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PHP | MySQL | Zend Framework | Web 2.0 Web Design

Username: ithinksolutions

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Location: Noida, India

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My projects:

  • $618.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller waileong


    Jun 24, 2013

    Very excellent quality delivery. Speed in replying and trusted person.

    Project Description:I own a dedicated server, I want to become a hoster and setup hosting solution using parallel automation. I wish to sell VPS solution/cloud and etc. Need someone to configure the server, let me know what licensing required, and also design the website...
  • $1000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattijs


    May 3, 2013

    It took a while to complete the project but all good things in life need time. Very satisfied with the end result delivered by Ithinksolutions. Nilesh is a good communicator and was always available and willing to help me out via a Skype chat or call. Would recommend Ithinksolutions especially to people who are looking for an e-commerce store.

    Project Description:Dear all, I am looking for a website similar to Lot18 and wine in black. You should do both the design and development work. The new website must have all functionalities and . Secondly, the style has to be creative, trendy, appealing, and professional...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller BigE


    Apr 1, 2013

    Nilesh completed this project with professionalism and efficiency. Communication was good and his work was detailed oriented. The database application performs well.

    Project Description:* Need Pedigree Database created and integrated into an existing vBulletin website * Database will be user interactive * Pedigree Database must be able to use the same username and password as users use to view the rest of the site...
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller semipreciousvw

    semipreciousvw [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 12, 2013

    No response from vendor after the first meeting identifying key milestones, repeated messages were sent

    Project Description:We have a sophisticated flash tool allowing customers to select a color from a color palette and drag / drop the color in a jewelry design template for a personalized buying experience. The project is...
  • $360.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller astidis

    astidis [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 12, 2013

    Irresponsible! Avoid this amateur at all costs!Worked for over 4 weeks with Nilesh to get this project complete and never got anywhere.- Relies on other developers, he did not demonstrate any technical capabilities nor could he answer any technical questions correctly.- Made claims he had developed similar solutions, but once awarded discovered it was not true. Directly asked if he could connect Prestashop to MSSQL. After project was awarded he stated he could not make connection and never resolved the connection issue.- Repeatedly missed schedule project status calls- Repeatedly promised documentation and project schedules, never delivered once- Never once provided a demo after 5 scheduled meetings to do so.

    Project Description:Customize a Prestashop engine (ver to also post transaction info to existing Microsoft SQL database (Express 2008 SP2). MySQL (for Prestashop) and MS SQL Databases will be hosted on local server (MS Windows Server 2003) which also hosts MS SQL Server...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller DevKiosk

    DevKiosk [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 24, 2013

    ithinksolution is a very bad company, it take $200 and didn't deliver me anything. Never to deal with.

    Project Description:Design and develop a massive database driven website, the design should duplicated to right handed languages. The website will include advanced filtering and search on the database. HTML5 is preferred...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller exjockey

    exjockey [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 3, 2012

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Hi There, I recently had a previous company work on my website and was very disappointed, They planned to optimise our magento website When doing this there have been a few bugs in the website and in the admin area that I have found so far...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ha11enstein

    ha11enstein [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 7, 2012

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:I'm looking a services company (not an individual) to support an application that was developed in Drupal/PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript. The support of the application is from November ‘12 and is ongoing on a monthly basis...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller richardloyds


    Jul 11, 2012

    Great work Nilesh & VipinExcellent Service, and Prompt responses and delivery! Very happy with the speed they took the task.will definitely us them again soon

    Project Description:I have two sites running with one host and i need to move them completely to another host. I will provide the Login details of the servers to the selected bidder, both sides are in PHP and i need them...
  • $260.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rthurman


    Jul 11, 2012

    This was my first time using ScriptLance and I was pretty wary that I was going to get ripped off. REST ASSURED, Nilesh with ithinksolutions belayed all my fears and did an amazing job.What I liked best is that they had a great understanding of wrodpress and were able to do exactly what I was asking with out having to go into deep detail.I liked them so much I have them lined up for several other projects in the next few months.

