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Manoj Pathak

Software Developer

Username: jayshreeganeshha

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Location: Wardha, India

Member since: April 2013



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  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller spsilver


    Jun 28, 2014

    The coder got the job done. Would definitely use again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller danielkrizian


    May 8, 2014

    happy with the delivered solution.

    Project Description:Extend "dygraphs" JavaScript visualization library with arrow shape annotations. Write a JavaScript code that draws arrow shapes and adds the shapes to the dygraph canvas as annotations, similar to:...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller angalakurthi


    May 4, 2014

    great freelancer

    Project Description:We have a spreadsheet of data from which we are looking out to make some aggregations and show the data in visualized form. It will involve google visualizations. The programming is in javascript. So if...
  • €16.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller stefanibus


    Apr 28, 2014

    engaged programmer did good work - thank you

    Project Description:hi, need help with the syntax in one line of javascript code
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephlemieux


    Apr 10, 2014

    Very, very good at websites. Delivers always on time and provide excellent work, that's why we worked together many times!<br/>

    Project Description:Gallery IE - Chat discussion Gallery IE - Chat discussion Gallery IE - Chat discussion Gallery IE - Chat discussion Gallery IE - Chat discussion Gallery IE - Chat discussion
  • $95.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller KSGH


    Apr 8, 2014

    Jayshree is a fantastic developer. He really got to the heart of the problem and resolved it. Will absolutely be working with him again!!!

    Project Description:Please look at: http:/// We use Colorbox ( jQuery lightbox to open content. Look at the section on the page called &quot;FEATURED ITEMS&quot; When...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pubman5001


    Apr 7, 2014

    Excellent and quick work. Will look forward to future business.

    Project Description:Modify an existing open source jquery plugin. Original source: Current Usage: $(&#039;#rawAddress&#039;).addressparser({ name: &#039;#name&#039;, ...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephlemieux


    Mar 9, 2014

    Always great working with him, his English is excellent (which is hard to find on this website), he is very knowledgeable and works quickly. He also has excellent work ethics<br/>

    Project Description:As discussed in the chat. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller loanliu


    Mar 3, 2014

    I will definitely hire Jayshreeganeshha again for my next project, his jquery skill is impeccable!

    Project Description:I want to have a d3 chart that looks like the attachment - the chart will take in 2 values: specific day, and total day.. I need to have the color looks exactly like the mockup. Existing codes already...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller compumatter


    Feb 28, 2014

    Did as agreed in time agreed. No problems. I do recommend

    Project Description:Hello, I have downloaded ddsmoothmenu ( ) and am finding it fails to work with later versions of jQuery. I am finding that it fails with...
    Manoj Pathak has not completed any projects.
  • £150 GBP In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a script that will gather all information entered on a web form but not submitted. I wish to track all values that have been entered before the user closes the window and insert this into a SQL Database in real time in a single database row. The script will run remotely on a third party partner hosted site and must also capture the IP Address of the user, timestamp, site url and session id. The SQL Table columns should include timestamp, session id, site url, ip addresses and a column for every field in the form.Our goal is to determine whether there is a trend in the fields at which users are closing the form and use any information they enter before closing to make contact and assist them.Further information can be provided upon request and the URL for the live form will be provided.

  • $60 USD In Progress

    I need a really basic Chrome Extension (this is for testing only), that has an icon in the the top right like the firebug icon in Firefox, that is disabled if there is not a Facebook share button in the page you are looking at, if there is I want the button to be enabled and when you press on it it need to display a alert box with the share data that is for the Facebook share (example : the title , image name and the description)

  • $200 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a rotating list of tasks I need completed by a competent javascript programmer.To begin, I need you to add a dropdown menu that pulls attributes from CSV file. When selection is made, the markers on the map are updated.example: of search box, we will have four drop down selectors.This project uses the Leaflet library: you can start today, and are competent in this environment, please submit your hourly proposal and answer to 12+88=Randolf

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    HiWith reference to our previous discussions this is project offer for multiple tasks related to .net and web development. 1st task is of registration facility for pastpaper site.Thank you

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Read Description First . My budget is 100$ for this and Next project After complete this .I am looking for a Java script, HTML, CSS, cookie expert to write a Java-script solution. Knowledge about Magneto and PHP is desirable.

