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Software design and implementation

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  • $412.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller qdivision


    20 days ago

    Very helpful.

    Project Description:Hello, We need a simple but robust piece of software to form part of a puzzle solving challenge. Program configuration should be controlled by a text file. To include: Background image path and...
  • $135.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller darinandersen


    27 days ago

    Pleasure to work with. Followed instructions explicitly.<br/>

    Project Description:I have a routine that Sizes a JPG, PNG, or GIF. I&#039;m doing something wrong because the resulting graphic often doesn&#039;t display. I also need to enhance the procedure to provide various sizing options, ex: Stretch, Fit, Crop, etc...
  • €115.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller johnnix


    28 days ago

    Excellent freelancer, will hire him again!!!

    Project Description:I have the source code of a small component I am using under Delphi 2007 (component is a descendant of TDataSet) and I need to make it work under Delphi XE6.
  • $121.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller anevelev


    Jun 6, 2014

    Good job. All that was needed and a little more.

    Project Description:We need to intercept text messages in Skype (incoming and outcoming) through winapi-parsing of application window and to save them into log-file in the following format: [Date] [User] [Message]...
  • $91.48 USD
    Profile image for Seller darinandersen


    Jun 2, 2014

    A very big help to me. Great work. Will definitely hire again.<br/>Truly and expert. Great to work with. Will definitely employ again if he is available.

    Project Description:Live Help with UTF encoding TWebRequest
  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oferll


    May 20, 2014

    Hard start, but in the bottom line the job was done.

    Project Description:Need very short sample of how to make HTTP Reuqest with Delphi XE2. Never mind if it&#039;s with Indy or not - should be reliable.
  • $154.70 USD
    Profile image for Seller jhcdenmark


    May 10, 2014

    Good programmer<br/>

    Project Description:Hello I like to have a small app with no gui that sets location in OpenDialog. The app need to do the following If OpenFile Dialog is open from another app(I dont have the source) and there are some files in a folder then the location\path need to be set to the folder name...
  • $326.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Evanine


    Apr 8, 2014

    Even though I was really ill, this guy was very, very patient and I can not honestly thank him enough.

    Project Description:Adobe AIR has a C API that allows you to call native OS functions from inside the AIR application. You write these extensions using the supplied C Header files. Unfortunately I do not know enough C to accomplish this...
  • $53.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller EduardProsoft


    Mar 10, 2014

    Excellent guy to do business with. Delivered on time.

    Project Description:Hi there, I&#039;m in urgent need of someone that can disable the right click option or the ability to view the source of the actual page in dcef3 project, Delphi Chromium Embedded, minimal client , thats the important notice...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stevehards


    Mar 6, 2014

    An excellent piece of work.

    Project Description:Combine the 32-bit and 64-bit installers into one.
    igors has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    We are looking for Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian or Ukrainian developers. We are able to agree on a fixed cost fee if needed as development may take several months. Design and develop a software program as a SaaS app with all the data stored in the cloud, It&quot;s an ongoing project and we want a long term relationship.The software has to work with the most used browsers. Only the best and most capable companies or persons are invited to take part. It is intended that a dealer logs into the program in its own environment.Then they can, after entering various customer data, start a design to create and calculate a custom cabinet.It can be created where the cabinet is placed in a room then the customer can build a wardrobe by making choices in the library. Library must be built with colors, materials and accessories.The library can be fully managed and customized by the manufacturer, including adjusting all the prices.All options must be on some type of cabinets with all the ifs and buts. Linked.The program should be fully flexible and easily customizable and extensible.Seriously interested, we will send you a link to a video in which the software is demonstrated.Please note that this is a long and extensive project that is constantly being expanded, but requires specialist knowledge and experience and of course plenty of time for that............................... Een programma schrijven waarin kasten kunnen worden getekend zowel met schuifdeuren als met draaideuren, de kasten komen in een vooraf getekende ruimte te staan en moeten ook in 3D gerendert kunnen worden.De kasten moeten volledig klantspecifiek gemaakt worden in de hoogte, diepte breedte etc.Volledig en makkelijk kunnen wijzigen van materialen, kleuren indelingen accessoires etc.Dit betreft een groot doorlopend project wat volledig voor ons exclusief gemaakt moeten kunnen worden, er moeten bibliotheken aangelegd worden met materialen, kleuren en accessoires etc. de bibliotheken incl. de prijzen moeten volledig beheerd kunnen worden door de eigenaar zonder tussenkomst van software schrijvers.Wij kunnen u voorbeelden van dergelijke programmas toesturen om duidelijk te maken wat de bedoeling is.Let op: dit is een lang en uitgebreid traject wat doorlopend uitgebreid wordt, hiervoor is specialistische kennis en ruime ervaring en natuurlijk veel tijd voor nodig.