    Project Description:I have a sales funnel on my wordpress site and at the end I would like the user to be able to upload a picture of themselves that will be displayed in a listing. I need the following done: 1. fix the picture upload (modified version of the user avatar plugin) 2...
    has not completed any projects.
  • $1237 AUD In Progress

    Hi Freelancers, I require a website to be developed and online within the next 14 days. This is important and a necessity. If you are unable to complete the project in 14 days please do not bid.I am developing a website which the general public can post their "event" for free. This is a spot where they can sell tickets to their events and we charge a loading fee of 5.3% per ticket. They have some options in which this is billed. Either on the individual (customer posting their event) or the consumer/buyer (people buying tickets to their events). Please refer to this page in regards to functions and similarity :

  • €1855 EUR In Progress

    I am looking for a reliable programmer. I want IPTV streaming control / admin panel.Streaming Protocol:+ HTTP+ RTSP+ RMTP+ UDP Multicast+ Re-Stream Protocol+ HTTP MPEG2/H264 TS+ HTTP ASF (H264)+ UDP/RTP MPEG2/H264 TSLive Encoding Protocol:+ UDP Multicast+ RTP Multicast+ RTP Unicast+ UDP UnicastPlayer Management:+ Periodically Check Players" status+ Remotely Reboot Player+ Remotely Configure Player SettingGroup Management:+ Define/Modify/Delete a group for allowed channelsSubscriber Management:Subscriber authentication for Channels+ Time expired checkingSubscriber Database Management:+ Add Subscriber+ Delete Subscriber+ Modify Subscriber+ Subscriber group+ for allowed channelsOS:+LinuxSupported Input devices or protocols:+ Hybrid Satellite Enigma2 Receiver Dreambox, Vu Ultimo+ RTMP Protocol+ RTSP Protocol+ HTTP Protocol+ UDP Protocol+ RTP ProtocolIt must make the following:+ Unlimited number of clients and channels.+ A good Authentication+ Showing informations about streaming types and inputs and outputs.+ a good manual to install all the steps after installation of linux servers, I"m in the position of the panel.+ user-friendly and clear

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    As discussed over skype and freelancer.This project is the same as Freelancer Project ID: 4630872 named "I need creating a Database website with bootstrap design", and also to include all of the specifications sent to you over skype at 13:17 GMT on Tuesday 02/07/2013 named "FinalWebsiteSpecification.docx" which is 40.3KB and is 14 pages long, 2906 words, 13332 character (with no spaces), 16,173 character (with spaces). It will include everything in that document (minus an affiliate module/program) in addition to Freelancer Project ID: 4630872, also in addition to other requirements we have spoken about over freelancer and skype text/callsIt will also include an icon based backend for admins and users as discussed. Also Membership/user management, MAPPING API also to include a draw-a-search like, Payment module with recurring payments with automatic product/membership activation and cancellation.All content, code, designs, files, plus anything else you have been paid for will become my copyright after the payment for that milestone in which the work has been done, has been released to you.The NDA"s you have signed will still be in affect for this project in addition to the initial project mentioned above and any previous correspondence after the NDA was signed.Thanks

  • $309 USD In Progress

    We looking for a developer there is expert in Wiki software (wikimedia) and MySQL to join our team to build a large wiki site.

  • $1237 USD In Progress

    I want to build a site with similar functions as seen on Bmobilized (dot com) or dudamobile (dot com). 1. user enters url of main website. Script will then: - Identify logo, all CSS, navigation pages and tabs - follow to get content and images2. - make a mobile version of the site and prepopulate a mobile template - demo how the site would look in a mobile ph and show the funtionality- allow user to modify using editor 3. functions must have these elements: •Navigation and menus adapted to touchscreens,•Call button (click-to-call),•Geolocation of the business using Google Maps,•Social media sharing of your site (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube),• free QR code generator,•Redirection Code (which is added to regular website),

