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  • $49.00 SGD
    Profile image for Seller destinybond


    Aug 11, 2013

    Helpful , honest and friendly !

    Project Description:Included are my uncompleted project and my requirements , more files needed will be sent after bid :)
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller PiratesInternet

    PiratesInternet [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 9, 2013

    It was not completed. He has Just Install the Apps But nothing is working. There are thousand of errors... and he can not able to solve it...

    Project Description:I Want to Install OPENKM Community Edition Which is Available at : This is Opensource Document Management System. I Will Provide You TEAM VIEWER ID of my Computer. On which Bidder has to Install and RUN OpenKM Community Edition Successfully without any Error...
  • $63.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller wxdata


    Aug 3, 2013

    Good job! One person of trust

    Project Description:Installing RED5 + configure it to work with one .asc file for one videochat website For any further questions please contact me.
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mauroalessio


    Jul 31, 2013

    The most honest and professional freelancer!

    Project Description:Management of the development of the neoEYED platform
  • $119.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gsumank


    Jul 1, 2013

    This task was delivered with quality and very fast.Exceeded my expectations and will hire him again for my future Linux related stuff.

    Project Description:I would like to have the Libreplan installed on webhost vps or on aws. We can do a chat on PM to finalizze it Thanks
  • $43.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller naziurrahman88


    Jun 17, 2013

    Thanks, for helping me out. It was great.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mauroalessio


    Jun 13, 2013

    Very professional and reliable freelancer. Will hire again

    Project Description:We are looking for a project manger with knowledge on Microsoft Azure technologies to analyze and organize the development of a mobile application for identity management The tasks to accomplish for the development of this job are as following: 1...
  • $75.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller justwatchers


    May 22, 2013

    professional and fast ! delivers the project on time and always communicate during the progress and its all smooth ! definitely recommended !

    Project Description:Hi can anyone do my assignment ? it is about project management (Gantt Chart and stuffs) Please do both PART A and PART B and make sure it is right according to the tasks requirements and dont forget...
  • $103.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller hama87


    May 9, 2013

    Excellent guy .. very supportive .. very fast .. A++++ quality .. Highly recommended for your project management tasks .. My best writer eveeerr

    Project Description:Hello I need a great academic writer who can perform a great report on project management all the requirements are available in the ppt format. the initial information are available on the...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blueg


    May 5, 2013

    Well done! Thank you!<br/>

    Project Description:As discussed. Will wait for the project. Thank you!
    igotmail9 has not completed any projects.
  • $630 USD In Progress

    we would like to create a gant chart to use to manage our projects. the requirement is more fully explained on the attached word doc

  • $155 USD 13 days ago

    My Dear Contractors,I am currently seeking an expert Data Entry Specialist that can insert information from a variety of sources and accurately and quickly integrate it into to put together a Spreadsheet for mes.I need an accurate and fast data entry professional to put together a Spreadsheet for me.The selected data is import instantaneously transferred into the Database.New Contractors Also Apply In This Project,More Details Will given via interview session.

  • $155 USD 13 days ago

    I have 60 business cards which i need the data to be entered into an excel sheet. each category to have it&quot;s own colum.First Name - Last Name - Company Name - Email Address - Phone Number - Street Address Number - Street Address City - Street Address State - Street Address Zip

  • $277 USD 13 days ago

    I own a couple of large groups on a chat site called imvu. I am looking for a piece of software written in Javascript that can compile the members of my groups into a notepad document, to save me having to type them all up just to mail out one of my products or advertisements, etc. The program will need to have a WYSISWG form front and it must be very stable so to run on my quite large groups and not crash. The finish build will be exclusively owned by me.

  • $277 USD 13 days ago

    I need a program created to help me with what I am doing.

  • $888 USD 13 days ago

    I need a java based application that takes a form as input and produce a out document using the inputs provided by user. Mode details on this project:1) Inputs will be user&quot;s personal information and user&quot;s personal documents. 2) The output document of this application should be a master pdf document. We have a template for this pdf document.3) All users must be authorized and verified before accessing this form.4) Users forms should be stored in database for them to modify in the future.5) User should be allowed to fill the multiple forms.6) User should be allowed to delete a form anytime.7) Application should be accessible via a web interface and via a thick client interface.

