMBERS PRICE: From $54.00----------5. In the &quot;Cart&quot; page, and also in the site-wide banner drop-down Cart menu, there is a button to add the &quot;Add Membership to Cart&quot; product to the cart. I need this to add the &quot;Membership&quot; product to the cart in one click, not just going to that product&quot;s single product page. This is utilising the Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin, so it needs to be able to let the user sign up as a paid member, but then also buy products from the cart. ----------6. Add a line item in the &quot;Cart&quot; page showing the discount rate. So if a Subscriber receives a 10% discount it will say &quot;Discount applied: 10%&quot;. ----------I can provide Wordpress logins (Admin level) and FTP logins if needed. Please ask any questions. Thanks!

  • $500 USD In Progress

    vb.Net Application- Alert panel with notification icon.Its very importante to have to working in express edition. Also I need to work done in a week. There is a web panel, see attached image, but some users don’t like to have the browser open all the time to view the panel, so they are asking me about a tray icon app, that will notify them when new information arrives at the panel and show the panel in the desktop instead of open the browser.My idea is to develop in express edition the panel alert. Will use the components code jock that I´ve already have a license.In the server side we have a mysql database.0)Need to work in test and production environment, I already have a dev subdomain and 2 mysql databases on the server. When the user is marked as is_dev user you should point to dev environment, otherwise to production environment.1 ) Login screenMake the login of the user, CNPJ ( company id ) , USER, PASSWORD2 ) After login open the panel alert . At left column show the alert not checked. Newest alert are shown at the end of the list.At the right side column show already checked alerts. Newest alert are shown on top of the list.3 ) When new alert arrives show a pop up in the notification area ( like skype / msn ) with the details of the alert ( same information show in the alert panel ) This can be done with the component too. This pop up need to be show either when the alert is maximized or minimized.4)if the user close the alert panel just minimize to the tray area, don’t close the app. To close the app right click the icon with the mouse and show the menu ‘Exit’5) In the tray icon pop um menu show the menu “always on top” checked/unchecked that make the panel alert on top of others windows when is opened.6)when the user double clicks the icon tray open the alert panel.7 ) In the alert panel the features needed are : -Use pusher technology ( ) to listen the alerts.-Check/uncheck alert-Play sound when new alert arrives ( the sound will be local file ). There is a config table in the server with the sound the company selected to play.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    as discussed

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Need and OpenX Expert to upgrade OpenX on a server.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    This project is about a program that evaluates the capability of the student (user) for detecting and recognizing areas on a picture (in example a mass on a x-ray image).How should it work in a nutshell:1. The teacher (author) marks areas/ROIs (Region of Interest) on images where a pathology is seen and also define what it is.2. The user sees the same images and need to define if normal or abnormal. If abnormal the user needs to mark that area and also say what it is.3. At the end of the session (after going through X number of cases), the user&quot;s performance is evaluated by the following:a) did the user label the case correctly as normal or abnormal?b) if labeled as abnormal, did the user mark the same area as the author (gold standard)?c) did the user also name the same pathology as the author (e.g. mass etc.)? This program needs to be HTML5 based and mobile device (e.g. iphone, ipad, android) usable.If you are capable of doing this I can send yo the Statement of Work with a detailed step-by-step description and milestones.Please show me some examples of similar work you have done before. Especially I have to make sure you are experienced in HTML5.

  • $715 AUD Today

    Team, This project includes modification to the current WordPress version 3.9The job will included. 1. Create multiple copies of CRM that is already installed. 2. Add extra tables and fields to CRM.3. Formated PDF reports created from WordPress. 4. Cron tasks for emailing CRM members. 5. Extra filters in CRM. Please only bid if you are going to do the work.

  • $1900 USD Today

    Hi,I am looking to upgrade the number of staff for my Organization.I am looking to hire Oracle Database Administrator for my Organization to complete different projects in time.You will be a part of the Organization and working remotely at your workstation.We do not require you to available for 24 Hours but whenever any project would be assigned to you, it must be completed in given time.Skill set required:- RMAN.- Real Application Clusters.- DataGuard.- Automatic Storage Management.Hiring procedure.- Send across your resume.- Telephonic Interview.- After you get hired, you have to sign an agreement of contract which may be extended later.- There will be no boss over you, but we just require your commitments on projects.- Once you get hired, we will not approach any body else for the projects.Regards,Tushar.

  • $650 USD Today

    Hi, I have got a code from my previous project. I&quot;m looking for an android developer who can edit the codes and add more features.Actual Plan is shown below. (Looking for a cheap as most codes are done just need to edit and add few features)ObjectivesDesign and create a secure GUI android app for the mobile devices.(Users)Parents/Guardians are able to view the student&quot;s academic performance i.e Attendance, Timetable (this can be in a database format) Users should be able to send and receive message from the tutors.*Users (2 different accounts)*-Parents/Guardians. Note: Parents/Guardian can edit their personal details, send/receive message, view their child’s attendance, timetable etc- Tutor. Note: Tutor can edit and update timetable, attendance, send/receive message etc*Should Contain and work properly1. Log In Page (username and password box and Register button) 2.Personal Detail Page (Registered Users can see and edit their details (Name, Address, Tel No etc)3.Contact Page (This page should contain contact details. Admin should be able to edit this)4.Timetable Page ( this can be in a database format, should contain days/time and course modules depending on different users.) 5.Check Attendance (can be in database format)6.Course Progress (Show course modules and grades achieved)7. Send Messages (Guardians and Tutors should be able to send and receive message to each other)Note: Developers must be able to show what the specific code does.