  • $850 CAD In Progress

    Online file storage/retrievalAlready have a template/design for the page, just need to be able to customize it per user and implement it into the systemUser accesses files through text based file storage. Users have main categories (Projects) and subcategories (Administrator created content - see below (Summaries, Billing, Certifications etc) within this directory tree)Users need to be able to search their own database of files for specific file names or descriptions.Administrator creates groups and users within the group, ability to control read access to different categories within the groupsAdministrator needs to be able to upload multiple files at once, delete multiple files, Each user is going to have a dynamic page that loads with customizable logos for the user and title pages. User accounts are for clients (businesses) and the categories are for "projects" - each project has many categories (Summaries, Billing, Technician Certifications, Internal Inspection Reports, External Inspection Reports)I have included 2 pics. Capture and Capture2Capture is the existing administrative menu, where you can see we have the ability to create a name, upload a file and also delete the thread.Capture2 is the user side where the files uploaded are listed with links to download the files.We are looking to update this rudimentary ugly looking system that we are currently using with something more modern. Doesn"t matter how the database works, cold fusion, sql, whatever is needed to make this work there is no preference.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    Hi,We would like to create a website like Here are the basic guidelines. Will cover more detail when you are rewarded with the project.The written content must be created as well.Site must be SEO friendly.Need to integrate the payment solution as a recurring payment in the future as the site becomes more popular.How long would it take?Let me know if you have any questions.

  • $850 AUD In Progress

    I need a WORDPRESS in PHP website development with 2 types of membership:For example:Members Group #1 (Jobseekers)-Can register and login-Can post advertisements-Can be contacted by Group #2Members Group #2 (Employers)-Can register and login-Can search posted advertisements-Can contact members in Group #1There will also be a TOUR section, which shows ANYBODY "how it works" with 3-4 steps and examplesSo basically, the MAIN things that the website should have:1. Members Group #1 registration and login2. Members Group #2 registration and login3. Tour SectionIt is VERY important that NOBODY can search or see advertisements posted by Group 1 (jobseekers), only the Group 2 (Employers) can see and search.***I already have a WORDPRESS THEME that you can re-develop, or you can create a new one, whichever you think will be easier****If you understand the INITIAL requirements, please type #123YES# in your bid to me, so that I will clearly know if you can understand me.Please supply quote.Thankyou

  • $700 USD In Progress

    This project is for a complete web development package for a basic XHTML / CSS website. We are looking for a designer or web development team to handle this entire project from start to finish in as little time as possible. Both cost and required time will determine the winner of the project.We will provide:A basic outline of pages needed to be developed. Our usual website is between 8-12 pages including the index page and contact page.An XHTML / CSS template purchased from a template site. We will make sure the code is compliant with how we like our sites developed. We like clean, easy to work with code. We work with templates on a regular basis so we will provide you with a good one that we would build with ourselves.A batch of stock photography that we have purchased and have the rights to use.Work Requirements:Website should be developed using PHP, XHTML5 and CSS3. Javascript, jQuery and Flash are also acceptable but the use of Flash should be minimal.Use of PHP Includes is encouraged for parts like the header, footer, etc for easy updating of these pieces for multiple pages.Design should be cross-browser compatible across all major browsers and should look good on mobile browsers as well.Website will be placed on an Apache Linux (LAMP) server so code with this in mind.Although a template will be provided, graphic design for images, call to actions etc will still be needed. All Photoshop files used to develop the site will also be required by us upon completion of the website.All graphics created for the website should NOT contain phone numbers, city, or state names within them. This is for easy changing of the info when duplicating the site for a new location. For these applications, we prefer to use solutions like Google Web Fonts or, even better, Cufon. is your responsibility. If you can write the website yourself then great! If not, you will need to hire a content writer. Grammar and spelling are very important and must be proper by US English standards. This site will be purposed to generate calls to a call center so compelling content is crucial.Content should be written in such a way that it does not mention specific location / geographical content. We will copy this website and use it in another city and state and the content will need to make sense in any locale. The focus should be on the experience and not on the location.All pages should have a “call to action” to compel the visitor to pick up the phone and call us.We will supply examples of some of our other websites with good content as examples. Please do not steal content from these sites as we want original content not found elsewhere on the internet. We will be checking this closely.We are a broker / reseller for our adventures so content should not imply that we own the locations or are operating the businesses ourselves.Content should tie in with SEO and use proper keyword goals and meta tags.SEO will also be required including cross linking in content between pages, proper meta tags and keyword goals for each page.We would like to base keyword goals and meta data on popular terms and phrases researched via Google Trends or Insights. organic performance of this website is important so please be thorough with SEO basics.We are aware that meta keywords have been deprecated. We want them anyway and they should be specific to the content of the page and not general to the entire website.Title tags and Meta Description are important as they are used in Google’s search result listings for our pages. Both should compel the searcher to visit our website.Each page should have an appropriate location for at least 2 ad spots using Google AdSense. We can add our AdSense code after completion, as long as the ad locations are marked on the final draft.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Replicate content providedamend grammar where required in jingload to server test that former website owners urls in google search reult are identical and our page opens when selectedcomplete by 31st

