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Username: jawadh

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

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  • $85.00 USD
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    May 15, 2011

    Worker hjawad is worst programmer, takes a long to complete work. Many bugs, he has no clue what you are talking about, you basically have to teach him how to code. Another programmer of mine had to fix the bugs. At least he is courteous and communicates daily, in fact he communicates too much, wasting a lot of my time explaining things over and over.

    Project Description:If you are good at and can quickly read and understand existing code, then this request is for you, I can train you on the specifics of the System.Drawing class, because I don't expect you to know all the draw lines and draw string functions...
  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller fzandomeni


    May 8, 2011

    It was good to work with Jawad. He knew the subject (WCF) we were working on.

    Project Description:I'm looking for somebody who can provide an overview on how to create WCF web services to expose a couple of simple tables (Customer \ Customer Orders) from Ms SQL Server 2008 and create \ read \ update...
  • $297.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller caduetcorp


    Mar 24, 2011

    good coder, fast work

    Project Description:The goal is to take a pervasive database that is generated by a commercial product and reverse engineer the entire database structure, so this structure can then later on be implemented in a MS SQL Server database...
  • $0.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller daerimin

    daerimin [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 15, 2011

    Hjawad (the worker) alleged that the deliverables were 100% complete by the deadline and Daerimin (the employer) alleged that they were not. tested the deliverables and found one or more non-cosmetic flaws in the deliverables. Phase one needed to completed, however the app did not contact the server on startup. All funds in escrow were returned to Daerimin.

    Project Description:BlackBerry app. This project is intended to produce a BlackBerry version of an existing Android app called "SpoofPro". If you have an Android phone and you wish to bid on this project, it would be a very good idea to download the app and set up a free trial account to see how the product works...
  • $17.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller phoneflips


    Mar 7, 2011

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $84.14 USD
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    Feb 23, 2011

    Jawad is professional and was able to think in abstract ways to help us get to where we needed to be with this project quickly. His level of experience shined throughout this project. He provided me with many suggestions and ideas to help acheive our goals. Jawad is a resource that communicates very well, takes pride in his work and responds very quickly to questions. Technically, he is superb. RECOMMENDED!

    Project Description:Create a new Blackberry app [small e-book] from an **existing BB project** (source code available) ## Deliverables We had a BB application developed by a vendor we no longer wish to work with following a large and unnessary price increase in their services...
  • $0.00 USD
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    billsplace [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 28, 2010

    Hjawad (the worker) agreed in their Worker Contract that if their project went into arbitration, they would respond to the arbitrator's questions fully and on a timely basis, or they would forfeit the arbitration. An arbitration occurred and hjawad did not do this. All funds in escrow were returned to Bill's Place (the employer).

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $425.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller harveysit


    May 19, 2010

    Hjawad (the worker) agreed in their Worker Contract that if their project went into arbitration, they would respond to the arbitrator's questions fully and on a timely basis, or they would forfeit the arbitration. An arbitration occurred and hjawad did not do this. Richard Harvey (the employer) agreed that all funds in escrow be released to hjawad in lieu of the copyrights.

    Project Description:Windows CE device Menu and Setup program. We use Casio Hand Held Terminals, they run on Windows CE. We use the Remote Desktop application to connect to a Win2k3 server We have 2 problems...
  • $212.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller stardomainsvw


    Apr 28, 2010

    I enjoyed working with Jawad. The BlackBerry application came out better than my initial plan. It works great. It looks great. We tested and refined it to a high degree of excellence. I'm very happy with the app and Jawad's skill and work. Thank you.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $0.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SecuredSolutions

    SecuredSolutions [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 23, 2010

    Hjawad (the worker) agreed/admitted that they could not finish the work in the time remaining. All funds in escrow were returned to Unique Solutions and Security (the employer).

