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Location: Sialkot, Pakistan

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  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dspender


    Apr 24, 2014

    Wonderful experience, great communication and timeliness. Would definitely hire again.

    Project Description:Given: 1) MySql database server in LAN with one database and table and the following fields: FirstName, LastName, Zip, ID1, ID2, username, password. DB Name: studata, Table Name: lookup 2) A CentOS...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wprodesign


    Mar 30, 2014

    WOW.WOW.WOW.... Impressive! We have hired Zubair as senior architect in software world to help us with a major project development that has a lot of data base and structure demands. Top Quality Work!

    Project Description:Help with CDN system, Developer must be qualified with a strong skills in data base and software architecture.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JanRuzicka


    Mar 21, 2014

    Great job as always! :)

    Project Description:Import doctors to my website as we have spoken about it.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wprodesign


    Feb 20, 2014

    Awesome service, we hired Zubair as backup software architect to create a framework for an urgent project. He did it professionally, outstanding quality of developer. Communicative, Professional, Fast and Friendly!

    Project Description:create framework for project management platform
  • $325.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JanRuzicka


    Feb 12, 2014

    Perfect job, can't wait for the next project to start!

    Project Description:Details have been already talked through on skype.
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JanRuzicka


    Jan 23, 2014

    Another fantastic job!

    Project Description:This is a private project and I have already chosen a freelancer.
  • $225.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JanRuzicka


    Jan 19, 2014

    Very skilled programmer, who is able to create anything!

    Project Description:I need to replace my old website design with new while keeping all script functions alive.
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JanRuzicka


    Dec 27, 2013

    Great work, will definitely hire again!!!

    Project Description:Looking for someone who can create an appointment-script dot com clone for me. The script is similar to what agriya offers when it comes to their zocdoc clone. The best would be to buy it from someone...
  • $121.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tomcrable


    Dec 18, 2013

    Zubair did a great job especially given the time zone difference between the USA and Pakistan. He also made a very positive suggestion for improvement of the original design and implemented it.

    Project Description:I have a website in the United States that sells electronic cigarettes. New regulations are coming down from the FDA and local governments that are tightening the requirements for age verification...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wprodesign


    Nov 27, 2013

    WOW - That's AMAZING experience here. This Developer is simply nothing like ever seen before. SUPER Fast, Super Professional, VERY communication, Stayed with me 7 hours (at his night time!) with shared desktop and handled WHOLE project coding with me on his desktop. That's a truely amazing deal here. For sure more projects from us for this guy! Super Super Super!

    Project Description:Hello, I have ordered the project management platform: Last week I had developer to make few modifications for me: 1) Added "Project Manager" staff level who can add/remove clients and add/remove projects...
    iT Mentors has not completed any projects.
  • $750 USD In Progress

    I have a tattoo studio and use my google calendar to set appointments and send reminder emails to customers.I recently created a google form that collects information ie. date and times and is then collected on a google spreadsheet - I want to export the information collected in the google spreadsheet to my google calendar.Currently in my google calendar I have appointments (by date/time) set up that I need to keep.I am looking for a script that will import information from my google spreadsheet to my google calendar - while keeping the existing information in my google calendar - I want to make sure the information does not get duplicated and that the information that I begin entering in my google form (which collects on my google spreadsheet) will only be accepted if the time slot is available. Also, something that will automatically send a reminder email 1 day before the appointment. I would also like to be able to upload an image in my form and once the form is completed I would like the image and info to go to a specific folder in my gmail that is listed for specified Artist.In addition, I would also to be able to run a report or something based on availability for each of my 9 artists. Currently I have all artists scheduled on one calendar, If I needed to set up multiple calendars that would be ok, but I want to make sure that the info from one spreadsheet would pull into each specified artists calendars. I can provide you with the days off each artist has.Lastly, (for my IPAD) I would like to have a consent form set up digitally where I can have the customer sign with their finger and be able to take a picture of their ID with the camera and it would automatically save the file by name of customer and date.Thanks!