  • $100 USD May 28, 2014

    it s private request only contact you have already integrated fotolia with prestashopit s private request only contact you have already integrated fotolia with prestashop

  • $300 USD May 11, 2014

    I have a Linux Cardsharing Server on a USB Stick I"d like setup and configured on a Linux VPS. If possible I"d like the Cline users to be integrated into a forum so active/paid users in the forum get access to the Clines.The person will need to know about CCcam, Oscam, Linux, Dyndns

  • ₹30000 INR Mar 27, 2014

    Hi Bidders,C a l l m e nine 8 8 one 8 five time"s zero ( Karan Chawla ) We need a site which is similar to ""Basically site is getting your instagram photos via API after Authentication. (Facebook API or manual import as well)After that customer can choose a layout and drag and drop his/her photos to layoutWhen customer saves a product it will redirect to a new web page with new product.We are looking really similar stuff to "casetagram".We only need application not the whole web site but you can offer for complete project as well.It can be a wordpress plugin kind of stuff as well.If you have any further questions, please ask.Waiting for your bids,Best Regards,Engin

  • $2000 USD Nov 20, 2013

    Hello,I"m looking to get a prived imag or openPLI imag for extrend or dreambox but with a iptv plugin‎ when the customer orders the list of channels plugin will download the list IPTV channels from my middleware or control panelplugin description:plugin must be securedcustomer can add the link of his or midileware ontrol panel in pluginplugin must clear the chain when the chain choisrplugin must detect the mac address decoder and send a middileware for the accessmac adress must be married with a user name and pass wordmiddileware description:add and remove customeradd and remove channelsdetect mac address decodercheck onlin customersend a meesage to the customersubscription date and expiration date‎we have a iptv middileware works with our iptv set top boxplugin and Control panel unlimited liecens maybe we can use it to plugin management Kind regards

  • $1000 USD Nov 12, 2013

    Hi,We need a site which is similar to ""Basically site is getting your instagram photos via API after Authentication. (Facebook API or manual import as well)After that customer can choose a layout and drag and drop his/her photos to layoutWhen customer saves a product it will redirect to a new web page with new product.We are looking really similar stuff to "casetagram".We only need application not the whole web site but you can offer for complete project as well.It can be a OpenCart / Magento plugin kind of stuff as well.If you have any further questions, please ask.Waiting for your response,Best Regards,Andre

  • $150 USD Nov 6, 2013

    I see you are working with API user interface for someone I need exact same interface.I need a trial run for 1 week.Let me know your cost and when I can start to use it.Thanks,

  • $51 USD/hr Oct 10, 2013

    Need some custom functionality to be built on a Magento website. Skills will need to be PHP, CSS, jQuery and an expert in Magento.

  • $1237 USD Oct 10, 2013

    Hi Freelancers! I am looking for someone who can create a website for me and my specifications. The website will be a penny auction website, something like quibids if you have ever seen that before. It will have a much different set-up that I will explain further once hired (same general idea though). I would like to get that "professional look" that comforts people in knowing that it is a legitimate website/business. I need the website to linked up with Paypal. The website will need graphics to entice people on the site and also stay on the page. Just for future reference, I am a relatively picky person, but easy to work with, I am not looking for a cheap layout website. Past websites are a + as well as references. Be prepared for some questions. I look forward to working with you soon!