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
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  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    HelloI need someone to create part of a Screen Capture software for me.The software should have the same features as you find in e.g. Instant Screen Capture.Note: Saving and edition the screenshot is not important and will be added by me later on.Here are some of most important things that should be included- The captured screenshot should be stored in a stdPicture object- Capturing the screenshot should be like in Instant Screen Capture software- the source code (vb) should be well commented and easy to understand.- The coder must be able to fix bug that I find (Until a few weeks after the completion of the main software).- 3party tools should not be used (except standard VB6 components and APIs)- The interface (icons, looks ++) are not so important because this should be fixed by me.- Must be written in Visual Basic 6.- All right for the code and the software should be own by me.- Should work on all Windows platforms running Visual Basic 6.If you have any questions, feel free to ask I will try to answer them all.

  • R8750 ZAR Mar 9, 2014

    Hi developers , i need some one that can make small changes / edit my current POS software source code. Things like , changes the start up , name of the application and insert some small functions that it don"t have. Then i need a second small Access application / that i can export my sales data from pos to the "BMS" ( business management system) for salaries, profits , loses en tax stuff....for book keeping purposes. I will help with the architecture of the BMS. just a small and simple program.

  • ₹25000 INR Oct 25, 2012

    This app is for spouses/parents to get in touch with their significant others/kids quickly. This app when open will have list of 4-5 contacts that the user needs to feed in. Once the user clicks on contact the following three buttons will appear: Emergency Level 1, Emergency Level 2 and Emergency Level 3, the user can choose any 1 of the options and the following things need to happen. Contact A (e.g. Husband/Wife)Emergency Level 1:•Sends a Text, Message: “Emergency Level 1: Please call “xyz” now”•Work email, Message: “Emergency Level 1: Please call “xyz” now”•Personal email, Message: “Emergency Level 1: Please call “xyz” now”•Calls Cell number •Calls office number (If the first call does not get answered)Emergency Level 2:•Sends a Text, Message: “Emergency Level 2: Please call “xyz” ASAP”•Work email, Message: “Emergency Level 2: Please call “xyz” ASAP”•Personal email, Message: “Emergency Level 2: Please call “xyz” ASAP”•Calls Cell number Emergency Level 3:•Sends a Text, Message: “Emergency Level 3: Please call “xyz” ”•Personal email, Message: “Emergency Level 3: Please call “xyz” ”System Requirements:•App should work on multiple platforms: Apple, Android, BB, Etc.

  • $1500 USD Aug 9, 2012

    Purpose:The purpose of this app is to allow our customers the ability to share our products and product info with their clients. The app would have the ability to make notes and the ability to email those notes in a .pdf format.Functionality:The app would function in a way where the items are categorized and once a category is selected the products, with images and descriptions, for that category are displayed. From there a specific product would be selected and a larger image would be displayed as well as the information about that product.The notes section would be a basic notebook that allows for multiple "pages" and the ability to email that specific page in a .pdf format.Specifics Needed:What we are in need of is someone knowledgeable in development, functionality, execution and maintenance. We already have the art, design, and copy.

  • $250 USD May 31, 2012

    I need a Blackberry and Windows App version of our iPhone and Android app, so it has the same features. If you need a php file created then we can do that for Blackberry and Windows app if it helps speed up the process.We look forward to working with you if you have the right skills require

  • $2800 USD May 26, 2012

    hi ..I"m need developer who can make software, which change blackberry PIN for sure ..Blackberry PIN must available not only temporary .. But endure for the future ..Thanks,

  • $250 USD Apr 27, 2012

    I am looking for someone to develop a simple radio app for blackberryIt will run as follow- User will launch the app- There will be a pause / play stop button- Volume Slider to control the volume- 4 Links on the App which launches a website link to the user can go to (2 Images with Links to a website - 2 Text Links to links to website (i.e facebook, twitter, website, etc etc)- Radio to play in the background- Artist Name / Album Name and / Song titled to be displayedThats all there is to itStream is running via ShoutcastIf you have already done this before you can reuse your codeAlso as we tend to change Stream Servers quite a bit we would require project code to be delivered so we can simply change the and resubmit itGraphics i will provide youUnfortunately we don"t have a really big budget for this as we are no profit - if anyone is willing to do it under $150 or LESS then i will award themThanks

