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  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller civo888


    Mar 14, 2014

    Great company to dealt with =)

    Project Description:Hello sir. I read many great feedbacks from many joomla projects. I had a joomla / vm2 site that need your help at : 1. fixing bug issue at the password retrieve not working. 2. update an old payment module "veritrans" which is not working with joomla 2.5...
  • $140 CAD
    Profile image for Seller dtswcan


    Mar 9, 2014

    Was willing to address all my concerns

    Project Description:We have a Joomla Website with a form for clients/prospects. This form is created with RS Form pro module We have as well capsule CRM to manage our clients/prospects: We would like to integrate the two (e.g...
  • $157.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller sneathz


    Jan 15, 2014

    Good work. Thanks!

    Project Description:Hi, i need someone, that can create a simple wordpress theme for me. i would like to use it on A logo with a pan in it should be included in the theme. Support via Skype...
  • $903.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller pitlokbiz


    Jan 3, 2014

    Best programmer team with best support. i want to work with them again.

    Project Description:I want Joomla or wordpress hotel reservation component, plugin. Example site: or goreserva but i want main feature for hotel booking, some feature that's not important please ignore it...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller timkerry


    Dec 20, 2013

    Great Job!!!!

    Project Description:Pradip, I need some fixes and updates to imallrebates. I need the join us free sign up on the right of home page fixed. it does not work right. when you click in it the headings don't go away. and when...
  • $140 USD
    Profile image for Seller bipinbgupta


    Nov 21, 2013

    Very nice specialist. You are so good. Thank you very much.

    Project Description:Develop an xml file export component. The component name is Crossref XML Export. The main function of this component is to export an K2 article’s extra fields to an xml file.
  • $2500 USD
    Profile image for Seller VerbiZest


    Nov 15, 2013

    Good team to work with. Understand requirements, effective and goes the extra mile. Will use again asap. Thanks ITCSLIVE

    Project Description:Web application required to communicate with a mobile application to be developed. The Andriod app will have a condensed version of our current program and have an option to take photos and update to...
  • $4100 USD
    Profile image for Seller VerbiZest


    Oct 19, 2013

    Great Job Subikar and team! Good understanding of requirements, excellent technical ability. Valuable contribution!

    Project Description:Integration of Web App and membership component, HTML conversion to Joomla, recipe builder, 45sec animated video introduction, crm membership component back end, auto response mailing component, reward and recognition points system, integrated with bids...
  • €736 EUR
    Profile image for Seller chenph67


    Oct 5, 2013

    I need to finish my website but they still leave me a website unfinished. I have given 2 pages of pdf which explained all what I want, they have not done all correctly. We agreed that the price is 536 euros but i have paid they 200 euros bonus, so in total 736 euros, but they are still asking me another 300euros. They want to get the project, but when finish telling me that they worked hard and they require a bonus of 300euros. I am not sure, but it seems they worked hard, I full that there was a good quality for the price I paid, however I never know what really happened. They might delay, 2 month later, the project, then telling me hard, then ask for bonus. However, I do think it is true my project is difficult. I would appreciate they tell me at beginning they need more money rather require another 300 euros at end. Which make me unhappy and they are unhappy too. Also my website is still not completely like what I want, I still need find another developer work on it.

    Project Description:I need finish my website and fixed all bugs. 2 PDF will be given with all my requirement. To get 50% paid you need finish the 50% of tasks which is high lighted in yellow, as agreed you will finished within 6 days the 50% task and another 6 days for the rest...
  • $1184 USD
    Profile image for Seller pkhach


    Sep 23, 2013

    smart worker

    Project Description:Hello, I am looking for a JavaScript / jQuery developer that will create JS scripts for converting specially formatted HTML pages to Tumblr templates. The source HTML pages are created with Artisteer template generator (
    itcslive has not completed any projects.
  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello sir,We were talking about 2 months ago about a web similar to meetup. The thing is that the cms choosen is not flexible enough for this purpose and we are thinking of doing it with joomla and jomsocial as framework. I have seen that you are an expert in this cms and I would like to ask for an estimation of price and time needed to do the web.If you think it would be better with another framework, please feel free for any suggestion.I have already the logo and the design idea of the web.Is it possible to have an estimation for tomorrow?Thanks in advanceRegards