  • $1237 USD Oct 10, 2013

    HiI am looking for someone able to create an extension for the 3 main browsers: Chrome, Firefox and SafariExtension would be inspired from an existing one available on the market. with exactly same features required + more innovationTopic of the project is confidential for the moment.What is required to know is that extension should be connected to an SQL database.Developer has also to work on web-interface to manage the extension and usersExtension has to be multilingualplease contact me in pm for more details

  • $876 USD Oct 10, 2013

    1.Automatic program to importe products to Magento from vendor site should be able to export products from vendor site.(Vendor site products exported in the category url or category units.)We have a lot of vendors.Most vendors do not want to provide this information(server, API. database.csv file).Therefore, Without providing their information products must be exported.So, we recommend scraping technology. There are two ways to web scraping.First.The analysis for web scraping is completely automated.(First, Selected as the developer of this technology )Second.The analysis for web scraping should be analyzed per vendor site. Number 2 should be low cost analysis per vendor site. 2. Out of stocks management from vendor site.Products imported to Magento should be upgraded to match out of stocks content between Magento and vendors site to the real-timeThe product description, images, price, attributes, etc. will remain the same.(Product information should not be upgraded.)But Out of stock only should be upgraded from the vendor site.Out of stock is colors, size, quantity,type.(Import and export of the products should be downloaded and upload as a CSV file)3. Automatic Login and buy from vendor site.Vendor sites must be able to login ((Username and password saved) automatically.Products purchased in Magento should be able to fill in vendor"s site shopping cart automatically.Magento administrator must be able to verify the shopping results of vendor siteMagento administrator manually have to pay the vendor"s site shopping cart .If out of stock, Magento administrator or Automatic Module sends an email notifying out of stock and refund to the buyer.In order to complete our projectsVarious techniques are required.It is the ability of the developer.Otherwise, this project is not recommended. Work is divided into three parts.

  • $2319 USD Oct 10, 2013

    The website similar to, but with different idea. I need qualified developer who can do this on the highest level, The web site will be have several languages. will have paypall, skrill and merchant.

  • $1237 USD Oct 9, 2013

    Hello,in December 2013 I will start with new product and looking for any developer which will suit my preferences.Please look this site: and need similar site/system, according to the principle of operation Twitter.Script must include:- standard login/register (plus with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, gmail ...)- include invite friend of new client, from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ...- user can write and modify: avatar or upload personal image, name, username, location, website, bio, and more ....- user can all posts which post in this script copy to facebook, twitter, linkedin and maybe G+ (I think, G+ this time don"t offer this)- can follow other members, group and pages- member can earn or upload money and will see "sequin"- with "sequin" can buy access to locket pages- when member post new message can upload image or YT video- member can send private messages to other members- import financial data from yahoo finance- all symbol on yahoo finance (5 symbol), can member see on page or group and can send comments- manage ads.... and more benefits- Username Banning- E-Mail Banning- IP Banning - #Tagging - Wigdets- Homepage Scrolling Updates - Homepage Recent Images - Active Links in Posts - Post Text Updates - Post Picture Updates - Auto Link Users Using @Username - Rss Feeds - Recent Updates - Encoded Passwords - Friend Invites- ReCAPTCHA- post facebook like- member can send post to other member updates- user can edit comments- SEO URL- Social Networking Profiles- followers & following- email alerty system for members- search member, group, page or post- import members from excelAfter start project I will work more with you.I need this script up to 10.12.2013Please send me your offer, I need serious candidates with whic I will work in future

