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  • $3555.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller FalconGo


    Jun 20, 2014

    Great company to work with. If it has 10 star I would give them. Always on time.

    Project Description:Web Site Design Work with MSSQL Database
  • $2005.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Genoelf


    May 9, 2014

    Very impressed with Candeo Tech. Their team did an exceptional job ensuring I was satisfied with the project and all details of the project were followed through. Their customer service is great.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $2525.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller maximus297


    Feb 25, 2014

    First of all i have to say a Big thank you to candeotech team for doing this in the most awesome way. They are fantastic. My project manager Nabanita is a HERO. I am a Newbie and she was extremely patient with me. Throughout the development there were many many changes to the website but she handled it effortlessly. A big big thanks to saurabh also. I will definitely work with CANDEOTECH again in the future. I wish them all the very best.

    Project Description:Create a simple travel destination planner with a map interface. The key is to create a single tab no refresh interface. On the map users can see hotels, restaurants, sights and events by toggling on the left sidebar...
  • $6184.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yihan


    Dec 11, 2013

    Extremely professional team, very skilful and the communication was excellent. They are able to handle comprehensive challenges on complexed big project like ours. Will be back work with them on more projects very soon. Highly recommend them.

    Project Description:We are looking for someone is able to Wordpress integration, and with knowledge of web development in e store and blogs. Instructions See attachments. Looking forward to work with you!
  • $1237.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mpzadel


    Dec 5, 2013

    great freelancer! excellent communication and support! Thanks!

    Project Description:I am looking to build a web 2.0 style website for a pet based business. I have experience using wordpress so if the main site could use that, then that would be great. We own multiple vending machines for pets which are placed at various sites around our city...
  • £1546.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller gambet


    Dec 3, 2013

    Intelligneci were ok, there was a very high amount of explanation needed on each task that was complete, this was very time consuming on my end. All of the work was delivered and once the changes had been made was to a high standard. The level of communication was very good and they were online everyday to help. We are 2 months along to when they "Completed" the work and we are still making functionality changes to get everything completed. Essentially you get what you pay for and if you are willing to have a large amount of input they are good value for money.

    Project Description:I need a website creating that gives users a new way to talk about Football, there will be a large amount of social interaction on the website along with a link into the api. I have attached...
  • $618.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller maryliammlm

    maryliammlm [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 21, 2013

    My design is not completed in time.Even design is not completed yet.My client refuses to get this project.Please refund me full funds.Bad, Loose communication,Scammers

    Project Description:I need new design with Flash Animated Banners Unique Logo And whole the old site design Need quality work within 25 to 30 days maximum
  • $2961.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller glgms


    Nov 1, 2013

    great communication, great service, well done

    Project Description:Dear Freelancers, we are looking for a complete REDESIGN for the Template for our Car Portal We need the Design and the RESPONSIVE...
  • €5076.50 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Pablomcox


    Oct 14, 2013

    A very big thank you to Saurabh, Tris, Nabanita and Vinod who all worked so hard to get our project of the ground and working, communication was first class and they were very patient even when we made revisions to the original concepts. Thanks again to the whole team and I am sure we will be in contact again soon.

    Project Description:We are going to create an International property portal which will advertise properties for sale, holiday rentals and long term rentals. Initially the portal will concentrate on the Spanish property market and needs to be written in English and Spanish...
  • £103.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller HybridWare


    Oct 11, 2013

    Tris and Saurabh worked very hard to complete the project to our design requirements. They sent emails regularly to keep us updated, responded to our feedback and performed additional testing. They are very professional and I recommend them to other buyers. Thank you.

    Project Description:I have bought an HTML Template online and it needs to be customised to the layout we require. This is the template we have: These are the requirements.....
    CANDEO TECH has not completed any projects.
  • €800 EUR In Progress

    I hope it"s ok now

  • $1546 USD In Progress

    We are a foundation and we need a website for our organization. I will attach a document that we"ve been able to put together with a web developer which explains essentially how we would like the website to look like and all the features it should have. Thank you!

