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  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller jazzclub7


    2 days ago

    Very good service, Super polite.<br/>

    Project Description:We have some edits which need to be made to some infant formula packaging for 3 stages of formula (very similar for each). Mostly text with 2 minor image changes. The work should take about 2 hours.
  • $263 USD
    Profile image for Seller mauramo33


    3 days ago

    professional and perfect work. love it

    Project Description:Hi all, I&#039;m searching a series of body image for create Character for an rpg game. (The image need to be in .png format with transparent background, divided in folders, in this format: sex_part\xx.png from 01, 02, 03 to xx is incremental)...
  • $24 USD
    Profile image for Seller bullitt1414


    4 days ago

    Great job!

    Project Description:I am looking to design some simple icons/clipart of 4 items - window, insulation, water heater, AC/thermostat. I would like these to look like a set. They will be used on marketing material and eventually on similar images such as the links below.....
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller happyfatguyvw


    4 days ago

    Really easy to work with and does excellent work, plus you get to make changes and he doesn't give you a hard time about it :-)

    Project Description:You know what to do!
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller jlydia13


    4 days ago

    Excellent design work. Everything looks very professional.Will definitely use again!Thanks.-J

    Project Description:I have some 40 images of Cell phone towers. I need someone to create a stunning 1000px X 400px banner. You can use as few or as many of the images as necessary to create a beautiful banner.
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller electrolize


    7 days ago


    Project Description:hi i am looking at someone to design me a professioanl front cover i have all the icons header footer log etc as PSD i just want the image which goes on the front coevr to be professional ...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller serbill


    10 days ago

    Very good work I i will hire again

    Project Description:I will use this image on a website so I the final result must be a png and psd. I have an example of an image the I am giving you in order for you to know exactly what I want. I also give the required psd with the t-shirt and I want you to bring same result as in the example picture...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller arman1234vw


    16 days ago

    Thank you.

    Project Description:I&#039;m looking to do the same thing we did for Green Pulse 3.5 but now for our new version of the software which is Green Pulse 4.0. I want a more modern and more sleek design. We will need all of the same things including a splash screen, login screen and the backdrop...
  • £27 GBP
    Profile image for Seller MagentaFlair


    18 days ago

    ITDV did very well and I'm considering hiring him again. 4 stars good based upon first time working together

    Project Description:- Flyer design required for launch of fashion production services company. - Flyer to be either A5 double sided or A6 folded. - Flyer design theme to highlight &#039;transformation&#039; and &#039;transition&#039;. - Need stock photos of fabric patterns, and garments in stages of production...
  • $79 USD
    Profile image for Seller alex162b


    19 days ago

    Very Impressed with the service and the product. I had changes and they were done very quickly. Will definitely use again. Thanks very much

    Project Description:We need someone to create and e-book cover for our 30 day fitness challenge program. I will provide the logo to be incorporated in the cover, but will leave the design up to the artist. The title of the...
    itdv has not completed any projects.
  • $34 USD In Progress

    i need about 20 car designs done of back view of famous cars, such as BMW, golf, Ferrari, mini, smart, Audi, Mercedes and so on.... they need to be cartoonish exactly like the images I have attached. I may also need some more done in the future as I will need more cars.

  • $44 USD In Progress

    i have a superman image which i want a cross implemented in navy blue or any suitable color. the text below is the same light blue color as the flames and reads &quot;Help is on the way&quot; i will need hi res for the mock ups and transfer company requirements.

  • $39 USD In Progress

    cool graphic t shirt design that says &quot;you think im fly? you should see my whip&quot;. something that will look appealing to young adults 18-25 years old. colors to be white and red to go on a black shirt.