  • $16 USD/hr 13 days ago


  • $35 USD 13 days ago

    hello am not a staff member of starstable but i want a script that when you type in ur user email the information about your character will be show if its eligal i will take the whole responsibility

  • $22 USD/hr 13 days ago

    I need some one to enter some data for me. The documents are provided separately. The final format of the entered data should be consistent and standardised.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • ₹26315 INR Jul 1, 2013

    We&quot;re looking for developers to work home office without restrictions about timezone.Innitially we&quot;ll do a prove of concept, maybe less than a week, but after we&quot;ll send big demands of services.We&quot;re waiting for your quotation (price/hour).

  • $83 USD Jun 8, 2013

    We have a job analysis process that has a series of yes/no responses and want to make it into a simple online or excel tool that can be made into a website.

  • $250 USD Jun 6, 2013

    I have 181 minutes of interviews on health conducted in Hindi that I need transcribed into Devanagri script. This is data from a research project so confidentiality of the material must be maintained and an agreement must be signed, all terms (colloquial) and usage must be typed as spoken in the interviews. Interviews were conducted with migrants to Delhi from all over rural North India, so some regional dialects appear in some interviews. Files will not be added at this time, but will be given to the freelancer when the confidentiality agreement is signed. If this project is completed well and the freelancer is interested, I have 49 remaining interviews as well. Thanks for your interest in this project!

  • $157 USD May 30, 2013

    There is no data to enter at the moment but I need a sheet programmed to do the following. We sell a product to many different clients and I want to track how much it is costing us to service these clients. We need to see if we are charging adequately for our warranty.So for each client I need to have the serial number of the product the part # that we replaced the part cost the shipping cost than finally the total cost. Each serial number has to be grouped together so each time have to add new expenses i can see how much that serial number is costing me to repair.If you have any suggestions on how to do this in a better way let me know.

  • $22 USD/hr May 30, 2013

    if you are interested please leave me a message. i will send u a details.NEED someone who is good at C Programmingthank you VERY MUCH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • $32 USD May 29, 2013

    I need the attached PDF to be converted into a Excel file.Please send previews, most accurate preview will win.Budget $30

  • $789 USD May 28, 2013

    We have some code that will need to be converted from unstructured code to structure MVC code.5,000 lines of code that need to be optimized, and reviewed.The developer that wrote these for us will provide you with all information and support you need.

  • $5 USD/hr May 28, 2013

    Hello freelancer,I need English to French translator for my work. Its around 700 words translation.No Google or any other software use. Only manual translation. 100% original.My rate us $1.00 per 100 words.If you are interested then knock me please.ThanksMukhlisur Rahman

  • $104 USD May 21, 2013

    Hi-I have a site where users will log into a members area showing listings of titles,they click on a title, it opens a pop-up window to display content,then system sends email notification of that action and any requests made.Its not working, so most likely scripting error.Here&quot;s what will make your fix easy. I have another site that has the exact same programming,so you can reference that to see how it operates and make the fix without much work.Thanks.

  • $263 USD May 20, 2013

    In short: We are a continuing education service. I want to add a feature to my wed site which will allow a user to create an account where they can choose a seminar which they want to attend, and keep a log of all seminars they have taken on their &quot;home&quot; page. I would also need a back end where I can log into to view a &quot;roster&quot; of each seminar. (AS people sign up for each seminar I nedd to be able to click on a seminar and view all the people who signed up.)Create account / log inUser name and passwordRegister for seminarsKeep a record of all seminarsRequest certificates (once the seminar is complete they should have an option to print a completion certificate)Click on seminar to add to your schedule.1.) November 7, 2013 Sponser Grounding 3 hours Quality INN PRICE2.) December 10, 2013 Sponser Services 5 hours Quality INNPRICE3.) January 14, 2014 Sponcer Code Update 10 hours Quality INNPRICESeminar History2013-2015 (Click)(shows all the seminars attended in that time perior)2016-2018 (click)(same as above)Admin Back endEdit 24 hour scheduleEdit 10 hour scheduleClick on a seminar date to see roster-Roster for:11/7/13- (Click) View all people who signed up) I also need to have a butten where I &quot;Confirm&quot; a person for a seminar when their payment is received.Once I &quot;approve&quot; them in the back end it should also show up as &quot;Confirmed&quot; on their personal schedule and they should get an email saying their payment was received and they are confirmed to attend the seminar12/10/13- (Click) same1/15/14 - (Click) sameMore details / specs avaialble if interested.

