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  • $666.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller knight79


    Mar 25, 2014

    Did an amazing job, even exceeded the requirements. Will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:We want to make modifications to the Unity's Character Customization tutorial: Currently, when you make a character, it is saved in a config...
  • $900.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller therubyit


    Mar 13, 2014

    Great job. It took a while with a fixes here and there but the freelancer cooperated and worked with us amicable. It worked at the end of it all and that's all that matters.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $385.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JeromyAnderson


    Oct 29, 2013

    They did a good job, would re-hire again most definitely.

    Project Description:My app needs a couple things to be finish. I need a rate view to be implemented using parse, a slidemenu, local notifications and a mapview.
  • $555.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JFKii


    Oct 18, 2013

    They were very professional and timely with responses, even working through the weekends.

    Project Description:I've done more of the development work in Java including the UI, graphics, logo, etc, but don't have time to create this app and get it uploaded to the Google Play store. Its a simple 1-interface application that requires a decision from the user to trigger an email with time/date/signature...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MarcGobeil


    Aug 22, 2013

    I was really impressed overall with my Experience with this company. They were very easy to work with and very accomadating. It was very hard to find the right group but I think I got lucky and wont look any further for my next project. They were always available to help and answer any questions. Great process overall, learned lots. Very Happy

    Project Description:Guitar Kit Building App I have been putting together a workshop for kids, teenagers and adults to build Guitar Kits. I want to build an app that helps them through the process. I have been creating an eBook that explains the process and is broken down into chapter...
  • $420.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller puneetjaini

    puneetjaini [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 20, 2013

    Coder doesn't give good responses. He asked for funds release few times and sent me testing application more than 3 times but when I tested, it was not working. Do not recommend this.

    itsnineit's reply:

    What is this lies about payment release? I asked to create milestone payment even before i accepted the project and i have proof the app was tested before being sent to you...

    Project Description:Hi, I've an application built for iOS. I've full source code as well. I need following bug fixed in it: 1. Select/select all doesn't work (Sometime it works and sometime not) 2. Typing is a little iffy acting 3...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller usatechmaster


    Jan 23, 2013

    Great work, on time, good communication and supportive I would hire again

    Project Description:I am looking for SharePoint developer to develop a custom solution package which can be deployed at farm level using single click install and available for all web applications to use it. Must have 5+...
  • $2100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller zwaker


    Dec 1, 2012

    Sometime quality can't be measured by price. NineIT provided me a product of such scale and quality. They have exceeded my expectations. They have delivered on time and within budget. They understood my feelings and delivered on that and it is very hard to find such talent now a days. Wish. We could run more projects with them and afford more to reward them.Thanks. We will hire them again and again.

    Project Description:I need a designer who can do modeling on Maya I need programmer who is excellent on Unity 3D for iOS Project Requirement Details shapeMutantsVsU A 3D (built on unity or opengl) game compatible on iphone and ipad where the player will face giant balls, big pipelines rolled over to the player...
  • $300.05 USD
    Profile image for Seller eyesitter


    Nov 5, 2012

    Workers end code was very good, communication was tough with the time difference. Took a little for the coder to understand the complexities of the project, but they did get it and did it well. I would recommend the coder, just give yourself enough time.

    Project Description:We require modification of a current iOS application. It is a GPS based app which uploads the GPS location using Standard Location Background Services. We require that this part of the app be modified to use Significant Change Services to start a background task to keep itself awake...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller infoanal


    Sep 18, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    Nine-IT has not completed any projects.
  • $3888 USD In Progress

    Develop a unity3d webplayer software.