  • £14 GBP In Progress

    I have a design I need converting to a word document so I can send letters online to my clients. I would call this an online letterhead. I have attached the design

  • $30 USD In Progress

    In need of a logo for 313 The Live Experience, the old logo is on the flies attached. I need something more versatile and appealing.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Good Morning,i&quot;ve a folder within in tree structure image of body parts- female_brows- female_ears- female_eyes- female body parts- male body parts- male_brows- male_ears- male_eyesnosei need a simple application where have refer to these folder and in the image inside in for generate female or male face taking one of these image and marge in one.the image have the same dimension so it&quot;s easy to merge.i need just give a new folder select male or female gender and the number of face to generate inside.i need the application in one work day.thanks much

  • $263 USD In Progress

    I have a bundle of icons and backgrounds that need making. I have examples I ones that I need in a zip file. But what I need from the job is for example if there are 10 icons in a set I would like them enhancing, use a bit creativity to make them look different and if there is 10 in there make 12.There are also background sets same with these I need them enhancing and making more of them.I would like them delivered in psd and png.Job to take no more than 2 weeks

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Gentleman:Our company is designing a new automated Draft Beer Vending Machine. These machines will dispense a single brand of draft cold, fresh beer directly from the barrel or what&quot;s called Kegs. This Vending Machine will require the production of graphic adhesive labels to be applied to the Front, Left and Right side of the machine? Right now we would like to solicit a Photoshop graphic designer able to help us produce the artwork needed.On this link: will find a Photoshop file showing the outside dimensions of the machine with the panels shown in Red color . This machine structure was designed using SolidWorks 2013 and exported as a Photoshop file.Please let me know if you need any other type of file format?Export Files Types Link: resolution of the artwork must be 300 dots per inch and the format to be submitted must be in Adobe PDF format. The size of the artwork must be actual size based on the dimension of each of the panels where the Decal labels are to be applied to.On this link you would be able to download all the graphics available to choose for the Beer brand Heineken. You are given full creativity independent and can pick and choose any one of these logos, graphics and photos to arrange, resize, scale and decorate this vending machine as your imagination wish and desire. You can also create your very own graphics. let me know how fast you can start and how long would it take to finish this project? You must produce and submit at least the graphics for the front panel of the machine before we can release any payments or milestone. (Only 50% is to be released at that stage).ThanksSincerelyAnibal Hernandez (Andy)Industrial Robotic IntegratorAutomation and Control Division

  • €126 EUR In Progress

    We are looking for 5 different prelanding pages, which don&quot;t look like each other at all. We want a design with buttons, the possibility to place a flag and the word &quot;free&quot;. We have to be able to replace the text (in bold) but the scriptures from the date, the sentence where answers are being checked and the sentence where seconds are count have to be the same. The prelanding page has to work on both mobile devices and desktops.Click this link to see an example: respond to this email with the word: lander

  • $252 AUD In Progress

    We are looking to design a super hero for a new business venture, we have attached they type of character we are looking for, on his chest we want the words HERO Energy.The colors need to change to green for his body, green mask, his mask is to have lightning strike across it , blue eyes,no cap, we want a sword the shape of a lightning strike with a handle, this is to be slung across his back ready for action.The image is to be of as good a quality as the one attached nothing less will be except able The character is to be use in animations and multiple posses.

  • $25 USD Today

    Like the title says ... I need my PNGs (attached) turned into multi-layered PSD files.I want it such that the dominant color ... in this case blue ... can be changed and the resultant image is identical to the source with all shadows and transparencies but with new dominant color.I hope this makes sense, and happy bidding.

  • $49 USD Today

    We work with two companies that are in need of weekly ads being design. The first company is a fitness company that will require emailed ads promoting specials and providing weekly motivation. The second company does online custom tshirt design and are in need of a designer that can take sketches and ideas and make them into unique tshirts. The designer also will have the option to post artwork on the site and earn money if it is downloaded to a shirt.

  • $59 USD Today

    I want to design a new logo, banner, business card and banner for new company. I need a good designer i want just one person not group of people. Write me i will tell you more about it. But is basically designing

  • $210 USD Today

    SheDumps is woman owned dirt and construction transport company. The contest will be to create the corporate identity with Brand logo, stationary like - business card, envelopes, letterhead, writing pads, Website design. We are looking at sales brochures, prospective designs as well, along with the overall stationary.We like bright feminine colors like pink, & light gray. We like symbols like dump trucks, bows, and a girl wearing overalls. (Maybe a woman in the driver side of a dump truck sticking her head out of the window?)