  • $618 USD Oct 8, 2013

    I have a bills payment system,and the service provider has provided me an existing website link for this and they are using ASPXbut my wordpress is hosted using Linux, can i use my API tech details on my existing host i want it to be set up in my own domainso what i need is a server to server setup for API.I want to modify the existing website for us with additional features:I can send you the site link with username and password to check the existing site just private message me.Features i need is:Bills payment portalAdmin side:a.Branch Management 1. Create branches 2. Create users 3. Create balance / Limitb. Admin Tool Box 1. Admin report detail 2. Totals per branch 3. Totals per users 4. Balance inquiryc. Create custom payment system 1. Create bills to accept 2. Create fees for users 3 Create commissions for admin 4. Print payments 5. Totals new payment systemd. Deposit informationUser side:1.E-Load2.Prepaid Cards3.Electronic Cash4.Bills Payment5.Customs Bills Payment6.Reports7.Online Help8.Control Panel9.Balance Inquiry* for the custom payment system, i want to be able to upload a logo, create fees EX: Php 5 pesos per transaction,with the following details:Account Name:Account Number:Reference Number: (optional)Total amount to be paid:* There should also be and export options for the total amount paid with complete details* There should be a print options for complete details and amount paid * The custom bills payment balance and transactions are not part of the system, this should have its own transactions search, total amount paid and total amount of fees* There should be a balance setup per branch so that they will not be able to transact once their balance is depleted.* I want balance email notification once the balance is already low in funds for admin and usersRight now each bills has a corresponding amount of fees deducted in the total funds for each transaction using the link provided by the service provider,I want to add an additional 50 centavos commissions deducted and placed in the admin commission* There should be a balance inquiry with total amount of our commissions for admin.

  • $1237 USD Oct 5, 2013

    Hii want to Script for whatsapp in my website, I want to sending to Thousands number in same time ,, did you can did it ?How the expected cost?if you do like this Script before i want to see it.thanks.

  • $1237 USD Oct 5, 2013

    I am looking to have a adult faking page built similar to that of the page. Beyond my understanding to outline all features. Need discrete help, and understanding of PHP design. If bid is off please let me know.

  • $10309 USD Oct 5, 2013

    Hello Guys;I am designer my self. I want to develop clone of with all of functionality. PSD are already done. I will provide you all of the bunch of PSD files

  • $12 USD/hr Oct 3, 2013

    Set up online MySQL database. From dashboard upload daily csv files. Web query to check status of each race. assign each race a status (manually) and reason for status. Run each race selected through a program (already in excel) upload prices from another site. When the race is finished, upload the final results. Then store the csv and the adjusted files in the database. Enable us to enter the database and crosstab, search, sort, filter and analyse the data. This will be an ongoing project with further refinements. and then ongoing support. negotiable

  • $600 USD Oct 2, 2013

    Hi,I need a system which is similar to site is getting your instagram photos via API after Authentication. (Facebook API or manual import as well)After that customer can choose a layout and drag and drop his/her photos to layoutWhen customer saves a product it will redirect to a new web page with new product as a shopping cart.We are looking really similar stuff to casetagram.We only need application (HTML, jQuery, CSS and C# side server).If you have any further questions, please ask.Waiting for your bids,Best Regards,Giolvani

  • $13 USD/hr Sep 24, 2013

    Project Description: We are looking for an expert in Wordpress custom design, we currently have a large site that requires completing with a contract for further maintenance work over the next 12 months plus. There are several static pages on the siteThe site is a crowd source site built on a Wordpress theme. You must have experience and knowledge in the following:Database design for backend Clean coding skillsPayment integrationRegistration processes for membership Creating my account pagesAlso An element of design skills ideally but not essential if your coding skills are very good.If you"re able to do the above please clearly mark at the top of your reply the word KIPPER so we know you have read all of the job description, those will be the only ones we reply to.We need this completing ASAP, so a time frame would be greatI will not be back online until 8am uk timeGood luck

  • $721 USD Sep 2, 2013

    I need the site to be done in word press that is able to try out clothing with size chart, color print, size spec. The most important is for client to be able to upload their picture to try on the clothing. The website will be similar to with large product picture display, but I need the special sales promotion, newsletter, testimony on the right side. The site will have app that able to order goods via iphone, android. It need to be web service ready. The site need to have marketing tools and SEO in admin. I need the following category button and banner belowAbout usMy accountShop by categoryShop by SizeShop by brand Brand we LoveBest SellerNew Arrival WholesalerPromotion TestimonyNewsletterInvite friendCouponGift certificateFree shippingShopping BasketSocial network - facebook, share, pin itFeedbackFaqReturn policysite mapInvestor relationCareerPrivacyTerms and condition

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