  • $1111 USD In Progress

    I am looking for someone to help me to integrate the following asset: into a Scrabble like game in Unity (2D). Please go through the link to understand more about the asset. The asset has already been purchased. This link gives the details of the all the codes available in the asset: has to be converted into against computer and a 2 player game for Android, Ipad, IoS. Most of the scripts and logic are available in the asset. Board layout will be provided by me. The board structure can be used from this website. things to be done are:Making a turn based game: vs computer and vs playerBoard game structureGame PlayHUD and MenuConvert from GUI to NGUITouch ControlsFramework DocumentationTestingThe end objective is to make it like this :

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    My app: needs to be tuned up a bit... It doesn"t show up properly on phones with smaller screens (squished) and we"d like to change the advertising platform back to Goodle AdMob.We already have an AdMob account and have ★ Signal Booster Reloaded ★ ready to go.Should be pretty simple! I have the APK, etc. in a folder.

  • $1333 USD In Progress

    I"m looking to develope an app that allows users to take a photo of there receipt... Then data entry basic info eg category, date, description, amount, tax.I would like to keep it aimple... For the end user. To retrieve a report and email it to a third party and to email receipts also in as a combined PDF. Between two dates and/or 1 or More categoriesData to be stored via Dropbox orGoogle (or user choice of popular cloud storage) or on our cloud server for extra charge Reminders for receipts captured withWarrantees.Also theApp should be easily white labled to allow Businesses to use it for there employees

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Looking for a custom Droid and IOS APP that will have a custom backend CMS to make changesWe will have on average 15 - 20 specials and discounts and deals from our sponsorsPlease check these links for samples of what we want

  • $888 USD In Progress

    audio recording app we discussed a couple of weeks ago. bid $800...................................................................................................

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    I"m a PHP professional looking for help with an existing adult project, preferably long term - depending on performance. It"s a plus if you"re familiar with:* Zend Framework or other framework* Doctrine or other ORM for PHP* Memcached* PHPUnit* HTML5Typical functionality wanted:* Be able to handle massive traffic and scalable across multiple servers* Chat system* Responsive design* Media manager* Ranking/filter system* Upload managerI can offer guidance and help, but require someone self-motivated - not afraid to air ideas and suggest solutions. Fluent English is a must.

  • $2200 USD In Progress

    3d Suit Designer as discussed via email.

  • $3888 USD In Progress

    I am looking to hire someone who is capable of building a website and app that would fall under the category of dating. The application is functions by identifying users in the same GPS coordinates but functions similar to Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Website portion functions like a dating site (Think in regards to filtering and data collection).

  • $3605 USD In Progress

    Required Unity 3d developer and Designer :Criteria:1. Should be very good in english..2. Should have more than 5 years of an experience in unity 3d.3. Should ready to work at-least 20 hours a week..4. dedicated,report on time, punctual..To apply, you need to demonstrate at least 3+ Unity game develop so far.What you will supply:- Complete Unity Game with Android and iOS builds.We need clone but bit 3d: Limited Stages (8 unique Worlds with 64 Levels)- In app purchase- Game Center achievements & Leaderboards

  • [Sealed] Today

    I would like to have an animation of a guy for an endless runner iOSHe must runs, jump, slide, go left and right, throw stones at enemies. idle and dies. The guy will not be ring therefore you will have to ring it and you will provide the character. A second part of the job will be doing3 different type of bridges, 3 different types of towers 3 different types of fences3 different type walls 3 different types of treesrocks of different dimensions

  • [Sealed] Today

    Hello,I need my match 3 Bible game recreated using Unity 3D. I only have an iOS version but the artwork in that is too small and can"t be utilized. As far as enhancements: The game board needs to change. (By that I mean the square tile.) I want it to look like the clear jelly look.-The game has 7 levels with about 50 boards between them, but code it so it can be easily be updated with more boards for the future. (in the original these boars were repayable once you beat the game but they were harder additional chains that needed to be broken etc…)-Don"t use a 3D kit from Unity"s store. It doesn"t flow the way I want my game to move.**A plus, if you can ad social media features to the game and have knowledge of how to implement mobile ads. Familiar with Androids building as well as iOS is a plus too. I don"t have a coder so I"m looking for someone to partner up with for all my future games. Thank you. We can discuss more game details/visual aids, PDF, videos of gameplay etc… through PM.Thank you.-U