  • $1250 USD In Progress

    There has to be made an app/plugin for synchronization of orders (order details)/invoices between shop-script5 and e-conomic.comWhat need to be synchronized in orders are: : order_id, product name, price, quantity, state_id, total price, shipping, discount and payment.Customer details to be synchronized are: email, firstname, lastname, address, zip, city, country and telephone.It would be nice if orders can be transferred to e-conomic on basis of order state in Shop-script. For example sync as order in e-conomic when “pending” in shop-script and to invoice when “completed”.I need an integration module for synchronize orders from my shop-script5 web shop to e-conomic accounting program.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hello!I need freelancer who have good skills in Visual Basic, Php and Mysql.Need change little bit my visual basic code!Thanks!

  • $380 AUD In Progress

    Hello, I am looking for Kohana, Smarty expert who can connect a big web application with Database. Currently the web application is running using jSON/cURL requests and this need to be connected to the database instead. We have the database ready, all tables, content, etc, etc, etc. But now some expert need to connect the application with Database instead of the API Connection.Please note: This is only for Expert Level PHP Programmers.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Write a simple script that will monitor a directory on server. Whenever an image is Uploaded to server at this location, the script must recognize this and update on the webpage with a thumbnail of the image found in the directory.Also display on the webpage "Added 2-13-2014" underneath the thumbnailThis is fairly simple, you must demonstrate these functionalities in PHP, ASP, java etcPortfolio or resume included in Bid proposal gives you priority.Thank you and have a good day

  • $550 USD In Progress

    Hello,I own this script., you can see the demo.I have a 1.2 version and a 2.0 version that is each a separate install.I need 2 changes to the script.1.--I need to have made a 2.1 version that can automatically easily upgrade either 1.2 or 2.0 versions without hassle.2.--I also need version 2.1 in the admin panel to change the traffic tiers to have 7 tiers, (currently only 4), and allow the admin panel user to input what countries they want for each tier. Thanks for looking,

  • $550 USD Mar 18, 2014

    I am looking to create a simple, single webpage that will allow my kids to see their allowances and another page for me as a parent to administrate the kids" page.Details:Front end (does not require login)Kids go to web page which shows a family (kids) overview in a dashboard styleEach kid has a section of the dashboard showing his/her allowance overviewEach section should show:A title with the kid’s name, a small photo (twitter size) and weekly allowanceA calendar view including week number and day and date.Current date is always in focus (for example bold or highlighted)It should be possible to navigate back in time in the calendarA button called “today” on top which brings the calendar to default position (current month, current day in focus)A payday indicator (icon/text) in the calendar based on a set payday in admin/parent moduleEach week in the calendar view should have one of 3 colour coding in the graphics:Color 1 for current weekColor 2 for any week prior to current that was not paid and has no penaltiesColor 3 for any week prior to current that was not paid and has penaltiesEach week should have a star rating which is set by parents, to indicate behaviour. (1-5)Paid weeks are marked as "paid" in a visual way.A status bar in the dashboard with:Total allowance paid this yearAllowance to be paid (accumulates at the beginning of every week at 1am)Money lost this month (due to penalties)The page should have a footer area for text or html, edited by admin/parent Kids can’t do anything but view the page. No write permissions.All data is read from a database (mysql)The page should work on iOS, Chrome, Safari and firefoxFront end has to be visually appealing and fastDesign should be a friendly dashboard, Should not like an excel sheet---------Back-end (Admin/parent module which requires a login)In the admin module, a parent should have the ability to:Edit each admin/parent profile (Name, picture, password)Define number of dashboards (number of kids)Name each dashboard (kid name in title)Upload / change a kid’s photoSet individual allowance pr kidChange individual allowance pr kid, without changing past calculations Set payday in pre-set intervals (Every 1 week, Every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks or every 1st of month)Set a weekly rating (stars 1-5) for behaviour pr kidDecide on pay cut penalty based on % (maximum of 50%)Mark allowance as paid Edit the footer, divided to 4 columns (text and/or html)Rename labels (labels are for example “Behaviour”, “House Rules”, “Payday”, “today" etc)Change color schemeResize and reposition each dashboard in the main (and only) front end page.All data should be stored in a database (mysql)Danish letters should be supportedThe danish currency symbol should be automatically displayed in each allowance numberA logged-in session should expire after 30 minutesA password reset mechanism should exist (email for example)The page should work on iOS, Chrome, Safari and firefoxThe backend should include a statistics table showing pr kid:Number of weeks with penaltiesMoney paid pr kid year to dateMoney lost year to date (due to penalties)Average star ratingMost penalised weeks in a rowMost none-penalised in a row