  • $1500 USD Mar 11, 2012

    Development of a WISPr client for Symbian S60 smartphones. It should be compatible with any WISPr compatible hotspot (coovachilli for instance). It should allow listing wifi hotspots available, and connect manually to one when selected. The app should bypass the captive portal by sending the login and password by using the WISPr technology.As an alternative to manual connection, it should be able to connect to known ssids and authenticate in the background.The list of SSIDs can be a fixed list on the text file.It can have a very basic UI:1) Let the user input the login and password2) List the Wifi hospots available in the area (ssids) with a connect button

  • $750 USD Jan 8, 2012

    Hi AllI need a quotation for an app my company needs developed.Here are the details. * We have developed a SIP server and need a BB client specifically and only for our network (registrar & domain).* Presence and buddy list.* Simple buddy profile - Pro pic, status.* Search user db and display contents.

  • €250 EUR Nov 6, 2011

    Dear developer,your task would be to recreate an app I developed for a Palm m500. It contains of string manipulation, simple math and dealing with a mobile phone"s databases. More skill is not needed for coding. It is a simple app and the price for development has to be similar.Your task would be to create the code, transfer the user interface to modern times and create graphics for it.If I am interested in working with you our correspondence will be via phone or skype.

  • $750 USD Feb 15, 2011

    I want an app for Blackberrythe app is about carslike the app in iphone called Cars..!and also i need another app like in iphone called

  • $250 USD Nov 19, 2010

    I need an accounting package...for inventory mgmt and book keeping.Please bid only if you have already built such a program. Also please let me know the cost with/without customization.If you could send a would be great!Thanks

  • [Sealed] Nov 3, 2010

    Please see attachment for the application requirements-The Blackberry app should on BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 onwards-We"re looking for someone that have done mobile app for this platform, not someone that is wanting to try-Please show me the previous mobile app projects that you have done-Very positive feedback will be given to successful providersDEADLINE: 5th November 2010TERMS & CONDITIONS-I have dealt with many freelancers and the terms below are meant to prevent problems and issues that we most commonly experienced with freelancers. It is not meant to scare you. This project is mean to those that are committed to deliver their job up to expectations. If you feel you can’t deliver up to expectations, please do not offer to do this job-There shall be progress payment of 30 / 70. We do not do escrow on the initial deposit. We only do initial escrow to those that we have worked with. We only perform 30% escrow after you show us 30% progress work. We have experienced many dishonest freelancers that couldn"t deliver the job and refuse to refund us, even after escrow. I hope you understand. Please learn to trust us because we have excellent rating.-Any delay of work after deadline shall be deducted 5% daily, of the total project fee unless the delay is caused by us.-All work/deliverables are subjected to changes. Changes that are mutually agreed as major, shall be charged with rate that is mutually agreed-Changes are defined to be changes that is within the scope/requirements/feature, but needed to be done differently. For example, a database table to store users information that has not been normalized, needs to be normalized.-Full payment will only be paid after we have successfully tested your code/work and we are 100% satisfied and agreed that you have meet our requirements-Full payment will only be paid after we receive all your deliverables-Successful deliverables means your deliverables that has 100% meet our requirements to our satisfaction.-Very, very positive feedback will only be given to providers that 100% meet our requirements to our satisfaction-Payment will only be performed after the deliverables has been given to us. Typical deliverables are (but not limited to) source codes and files (like .aspx, .php, .html, .java), image files (.jpeg, .gif, .png), source image files (.psd, .png), multimedia files (.mid, .avi, .mpg) and other documents (.doc, .txt)-We do not pay if you do not deliver the deliverables. We only pay after we receive the deliverables. We do not pay for "trying", meaning if you do not complete the job requirements, we won"t pay you, regardless if you have done something or not-You must agree to cancel the escrow if you fail to deliver the deliverables or did not complete the job requirements as statedThings you to do in your code• You must have documentation header for each class, package, methods you created. for Java or .Net, please create Javadoc• You must put comments on lines that is significant, like a line or section that does a specific database process• Information for the system that you think will not be constantly changed, like server URL or IP, place them in property or config file• Information that you foresee will change especially when you change it you cannot restart the server, then place them in database. For example, classname or username/password• Please Don’t do hard coding

