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Jared Michalec

Highly skilled consultant and developer - expertise includes design and programming in multiple lang

Username: jared23

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Location: Denver, United States

Member since: June 2006



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My projects:

  • $105 USD
    Profile image for Seller samwhise


    17 days ago

    Did an excellent job and developed a perfect software. 100% Recommended.

    Project Description:We would like to develop a Free Unfriend Finder application (For Facebook) which will have following functionalities as you can see in example software:
  • $157 USD
    Profile image for Seller yanivchechik


    Mar 11, 2014

    best freelancer ever!

    Project Description:I need to create a simple web project ( that will read from SQL server 1 table containing mostly text fields and offer the option to Insert, Read, Update and delete (CRUD) rows from it. one of...
  • $263 USD
    Profile image for Seller samwhise


    Feb 24, 2014

    Very good work again Jared. Only issue is delivery time but your work makes up for it.Look forward to doing many jobs with you.Thanks again.

    Project Description:hi I need a application built similar to Free download Manager with all features but unique UI Please have a look at example software...
  • $157 USD
    Profile image for Seller Codemarx


    Jan 30, 2014

    Thanks for the good work.

    Project Description:I need a C# and TSQL formula that will calculate the monthly Payment, APR, interest paid, PMI paid of mortgage loan. The parameters that will be provide are Home Value, Loan Amount, LTV, Loan Term, additional fees and PMI (mortgage insurance)...
  • $147 USD
    Profile image for Seller easycashmethod


    Nov 21, 2013

    Great coder, although it was a long project, this was not his fault, was due to some constant changes in the html we needed to work with.

    Project Description:I have a dll which I use in various softwares that interacted with Google adwords, but it needs to be updated to work with the new Adwords Keyword Planner, and Display planner to extract keyword data correctly...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller breezeitinc


    Nov 11, 2013

    Excellent work. Will continue to engage with Jared.<br/>

    Project Description:Code and DB exist. -Setup IIS -Install code -Import Database -Test and resolve issues, as needed
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller dragonmythinfos


    Oct 28, 2013

    Jared is an amazing coder and a very good guy to deal with!He did everything I asked for and he was always ready to make the changes I asked during the project.Will hire him for future projects for sure!

    Project Description:2 things: Server/Client - When a client is online, appear in a datagridview his Computer Name, Mac Address, IP Address and OS. - Be able to send messages to the slaves and get their response. - When a...
  • $2600 USD
    Profile image for Seller Midway438


    Oct 4, 2013

    Amazing communication.<br/>

    Project Description:Not sure if you can help, but my company has an Access database (front and back end) that was designed and built by another freelancer. We were very satisfied with his work but he is no longer able to work with us so I am looking for someone new...
  • $187 USD
    Profile image for Seller aramnaderi


    Oct 1, 2013

    This guy is amazing at what he does. He is extremely patient and very pleasant to work with. I will definitely hire him again for any project I may need. He is very creative about fixing problems, and he has come up with many fixes for big problems that have saved time and effort for both of us. All in all a great guy and amazing freelancer!

    Project Description:For this project I will need 2 things. First thing is a quiz maker. In the quiz maker I will be able to make a quiz. A quiz is basically a file with data in it. A quiz will have Pages in it, each page will have some things in it, such as 3-4 questions and a picture and some text...
  • £210 GBP
    Profile image for Seller jimthehorsegod


    Sep 11, 2013

    Repeat customer and delighted again with Jared's work. Fully understood the requirements and delivered a great piece of software ahead of time.

    Project Description:IMPORTANT. This project needs to be completed this week before the end of the weekend. If you cannot guarantee this please do not bid as it is needed for a demonstration on Sunday evening. Requirement...
    Jared Michalec has not completed any projects.
  • $263 USD In Progress

    We would like to develop a Free Quiz Maker application which will have following functionalities but different in design as you can see in example software: we want in this software?-Can save quizzes(as project) to be able to edit them at later timeFinal deliverable must include-Setup installer-Sourcecode (which I can also compile easily)-A nicely designed + user friendly GUI Free Quiz Maker