  • $300 USD Today

    I need help in installing informatica 9.5 on oracle enterprise linux . looking for somebody with previous experience in installation of the oracle back end 11g database and informatica installation along with customization

  • $236 USD Today

    Hello,We have a Joomla website that should be updated to the latest version and cleaned. Some components are outdated and they are a real security risk, we get some spam sending and we had to suspend the account until we clean everything.If you can update Joomla, its components and clean everything to make sure that the website works fine without any problems then place your bid. Project will be awarded ONLY to a freelancer who have Joomla experience.Thank you.

  • $30 USD Yesterday

    When people fill out the details on it&quot;s not being sent to my email, this is a small job and not paying big money for it

  • €200 EUR Yesterday

    Hi , I have Mysql query but is much slow, I need modify query for more faster search, ad example using full index text or other metods

  • $1000 USD Yesterday

    I need an experienced person or team to write me a software. Data will be in CSV files, which will be analyzed. A strong grip is needed in math, statistics and excel programming. Previous work experience in Pattern Recognition, Neural Network, Data Analysis similar will be preferred. More detail will be discussed in chat. If you are good in programming and love challenging work do bid with confidence.

  • $20 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need a wordpress developer to help me fix a couple small issues client&quot;s website. If you are interested I&quot;ll PM you the details. If i&quot;m happy with your work i&quot;ll bring you more business going forward.

  • $200 CAD 2 days ago

    Hi, I have a open cart website with a MLM(multi-level marketing) system already installed which has 2 levels. I need a couple things done to it though.1) Many errors in the site need to be fixed(such as Undefined variables). Website gets disorted when clicked on certain pages.2) I want to get E-mails set up so whenever someone refers someone I want to get an e-mail telling me this so I know who to pay.3) I have a problem with my current MLM system- for example:&quot;User &quot;A&quot; refer &quot;B&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;B&quot; purchased the product from shopping cart&quot; &quot;at this time, &quot;A&quot; receives commission for Total Purchase order amount of &quot;B&quot;But when B purchases the product, A does not recive commission in his account transactions page.So I need this fixed so it does show his commission amount.4) If able to do it, I want my site to look nicer(have nicer fonts, etc.)If you are only able to complete some of these tasks still bid but let me know.Thanks

  • $1000 USD 3 days ago

    I work with multiple stores. We have databases with millions of products that are being sold online using the amazon webstore platform. We need someone to work directly with the information to keep the information accurate, up to date, and analyze the data for buying opportunities. This work does not require any prior experience, though you must be able to type well and have a decent knowledge of excel. The person will be trained on what to do, so we are primarily looking for someone who is willing to work full time (not take on other projects), and for a low monthly cost. This is a job that can be filled in the united states by part time workers for minimum wage so the value of listing on freelancer is the low monthly cost, strong independent work ethic, and\/or a long term commitment. Please address these key values in your proposal and make your price quote would be your monthly salary. The agreement would be expected to be long term with regular increases in salary.The person will specifically be doing the following tasks:1. Identify missing information in the database and fill in that information. For Example, you would download a table from our database, identify the listings missing image information, find the appropriate information either in another table or online, add the image information to the table and upload the new information to our database and to our webstores.2. Add new products to database and to our webstores. We have database tables that get updated daily with feeds from our suppliers. There are scripts that compare these tables with our webstore listing tables and if the item exists in supplier table but not in webstore table, then it is a new product and a listing needs to be created. The person would create the listing by filling out the required fields, including finding the necessary information from any available source and saving the data to the database.3. Identify buying opportunities. With these millions of products, we have to constantly be expanding the number of products to sell, and identifying products to repurchase. The individual would regularly analyze the inventory quantities of our current listings and create a recommended repurchase order for each supplier. The individual would also analyze new products and create a recommended new product list for each supplier.4. Run regular inventory updates. We get inventory updates daily from our suppliers which need to be imported into our database prior to the start of each business day. The person would be responsible to importing tables into the database and using the information to update our webstore tables.5. Prepare a daily report of the work being accomplished.Requirement:1. Able to communicate in Written English and understand instructions in English.2. Work solely on our project full time.3. Work independently (find things to do and suggest things to do when no work has been assigned).4. Good internet access

  • $250 USD 3 days ago

    I already trade full auto and therefore have the necessary API. I use AMI and Nest Trader/Nest Plus.However, I run with errors because I use moving average slopes as indicators for entry to trades. As these slopes normally remain true over several candles, AMI treats all of those candles as fresh buys. Therefore, whatever my real buy price, AMI consider something else to be my buy price and the TSL/Sl calculations got wrong.To correct this, the buy price for TSL/Sl codes have to be the same at the REAL traded price at the terminal.The job will be to read all traded prices and to pass it back to AMI for reading these values before it reads the TSL/Sl codes. The job has to be finished in 1 day.