  • [Sealed] Today

    Hello!We have several unity assets (URL list below) that we want to mix together into a unique looking tower defense-style game that will insert into our pre-built WP/WooCommerse iOS app. We require a first level (endless waves) to be created to show a working proof of concept.We"re looking for a Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game using a Unity Asset (!/content/3933) as a starting point (if possible) and want to re-skin/re-model the whole example for Sci-Fi using our already existing main character. Most assets will need to be created by you as we only have character models / rigging, everything else will either need to be created or purchased from Unity Asset store and modified. We require the Vuforia SDK Smart Terrain feature to the game to create unique enemy unit paths based off of how players layout and create the level. The game should load a default enemy path if player doesn"t use Smart Terrain feature. VIDEO EXAMPLE: ( )We"re looking to use all the features the Tower Defense template provides and require a full re-skin to make the game have a fun and unique feel to our brand as the age range we"re targeting is 4 - 14.This project is going to be created in tandem with our iOS app development which this will merge into once completed. It will be the unity asset that loads after a specific marker is scanned in our iOS app to load the game.Once the game passes our testing, we will provide the full Unity License key for publishing into our iOS app.If you have any project questions please don"t hesitate to post them on the Clarification board.Pre-Purchased Unity Assets for Project:-> 3D Tower Defense Kit (!/content/3933 )-> NGUI (Required by 3D TDK) (!/content/2413 )-> WordPress User Login Kit (!/content/15766 )-> WordPress User Data (!/content/16827 )

  • $2500 USD Yesterday

    Hi All,We would like to develop an Online game similar to the one mentioned below; raise your bid with the similar games you have development with the admin link.Thanks

  • $1000 USD Yesterday

    I"d like to have someone re-code the 3D flight system of our Unity game. Upon agreement, I will provide a sample Unity project with existing assets to work from and the existing flight system as reference. Our Unity version is Unity Pro 4.3.4. Platform is PC.This is not a realistic flight simulator, but a multiplayer flight game with simple controls. Though we will take advantage of some physics and also have an advanced control mode.DescriptionCamera viewport is 3rd person. It is positioned behind the player"s plane. As the player thrusts, turns, rises or dives, the camera should behave as if it is attached to the plane with a spring. It is not fixed but rather smoothly follows the plane as it moves. There should be a very slight camera shake at all times to make the flight experience more realistic or "movie-like" but not to a point where it annoys. This shake shall increase with steep climbs or dives or hard maneuvers.Two different control modes should be developed, Simple and Advanced.Simple controlMoving the mouse left/right, tilts the plane in either direction and performs turns without rotating the camera"s Z axis. The degree of roll (and speed of turn) depends on how far the mouse point is from the center. Camera follows but has some elasticity. As the plane turns, it feels like it is slightly pushed to the opposite side of the screen.Moving the mouse up/down, allows for full loops while also rotating the camera"s X axis.Advanced controlThe difference from simple control is that when performing a roll, the plane is rotated without actually turning. A change in pitch is then required in order to make turns. Also, the camera"s Z axis gets rotated in advanced control.In addition, Yaw is available in advanced control by using the keyboard.Additional Features- Holding a key and moving the mouse performs a camera orbit around the plane.- The plane shall lose speed while climbing, and gain speed while diving.- Throttle adjustment via the keyboard. Acceleration: When accelerating the plane distance from the camera increases up to a point. Releasing the throttle causes the plane to move back to the default position.Deceleration: When decelerating, the plane distance from the camera decreases slightly. Releasing the brakes causes the plane to move back to the default position.- Pitch, roll, yaw, camera, elasticity, etc. settings should be customizable from the Editor.Upon successful completion of this project, there will be a second phase to re-code the weapon system, shooting, targeting, etc.RequirementsExperience in Unity and C#Experience with Unity physicsKnowledge of flight systems in gamesMust be able to communicate frequently, send frequent updates and accept feedback along the wayLet me know if you have any questions,Nick