  • $175 USD In Progress

    Develop a software program that converts or replaces text, based on a database of words and symbols. This program should be able to read any text and convert and replace them accordingly. For example the program should be able to convert 3 words to 3 symbols based on rules setup in a predetermined database. Ex. Happy = %Elmo = ~Smile = ^Whenever a text document is loaded into the program it should convert accordingly.So:Elmo was so happy he had a smile on his face all day.After conversion:~ was so % he had a ^ on his face all day.The program should also have an automated capture feature or folder that allows multiple .txt files to be read and converted in sequence. The program should be able to store and process an unlimited amount of word/symbol pairs. The program should also have the option of only decoding only certain portions of a .txt document based on predetermined rules. for example convert the body of a letter only and not the title.Read the attach document for the GUI interface and Microsoft Outlook Requirement.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    The project is about creating, a vb base project with using images. attached with with draft

  • $3157 MXN In Progress

    Simulator of intelligent traffic lightsI need a C# or Java program which control a group of traffic lights in a graphic way.The requirements are the following:*A map of 8-10 blocks*A control of the quantity of cars there will appear*Measurement of the time that every car has in front of the traffic lightswithout moving.*Streets&quot; circulation can only have one direction.*A report with quantity of cars, time in front of traffic lights, etc.*Control the time of simulation*Optional: Cars can have short or long routes.*Optional: Traffic lights can have 2 modes &quot;intelligents&quot; and &quot;normal&quot;.I need the source code

  • $40 USD/hr In Progress

    i have a class and want to fix it to speed up app performance

  • $125 USD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a program that could be hosted, or local, doesn&quot;t really matter. The program can be made in any language flash/VB/etc,Main idea of program,A DnD game board, that has many (adjustable) grid squares or hexagons,A Token Builder, that allows you to make tokens by &quot;cropping&quot; pictures, tokens can be made in different sizes, but always squared in size. as in, first token takes 1 grid, next size is 4 grids, so on.Field Builder, allows you to take landscape pictures and place them in, also place things down like wall, well, doors, trees, carts, etc.Tokens can be moved around the board, and there can be a large number of tokens plus foliage on the field at a time. (by large meaning maybe 50-100 tokens, and maybe 20-50 foliage)Wanted to implement a fog of war, but that may require a two picture display that is apart from one another so nobody can see the complete picture.Basically this is a super low end Pen and Paper board, but not online for millions, just a personal field that people that still get together to play can use.can be done as low as 16 bit.adding a photo of what he field would look like.Other Ideas(not needed):Right click tokens an get a drop done of status effects like, paralyzed, feared, stunned, dead.hover over tokens and see status effects, or display via little icons,

  • $40 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Quiz Maker with Quiz Viewer&quot;

  • $526 USD In Progress

    ## Deliverables1. make local copy of adwords in SQL tables. Required tables: accounts, campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords2. Write an esecutable or service that synchronises data in local sql tables mentioned above with google adwords 3. Supply extensive logging/reports of synchronisation: which records are update, deleted an inserted, and which columns in these records where changed. Time taken, summary etc4. code must be documented in English

  • $40 USD/hr In Progress

    Not sure if you can help, but my company has an Access database (front and back end) that was designed and built by another freelancer. We were very satisfied with his work but he is no longer able to work with us so I am looking for someone new.The project is ongoing work; I will most likely be contacting you at least once a week to add, change or build upon your previous work for the foreseeable future. This database is a major feature in our company.It is a little hard to explain the project but it is essentially spreadsheet where we log messages left for our customer service reps. The messages come from a 3rd party answering service, we log the information, and the customer service rep uses the information to call the customer back. At that point, the message is updated on the spreadsheet and from there things get very complicated. If this is something you would be interested in undertaking, I can send you the files we have now so you can review and try to make sense.Let me know what you think.-Chris

  • $70 CAD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $54 USD 11 days ago

    We would like to develop a Free PDF to BMP Converter application which will have following functionalities but different in design as you can see in example software: From above software we only need to convert to BMP format.What we want in this software?-Can select single or multiple files-Can select files from folder(s)-Can select output folder-Can Add/Remove files-Can select random files from selected files to convertFinal deliverable must include-Setup installer-Sourcecode (which I can also compile easily)-A nicely designed + user friendly GUI Free PDF to BMP Converter