  • ₹76288 INR In Progress

    A portal that "lists" particular professionals and users can SEARCH, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT and MEET online via a video based interaction. Will need integration to 3rd party Video chat tool like TokBox etc. The portal needs to have 2 zones:- One for customers, who would be searching and meeting online. Layout / View akin to a Linked IN or AirBnB style. - Two for the feeder channel to create, edit and set their profile with relevant details and a view that shows their calendar with appointments etc. They can view and surf through fellow professional"s profiles and ability to privately message each other.(More on this in the next phase)- Minimalistic "Flat UI" expected (Appleisque)An admin panel to manage the appointment booking and Payment Gateway Integration. The payment gateway integration can be done in Phase II once the above requirements are completed satisfactorily. Needs to be responsive web design. If the above requirements can fit in any templates (Wordpress, Drupal, etc), I am fine with it as long as the basic requirement as mentioned above is met.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1237 USD In Progress

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, est lorem, curabitur mauris eu eros sed nunc eget, egestas ut dictum, conubia curabitur vitae ultrices augue lectus leo. Dignissim wisi vel id montes, facilisis quisque ligula lacus libero eu. Integer sodales ornare erat pellentesque cubilia, amet praesent hendrerit neque ut. Ut quam nunc, quisque et gravida, dolor sed integer fringilla tristique nec ut, convallis a. Duis feugiat. Pede lorem dictum tristique, fringilla in. Nostra ac sed mauris curabitur bibendum sit, tristique cras lobortis morbi ultricies quis, erat odio placerat nec ultrices, sapien nunc purus justo blandit commodo ut, non magna tellus litora sed quis.Auctor nulla lectus wisi ante donec id, nec pede in integer, proin vulputate neque montes orci. Nulla nulla ante neque nisl, placerat arcu a a vitae, nostra aliquam magna tempor ullamcorper habitasse tortor, vel scelerisque venenatis maecenas. Porttitor diam arcu amet, in convallis metus metus erat erat, amet adipiscing. Parturient suspendisse pretium, ultricies libero, vitae arcu torquent a augue. Interdum suspendisse mauris cum nulla faucibus.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    1) The team working on the project needs to be live on US time Zone.2) The online store needs to be completed in between 7-10 days with another 5 days being given to testing. It"s pretty small site.3) The checkout form needs to be on a different domain.4) A requirement of a healthy admin panel for the checkout domain.(List of requirement to be given separately.)

  • ₹137304 INR In Progress

    It is a sports news website which covers all the sports (30 approx) played in India. We publish articles, scores, schedules, profiles and other useful information about these sports.

  • $1030 USD In Progress

    we have a running website based on magento ce. we also have template installed on it. we want to have a template which is unique and has banner slider, product part finder ( already installed), instant search result (already installed)As a result , we are looking for someone who is good at magento template design and css. The person who will be hired can use extensions and other tools which is already installedWe already knew to buy a $40 template and install it on our website.This is not what we are looking for.It should be simple, functional, structured, easy to use and understand for customersGive us some ideas and unique template. Our budget is up to $1000You can see the websites what we like comboink.comclickinks.comtomatoink.cominkjetsuperstore.complease send us examples (screenshots or etc) to help us make our decisionThanks

  • $2278 USD In Progress

    I want to have a try to improve mine pool program to support the BTC \ LTC payment, or BTC address mining. The best and perhaps also by currency gains the API to automatically switch ports. On the basis of existing NOMP these features do not exist currently. I am willing to fund the development and refinement of him.PS:Like this site

  • £1030 GBP In Progress

    Hi,This is work to finish off a half complete website. I require the following to be done..1. Profiles - unverified when someone registers and verified when entering in bank details and confirming solicitor/barrister, struck off people and rest can be paralegals? Profile for admin too and backend to monitor.2. Take out followers and make it, so people type in their area of law when registering and using that where it says followers it will show cases available in their expertise plus emails being sent out in regards to those areas. 3. Able to upload more than 1 file at a time when you upload a case plus option to bid on a case.4. ‎Able to recommend cases to other solicitors who might not be registered on the website. Invite to website.5. ‎Finish off financial workouts and deposit/withdrawal of money. 6. ‎Able to communicate with other solicitors who you got cases on with after a case gets accepted. 7.‎ Option to do a case with Benson Watkins Solicitors in house solicitors. So when uploading the case you either work with in house staff on their PII Insurance etc.. or you put the case out to other solicitors. 8. Security improvement by growing through code.You can view the website here.. there is already a mysql system to register and log on but requires changes.If you have any questions just ask. Please no Amateurs.ThanksRazwan

  • $1855 AUD Today

    Hi, I need a quote on a website to be built, Im not sure if it will be e commerce,I own a home inspection company and I inspect Homes and buildings for a living, I want customers to be able to log onto my site and purchase my pdf reports through a shopping cart or simular,I want to be able to load my pdf reports onto site daily, The reports are valid for 30 days so after 30 days I will remove or delete the report.I need the site to look very professional as some of My customers don"t know me and need to be able to look at this site and think WOW!The site will need a home page with reports filed down the bottom of page, if there is 50 reports on there they wont all be on front page they will need street name search bar ect?? There will be 2 types of reports avalible to customers for the property customers can choose to buy 1 or both reports for the propertyLet Me know Your thoughts!