  • $888 AUD 5 days ago

    Hi.Looking for an app developer to develop an idea I have for a game.The game is called "find-a-word".The game combines the principles of scrabble and tetris.The game will have a facebook log on screen with your friends scores for comparison.The scrabble blocks will replace the normal tetris blocks and instead of fitting blocks in, the idea will be to spell a word to remove the row.Each letter will be scored like scrabble - meaning the more complicated the word the larger the score.Word combination can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.This idea has been patented.Any other question please email me

  • $333 USD 5 days ago

    Looking for iOS experts, who can fixes some issues with some changes of screens design in my Taxi App.There was a problem in finding near one Taxi and unable to find current location.

  • $5555 AUD 5 days ago

    Basically a messenger with a few unique features. Will need to include location services, profiles, photos/video sending among other things.

  • $3333 CAD 5 days ago

    Woocommerce / Vuforia SDK App Concept:We are looking for a Woocomerce / WordPress app to start (iOS & Android) that allows users to purchase products from our store, manage their accounts, view game metrics, and browse the content and different post types from the WordPress website (Events, News, Galleries, etc..).Our App is quite large and has many phases, but we"re currently looking for a completed first phase (this project) to show as a working, deployable app which will generate sales.The products we sell are augmented, so after this completed project, we also require the app to have a section for the Vuforia SDK and Unity 3D game engine, so this must be kept in mind when developing the framework for the application.What we are looking for:Phase 1 - Alpha BuildConnect to a secured WordPress website running Woocommerce and a custom themeforest theme with additional custom post types.We have the app"s iOS UI completed with an included elements pack to create any missing page UI designs. We require all included page designs to function and pull data from the WP website front and back end. We may require the creation of WP plug-ins to make sure specific data transfers from the website to the application.We have used the Prototyper program to also create a sample of the app with no back-end coding, which will be required by you to fill in for each page design EXCEPT for the Vuforia SDK / Unity 3D section. This area will be done later.We are looking for a quality development team with strong communication skills to properly code our app in a short amount of time (three weeks, plus testing). If you have a larger team and can handle that type of time constraint then please place your bid.

  • $1555 USD 6 days ago

    HiI am looking to reskin games for both iPhone and Android markets. it will be like temple run or subway surfers but there"ll be special character and map You can use sample assets

  • $1666 USD 6 days ago

    Real Time Hack n" Slash 1v1 Multiplayer GameI am looking for a passionate and dedicated game developer for the following project. All of the game graphics and menus will be provided.Game Concept:This game will be an online 1 vs 1, 2D Zelda style multiplayer action game, played in the web browser. The game movement and attacking system will work the same as this: will each start on opposing sides of the game board, locked in position, and a timer will count down from 5 before the game starts. Once the timer reaches 0, the word "Fight!" appears and the 2 players are free to move and attack each other. Players have 10 hit points, and each time a player gets hit they lose 1. If a player reaches 0 hit points they are destroyed and they lose the match.Player names will be displayed below each player character.Game Controls:The players move with the arrow keys and can attack with their sword using the "S" key or Spacebar.Game Menus:Login: Username, Password, Forgot Password, Remember MeRegister: Username, Password, Confirm Password, EmailMain Menu: Displays a game browser list consisting of 4 different game rooms. Players can join a game room by clicking the Join and Spectate buttons.Join - Queues the player up in the room to fight rooms against other queued opponentsSpectate - Puts the player in the game room to watch the fights.Game Room: The game room consists of an arena box where two opposing characters will fight each other. As well as an area for spectators below the arena box where they can stand and watch. Losing a match kicks the player out of the arena, but not the game room. Losers become spectators and will have to click the Queue button to join the arena queue again to fight. Each game room has a Chat Box and chat text appears above players heads.Thanks and happy bidding.Regards,Adrian

  • $27777 HKD 7 days ago

    Hello,We are looking for a reliable outsourcing team with experience in Hidden Object Game Development(Big Fish Game). The task is to develop a hidden object game engine/framwork, so we can easily deploy games in this genre. (Mean we can define level setting or placing items and art work on our side) We would just need to change the graphics from game to game and minor code changes. It needs to be modular and clean. We will provide all artwork, audio, animation. Please send me your profile. Thanks.