  • $263 USD 15 days ago

    Free Invoice Maker+ Sourcecode + Setup installer + Nice looking GUIWe would like to develop a Free Invoice Maker application which will have following functionalities but different in design as you can see in example software: deliverable must include-Setup installer-Sourcecode (which I can also compile easily)-A nicely designed + user friendly GUI Free Invoice Maker

  • $50 USD/hr Jan 24, 2014

    We have raw data in an Excel spreadsheet that we need placed into Tabs with cells with specific values to be colored. Each tab will have headlines and colored type. We also need a table of contents that links to each of the 14 tabs. The format of the data is always the same, but the volume and data will change with each download from a database tool we use.We need the macro(s) to work on both MAC OS and Windows.

  • ₹1000 INR/hr Dec 24, 2013

    Lalit Upreti I-67, LalitaPark, LaxmiNagar (Delhi) Contact: +91-8285324069; E-mail: lalitupreti143@gmail.com________________________________________IT PROFESSIONAL –SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTSeeking challenging assignments across the industry________________________________________PROFILE•Qualified & Proactive IT Professional holding a career graph of 2 Years across Software Development .Currently associated with in Ease My Trip Planer Private Limited, New Delhi as a Software Engineer.•Demonstrated capabilities in providing technical support and structuring customized solutions to meet customer’s specific needs. •Proven problem analysis/ resolution skills, ability to troubleshoot, solve problems quickly & completely; expertise in Client-Server Web Applications Worked extensively with SQL-Server and Dot Net.•Solutions oriented with progressive experience & professional competencies in Need Assessment, Business Process understanding, Requirement Mapping, Application Development, Testing, Procedure Development, Business Process Re-engineering and Project Documentation in web based applications. Adept at phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.TECHNICAL SKILL Operating SystemWindows 98/2000/XP/7, MS-DOSLanguagesC,C++, C#, PL/SQLDatabasesMS-Access, SQL-Server 2008Web TechnologyHTML, Asp.Net.WCF, Web -Services,Javascript,Jquery,Json,Xml,Screen ScrapingToolsReverseEngineeringTooolVisual studio 2008,2010Erwin,SqldataArchitecture ________________________________________PROFESSIONAL SNAPSHOTSCONSULT IT MANAGEMENT&SOLUTION1yrSoftware Developer•Design, analyze, code, document, and implement applications that support and enhance administrative and associated systems. This includes on-going support of these applications.•Undertaking custom application development using various languages & tools to support and enhance existing systems.•Carrying out needs assessment, system integration and design support and general change management support. Assisting in the designing, planning, development, installation, operations and implementation of applications.•Coordination with clients for different projects and preparing Project reportsPROJECT EXPERTISETitleIITD financial education portalDomain Namehttp://www.iitdonline.comRoleSoftware DeveloperDescriptionIItd is india’s best financial education provider portal ,financial education,exam date ,holding exam, providing three tier architect provide financial study to student any time . I worked end to end solution in thisEnvironmentCompany,C#,Webservices,Jquery,Javascript,Html,Sql server 2008. Ease my trip planer pvt ltd 1yrTitleIN TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY WORKED IN QMSDomain Namehttp://staging.emtqms.bookeasytrip.comRoleSoftware DeveloperDescriptionThis is for Online Query portal of four tier architecture (utility,data acess,business object,user interface).it is completely partial post back system .in which with the help of json and jquery we take response in web service and we loaded controlEnviromentTitle Domain:Role:Description:EnviromentDomain:TitleDescription:EnviromentEnviroment Domain:Title:Description:,C#,Webservices,Jquery,Javascript,Html,Sql server 2008. Hotel InventoryInventory.bookeasytrip.comSoftware developerBring response from gds like hotel beds, expedia,dotw and provide customer their requirement atTill the last is three tier architecture and work on post,C#,Sql server travel fusion’s cloud Bring response from fusion select all flight make trip from flight and from all trip make contract and with help of wcf consume,C#,wcf,XML,sqlserver,C#,Wcf, SQL server 2008

  • $40 USD Nov 23, 2013

    Hi Can you help me with verifying my AdSense account I will pay 40$ for pin.I need someone in us to verify address for me for my adsense account.I already have everything ready just need someone with a valid address who will receive the letter with pin code that will send me.Submit offers in the pm.I pay via PayPal.Just to name who does not know. Must not at the address already registered adsense account.