  • $215 USD In Progress

    Implement in Delphi 7 or compatible, a simple non-visual class called TEmailList that can be used to store email addresses. The class must store the data (i.e. the email addresses) in a memory efficient way, allowing the storage of millions of email addresses with minimal use of RAM. The class must be able to hold in memory 1 000 000 email addresses using at most 10 MB of memory. For reference: loading this amount of data in a simple TStringList would use about 33 MB of memory. To achieve this, the data must be stored in some kind of tree structure, which will eliminate the need to store duplicating character patterns.The TEmailList must have the following public functions:* AddEmail* EmailExists* Clear* Count* SaveToFile* LoadFromFileNotes: It must be possible only to add unique email addresses to the storage, in case AddEmail is called for email address that already exists in the storage, the AddEmail call must return false. The SaveToFile saves the currently stored email addresses to a given filename in a format of one email address per line. The LoadFromFile loads the email addresses from a file, the file is in one email per line format. The SaveToFile and LoadFromFile functions must support an optional EncryptionKey parameter, if given, the data is saved to disk / read from disk, in encrypted form. The encryption can be implemented using any lightweight encryption library or by implementing some simple encryption algorithm such as RC4. If the data is saved / read in encrypted format, then the file format is naturally not the one email per line format.Please do not offer solution in any other programming language than Delphi.

  • $3310 USD In Progress

    Convert Crossword Compiler (, currently a VCL program in Delphi 2007, to a Delphi XE3 VCL project. There are about 82 forms and 100K lines of code. This is a fairly large and reasonably complicated piece of software. However this project is not to fully unicode-enable everything, but to reproduce all existing functionality perfectly in unicode-enabled XE3 ready for future more general unicode support. (a previous project involving full unicode conversion proved too complex). File formats etc should remain the same as now, and internal algorithm code can remain as-is (so some types will need to be converted to be explicity AnsiChar with charset code), but all gui should use unicode controls, with consistent conversion from unicode-ansi(in the correct charset) as required. Some thought will be required to do this in an intelligent and future-upgradable way. Some parts of the software are already unicode enabled, so they should of course simply be converted to use native XE3 unicode functions. Some of the code is very well written, some of it is a bit more complicated/old-fashioned (dating back 20 years). There are many custom string classes (lists of words, etc) and a some assembler routines. Some current dependence on JEDI/TNT for unicode support should be removed to use native support.Once complete there should be no implicit ansi-unicode conversion compiler warnings, and you should thoroughly test for consistency with the original version (sample puzzle and word list files provided). I expect regular progress reports, with sharing of code via git/svn repository; payment once new code fully compiling and fully tested (by us both). Testing is key; be prepared to spend 50% of your time testing: this is a 99.9% debugged, robust and widely-used code, I would like it to remain that way. There may be a followup project to implement more general unicode support and new features subject to mutual agreement.Please give examples of previous delphi work.