ScopeThis project is part of a product. Clients of the product can include a piece of JavaScript in their website. This JS should open a bar only after a number of visits / time (direct cookie, no third party cookie). The bar needs a background color, text color, text and link. The JS should receive this from a web service (this web-service is not a part of the project).After showing the bar, the user can click on the link in the bar. This opens a light-box. The page in the light-box is also already provided. The JS should only open the light-box (i frame) with a page and a get-variable (
A client should be able to include the small java-script code in the source of his website or use it as a Magneto plugin.The script may not slow down the clients website. So if it cannot connect to the web-service, it should not have any impact on the clients website.

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;d3 donut chart&quot;

  • $400 USD 11 days ago

    I&quot;m operating a HTML/JavaScript software that is used to run exams.The users (candidates) will use the software to answer exam questions on-screen.Now we need these candidates to be able measure angles interactively.For example a exam could show a image of a triangle and ask the user to measure the angle between two of its lines.The solution I&quot;m looking for needs to work in this way:* When activated, it will display a &quot;handle&quot; (for example a small circle) with two lines connected to it in a 90° angle. The handle can be dragged around to move the tool around, so the lines will move with it and stay connected in the selected angle* The end of each of the two lines will also have a handle which can be used to adjust the angle or scale the lines.* The selected angle needs to be displayed (in degrees) whenever changedTechnical Requirements:* Needs to work with HTML/Javascript* It must be possible to add this as a transparent overlay over a webpage (regardless of the content of that page)* Can be implemented in SVG or HTML Canvas* Allowed libraries are JQuery 1.10.2 or KineticJS, if you require any other libraries, PLEASE ASK ME FIRST.We require full sourcecode of the solution. Also, the sourcecode needs to be nicely formatted and well commented.

  • €15 EUR 12 days ago

    I need attached XML file parsed with Javascript without using jQuery.I need all the ... contents. There are multiple catitems.

  • $100 USD 12 days ago

    Need a chrome extension developed to connect mysql external database to match email records. Should be a simple project for someone who knows how to develop with Javascript JSON and done chrome extensions before. ( ONLY APPLY BY PROVIDING EXAMPLE OF YOUR CHROME EXTENSION WORK!

  • $120 USD 13 days ago

    I need a simple chrome app that will do some web automation. i have imacro script, and i need a chrome app that will do the same as the macro.Basically, the app will use data from csv file (one data per line) and will submit it to one field form. (app fields: &quot;Choose file&quot; and &quot;submit&quot;)I will give more details in privet.

  • $70 USD 26 days ago

    Am using the blueimp uploader ( I need to modify it so it accepts dynamic locations to upload to via checkboxes. Example: you have 3 folders: folder1, folder2, folder3. A user clicks the checkbox for folder1 and folder2, those locations/URLs would be sent to the form action so that when the user clicks &quot;upload&quot;, all files first get uploaded to folder1 than to folder2. If a user chooses to upload only to folder3, then when they click submit, all files get uploaded to folder3.

  • $400 USD 27 days ago

    We need to retrieve data from a website.Data is stored in popups, in arrays majorly.This data is free and public.There are potentially 200&quot;000 records or more to retrieve.We have some criterias for some data to retrieve.Output should be given in a format specified by our MySQL tables.

  • ₹3000 INR Jun 26, 2014

    hi please cont [The administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions - Section 13:Communication With Other Users.]FOR MORE DETAIL ABOUT PROJECTSMAKE A VIDEO TO USE IMAGES FILE NET.NET]

  • $5 USD/hr Jun 12, 2014

    I need to implement xmpp chat, probably using strophe library. I will also need some other work done for the project that I making later, so if we enjoy working together you can join our team. I am writing most parts of the project and hence just don&quot;t have enough time for this bit. The chat will be 1to1, so no chat rooms, unless a user creates one. The xmpp server used will be chosen later, and can be anything. The chat client needs to support prebinding (authentication of user with chat when he logs in to website)

  • $30 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Hello, i have dating website and need some customation. Now my users can upload their photo from computer. I need second option so that users can upload photo from their computer camera directly. I have all files, swf and js for this, only need someone who implement this with my website.