  • $210 USD In Progress

    Please read the document with the requirements before submitting your proposal.Project Budget: 100 - 175 USD Deadline: Feburary, 24, 2014File: freelancerI want to modify my site PixelLink (this is a temporary version that is currently on upgrade phase, and it"s where this development will be focused). The development is explained in detail in the attached document and is divided into 7 points:1.1) Custom Scrollbar1.2) Menu adjustments1.3) Responsive Logo2.1) Make the slideshow more randomized3.1) Build the Menu Screen3.2) Build the Expanded View Screen4.1) Field & design adjustmentsMention if you are capable to develop some or all the fields requested.The payment will be fulfilled after the work has been tested and uploaded on my domain.

  • $54 USD In Progress

    development module for prestashop, calculating price per square meter: the module is to do what you see here - Must be compatible with version 1.5 + prestashop - I have to be able to choose from which product to apply the price per square meter - Support attributes ocn variant price must still contain the features that sivedono to this page thanks please show a similar work carried out

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Project is explained in the two documents attached. We are needing to modify some modules in a Mijoshop Opencart E-commerce system that is installed in a Joomla site. Sample data is attached. Thank you.

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project "Investment Website"

  • R4210 ZAR In Progress

    SummaryThe project needs to be developed as a Joomla 3 extension and should ideally also be accessible from mobile devices. The structure should be as follows. Each installation of the extension should allow for the creation of multiple systems each comprising of the same 3 facilities viz. User management; form management and report management. Data within a specific system should be able to be cross referenced. When creating a new system, there must be an option to create a unique identifier for that system, which will allow forms to know “who” the data is for e.g. identification number. This unique identifier must allow for auto population of data from other forms if any of the fields have been previously used in a form in that system e.g. if you start the form with the student number then other fields such as name and surname which may have been inputted in another form must be auto populated with the default data for that student number.Component 1 – User ManagementAdmin must be able to create, edit and delete individual users and groups and be able to assign users to groups. Standard user info must be captured e.g. username, password, name, surname, email address, phone. etcComponent 2 – Form ManagementMust allow for viewing, creation, editing and deletion of formsField types•Text•Password•Email•Date•Number•URL•Hidden•Text Area•Checkbox•Radio Button•Select•File Upload•Button•Fields separator•TablesField Functionality List•Please refer to CK form for basic functionality.•Additional functionality:oDefault user/group rights per form with the option to edit the rights per fieldoDependent fields i.e. a field only become visible depending on the response of another specific fieldoDefault value of a field auto-populated if the same data was input in another form for the unique identifieroDefault value of a field calculated from the value of another field e.g. start date field is 01-03-2013 then we must be able to create a default value for end date by specifying which field it is calculated from and what function to apply.oEmail sent to specified users/groups depending on the response of specific field e.g. field asks “has assignment been submitted” if the response is es then email sent to examiner to mark assignmentoReminders - send periodical email reminders (which user must be able to specify the interval) until the response to the field changes e.g. if an assignment has not been submitted then an email reminder must be sent every 2 weeks until it has been submitted.Component 3 – Report ManagementIn the report section, user should be able to create reports and report templates from data input into the forms.Reports must get archived and report templates must be saved so that it may be reused.Reports must be allowed to be downloaded as pdf or excel and/or emailed as pdf to specified users.Report section must also have rights assigned as to who can view, create, modify or delete reports/report templatesData should be displayed in table format, pie chart and bar graph etc. The user should be able to choose which option/s to display as well as data set and rangeSee for chart types.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Non-Profit and Business.The site should be done using Joomla so I can edit them myself.The site should be done as soon as possible.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    Hello,I have a running joomla/virtuemart 2.5 webstore, and i want to make a redirection payment page at other domain.steps :1. customer ordering at domain1 (joomla/virtuemart), then checking out.2. then they will redirect to domain 2, all their order details were sent to this domain 23. then there is a button to confirm the order, then customer will be redirect to veritrans payment webpage.4. at this veritrans they checking out for real, with all data from the 1st step.Thanks

  • $526 USD 3 days ago

    Hi There!Basically, my site is already kind of up but nothing "flows". All the coloring doesn"t match, the images don"t fit and I just want a nice looking site. I"d want you to design colors, images, etc. etc. If you think you"re a good fit, take a look at and tell me what you think.Please respond with "mintrhino" in your description and give me past design works that you have done.