  • $24 USD Today

    I need several logs and adds designed for my sites. I am looking for someone that is really good at design.See example file

  • $49 AUD Today

    The selected designer will design a marking banner for a new electric bike brand and to redesign (or enhance) its brand logo. The marketing banner will be printed on 2m (high) x 0.8m (wide) retractable pull up banners. It should include some wordings (will be provided by me) and simple icons to support the wordings (the designer, you, to provide). In turns of the logo, I will provide you one which I created but I am not 100% happy with. I would like to you to enhance it or redesign it. Both designs should be done using Adobe Photoshop. All supporting material (e.g. icons, background photos) will need to provide to me. The final designs will be the properties of my company and the designer should respect the copy right of the final designs. I expecting on-going and timely communication during the design process. Happy to make progressive payments based on milestones. Please let me know what fixed price and how many days you need. ThanksRyan

  • $136 USD Today

    illustrate a village similar to example but marijuana oriented for ipad game

  • $20 USD Today

    i need help to make a logo for my site. Please post a link to your portfolio before bidding so i can see the work you have done before and i will get back to u.

  • $64 USD Today

    i am student and they request me to do that : Create a web page for Arab Open University Saudi Arabia branch This is the Link, the page should include: 1. Title: Name of the branch 2. Sub menus, one for each program offered in the branch. (under Academic ) 3. Image (your own images for your branch and the programs) Pictures from internet that refer to the learning or distance learning 4. Short introduction about the branch and its programs. the freelancer who will take the project should make this by reading the main page and make summary for all programs in the university and brief also about the university You need to submit the following: 1-An initial sketch of the web page using The Pencil Environment Application 2-The required XHTML code including the needed CSS code where it is a must to adapt Alternative web accessibility initiative ( use ‘alt’ and ‘longdesc’ attributes)

  • $54 USD Today

    I&quot;d like to convert PSD to HTML of home page.follow page attached doesn&quot;t need to be responsiveand without cms.

  • $44 USD Today

    Hello! Looking for a banner to be displayed on the front page of my website for our annual Spring Sale. Wanting something that is attention grabbing, slick, modern, 3D-ish (as in not flat), and that fits the style of the website.My customers are video editing, motion graphics artists, and visual effects artists, so design is very important to them, so I want something that resonates with that audience.Pay attention to the colors used on the website. Red is a must, not only is it one of the main colors of the brand, but it&quot;s a sale and the color red works great for that.Content: So here&quot;s what the banner should say:In smaller text: 2014 SPRING SALEIn Bigger text (main focus): GET 30% OFF!In smaller text: OFFER ENDS SUNDAY!All text should be all caps. The font is called Refrigerator Deluxe. If you have Creative Cloud, you can download it on from Typekit. When you use the font, set the Vertical Scale to 77% so it&quot;s not too tall/thin.Photoshop is required for this project because I will also require the project file in case I need to make some edits in the future.Dimension: 1920 x 660. Don&quot;t put the text too close to the edge of the frame, in case cropping is required.That&quot;s all the requirements I have. Of course, you can take a few liberties. The main thing is as long as the design looks badass, is attention grabbing, and fits the style of the site I&quot;ll be happy! You can see the front page of my site here: banner you&quot;re designing will go in the front page.

  • $79 CAD Today

    Our site allows us to connect players who want to play professional football with teams around the world. We recently created another site called site allows us to upload our athletes highlight films so they can have maximum is currently operating through a video hosting site called gives the option to purchase the domain name. also allows the user to upload custom themes for the website. We will need a InstantScouting/Football theme design for the website...the design can be in HTML or CSS. You may check out our websites and social media to get an idea of what we would like then we will allow you to use your creativity to design the the theme and apply it to our videmup account. Here you facebook:

  • $30 USD Today

    Need a logo for a small, home-made decorative boxes company. The company is french, so the logo will have french words in it: &quot;BoiteZenFolie&quot;.

  • $30 AUD Today

    I&quot;m looking for someone to create a logo for a women&quot;s online fashion retailer in Sydney, Australia (target market women in their late 20s- early 40s). I am looking for a minimalistic design similar to the list of logos in the attachment: website will be using the following theme from Shopify: send through a quick mockup so I can determine who to select and provide details about the company name.

  • $30 USD Today

    Hi I want from you to change the attached logo file from the word &quot;advertising&quot; to &quot;contracting&quot; with the same font and style and then develop for my all required letter heads, business cards and all other related documents for corporate identity.