  • $230 USD In Progress

    Project Objective: To purchase an item from an online site, as quick as possible, such as a bot. You could import a link into the program, of a list of filtered items, ranging from price range A - B, and being ordered by lowest price. I want the program to detect when an item of this list, is being listed at a price of my set value, or less. (So if items range from $50 - $200, the program detects when an item is listed at, say $10.) Once the item is detected, it select the item, and purchases the item. To purchase the item, it uses funds that are linked with the website, not through a credit card or Paypal. Assume these funds are already supplied on the site. Purchasing the item, consists of checking a box, and clicking a button. The items being displayed auto-fresh on the website, when a new listing is added that is lower than the current lowest price.I was told that the best way to accomplish this, would be to have the web-browser run internally within a program. Rather then having a program run on-top of a web-browser. I was also told that this could be coded through any language that deals with form applications. I do not have any preference in what language it&quot;s coded in, just that it operates efficiently, and quickly, as time is a factor when purchasing.

  • $30 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a routine that Sizes a JPG, PNG, or GIF. I&quot;m doing something wrong because the resulting graphic often doesn&quot;t display. I also need to enhance the procedure to provide various sizing options, ex: Stretch, Fit, Crop, etc.Here is the current routine:Procedure SizeImage(ExpressionResource:TECExpressionResource);var FromFilePath,ToFilePath:string; MaxWidth,MaxHeight:integer; Picture: TPicture; Bitmap: TBitmap; FixedCanvas:TBitmap; NewArea:TRect; OldAspectRatio,NewAspectRatio:double; Scale:double; LeftOffset,TopOffset:integer; ExactCanvasSize:boolean;begin FromFilePath:=ExpressionResource.GetParameterAsString(&quot;1&quot;,[ERRMissing,ERRInvalid]); ToFilePath:=ExpressionResource.GetParameterAsString(&quot;2&quot;,[ERRMissing,ERRInvalid]); MaxWidth:=ExpressionResource.GetParameterAsInteger(&quot;3&quot;); MaxHeight:=ExpressionResource.GetParameterAsInteger(&quot;4&quot;); ExactCanvasSize:=ExpressionResource.GetParameterAsBoolean(&quot;5&quot;,[ERRMissing,ERRInvalid]); NewArea.Top:=0; NewArea.Left:=0; NewAspectRatio:=MaxHeight/MaxWidth; Picture := TPicture.Create; try Picture.LoadFromFile(FromFilePath); Bitmap := TBitmap.Create; try OldAspectRatio:=Picture.Height/Picture.Width; if NewAspectRatio

  • £142 GBP In Progress

    I am looking to develop a program for scanning email. When this program is running it will scan every email I open within my browser, and produce a pop-up listing all the text within the email that is formatted in either &quot;bold&quot; or in the colour red.To clarify, the emails are to be scanned from a single gmail account, using the Chrome browser. I need a program that will scan an email when opened, and pick up the required text and present it instantly to me via pop-up or other method. The purpose of this is to save me time having to scroll through and read the email to find the required information. Therefore I must stress that the pop-up/message must appear at the instant the email is opened.Please see attachment for an example of the type of email I wish to use the software with, and the result I would expect.

  • $526 USD In Progress

    Hello,im looking for someone to create for me an windows software for TV streamingFor me informations, please contact me