  • $3051 USD May 16, 2013

    First some background: I am a private English instructor in Tokyo, Japan looking to start my own instruction company. Currently students contact me directly to schedule lessons and pay me cash at the conclusion of each. However, with the need to hire more instructors there is a need to explore new scheduling and payment methods. I am currently using Wordpress and at the moment I&quot;ve found adequate plugins that do some of what I need, although most plugins will require modification for better integration. As far as I can think now, this is what will be needed:- Members/Students purchase &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot;: &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; are either gained with purchase or promotion. These &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; are then spent on lessons or content. Different &quot;Credit/Token&quot; types have different values based on the &quot;package&quot; that was purchased. Different &quot;Credit/Token&quot; types also have different expiry dates based on &quot;package&quot;. I&quot;ll supply documents for further explanation. Money paid by the student for the &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; will be held in the company account. To pay for products and services different credit types can be mixed, however, it should always be in a first in first out manner. Members/Students will have various ways to purchase credits. This includes: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or Cash. If the Member/Student pays by cash, &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; must be able to be easily updated manually.- When a lesson is booked, Twenty-four hours before the lesson, the &quot;Credit/Token&quot; amount for the lesson is deducted from the student&quot;s account. Twenty-four hours after the lesson, A set monetary value for each &quot;Credit/Token&quot; spent on the lesson by the student/member will then be transferred to the respective instructor&quot;s account and a) The instructor will have the option to &quot;cash out&quot;, which means the set monetary value for the &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; will be transferred from the company bank account to the respective instructor&quot;s bank account at their request via a site link.ORb) The set monetary value for each &quot;Credit/Token&quot; accumulates and the set monetary value for the &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; will be automatically paid out on the 28th of every month.The company will receive the difference between the &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; value and the amount paid to the instructor. Perhaps something similar to what a poker website would use. *This may require a lot of discussion.* - Booking Calendar: I do have a booking plugin. However, it may be inadequate, so I will be open to suggestions. The booking calendar must allow for Admin editing, one on one scheduling, group scheduling, &quot;Credit/Token&quot; payment integration, and individual instructors to edit their work schedules. With the current plugin, only admin can modify the instructor&quot;s work schedule. I&quot;d like for Instructors to have full control over their own work schedules, setting their own work hours, holidays, etc... - Booking Calendar - Group Vs. Man to Man: Man to Man lessons are available at any location, however, group lessons are only available at certain locations.- Group Lessons feature 2 rates: Day time rate and Afternoon/Weekend rate.- Student Account - Page Features: &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; balance, Link for purchasing more credits, refund link, lessons taken, credit expiry, Account records- Instructor Account - Page Features: Way for them to choose their working hours, Cash balance, Cash out option, Profile updater, Account records- Refunds: Refunds will be issued at a certain % of the &quot;Credits/Tokens&quot; original value to account for administrative costs. Refunds will be issued electronically. Only under special circumstances will refunds be issued at 100%For any interested, PM me a game plan. With any interested parties, I will also discuss which of the above are mandatory now and which can wait, because not all are necessary at the moment. I will also need advice on which would be the best avenue for the banking/split payment system. The faster I can get the necessary accounts started up the better.

  • $257 USD May 16, 2013

    The book is base on an story of a priest who has changed the dreams of the village and the challenges he faced during his mission.

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Project Manager

Aug 2004 - Present (9 years)

Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd

Experienced in medical domain and project management with PMP certification.

Senior Design Engineer

Jul 1999 - Aug 2004 (5 years)

Wipro GE Medical Systems

Experienced in medical domain in CT modality

Software Programmer

Feb 1998 - Oct 1998 (8 months)

Bartronics India Pvt Ltd

Software programmer writing C Programs for Hand held computers, barcode devices.



Sri Krishnadevaraya University





Project Management Professional certification with good standing PDUs