  • £73 GBP Today

    I feel the way the four boxes on is very ugly. I need a graphic designer with experience to create aesthetically pleasing / professional shapes to change this page. Additionally, I would be willing to consider changing the background photo of the page if the designer had a good idea that would work with the proposed shape.Additionally, I have some small comments on the website (* On the browser, when you click the website, it says &quot;my blog&quot; at the top, should say the name of the company* Replace &quot;my blog&quot; with Aksioma in the footer* Remove Developed By: Stature Solutions from the footer* Add a &quot;Home&quot; button to the menu bar to the left of investments* Move the logo that is at the top of the menu bar down to the left of the menu bar* Move the triangle in the footer up a tiny bit

  • $30 AUD Today

    - I need a logo for my new company &quot;Australian Vet Group&quot;- The company will own and operate veterinary / animal hospitals- The veterinary hospitals will primarily service dogs and cats (no farm animals)- The name / text is to feature heavily in the logo - The word &quot;Vet&quot; should be more dominant than &quot;Australian&quot;

  • $30 USD Today

    I need someone to design a logo. Once designed, I&quot;ll also want to have copies in 3 or 4 dimensions.**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  • $175 USD Today

    I had givek a python and wordpress project to a programmer. He doesn&quot;t know wordpress. Overall it appears the client made python regular site which that programmer will do the work on and she says and you all will do the work on the mini wordpress site she has.To me it looks like mini wordpress site with a blog also put in it. I&quot;ll pay $175 for this and need it done in 7 days time. I need someone whose an individual not company and works weekends. For example I need this done today in the next 12 hours: 1.The support page (it&quot;s just a different look from what her support page look has now), 2. mobile page. It&quot;s just an image now and look of a mobile page. As this site like it is now doesn&quot;t have to be responsive. When ALL WORK is done she will get an mobile app done, but that has nothing to do with your work.3. Copyright page. That again is just different look then her copyright page is now.Those I need in 12 hours. That is NOT the whole project obviously as you&quot;ll see in the pngs attached. Those 3 things are easy and I need them done in the next 12 hours. The other stuff done in 7 days time. I put in the pngs (parts explained). Note on that I explained all the pngs parts that were for the python/wordpress project. So if the &quot;some parts explained has a yellow box that is not on any of the pngs it&quot;s explaining python work so ignore it.Note again they have a site currently. Just look at the company logo and put in that url. I don&quot;t want to past it on here. So you aren&quot;t doing this from scratch. Just click on urls and you&quot;ll see blog in the url. It&quot;s weird as their actual blog is called /blog/blog, so I don&quot;t know if the work you are doing is really not just on a small wordpress site made and that blog/blog was just put in.Oops forgot the wireframes that describes the pages and the jpgs (the actual look) I also have the psds, but will give them to whoever I go wtih. ugg the files too big. Go here and click the small download button to get the jpgs

  • $178 USD Today

    Hi,I am looking for someone to develop 2 wordpress designs. I have already the HTML Design but it needs to be implemented as WP Theme.

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    itdv does not have any work in progress.
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Senior Developer

Jun 2005 - Present (8 years)

I T Business

I have more than 5 years of experience in web designing and developing and software developing, I work with C#, Sql Server,, Php, Magento, CSS, CSS3, HTML, DHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, Photoshop, Auto CAD 2D/3D, Wordpress and Nopcommerce. Please check my some past work.


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Software Engineer

Aptech Education

C#, Sql Server,, Php, Magento, CSS, CSS3, HTML, DHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, Photoshop, Auto CAD 2D/3D, Wordpress and Nopcommerce.


Web Master

Web Master

Resume:<br />Fahad Saleem Cell #: +923132159921<br />Email:<br /><br />OBJECTIVE:<br />To work in a professional and competitive environment that challenges the full extent of my capabilities; offering responsibility, growth and exposure that utilizes the various technical, management and decision making skills that I have acquired during my academic career.<br /><br /><br />PERSONAL INFORMATION:<br /> Name Fahad Saleem<br />Father's Name Mohammad Saleem Anwer<br />DOB 12th Sep 1987<br />Gender Male<br />Vo