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    I am looking for a coder that knows Delphi Pascal to help me build a custom indicator for the software called Forex Tester 2. All indicators and strategies for this software in in Pascal. Description:I do what&quot;s called Supply and Demand trading. The rectangles on a chart represent supply (above price) and demand (below price).Goals and Priority in Order:1.The code needs to take rectangle objects on a chart and extend them to the right on every tick.2. Code should allow me to set specific colors, styles and widths for the rectangle fill and border for each time frame. For Example: When I open the indicator I should see the following properties:WK Dem Fill ColorWK Sup Fill ColorWK Dem Retouch ColorWK Sup Retouch colorWK Dem border colorWK Dem border styleWK Dem border WidthWK Sup border colorWK Sup border styleWK Sup border WidthTime Frames: WK, D1, H4, H1MN Dem Fill ColorMN Sup Fill ColorMN Dem Retouch ColorMN Sup Retouch colorMN Dem border colorMN Dem border styleMN Dem border WidthMN Sup border colorMN Sup border styleMN Sup border WidthTime Frames: ALLEtc...on each time frame.3 Option on which time frames to display the rectangles** (If possible)When I create a H4 rectangle I only want it to be displayed on H4 and H1When I create a D1 rectangle I only want it to be displayed on D1,H4,H1When I create a WK rectangle I only want it to be displayed on WK,D1,H4,H1When I create a MN rectangle I only want it to be displayed on MN,WK,D1,H4,H1Sum it upI want the code to recognize the rectangles on a chart and extend them to the right on every tick. I want the code to recognize which rectangles are supply and which rectangles are demand. Basically looking for rectangle objects above price and then below price. I want to be able to set specific colors, styles and widths for the rectangles on each time frame. Once these colors are set the code should automatically set these colors for me when I draw rectangles on the chart. ( I draw a rectangle above current price- the code sees this and changes the colors of the rectangle to what I specified in the properties on the next tick/update/refresh). I want an option in the properties to allow me to specify the time frames the rectangles will be displayed on. ( I draw a rectangle on the Daily Chart, The property is set to display this rectangle on Daily, H4 and H1 charts only.)I created a short video explaining this. You don&quot;t need to know or have Forex Tester, although it would be a plus, I can help you test everything out. Forex Tester gives indicator samples that I will attach to this for you to review. Watch and let me know if you can help me accomplish this. Video: so much!April :)

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    I need a simple program that log in into emails accounts and click all the links in all the emails there. For Gmail, yahoo, hotmails. Must demonstrate you already have it.

  • $360 SGD Today

    Segmentation of audio and video files/ writing to text file and splitting it by frames. Not using ffmpeg and pyaudio. Develop algorithm to split into frames as text files and append it back together using a Gui that will select the minutes and seconds to cut it. It should playback the edited video