  • $700 USD Jun 16, 2010

    The application provides access to the audiobook content stored in MySQL database in a user friendly manner. - Provide access to hundreds of audiobooks in a category based search system. - Browse and search by genre, author, title, narrator, keyword. - Provide user with capability to stream and play files from within application on their mobile handset.(Probably with the native player) - Provide meta data info - description, length, narrator, etc. - Display of cover while playing. - Enable WiFi, 3G and Edge use. - Connect to mySQL database and update new content on request by the user with a JSON API(already in development - MySQL databases for remote client server access. - sleeper functionality(optional)A free application referring too the paid one with full access to the content has to be developed. The functionality of the paid/premium app is the same as the free app. Only strip all references to the paid app and the content restrictions. A functional outline of the application exists and the API is currently developed.Please only dedicated BlackBerry developer with experience. Thanks a lot for bidding!

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Team Lead Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Apr 2009 - Present (5 years)


o Leading and assisting team of developers for desktop windows and mobile applications. <br />o Involving in business development activities and conducting technical demos to International SAP Partners for SBO Mobilizer product <br />o Designing and developing mobiles ERP application for windows mobile 5/6/6.5 and blackberry devices<br />o Doing R&D for new desktop and mobile applications<br />

Senior Software Engineer

Feb 2007 - Apr 2009 (2 years)

Sigmatec Solutions Lahore Pakistan

o Designing and development of an n-tier, highly customized desktop and web based ERP solution by the name of 'SigmaTecERP' by using technologies ASP.NET,VB.NET,VB6.0,MS SQLSERVER 2000 and Crystal Reports 8.5<br />o Involved with the development of Export, Milk Procurement, Purchase, Production Management and Human Resource Management Modules for an ERP SigmaTecERP for our clients Noon Pvt limited Lahore Pakistan, DDFC Lahore, ZIL, WIL, UET Lahore and other clients<br />

Software Engineer

Apr 2006 - Feb 2007 (10 months)


o Designing and development of an n-tier, highly customized ERP solution inspired with SAP by the name of 'ERManager3.0A' by using technologies VB6.0/.Net,MS SQLSERVER 2000 and Crystal Reports 8.5<br />o Involved with the development and enhancement of Sales Management, Purchase Management, Inventory Management and Foreign Trade Management Modules for an ERP ERManager v3.0A for our client Camtech manufacturing LLC Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai.<br />o Designed and Developed SAAS (Staff access and attendanc

Senior Software Engineer

Mar 2004 - Apr 2006 (2 years)

SuperNova Solutions Karachi Pakistan

o Designing and development of an n-tier, highly customized ERP solution inspired with SAP by the name of 'ERManager1.0C' by using technologies VB6.0,MS SQLSERVER 2000 and Crystal Reports 8.5<br />o Involved with the development of Sales Management and Foreign Trade Management Modules for an ERP ERManager v1.0C for our clients Automotive and Spare parts Accessories(ASA) Factory, Mehran Foods , Dawn Bread and Radiant Chemicals Karachi Pakistan<br />


Jun 2003 - Jul 2003 (1 month)

Allied Bank Limited (ABL) Karachi Pakistan

o Development and enhancement of ABL official website



Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur



Expert Visual Basic 2008 and Fundamentals Brainbench certification