  • $1250 USD Mar 10, 2014

    I have a website that I&quot;m very happy with.http://www.simplerwork.comIt has multiple sets of pages/sections that work very well for me:• Homepage• Six sections with multiple sub-pages• A store (All downloadable e-products, no shipping/physical products)• A Blogger blog associated with itMy web guy has done a great job over almost two decades.On portions of the site, he&quot;s done a fantastic job of meeting very complicated specs.But (due to my circumstances and my direction in the past), the site&quot;s been cobbled together, without complete reexamination.I&quot;m very open to changes you would suggest... But for these early discussions, assumeit&quot;s copying-over/rebuilding this site pretty much as is... (with 10%-25% changes based on your new advice)There are two core issues I need addressed:1. I&quot;m not leveraging the most current social media and site interactivity capabilities.Where and how would you recommend bringing this site up to 2014+ capabilities?(Keeping in mind it&quot;s called > s i m p l e r w o r k < for a reason... Not into bells and whistlesjust for the sake of eye-candy)2. I&quot;m no coder, but I can do basic-level Average Joe kind of stuff (blog designs/postings etc)The way my site is now, only my web guy can make changes (which is very costly for me).e.g., If I wanna change © 2013 to © 2014 or rewrite a line of text or enlarge/reduce an image,or inserting a new item on a page, etc... I gotta go thru him. (Access to me has been denied by him... Yeah, yeah... Let&quot;s not go there on that)I need to change that so that for much of the updating and basic changes, I can do them myselfCan you help me?

  • $160 USD Mar 2, 2014

    I need a php script installed. Everything is already written and instructions are provided in english. I need the php scrip installed I don&quot;t know anything about programming. If you accept this project you have to be able to just follow the instructions and install it. If this is something you can do at a good cost I will award you the project.

  • €625 EUR Nov 28, 2013

    Recently we started a partnership with the paysafecard gateway. []PaysafeCard uses SOAP-based web service, in order to establish a connection and proceed with a customer payment. need an expert to understand this api and write the required code in order to connect with paysafecard and complete the customer transactions.Kindly view the functions of my platform attached file is to show you where the customization is neededyellow/gold color-customer is asked for paysafe pincodePurple color-verification/authentification of the pincode from the paysafe server

  • $60 USD Nov 27, 2013

    HiI hired an indian developer to do some psd -> html conversion and it was promised it would be ready for last saturday - it is still not 100%i need someone to take the page i have currently and to ensure they conform with what i want- this is not alot to do but a few hours will finish it.If you are indian i will perhaps not even look at your bid because i have been let down by your country people MANY times.only bid if you can deliver in the next 24 hoursonly bid if you can give an expert guarantee (ie you finish to 100% satisfaction in the given time span or else you forego the earnings)please pm for details

  • $750 USD Nov 22, 2013

    Hello there. I&quot;m looking for someone who can make a software withwhich I can read/write chip information for smart cards, credit cardsect. The device model is MCR200 or the other one is MX-5.I want to be able to read and write the information from one chip cardto another regardless of whatever type of card it is.Let me know the price and everything. Thanks in Advance.

  • $655 USD Nov 7, 2013

    I&quot;m trying to create a copy of the functionality of the Wyzant website...Ideally for Wordpress. Please post your bids.

  • $30 USD Nov 19, 2010

    This is a privatre job

  • $550 USD Oct 3, 2010

    Looking for a coder with knowledge of PHP/Javascript/Flash combine (Mostly PHP). This person must know how to design pages decently. Prefer if you live within the US, this job will require you to do a similar work as script works. I also have another MP3 Search Engine site that needs work on due to some bugs. If I am pleased with your work, expect to have much more work later on with me. Warning, I do not pay much so if your into getting over pay am not your person, I pay based on the project and decently. You MUST have Skype or GTalk.