  • $257 USD Today

    Hi.I have the following code in a Delphi DLL which is working and shall be ported to C(++) - it is important that the DLL can deal with the IStream refernce.unit T_D2007_Impl;interfaceuses ActiveX, StrUtils, SysUtils, Classes, Math;type TPFLog = procedure(AMsg: PAnsiChar; ASeverity: Integer) of object; stdcall;var BYTESRETURNED, BYTESTRANSFORMED: Integer; BYTESLASTREAD: PLongInt; DLIBMOVE: Int64; STREAMSTAT: tagSTATSTG; INSTREAM: IStream; LOG: TPluginFrameworkLog;implementation// Helpers ...function StreamToString(AStream: IStream): AnsiString;var len: Int64; s: AnsiString; currentposinstream: Int64;begin AStream.Stat(STREAMSTAT, STATFLAG_DEFAULT); DLIBMOVE := 0; AStream.Seek(DLIBMOVE, STREAM_SEEK_CUR, currentposinstream); len := STREAMSTAT.cbSize - currentposinstream; SetLength(s, len); if len > 0 then AStream.Read(Pointer(s), len, BYTESLASTREAD); Result := s;end;// end of helpersfunction AddLoggingCallBack(ALoggingFunction: TPFLog): Boolean;begin try LOG := ALoggingFunction; Result := true; except Result := false; end;end;function SetInStream(const APointerToTheInStream: Pointer): Boolean; export;begin try INSTREAM := IStream(APointerToTheInStream); Result := true; except Result := false; end;end;procedure UpdateStreamStats();begin DLIBMOVE := 0; INSTREAM.Stat(STREAMSTAT, STATFLAG_NONAME);end;function Read(var Buffer; Count: Longint): Longint; export;var len: Int64; instring2, sizestring, posstring, logstring: AnsiString; pc: PAnsiChar;begin UpdateStreamStats; len := STREAMSTAT.cbSize - BYTESTRANSFORMED; if len > 0 then begin sizestring := IntToStr(STREAMSTAT.cbSize); posstring := IntToStr(BYTESTRANSFORMED); logstring := &quot;Starting to read and transform instring &quot; + posstring + &quot;/&quot; + sizestring + &quot;.&quot;;; LOG(PAnsiChar(logstring), 5); instring2 := StreamToString(INSTREAM); BYTESTRANSFORMED := Length(instring2); instring2 := AnsiReplaceStr(instring2, AnsiString(&quot;XXX&quot; + #13 + #10), AnsiString(&quot;&quot;)); instring2 := AnsiReplaceStr(AnsiString(instring2), AnsiString(&quot;{&quot;), AnsiString(&quot;[&quot;)); instring2 := AnsiReplaceStr(AnsiString(instring2), AnsiString(&quot;}&quot;), AnsiString(&quot;]&quot;)); pc := PAnsiChar(instring2); Move(pc^, Buffer, Length(instring2)); Result := Length(instring2); BYTESRETURNED := BYTESRETURNED + Result; posstring := AnsiString(IntToStr(BYTESTRANSFORMED)); logstring := &quot;Finished to read and transform instring &quot; + sizestring + &quot;/&quot; + posstring + &quot;.&quot;; LOG(PAnsiChar(logstring), 5); end else Result := 0;end;// end of export functionsexports AddLoggingCallBack, SetInStream, Read;begin BYTESRETURNED := 0; BYTESTRANSFORMED := 0; byteslastread := nil; DLIBMOVE := 0;end.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Hello, I need a professional programmer with a positive attitude who can write a client-server software for us, for the purpose of quality check.##Scenario:We need to assess our quality-check team. Their jobs consist of watching videos and identifying glitches/problems with the video.We&quot;d like to be able to artificially &quot;trim&quot; (damage) certain videos so that we see if they&quot;re going to detect them.- We&quot;d like to run a server software on computers of people who perform the quality check- The officer in charge of audit will run the client application--> the officer can &quot;induce&quot; artificial problems with certain files and see if the quality check team is gonna detect it##Requirements:- Works on all Windows OSes (xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1, server 2008, server 2012, for both 32bit and 64bit architectures.- You can use any programming language you like (except python...)- Freelancer has to agree to hand us full ownership of software and source-code and not to re-distribute it (or parts of it).##Description:1) Server (agent):- Connects to the client software and is controlled by the client software- Allows the client software to browse the local files of the computer running the server software- Allows for upload/download in addition to browsing- Uses FFMPEG, an open-source software to process video files (you can get the free windows binary from extract the package and use ffmpeg.exe )- Basically, the client application will decide which video files the server should process. The server will then execute ffmpeg.exe silently with the necessary argumentsFor example: ffmpeg.exe -i PATH/TO/ORIGINALFILE.MP4 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -ss 00:01:00.000 -t 00:00:10.000 OUTFILE.mp4- It&quot;ll also have to delete the ORIGINALFILE and replace it with OUTFILE.- Is a windows service (preferably)- auto-startup- &quot;silent&quot; running - no installer2) Client:- Will listen on a certain port for connection from the server software- Support for more than 1 connection (i.e. from more than 1 computer)- Can browse the computer running the server software- Can download/upload files to it in addition to browsing- can decide which files (on the computer running the server) need processing with ffmpeg- logs connections- logs processed files

  • $515 USD Yesterday

    We&quot;re looking to buy a custom remote administration tool (RAT), including it&quot;s sourcecode. This can either be:1) a totally original tool written from scratchor2) something based on an already existing sourcecodeThe software has to run fully undetected by antivirus software and have seamless integration.It has to be able to run on all versions of windows, noting that it&quot;s totally possible for the user to run it as administrator. (i.e. we can manually give it admin privileges)The use of this software will be fully legit and within the boundaries of the law.The purpose is to monitor workstations in a business without the users&quot; knowledge (which is legal in the country of application).Functionalities of the software will be fully discussed after the initial bid, after which you&quot;ll be able to readjust the bid accordingly.You have liberty regarding the programming language you choose to use.