  • $1237 AUD Today

    I need an online store. CMS to be discussed.

  • $1237 USD Today

    Installing Magento and integration with Synnex and other suppliers and further integration with amazon seller central

  • ₹149484 INR Today

    to start a online jewellery store for my diamond jewellery brand, i am a owner of jewellery store in a very small town in up but i am really passionate about my venture , even looking for joint venture with any of the exciting website

  • $824 SGD Today

    Please follow the directions below before you bid.1) I need to build a website that functions exactly like this website complete with administrative rights. ( with a homepage that looks exactly like this ( Provide me with a breakdown of all your costs for the bid3) Let me know what software you plan to use to build the website4) Account need to be integrated with PayPal. The site needs to have functional buttons for payments. 5) I need it to be completed within 7 working days. 6) All duplicated functions found in both websites must work; live chat function, login, file management etc have to be included. 7) I need a new company logo relating to the purpose of the website to be designed. 8) Pls test the system using the test account to have a clearer understanding of my requirement of all working functions. userid : test123abc and password: test123abc Upon competition, need a 1-month support guarantee.10) Must be compatible with all major browsers and mobile-friendly.More info:It does not have to be made as a WordPress siteMust have tasteful graphicsMust have easy to follow menusTitles need to reflect the page contentMust be user friendly. I must be able to change page content and contact information as and when I need to.

  • $824 AUD Today

    I need a website with some design work but mainly coding. CMS to be discussed. Would prefer .net and SQL. Must use github and MUST be willing to sign a confidentiality and contractor agreement.

  • $1443 CAD Today

    Project name : e-Court Law Management System ( - )With e-Court document management feature one can easily and instantly store and retrieve documents and records anywhere, meaning you can say goodbye to filing documents manually and time spent Locating files. e-Court also comes with unlimited document storage capability so that you can spend less buying file cabinets. * Create, store and retrieve electronic documents, videos, pictures, audio files and more by client, matter, event or other key information, * Simplify file search efforts with advanced searching, including full text and metadata tools, * Easily file emails and their attachments * Filing feature – with one click from Outlook, * Easily Pro File documents from within Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe applications, * Improve version control and history tracking, Centralized and matter-centric document management , Multiple file-type management (e.g. word processing docs, e-mail, spreadsheets, video, audio, charts, pictures), * Multiple ways to classify, describe and organize documents, * Ability to cross-reference documents to multiple matters and contacts and relate documents to events and other documents, * Check in/check out functionality  * Portal level security to enable Web access to documents to external parties, Why Do Law Firms Love e-Court ? See further detailed info: for project description, due dates and payment terms.

  • $824 USD Today

    Hi Friends,I need a site like and also need to install nginx rtmp module on server, please bid only who really can do this

  • £412 GBP Today

    A SIX page Navigation website with 2 sub navigation pages. Plus a T&C page and a Privacy Policy page. Must be up to date and secure. Information only nothing for sale. Links to YouTube etc. All copy, product images and Logo ready. Telecoms company start up. Was advised a WORDPRESS template is best as easier to manage and expand later - but will listen to advice. I need it quickly but not rushed. I have hosting ready and domain name. Want to pay around £100 (UK Pounds) for job to include launch/SEO. Would like to see examples of work please. Possibly maintenance later. Thank you.

  • $824 USD Today

    I need an online store designed and coded. No CMS required.

  • $515 USD Today

    I am a small real esate agent that is just starting in the business and I want to make a website with my properties. I have only 9 at the moment so I dont need a a big website. I need somethign efficient and with a professional design.

  • $2577 USD Today

    We have an PHP coding for our software. We need somebody who can quickly look at the existing code, make the necessary changes as per our guidance, set it up on a server (we will provide amazon access), and then load test it. Then improve it to take more load.1. Use open source php application. (we shall provide it).2. Work on it to make it take a load of 1000 bids a second.3. Implement different bidding strategies (3 different strategies).4. (Maybe) a dashboard with analytics and controls.Required skill: Solid understand of PHP, and performance.

  • $412 USD Today

    I need a landing page designed and coded. The site should be built using Wordpress. http://

  • $721 USD Today

    Looking for a good website developer who can follow instructions for building a website for us. The site is simple, and we will provide you with all instructions into building it once you give an offer. Thanks

  • $4123 USD Today

    I need a online store for my products with a nice design. Design should be compatible with all screens like mobile etc. I need the website secure and with good. Please give me some samples of your work. Also, please give me some samples of your good code.