  • $1184 USD 3 days ago

    The is an educational Superhero Online Multiplayer Trading Card Game. Web based and looking for someone to help develop the game. All artwork will be provided. Just need a game engine and programmer. I\"m not tech savvy so I could use the help in helping define this project better.

  • $1473 USD 3 days ago

    Hi,We are the company behind Siberian CMS, an open-source CMS for creating mobile apps. Our CMS structure is based on Zend, and is really closed to Magento one. That"s why we are looking for Magento developers who will feel comfortable in developing on Siberian CMS.What we offer:- We pay you for one day of training on our CMS (1-hour video in english about all the structure and how to develop for Siberian, and the remaining hours for letting you go deeper in Siberian)- Then we need a development for a specific module (our CTO has counted 5 days for this development but we will be able to adjust after the day of training).Here are the specifications for this module. Note that most of these developments are already used in other of our modules.Global description:This module will allow users to create geolocated sheets from their Siberian back-office and display them in their mobile app.Back-office side:Sheets, general specifications (mockup: BO-list.jpg):- The user can create as many sheets as needed- He can sort them with drag&dropSheet, composition (mockup: BO-sheet-1.jpg and BO-sheet-2.jpg):- an image, a title, a subtitle- an address section which is mandatory to fill out, already opened when the user click to add a new sheet- Other sections that can be added to enrich the content of the sheet, and which are sortable: text section, image gallery section, video section, button section (could be a button for a phone call, or for an external link)Most parts of this sheet has already been done for another module called Custom (which is a custom page where you can add and sort text sections, image galleries sections, videos sections, address sections)Mobile part (HTML5, Javascript):- A first page with the listing of the sheets (list.jpg)- A general map where you can see sheets pinned on it based on their location (list map), with the user geolocated too- The sheet with all its sections (sheet.jpg)- A map for this sheet (when the user clicks on the map button), showing the user and the location, allowing user to launch the GPS feature on his smartphone. (inside.jpg)We already use geolocation and map in other modules of Siberian.So the total for this development would be 6 days including the first day for training.Please, tell us if you"re interested. We would have other developments after this one if all is ok.

  • $789 USD 3 days ago

    Just like Facebook I want the"About you" menu to detail where you went to school, your marital status, the city currently live on, where you"re from, and how many people followed youSports: What team do you likeMusic: lets you list your favorite musicMovies: lets you list your favorite movies just like FacebookBooks: lets you list your favorite booksLikes: Shows how many site you likeGroups: List the groups you belong toSponsors: let you post ads just like FacebookList of friends online to your right handPLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BID!!!Most of those stuff are already there in phpfox just need a little touch. A good programmer should be able to do it 123. NO MILESTONE IN ADVANCE, IT TENDS TO SLOW THING. YOU WILL GET PAID ONCE YOU PROVIDE A FULLY WORKED DEMO LINK.I"ve attached my website link with username and password for those who wish to visit my site

  • $1184 USD 3 days ago

    Need to develop and back end user management system with fundraising functionality

  • £368 GBP 4 days ago

    Build an opencart extension to design a customised product, iphone case, tshirt etc Must be easy to use and html5.

  • $10 USD 6 days ago

    Make erepublik accounts with albania citenzenship i want then at level 20 and adult with profile picture and a nice name until 20/04/2014

  • $2368 USD 6 days ago

    Searching for an experienced Web Designer/Database Developer PARTNER for a new online Business Start-up Project. Please note that this is a tech start-up company not offering CASH at this time for services rendered. We are offering something that would be more valuable if you are willing to join the team. You will immediately have the opportunity to earn SHARES of EQUITY in the firm that owns & launches the new website. All interested applicants should forward your resumes & bios directly to my attention for immediate consideration.