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    To develop a piece of software that will have versions able to run on the main OS, Windows (all versions), OS X, Android, iPhone / iPad (whatever that is known as) and Linux.The software will store information on a persons computer related to their usage. It will also be able to provide usage data on an array of devices the individual wishes to link, through the software.I am cautious to give too much detail away at this stage.The software will be relatively simple (however I am not a software engineer so I have no reference for what simple actually is). The end product is pretty simple.I need someone who is an experienced programmer, is able to develop across multiple platforms, and can create the design elements require for a GUI.

  • $360 USD 3 days ago

    Printing to multiple printers(restaurant) from htm orders. currently htm orders are automatically saved into a folder from firefox. I would like a local application which would monitor the folder for new saved orders and print the orders to multiple printers. each printer prints its own food category.for example:diet coke, coke would be send to printer_1chicken, beef would be send to printer_2

  • $20 USD/hr 7 days ago

    Write the Tool in which programming you want .. :) the tool is responsible to extract data from html (structured) file and convert them to CSV filethis tool should has 1> Add file ( browse)2> convert button we will extract the following data :1> Name 2> Fix line Phone Number3> Mobile Number4> email5> Country i will provide sample of the html code in PM

  • $412 USD 7 days ago

    Hello,I need a simple bot coded- one that will search Google for a specific keyword and then click a pre-specified URL once it finds it. This needs to be set us as a crowd sourced platform, where this bot can be installed across multiple computers where each can run the bot. The bot will then rotate through URL&quot;s specified by users, searching Google and then clicking on the specified URL for that rotation. Needs to be simple and needs to run in the background without effort on the user&quot;s part, other than entering the keyword to search and the search result (specified URL). Please put the word BOT in your bid so I know you&quot;ve read this. That way I&quot;ll know you paid attention. Then Private Message me and we can discuss.

  • $515 USD 7 days ago

    I am looking for someone who is capable of developing a software and if possible hardware as well for the software. The project consist of being able to transfer signatures from the software to another. If you feel your capable of doing this please let me know so we can discuss requirements and price.Thank you serious workers only

  • $1391 USD 8 days ago

    I need a client and server (a complete soultion) which handle voice chat and video streaming. audio- video- conferencing etc.I need someone who knows Delphi 2010 very well and this server must be able to handle a few thousand connections (up to 10 speakers an other only audience)The solution must be robust and fast.Thank you

  • €20 EUR/hr 12 days ago

    Hey Friends...I am looking for someone who can write me an Auto Script. It should be an executable or an Batch File. Iam not quite sure what skills it all needs - but at some Points iam.Functions it should have:Logg In at specific Website. (i will tell after hire)Choose an predefined Game, and choose by Picture recognition any free Seat at the shown Site.. then take Seat with all Money in.Set an predefined amount of Lines, and Amount per Line (should be set able before launching the Bot)Press Spin within an undefined range of Time between 3-15 Seconds (random but should be able to setup at the Bot)Should be able to set a specific Time from when to start Gambling and when to end. (Minutes after an full hour till Finish time...) something like from 00.20 till 00:25 as gameplay time for each hour (each of 24 hours to select by its own) i set..The Bot should not be shown in Taskbar / Taskmanager / Unshown Items in Taskbar after launch. A Special Press Button a+b Key should activate /deactivate it.Predefined Gameplay - if my Set Amount of money per Spin is underrun - select &quot;Gambling&quot; and set always &quot;Black&quot; &quot;Black&quot; &quot;Black&quot; &quot;Black&quot; &quot;Black&quot; until i loose or win the max of shown Black Cards! (should also be off shut able in Program if i wish.)If Money gets at or over my Set Amount of Money per Spin - it should take it - and keep spinning.Thats all i need. :DTell me an Price for doing it - u can test / Set and Try ure own with &quot;Free Money&quot; - no need in change by Free / Real Money!I will explain more about this with Scype or Teamspeak / Facebook Call.Image or Type Art Recognition is needed! Many Querys i think - and a good knowlegde about C++ or Delphi or something else... which can solve my Problem :)Friendly regards, till soon hopefully.

