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Location: Davao, Philippines

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My projects:

  • $195 USD
    Profile image for Seller danielcholewa


    4 days ago

    Thanks again! Very accurate and efficient.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I need to download photos from a website - all photos are organized in folders. They need to be downloaded, renamed, resized and placed in a bulk folder.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller alphonso1


    13 days ago

    He did a great job

    Project Description:I have a 18000 product website and i have one freelancer but need one more, i need 18,000 products added in one month or less on amazon and need so crazy marketing when you type on the internet i want to see tulip organics...
  • $20 AUD
    Profile image for Seller nitx


    13 days ago

    Great work thanks Jay<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, we&#039;re looking for someone to do some data entry for our mobile phone website. This inst a typical excel data entry, the information needs to be sourced from a couple of website sources that we will provide, which will then be entered into a custom web form on our website...
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller benjaminkotler


    15 days ago

    Great communication, and good follow through on instructions given<br/>

    Project Description:Hi! We are looking for a permanent person or team to help with our price comparison site to help us add information to our products such as embedding youtube videos, editing photos and...
  • $22.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller AMyBill

    AMyBill [ Incomplete Report ]

    17 days ago

    No response from Jayjossef132 and poor quality in deliverables

    Project Description:Hi, I am currently compiling the mobile plans in Australia and need help with gathering the details of mobile plans and populating a spreadsheet that will be used for my software. I have a template...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller consultation

    consultation [ Incomplete Report ]

    18 days ago

    not delivery in time, low communication, promise that job is almost done, took 2 extra days but still incomplete.. After he was very rude, asked for full payment and showed disgusting behavior. not serious worker. will never hire again.

    Project Description:This project is to write 30-70 character (8-15 words) description and titles for porn pictures and videos. Bid for 930 descriptions. NO INDIAN&lt; PAKISTANI&lt; BANGLADESH PLEASE! THIS IS A LONG TERM...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller mabusa2


    22 days ago


    Project Description:I&#039;d like you to do a few excel 12 cases that take a few hours to do. You will need to get instructins from an e-book to which I will give you access to. Let me know if you can do that.
  • $94 CAD
    Profile image for Seller cashrx


    23 days ago

    thank you!!!!

    Project Description:I need someone to download pictures from a website. I will provide a list of the UPCs (pictures names). you can go to the website and type it into the search box, then highlight the photo, right click...
  • $24 USD
    Profile image for Seller freshmanyear


    23 days ago

    probably a good guy, but I had a bad time

    Project Description:This test needs to be completed in the next 2 hours
  • $94 USD
    Profile image for Seller threevw


    Mar 20, 2014

    Professional worker, great at communication

    Project Description:This is a data entry project that requires a high level of English language ability. There are two rows of hospital names that much be matched to each other. The hospital names to be matched are usually not identical, so you must use your judgement to determine the best match...
    jayjossef132 has not completed any projects.
  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    This is for a data entry job which requires transferring information from the internet to a software database. There are several stages of data entry: 1) Copying a property amenities list 2) adding images from a folder and 3) adding new properties.Detailed instructions will be provided.High proficiency in English - written, spoken and understanding is required.

  • $10 USD In Progress

    I need errors fix on website products is uploaded on website but their are errors and needed to be fix fast 9284 errors. basic info, images,description and seo, keywords need to be done website on amazon and need to be put in right categories please mrsp need to be added also

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    I need to extra the data from this website : , i then need it put into an excel sheet or a pdf document, i need to display the images & text as it is on the website to send to customers, but this has to be on a document , i also need this in a CSV Format if possible so i can upload this to a Wordpress website, this is a quick & easy job if you are technically good. There is also on going work for this job as the stock changes every day. Please tell me how long & how much ? it needs to be like the pdf attached , you can do this in excel if you prefer Many Thanks

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Help with an excel project -- 2&quot;

  • $94 USD In Progress

    I need someone to assist me while we hire a new senior software developer for a full time position in New York City. Your task will be to sift through resumes located on, and forward them an email notifying them of our current vacant job opportunity. I will provide a written draft of the email, and you will be able to use this same email for all messages. Your biggest responsibility will be to ensure the people you select to contact all fit our criteria. Our criteria are-- We are looking for someone who is currently working for a large company, but wishes to join a startup. These types of people fit a unique personality type, and you MUST be able to identify this personality type to ensure success on this project. I will provide our log in for Our job posting is already listed on the site. You will be expected to contact 50 people a day for 1 week (350 total resumes), and notify them of our job posting. Discretion is a must for this project. I will only accept someone who possesses the upmost attention for details.