  • $300 USD Sep 25, 2010

    Hi,Would like a Windows Application written in VB, that can daily import this file from site: sort each row from domain name and the date, and also just show the domain names with maximum of four characters without numbers. I also want that every outsortet result should check the domain name with this site: domain name should check with the search field under the text: VAD S&Ouml;KER DU?And if the search domain name without the &quot;.se&quot; shows a red result with text &quot;Din s&ouml;kning gav ingen tr&auml;ff! Menade du n&aring;gon av dessa...&quot; I want it to be marked in the windows application..The result of the daily import i finally want a the Date, domain name, and the check from: Information should be easy to read.Also want the program to be able to sort the number of the numbers of letters.., example attached.I also looking for a future cooperation, the payment will be transferred when showing a working program.Best regards: Dennis Svensson

  • [Sealed] Jan 4, 2010

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Team Lead/Manager Operations

Jun 2008 - Present (6 years)

iT Mentors

• Directing the integration of IT operations, computer hardware, operating systems, communications, software applications and data processing without affecting the daily business transactional routines and procedures.<br />• Supervising Module development, testing, deployment and Integration like MIS, Accounts, HR, ICMS and CRMS formally known as ERP Solution.<br />• Working with other transition managers to ensure the smooth transition of business systems.<br />• Directing the Quality Assurance Department to articulat

Assitant Manager Information Technology

Jul 2006 - May 2008 (1 year)

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club

• Work as project coordinator with COO for effective project launch and well managed development.<br />• Assist COO to implement effective operational and administrative procedures.<br />• Supervise/guide junior staff members to be more productive.<br />• Extract and articulate the needs of the clients business and produce functional requirements specifications.<br />• Responsible for the provision of IT Infrastructure and business systems to ensure maximum availability and scope within the agreed annual budget. <br />• Record

Sernior Manager Information Technology

Feb 2004 - Jun 2006 (2 years)

Franchise One 1

• Providing technical assistance in deployment and operational support to ensure that the IT infrastructure runs efficiently and with minimal downtime. <br />• Providing helpdesk support, troubleshoot and resolve reported problems in a timely manner.<br />• Execute ensure comprehensive quality of the documents provided by the IT Department.<br />• Ensure that all standards, methods, guidelines, techniques, tools and control structures are adhered to and implemented effectively across the project.<br />• Daily follow up wit

Manager Information Technology

Feb 2000 - Jan 2004 (3 years)

Universal Freight System

• I was responsible for analyzing the information needs of the organization as well as developing technological solutions to satisfy those needs.<br />• Managing and supporting the IT network in an efficient and reliable manner.<br />• Facilitate communication & coordination with other departments for internal & external correspondence.<br />• Planning, implementing and controlling the IT budget in a cost effective manner.<br />• Designing and implementing backup procedures to ensure regular and consistent backup of data.

System Analyst/Team Leader

Sep 1997 - Jan 2000 (2 years)

Universal Enterprises

• Extract and articulate the needs of the business and produce functional requirements specifications.<br />• Directing the integration of IT operations, computer hardware, operating systems, communications, software applications and data processing without affecting the daily business transactional routines and procedures.<br />• Supervising Module development, testing, deployment and Integration like MIS, Accounts, HR, ICMS and CRMS formally known as ERP Solution.<br />• Working with other transition managers to ensu

Manager Technical Support Department

Jul 1996 - Aug 1997 (1 year)

Al Majal Advanced Technology (Bahrain)

• Developing close liaison with the client’s TIS group to maintain awareness of their activities and developments and provide feedback and guidance for strategic direction.<br />• Manage the various IT projects simultaneously, running, managing, reporting and deploying the various IT projects including Website upgrade project, Network Deployment project, Other systems such as HR, Finance, SCM, ICS, CRM (ERP) Solutions etc.<br />• Supervises the preparation of Proposals/Quotations for the different required solution


Electrical Engineering (3 Years Diploma)

University of Bahrain


Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC)


Seconday School Certificate (SSC)



Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Corporation USA

Microsoft Certification in Windows NT 4 Workstation

Brain Bench Certified Windows NT Administrator

Brain Bench USA

Brain Bench Certification for Windows NT 4 Administration