  • $1500 USD 12 days ago

    i need a developer to develop a mac app

  • $185 USD 12 days ago

    I run many windows VM machines on very well known program called VMWARE.These machines should be running at all times, but sometimes when I come back to check on the VMs, some of them get stuck on the windows shutdown or startup screen, so I have to manually restart/reset them.This doesn&quot;t happen TOO often, but enough to need some sort of program to detect when a VM isn&quot;t responding and restart it.I&quot;m not sure of a good method myself, so experience in this area would be best at figuring out a programmable solution.I am on a fairly small budget.Thanks.

  • $15 USD/hr 16 days ago

    I have 110 pdf files and also 110 text files and I need to proofread it. Check if the text file is similar to pdf file... It is simple... Lowest Bid will be considered... :) Happy bidding

  • [Sealed] 16 days ago

    We need a DLL module to extract and parse email messages from Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail inbox files. Thunderbird uses MBOX file format which is actually a big plain-text file in which all email messages are stored. Windows Live Mail saves each email message as an EML file. EML files are also plain-text files containing email headers, body, and other parts. So the DLL should read each folder, extract each message (either in the MBOX or EML file), parse email headers (Sender&quot;s name and address, Recipients&quot; names and addresses, Date, Subject, etc.), extract body parts (plain-text and HTML, MIME), and send them to our host application.Requirements:- We need fully documented, and compilable source code.- Compiled DLL binary for both Win32 and Win64 platforms must be deployed.- The DLL should be able to parse different encoding and character sets to correctly parse Non-English text in subject, body, or sender and recipient names.- There is a programming interface for communicating with the host application which is developed by us. This interface will be given to the winner developer and the produced DLL should comply with it. The DLL will be tested by us using our own host application.- You can use C, C++, C#, or Delphi as the programming language.- No dependency on 3rd-party library or component is acceptable. You can only rely on your own code or the standard library or framework provided by your chosen programming language.- Performance and resource consumptions are very critical. The faster your code can parse the messages and the less it consumes RAM and CPU, the better it is, and the more chance you have to win the project. Compiled binary demo for testing performance is very welcomed.

  • $412 USD 16 days ago

    I run many windows VM machines on very well known program called VMWARE.These machines should be running at all times, but sometimes when I come back to check on the VMs, some of them get stuck on the windows shutdown or startup screen, so I have to manually restart/reset them.This doesn&quot;t happen TOO often, but enough to need some sort of program to detect when a VM isn&quot;t responding and restart it.I&quot;m not sure of a good method myself, so experience in this area would be best at figuring out a programmable solution.I am on a fairly small budget.Thanks.

  • $420 USD 16 days ago

    Hi, I need a basic software that can recogize how many faces are on a life camera feed. It will then serve another basic feature like send a print command but that is something I can discuss with you once we have the facial detection part of it out of the way.I&quot;m available at all times to discuss, please feel free to get in touch whenever.

  • $144 USD 17 days ago

    I like to have a small exe that can simulate keystroke just like typing on a real keyboard.Requirements:1. Must not display a window or GUI or any user interface (except a task bar icon when it is running)2. No installation required, executes in the background directly from any location in hard disk3. compatible with Windows OS including XP, Vista, 7 and 84. upon receiving instruction, will send a keystroke, or character(s) such as a key combo to the OS (or the current app/window if some application is running)5. instruction is supplied through INI or TXT file in the same directory.6. Unicode character supportExample INI entries:passing a parameter Ctrl C will simulate Ctrl+C keystrokespassing a parameter Alt F4 will simulate Alt+F4 keystrokeswhen receive a special string, e.g. **quit** will quit the exe itselfThanks.

  • $25 USD/hr 18 days ago

    Hello,we have a small cad program ,it generates an output file contains 2d drawing,and we need to understand what is in the generated the output file,translate it to drawing (readable file.)please use delphi in this job.thanks.

  • €3000 EUR 21 days ago

    Programa de tesorería y análisis de costes para una academia

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