  • $3 USD/hr In Progress

    I would like product research for data. Ongoing project

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello,I&quot;ve got data entry work which you need to do on my pc via teamviewer.You have to do about 5 mins work, then you need to wait/rest for 20 mins, until it finish uploading, then you need to continue. There is a stop watch on my pc which you need to use and track the time you spent working.Paying $2/hour.It&quot;s a long term work, looking for someone who is usually infront of pc all day and can do this work.Thanks

  • $166 AUD In Progress

    We are currently looking for someone who lives in Philippine with multiple active social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Hotmail), you will apply for a loan from Lenddo with a minimum of 300 Lenddo score, and print screen every page in the entire process.

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello I am looking for a full time virtual assistant.Job Description:We will give you a database of thousands of fashion blogs. The person has to enter each one of the blogs and find:The bloggers:- Twitter account- Facebook page- Instagram account- Pinterest account (if the blogger has one )- Tumblr account (if the blogger has one )- Youtube AccountSkills:- Very fast gathering information- Understands English- Fast typing and internet browsingTraining:We will send a video of how the work is doneSalary:Will pay total of 220 $ (for every 4800 profiles filled) Will pay more if you fill more.Base:180$Bonus:40$ (if there are less than 4 errors)Monitorization:The Employeee will work with a monitorization program like time doctor.Questions:1 - How fast are you in data entry2 - Do you have a fast internet connection ?3 - You have to respect the hours you say you work ( 8 hours a day )4 - Online freelancer with direct availabilityPay per target

  • $61 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $315 USD Today

    Respected Freelancers, We need freelancers to manage a HOSPITAL Database. Data needs to be entered in a medline software. THE SOFTWARE AND THE DATA WILL BE PROVIDED.

  • $36 AUD Today

    We need someone to create live updates in real time following sports tournaments.Those updates will happen every 20 minutes on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and this for the duration of the event.Those events will not be in the same time-zone then yours and you will need to be available every week to update the feed in real time.To be good in this role, you&quot;ll need to know about sports and understand the importance of reporting facts and be accurate.NO TYPOS and discipline is key for this role.Good luck on the bidding!

  • $5 USD/hr Yesterday

    Looking for a social media manager or team that can manage multiple social platforms. We currently have :FacebookLinked InTwitterPinterestWe do use hootsuite to manage some our posting. We want to expand our social media profiles to include wordpress, tumblr, and others that you can recommend. I am looking at 4 hours a day 5 days a week. We will give some content , but most will have to be researched and added. Will meet weekly to discuss goals and analytics. In order to get this project I would like to know what is your plan of action to get sales, and increase membership in our organization.

  • $5 USD/hr Yesterday

    Currently we are building a new webshop with over 13 000 products.At the moment we have already added 6000 products of them.Are you interested to add the others?We are using our own CMS system, but we can exactly tell which products should added in each categorie.The categories and products are in dutch, but that isn&quot;t a big problem, i think?hope to hear from you soon

  • $1578 USD Yesterday

    I have a database of 50,000 fitness centers in the US that I need to have verified. For each location, I would like you to retrieve:(1) contact person (2) contact person/owner E-mail(3) Types of workouts offered there I will provide you with a list of workouts to verify when you call. This can be done though Internet searches too.When you call, you will be calling on behalf on my company and I will provide you with a brief description and purpose for the call.This project will take time and you will need to be skilled on the phone. English skills are an absolute necessity. I will need to phone interview prior to hiring.

  • $750 USD Yesterday

    --This is a full-time position.--Pay: $25/audio hour (or up to $30/audio hour if decided on your performance).About 98% of all potential candidates will be hired.Hiring immediately (within the 10-12 hours).Hi there,Currently, we have a tight deadline and there are lots of audio files that needs to be transcribed. We are looking to hire many contractors to work on this project. Each contractor will have to transcribe audio files in multiples of 5 minutes. There are about 600 such tasks and each contractor should commit at least 1.5 audio hours/week (preferably 3 audio hours/week).The tasks will be accessible through this page: note: You’ll need a CrowdFlower account to work on these tasks. If you don’t have a CrowdFlower account, please create one ( and then visit the above link ( may either go ahead and start with the work or wait for our formal approval.