  • $100 USD 3 days ago

    Actually we are working on a database file.Job description:- Copy some data from a website (company directory) and paste it into an excel file- You will receive an URL of a website with a list view of all the companies we need (number of companies: 1907)- You need to click on each company link to see the details- Following company details must be copy and paste into a excel file• Name• Address• Phone• Fax (if there is one)• Email (if there is one)• Website (if there is one)• Category (if there is one)

  • $526 USD 3 days ago

    I would like you to write the code for this project in any language.. I prefer java or python (basic). I have the SQL statements written and the ER Diagram, flowchart which I can provide to you. I need Phase 3 completed in the file I have attached. Also, I would like comments through the code explaining the steps in basic language. The file is too large for me to attach.. I could email it to you?

  • $1000 USD 3 days ago

    I have my server in troubles after a easyapache update.I have opened a ticket on cpanel support site and they will probably fix it.Anyway... what i have learned today is that i need a good sys-admin for my server. It is a Centos dedi server.This would be a long time relationship since i will ask your support all the time i need something to be added or fixed on my server.I am a full time IM and i will work only with experienced people (no time to waste).The most important thing for me are:- fast communication and support via skype - quality resultsWhat i grant: -payment in time-detailed explanations of problems/things needed

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    An existing web application needs &quot;sign up with Facebook&quot;, &quot;sign up with PayPal&quot; functionality.The web app is written in Java, Servlet 3.0, Struts 2, JSP, container managed form based authentication.Check out the app code, learn the architecture, add or modify JSP pages, Struts Actions.The new sign up page will have two more buttons: &quot;sign up with Facebook&quot;, &quot;sign up with PayPal&quot;.Upon successful sign up, user data retrieved from Facebook or PayPal and facebookId (or PayPal id) should be persisted with the user account. Use existing libraries for persistence and business logic.The login page is to have the new &quot;login with ...&quot; buttons, use a new Struts Action for login and use Servlet 3.0 login() functionality instead of the standard container form-based authentication.The work is to be supervised by a senior developer, available by phone and chat in the UTC-05:00 time zone. Language: English, Russian.Will promptly answer any questions related to the app architecture to speed up the learning process.We have more work in this project and are looking for a long term enagement upon successful completion of this task.When posting a response please mention in the first line 11th and 12th significant digits in the number Pi.

  • $1052 USD 4 days ago

    Need to develop and back end user management system with fundraising functionality

  • $1200 AUD 4 days ago

    I have a PHP application that needs to be installed on a range of Windows servers. Each installation may be slightly different and I need an installation procedure document created that highlights the best practices for the installation. The document is not a step by step manual, but will need to cover the main points and allow for different scenarios. The application itself is flexible and could work in a range of environments, but we need to identify the pros/cons of each so an educated decision can be made by everybody involved.The application will be hosted on a business intranet and will have access to internal databases so needs to be secure. The application also relies on being able to execute some binary files so this security risk needs to be restricted as much as possible. Access will be within the internal intranet and could also extend to allowing remote access by staff. It may need to be installed on an existing IIS server or a new server installed specifically for this application - I&quot;d like the document to highlight any significant security/performance considerations between various IIS versions (6 - 8.5) and Apache and best practices for segmenting it as securely as possible. For example if it was to be installed on an IIS 6 web server which also runs a company database, what security/performance issues does this bring compared to a segmented virtual machine running IIS 8.5.The document needs to be professionally written by somebody who has actual experience dealing with web security and PHP installations.

  • $15 USD/hr 4 days ago

    I am looking to hire a freelance web developer. This position is aimed at someone who is available daily to take on small and large jobs. You must have great English and be available on Skype and GChat. I would like someone who speaks English and is available EST. I have worked with many talented developers over seas, but due to the time difference it hasn&quot;t worked out. Here&quot;s a typical day:I Skype you at 9am EST. I ask you to make some edits to an Wordpress Theme: Please make a CTA form on the homepage Make the homepage banner image responsiveCreate an HTML email with the Template supplied. ...This kind of work. Please supply a portfolio along with some information about yourself. Cheers!Katherine

  • $15 AUD/hr 5 days ago

    I&quot;m looking at employing a part time coder to make changes to my website on the fly.I&quot;m always adding, deleting or enhancing parts of my site and need someone to first:Familiarize them selves with my website.Then discuss with me each change required.This work is ongoing, and I need to be able to discuss projects with you easily, so your availability on Skype is a bonus.Ideal candidate will need to have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, problem solver and pride in their work.You will also need to be available on Skype and Team viewer. If you are an experienced coder, then you should have no trouble filling this roll. This is a part time position, first I will expect minimum 10-15 hours per week. This may increase, if you perform quickly and efficiently.

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Sep 2010 - Sep 2011 (1 year)


Development on Sitecore CMS

IT Manager

Jan 2008 - Dec 2009 (1 year)

Maxim Group

- Manage information system .<br />- Maintain ERP system .<br />- Developer print barcode system ( get order from customer with xls format, then convert and input to barcode system )


Hutech University







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