  • $309 USD Today

    I need a blog designed and coded. The site should be built using Wordpress.

  • $515 NZD Today

    I need a basic 5 page website set up in Weebly that I can then manage myself. I would provide the graphics and insert the text and links, the site just needs to be put together.

  • $2577 USD Today

    Currently our website ( is hosted on a proprietary site hosted by an advertising agency. We would like the website duplicated, as closely as possible into Wordpress hosted by us on a domain owned by us.

  • $1855 CAD Today

    Take HTML code and create same in PHP

  • $1030 USD Today

    Our company is looking for a team of top-notch developers to build a website like freelancer, that will also later be turned into an app for android and iphones.It will have a slightly different functionality from freelancer, but the build is the same (i.e. bidding with comments, etc). Full details will be given once price is agreed upon.Please note in your bid if it"s only for the website, or also for building the app.

    CANDEO TECH does not have any open projects.
    CANDEO TECH does not have any work in progress.
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Senior Journalist

May 2013 - Present (1 year)


Arkodeepto Mukherjee - Previously with Network 18.<br />Famous Sports Analyst from CNN - IBN, Network 18.<br /><br />Hi! I am Arkodeepto Mukherjee. I am the Senior Jounalist & Content Analyst with Candeo Tech under Pubdwellers Media & Entertainment ( Candeo Tech falls under Pubdwellers Media & Entertainment network. Its other establishments are Intelligence Informatics, True Indian, Tech Fake, etc. )<br /><br />I have joined Candeo Tech to lead its Content Department ( Apart of my other responsibilities at Pubdwellers Media &

Project Manager

May 2013 - Present (1 year)


Hi! My Name is Tristup. I am the Project Manager of Candeo Tech. I have an experience of 10 years +

CTO ( Previous Project Manager )

Jan 2013 - Present (1 year)


Debajeet Chanda.<br />Hi! I am Deb C. I started as Project Manager at Candeo Tech and now I am the CTO. I have an experience of 12 years +

Team Leader

Jan 2013 - Present (1 year)


Nabanita Chaterjee<br />I am Nabanita Chaterjee. I am the Senior Team Lead of Candeo Tech. I have an experience of 4.5 years +

Admin & HR Head

Dec 2012 - Present (1 year)


Avishek Roy Choudhary<br />I am Avishek R Choudhary. I am the Adminstrator & HR head of Candeo Tech. I have an experience of 4.5 years +

Creative Head Web Design Team

Feb 2009 - Present (5 years)


Pinaki Krishna Ghosh<br />I am Pinaki K Ghosh. I am the Creative Head of Candeo Tech. I have an experience of 5 years +.


Jun 2007 - Present (7 years)


Saurabh Suman.<br />I Started Working as the Founder and the CEO of CANDEO TECH in 2004. Today I am running this small concern of 58+ members with full dedication. Willing to excel in the field and working towards the goal to achieve the best!



International Institute of Information Technology



Certified Programmer

We got A Certified programmer status from after working 2 years there. Two times we had not been successful before that in getting that certifications. Later on the quality work delivery and perfect 10 on 10 reviews from more than 58 clients on we got the Certificate.

Ranked in top 1% of Freelancer in the World

Candeo Tech recieved an appreciation from stating, we are ranked in top 1% of the Freelancers in the world. The Ceritificate could be found on our facebook page:


Small It Companies from Salt Lake


An article has been published on the concern of growing number of IT companies in Salt Lake City, Kolkata and government neglecting their presence. CanDeoTech and CanDeo Institute has been listed among that mentioning, how a small IT firm like ours is taking care of International projects and after repeated effort too, not getting the much required government support!

SME Raising Job Opportunity

Times of India - Accent.

Times of India, Accent in its 2012 December edition posted about the Job opportunities created by Candeo Tech in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Top 50 Crowdsourscing Companies in Kolkata

Startups UK

We were mentioned in 36th number in this article published in Startups Magazines, 2013 Feb addition. Copies are avaible on demand in scanned mode! :)

Interview Of our CTO


The Interview has been conducted on 15th May, 2013. Is yet to be published in the June Edition. As soon it will come up, we will update this post. Or you may check on Facebook page of Candeo Tech :

Arkodeepto Mukherjee


Few of the articles by the Senior Journalist of Candeo Tech could be found here:<br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />http://cricketnext.i