  • $263 USD Yesterday

    We have just created a new Drupal Commerce website. A large amount of the data is in place however there is a large amount that still needs to be entered.The last programmer tried to build the site in Joomla and failed. During the development of the Joomla site we entered several thousand products into the database. We require someone to copy the products from the Joomla site and put them into the Drupal site. We will provide some screen casts on how to add products to the Drupal site. (it&quot;s a bit more complicated that your typical Drupal Commerce site, we are dealing with 100s of categories and about 20 product types, some product types are displayed in views whilst others products are displayed like normal in product displays).The reason we use views and product displays to display products is that the site has many different product layouts.So in summary the task is move all products from the existing Joomla website and put them into the Drupal Commerce website, correct categories must be assigned.Once complete we will then provide another export (excel) with the correct prices for each product. This data will be exported from MYOB. We need you to cross reference the products that have been exported from excel and make sure they are all correct in Drupal.There is approximately 1500 products to be entered. Attention to detail is essential.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    Web site migration project requires approximately 80 pages of content to be copied from the old site to the new.This requires the new pages to be created in the target CMS, and text copied from the old site to the new site. Pasted text needs to ensure paragraph spacing and general text layout is maintained. No migration of images is required. Typical pages comprise 3-4 paragraphs of text.Step by step instructions provided along with spreadsheet listing all source URLs and required fields for new site page creation.Effort estimated at < 10 minutes per page.

  • ₹1700 INR Yesterday

    Lots of transcription work is available for people who do a good job! I am looking for people who follow instructions, transcribe within timelines and with accuracy and are good listeners. The current project I have is interviews conducted with hospital staff.How it works:A crowdflower account and the files available for transcription is provided to you.You submit the work as per the desired template within the timelinesThe files are quality checked, and you can view the status online yourself.You get paid on :-) The rate for these files is $14 per audio hour.The best performers can also move up to Video Transcription jobs which pay higher!

  • $10 USD/hr 2 days ago

    This job entails transcribing the lyrics to several songs that are in English, and simultaneously time-coding them using Aegisub, a free subtitling program.Native English speaker only.

  • $8 CAD/hr 2 days ago

    Hello, we are looking for a bookkeeping assistant to enter in data for one or two hours each week into our accounting system, do a check for accuracy, and then generate and send reports to the business owners.We are looking for someone with experience in:1) Quickbooks Online2) Accounting3) Accrual accounting4) Knowledge of proper accounting for pre-payments/deposits from clients5) Close attention to detailIn your bid, please describe your experience with bookkeeping, some of the accounting systems that you&quot;ve worked with in the past, and the type of companies that you&quot;ve done bookkeeping for previously.Looking forward to working with you.

  • $100 USD 2 days ago

    I have changed the format of some labels, and I need 20 MS Word templates with landscape lables (horizontal) to be copied to another size template with portrait labels (vertical).Attached are two files. &quot;portrait.docx&quot; is my meager attempt to create a single portrait label with the new template, which I have done, poorly. The other file, &quot;Nag Champa&quot; is one of my original landscape labels. I have 19 more that I will send.In the future I will need to create more templates (the new style portrait orientation) for other products, and I will do it myself. Just set it up so I can easily cut and paste into a blank template, edit the text, and change the barcode, like I can with the old landscape mode template.

  • $473 USD 2 days ago

    Please apply only if you are experienced and if you know what is Flash sale websites and Group buying websites !!( Groupon, Vente Privee, Gilt, Ruelala, Fashionandyou etc. )Im looking for someone who is very experienced in web research. You need to research websites and fill up the contact forms with the date I will provide you.You need to search for Private Shops ( Flash Sales websites ) and Daily Deal websites ( Group buying websites ) in all Countries ( mainly in Europe )In most of this websites you can find a category calling “Partner” “Promote your products” “Feature your Deal” etc. if there is no of them you can just make the normal contact with the subject “become a Partner”I want to hire 3 persons for this job it will be a long-term jobI need you fill up at least 1.000 Forms a week and I need full Report on Excel.Specially looking for these countries : Spain, France, Netherland, Italia, Germany, Scandinavia