  • $368 USD 6 days ago

    We"re looking for a Web App Developer to design and develop a Football Pool Website.For the exact main functionality in the backend & frontend please refer to this script ( The site should follow strict hml5 standards and/or one of the big bootstrap frameworks.Users must be available to login in a secure member area and fill the corresponding pools.The website would have a database that should also allow to automatically calculate results and rankings depending on results. Also display various statistics from Tournaments.In addition, there should be a authenticate area to receive payments (paypal) before members can access to the polling section.Please don"t make off the rack bids without reading and analyzing the core functionality detailed on the link above. Only serious and experienced candidates will be considered.Job Description:- Review business requirements- Perform a technical analysis of requirements- Produce a solid, detailed technical design- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements- Contribute ideas for making the application better and easier to useYour qualifications:- A work style that is extremely detail oriented- Knowledge of Spanish is a plus (not essential)- Established reputation on Freelancer preferred

  • $526 USD 6 days ago

    I currently have a online store/website that I would liked moved to a different host and redesigned. I am with a provider that designs your site in exchange for your using their hosting services, so I am not sure if I can move their actual design. They used wordpress and I do have admin access, so most of the information can be salvaged.

  • $2105 USD 6 days ago

    Expression of InterestHi I want someone to build multiple sites for me with same platform apply on the first one, Please do not bid for it if you have less ratings, Before communicating please check following sites and understand what they are doing.1 : : : & 2nd they are comparison sites, and 3rd is for deals and coupons and bargains, i would like to discuss with the person what is the best option, and i will be needing ongoing support. to increase the traffic and other methods to promote the site successfully.Regards

  • ₹31578 INR 6 days ago

    Would like to build a website that would show the user some deals that the user can go for. There is no buying/selling that happens on this website. This only shows deals. We would need buyer/seller accounts and all basic stuff that goes on any website. We would prefer the following technologies to be used (but are open to others)* Apache web server* MySQL DB* Linux platform* Django (python based for server side), but are also open to PHPWould prefer people from Bangalore.Thanks.-Pavan(9880488514)

  • $2368 USD 6 days ago

    Need Publicly enhance our product of site.****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************budget no bar, n time is also no bar if u successfully bid for our all important product.

  • $789 USD 6 days ago

    Chercher freelance pour créer une web tv sophistiquée

  • $231 USD 6 days ago

    need and interactive front page like this one for my personal site

  • $1263 AUD 8 days ago

    The project will encompass the following:Website ---> Point of Sale( physical store)The customer should have ability to order from website with an option to pay (and pickup at store) or pre-order (and pickup at the store)or pay and get items sent to their verified shipping address.The website will talk to the Point of Sale system installed at the physical store. The name of the point of Sale is called "Ideal Pos".The website will also have an ability for customers to check in when they are at the physical store. The website also should have a section that shows the leader boards, current events, competitions. The website will also need to talk to facebook, twitter and other social medias.

  • $526 USD 10 days ago

    Im looking for someone to create a StoreThanks

  • $4210 USD 10 days ago

    Crowdfunding platform specifically geared for kids and teens. The website will offer: crowdfunding, education, and community The site must be COPPA compliant based on Truste specifications and guidanceThe site needs clean, modern look attractive to parents and teens. Site has been started using Wordpress theme Franklin and Astoundify CF plug-in, we have some registration, design, and copy but need to review the current status and finish registration, campaign creation, funding, finalize design, test, back end database and admin tools, email set up (some done there too). Would be willing to consider other crowdfunding plug-in (Crowd-tilt, CrowdfundHQ) as long as COPPA reg requirements can be met and can be successfully integrated into site.License with Truste Privacy in place. Need to comply and go through audit with Truste.Crowdfunding will be one part of website, not the whole website. REQUIREMENTSfeatures-Admin needs to be able to view and approve/disapprove all projects.- Projects flex funding or all or nothing- Under 13 yo/over 13 yo COPPA compliant registration- Registration confirmation/approval- Payment functionality (PayPal, cc, WePay, Dwolla). Ability to withdraw funds via request.- Campaign Owner Dashboard- Campaign Funding meter- Campaign "reputation scores"- backer rewards aka "perks" available with template list to chose from- Automated email responders setup for campaigns and funders- parent approval flow for under 13-Theme needs to be modified to match design- Blog section: There are a handful of terms and conditions, flat pages that need to be built. Content is ready- Newsletter signupWill provide more detail to interested parties. Thanks for looking.

  • $1184 USD 10 days ago


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