  • $17 USD/hr 8 days ago

    Job DescriptionDevelop a virtual world game that is full of adventures and surprises. Player will spend a great time with their friends, they will start the adventure by doing quests that has been requested by NPC. Quests will help the player to improve their personal skills and professional skills. The game will support iOS and Android devices. Be part of our development team. Responsibilities:•Implement game functionality as per design document and specification (avatar & character control, AI, maps, game GUI, scoring and other game elements)•Design implementation approach to take game road map into account•Communicate with other team members to integrate media assets•Give regular feedback to project lead as to implementation issues and possible improvements to game design•Produce technical documentation•Address bugs and other technical issues identified for subsequent releaseDesired Skills & Experience• Significant experience in developing interactive applications, including games• Analytical ability to study and assimilate technical structure, data, and requirements of an autonomous character-based training game•Experience and effectiveness in working within a project team•Demonstrated ability to work effectively, and harmoniously in a fast-paced, diverse team environment •Excellent knowledge of Unity and C# scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, user session management, etc.•Direct experience with game physics and particle systems•Experience with iOS and Android game development•Experience with version control software•Ability to work independently, remotely, and in a team

  • $722 USD 8 days ago

    We need a simple app made in Unity 3D. This project involves programming AND designing the app, though the design will be very simple. The app will start with 3 doors visible on the screen. The user chooses which door to enter. Upon tapping any door, the door will open and the user will enter the room (first person view), and a wall will appear with some text written on it. From there, the user will read the text and can exit back to the main screen (with 3 doors) again. That"s about it. We can explain more in a private message.This is an urgent project and is for individuals only. Companies / agencies need not apply.We will select a provider as soon as possible.

  • $444 NZD 8 days ago

    HiI am looking to reskin games for both iPhone and Android markets. Hit me up with your previous reskins that you have done and ready to do some reskins. Looking for someone who can reskin and submit to the store. Need to resubmit with changes if rejected.PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PORTFOLIO LINKS WHEN YOU CONTACT!!!I have background in web development but not in game so i would need you to help in submitting game to both itunes and play store. So a helpful guy would be definitely preferred :). Must have skype id for easy communication.This would definitely turn out to be an ongoing work. I have plans to develop more games in the future and some app development as well. So any app experience would be an advantage.Good English language skills is a must.Thanks

  • $555 USD 10 days ago

    I need a children game written. I already have the design.

  • €611 EUR 10 days ago

    I have model Phone Case, but you must put phone and do rendeinr with difrent colors.

  • $1666 CAD 10 days ago

    MMO strategy not similar to clash of clans.

  • $1488 USD 10 days ago

    We are looking for an iOS or Android developer who can build a simple app that pulls html pages from a database based on users criterias, displays them in the app and let"s the user share them on WeChat (Chinese messaging app) in exchange for that users get points. We provide all the design and you only need to do the coding. This could be an ongoing project if we work together well. So you should be familiar with Wechat APIs. please add me on wechat directly to talk: moritz0887 thank you Moritz

  • $1888 USD 10 days ago

    an iphone mobile application using square and parse APIs.square is a payment API and parse is the database space. The number of pages are almost 12 pages.

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My basic responsibility is to visit client side if client is a domestic, else gather initial project details from outsource client with the help of teleconference, email, chatting etc. Developing project document, DFD, system flow, link flow, page flow, database, table relations, coding, and testing, debugging, uploading and final test on live server.


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Video greeting app is just an app that we have just delivered to our US client