  • $38 AUD 2 days ago

    Hello,I need someone who will copy and paste details (emails and names) from an online directoryIt will be about 2,000 entriesNeeds to be done right now

  • $105 USD 2 days ago

    Hi,==================================================================PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, TIME WASTERS WILL GET NEGATIVE FEEDBACK==================================================================I represent 1) I work for an online game company2) I have over 150,000 individual games waiting in a que to be verified.3) I will pay $0.10 (10 US Cents per Successful Game Verified)4) This project is for $100 value and 1000 Games to be verified+++++++++++++++++++++++++SKILLS NEEDED+++++++++++++++++++++++++- Understanding of Task- Basic Photohop Skills to resize images- Good English- Writing Skills +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Verification Includes:+++++++++++++++++++++++++1) Delete games that are inappropriate (contain adult themes or nudity)2) Use the web to find base image to create 3 icons using photo shop.3) Ensure each game has a description of 300 characters.4) Add instructions of how to play or game controls5) Add the relevant game tags from our list (minimum 3) 6) Add the domain or name of the author of the game+++++++++++++++++++++++++PLEASE TAKE NOTICE+++++++++++++++++++++++++1) All work will be verified by a human manager in our UK office2) We have over 10 positions available3) After you complete first 1000 games, you can complete as many games as you like

  • $8 AUD/hr 2 days ago

    Video editing required. Approximately 4/5 minutes of footage of an interview.-Slight editing (cropping) of the footage at one or 2 places (but most of it will be used continuously)-Inserting other footage corresponding to what the person is talking about, while still hearing the sound from the original interview (extra footage will be provided with directions on approximately where to insert it)-Company logo to be included on bottom right corner of video-Creation of image for the start of the video (includes logo, website, Facebook page and title of video)-Creation of image for the end of the video (includes logo, website, Facebook page)-Example video can be provided that you can use as a template/copy-Must be able to produce a video that flowsPossibility for further work.Thanks!

  • $34 USD 2 days ago

    I wanted done all type of work, that comes before making balance sheet.

  • $24 USD 2 days ago

    i am lookng at someone who will post my facebook post on facebook

  • $94 USD 3 days ago

    Enter the information from the file &quot;eng-firms.pdf&quot; into the Excel spreadsheet &quot;eng-firms.xlsx&quot;.The companies in the PDF file are separated by horizontal lines. The information for each company is entered as one row in the Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet has headings, in bold, and one sample entry.The &quot;Address&quot; information in the PDF file is split among several columns as shown in the sample spreadsheet. If the &quot;Business classifications&quot; and &quot;Countries where work is performed&quot; fields have more than one entry, they should be separated by commas. Again, see the example entry.If you would prefer to use the website information, go to the website: . Navigate to the box labeled &quot;Disciplines Offered:&quot; and select (hold the control key down): &quot;Computer/Communications/Systems&quot; and &quot;Electrical&quot; then hit &quot;Go&quot; at the bottom of the page.There are also &quot;Comments&quot; in the Excel spreadsheet which are marked by a red triangle. Hover your mouse over the red triangle to read the comments.If you accept this project, I would like you to enter 25 companies for my review before we do the entire list.

  • $8 USD/hr 3 days ago

    FOLLOWING ACCOUNTS ON TWITTERThis work will be following some very simple instructions to follow accounts on twitter. I can describe the work in more detail later but it is very, very easy. It will be a big plus if you have good English. 1. I will take approx 60 mins each day (7 hours a week approx)2. It will need to be done at 3pm GMT each day. It must be done each done (a little flexibility if you need days off of course). 3. There will be more of the same/similar work to do if it is done well. 4. Have a look at the website &quot;; to get an idea of what is required, we are just adding specific accounts, you will search and then follow. You will also unfollow accounts. It basically amounts to being able to read and follow some simple instructions and a fair bit of clicking. 5. You will be expected to let us know what work you have done each day (just a short note will suffice). 6. You will also have to reply with set responses to twitter DMs each dayThanks.

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Personal Assistant

Mar 2012 - Jun 2012 (3 months)

Municipal Evaluation System


BSC - Management

University of the Immaculate Conception