  • $40 USD/hr Nov 21, 2013

    We are looking for an experienced professional developer who is detailed oriented, self relient, not afraid to present creative solutions, make best practices suggestions and provide ongoing development and begin migration of an existing specialized application using vb web classes/classic asp, ms-sql to mvc4, web services, kendo ui or telerik, additional skills for integration with ssrs and crystal reports a plus. Current app has a small very dedicated set of long term corporate users. Hours: Weekly and flexible.Please let me know if you are interested in this project. If so, I suggest a more detailed discussion is needed to make a mutually informed decision.Thank you for your consideration.

  • $150 USD Oct 6, 2013

    I would like you to implement a breakout game for me within 2 days using C.It is simple but I need a perfect implementation. Please also let me know your credentials ie. I want to know where you work and which schools you have attended. You will also send an online confidentiality agreement to make sure you do not use the code otherwise that you will do for me and it does not appear online.You have to use C programming NOT C++ or C#You will need 1 to 3 hours depending on your skills.This task requires advanced C skills.

  • $100 USD Oct 4, 2013

    Hi Jared,Your skillset is probably what I would need to help on this project. I&quot;m taking a wild guess at the budget (obviously it would be higher than $100) and just needed your opinion on whether or not it could be done. It would probably require more than just .NET and C#, maybe Java. I would like to create a faster interface than the &quot;Ribbon&quot; as Autodesk calls it for their program called Revit. It is a 3D modeling software and the current interface is a little cumbersome. I would like to be able to: 1) have the circle interface appear when the user right-clicks (or other keystroke combo) that once the user hovers over the commands, they highlight and a second row of addition commands can (if needed) pop out. (see images) Clicking on them would of course activate that command. I have &quot;Wall&quot; in my example image, but all other would have to do the same in accordance with their own command functions.2) I would like the user to be able to customize which commands they want to have in their circle interface. (see attached) Should be four files attached.Basically to see an example of it in use, check out Autodesk&quot;s program: Inventor. It already does this as well as Autodesk Maya, but they have no plans to implement it into Revit. They&quot;ve probably done the research to know it wouldn&quot;t pay off, but I would just like to have it for myself. By no means is this all the material I have, but hopefully this could give you an idea on the complexity and you can give me a go or no go on it. If not, could you let me know if you have anyone else you know of that could tackle it? Thanks,

  • $40 USD Sep 17, 2013

    45 min vocie talk over skype ragrdign a .net app that needs random algo repalced with algo that follows excel files data. this is for vocie talk only over skype. no codign is involved in this at all.

  • $40 USD Sep 17, 2013

    have app that needs to have a random algorithm replaceed with an algo that just follow the lines of data in an already made excel file. This $40 is just to get the ball rolling with a voice interview over skype. No coding is involved here. If we then go ahead then a new separate project will be opened. So this is for voice only for 45 minutes.

  • $40 USD/hr Sep 9, 2013

    We are a small start up that is seeking a programmer to create our existing design and frameworked mobile game for iOS. We also have a feature list that you can look over to see how much and how long it would take you to complete. We would love to set up a meeting via (gotomeeting) to listen to your input and opinions from the development side. Thanks Jared!

  • $631 USD Aug 28, 2013

    I would like to enable users to upload pdf files from third-party sites to my site. I already have functional apps written for Android and iOS that accomplish this task and would like the same for Windows 7/8 PCs and other devices. I will make the source code available from Android and iOS builds to assist in conversion to a Windows application.The primary requirements are:1. The application must include a client-side component where users can enter login credentials and interact directly with the third-party sites.2. The server-side component should utilize PHP.3. Support for 6 third-party sites initially, with more likely to be added over time.

  • $25 USD/hr Aug 25, 2013


  • $25 USD/hr Aug 1, 2013

    We are using Catapult Software by to manage our grocery store POS. It is written in Sybase, SQL and has Crystal Reoprts. We are looking to develop a simple app that will run on a Windows8 Tablet to run price checks for customers via an attached scanner

  • $25 USD/hr Jul 30, 2013

    Hello,We have a client who is having trouble with their MS Word template. The template has many Macros programmed into it so that when the client copies content from their website and pastes it into the Word template, the styles copied from the website automatically translate into Word and displays correctly. The client has complained that whoever created the Visual Basic macros in their Word templates made them really complicated to follow and they run into issues with the formatting. Can you please review the attached master template and let me know if you see any problems and how long it will take to fix? Also, attached is an error the client described about the template. We may need to have a tele conference with the client so that we can determine some of the problems they are seeing. They have been somewhat vague on details Please let me know your thoughts and questions. Thanks

  • $320 USD Jul 17, 2013

    HI, We are a developing a data feed for many trading platfrom like. Ninja trader, amibroker, meta stock, met trader So if your work relates somthing to that then we can go for further details.Thanks &amp; RegardsManish

  • $25 USD/hr Jun 12, 2013

    I currently have source code from older tools I would use. But I do not have the time to mess with code anymore. I was wondering if you would be familiar with vb6 and modifying the code I would provide.I would like to provide the code due to the fact it would save sooooo much time and money and make the work that much easier.I&quot;m needing the program to simply be a brute force tool.It is a reverse method seeing that I need the program to function as so:login1:pw1login2:pw1login3:pw1login1:pw2login2:pw2login3:pw2login1:pw3login2:pw3login3:pw3and so on. the code provided already has the options to load text files but maybe with some modifications from you, you could allow the tool to load larger lists and possibly proxy support? this would be used for webpage logins

  • $30 USD May 14, 2013

    Hello Jared,My Name is Bryan, I am looking for someone who can build an amortization schedule for my excel template, I have the excel template and I have what the output amortization of the loan should look like, are you able to build something like this? I I Have sent a print out of a copy i am looking to replicate Please quote a price and can you make this a macro?also you must work in absolute confidence

  • $30 USD Apr 5, 2013

    hi Jared, this bid is for 1 hour voice talk over skype (voicetalk with voice - not text chat).

  • $157 USD Apr 3, 2013

    I need a scraper / poster desktop program.I can give more details upon choosing theright coder for this project.* Must have Scraper and Bot experience *Bid competitively.

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Worldwide Technical Sales Manager

Jan 2008 - Present (6 years)


- Team leader of the Worldwide Technical Sales group focusing on supporting customer engagements (both pre- and post-sales), creating collateral and running enablement activities.<br />- Recognized as global subject matter expert for event processing and business rule management.<br />- Engaged in numerous software sales opportunities around the world, most of which resulted in software sales.<br />- Voting member of the product offering team and requirements board representing technical sales and field enablement.<br />-

Director of Client Services

Sep 2002 - Jan 2008 (5 years)


AptSoft was a software company founded in July of 2002 that focused on the collaboration of information and business processes between disparate applications, devices and people. The product included both design-time and run-time components and was written primarily in Java. The company was acquired by IBM in January 2008.<br /><br />Primary Responsibilities:<br /><br />- Managed numerous project teams at various client sites to implement integration software at Fortune 1000 companies in order to automate manual business p

Senior Consultant

May 2000 - Aug 2002 (2 years)

Braun Consulting

Braun Consulting is a leading professional services firm focused on delivering technical solutions to large-sized companies. As part of the CRM group, the primary focus was on implementing the Siebel and Clarify software packages, which included gathering requirements, installing, configuring and training.<br /><br />Projects:<br /><br />U.S. Treasury Department<br />- Utilized Clarify eFrontOffice 10.1 to implement a call center/help desk; set up a reporting program to pull data from an Oracle database.<br />N.Y. Times<br />- Impleme

Senior Consultant

Aug 1998 - May 2000 (1 year)

Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)

Accenture continues to be one of the premier professional services companies in the world, especially when technology is involved. As a consultant, the main responsibility was to gather requirements, design solutions and implement enterprise-wide applications. It was very important to maintain technical expertise while able to interact with clients on a daily basis.<br /><br />Projects:<br /><br />Nokia Wireless<br />- Led a team of developers to implement Siebel as primary call center tool.<br />Nortel Networks<br />- Designed and de


BS Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

Cornell University



Siebel Certifcation



Event Flow Simulation and Visualization Support Pac