  • $5 USD/hr Feb 21, 2014

    I am in process of building a website for my cleaning company in Chicago USA. Here is a test website . I would like to build the advance online booking based mostly on php and mysql ( which I can handle ) but I need some help with javascript to make an awesome forms something like I am looking for someone who can help me with this. I can provide more details and also I would like to work on the platform to make work more efficiently.

  • €30 EUR Jan 19, 2014

    I want to fix an IE Bug. This bug exists only fro IE

  • $100 USD Jan 12, 2014

    I need to have a grease monkey script written that will allow me to automatically visit, login to a website at a predetermined time and place a booking. The website has logon user credentials that I can provide. WIll be easiest if I show someone through the requirements online before documenting and agreeing them in more detail

  • $70 USD Dec 2, 2013

    I am looking to make a minor edit/addition to an existing visualization using the D3 javascript library. Here is the existing template with the code and JSON file as well: D3 library is here: I NEED DONE:Currently the JSON file values determine the width of each donut slice for each layer of the sunburst. Below are the minor updates I need done:- Add a second value to the JSON file that provides a reference to the height of each donut slice * inspiration: * The values should be between 100 - 2,500 (max scale); so if a value is over 2,500 it will still only display as 2,500 height * This additional height value should allow me, with both JSON values, to adjust the width and height of each slice of the sunburst- update the HTML/Javascript to reference the additional JSON value to update the height of each corresponding sunburst sliceWHAT SHOULD BE PROVIDED UPON COMPLETION:- a working index html file that I can upload on my hosting and work- a working JSON file that is a reference to the HTML file

  • $200 USD Nov 25, 2013

    We need a web control to ease the task of constructing and editing tree structures on the browser. The control should be implemented in Javascript (with or without jQuery). The tree must be displayed graphically as the user builds it. The attached file explains the requirements in detail.

  • $150 USD Nov 15, 2013

    I am looking to make edits to an existing visualization using the D3 javascript library. Here is the existing template with the code and JSON file as well: D3 library is here: TO MAKE: My updated version will be used to visualize projects/portfolio. 1) I want to edit the JSON file to only have 2 layers. The inner-most layer is the company. The second layer are the projects worked on for that company.2) Make it so the size of each segment of the donut is in # of months.3) Add an additional data-point for value to the JSON file for the outer (project) layer height- The additional value will represent the height of the 2nd (project) layer. This should be in 100&quot;s. So a project with a value or 300 will be twice as tall as one with 150. Make a height maximum of 10,000.4) Add additional data to the JSON file about each project- Project Name, Project Description- Skill value for set skills (this is a set skill list of 6 skills): so each project will have a set value (0-10)for each skills; for example: * Project 1 > Skill 1: 4 > Skill 2: 7 > Skill 3: 8 > Skill 4: 3 etc.- This data should be displayed in a box to the side of the sunburst visualizationINTERACTIONS TO BE ADDED:1) Rollover a project should highlight it (brighter color, pie slice becomes slightly larger, etc)2) Click on a project should change the Box to the side based on the Name, Description, & Skills for each project * skills should be displayed graphically as in the below infographic (team rankings box to the right)Looking to mimic the design/interaction of:* my version obviously has less data/interactions but the concept is similarA full scope and design guide will be provided to the selected bidder.

  • $100 USD Nov 12, 2013

    We have a mozilla and IE browser addon and we have made some changes to the mozilla and need someone to port these changes to the IE version.- Added a re-direct to a thank you page for first install with id on localstorage.- Added an icon on the bar to show/hide our site on the new tab.- Instead of calling a page, the plugin now create the iframe first and call the page.

  • $150 USD Nov 11, 2013

    I need a google chrome extension that pops a message whenever a video is played on youtube.The message box should pop on EVERY video play. I.e, when the page first loads (easy already done that), but also when the user changes a movie by clicking one of the &quot;related videos&quot; buttons (a bit harder, &quot;youtube&quot; does not reload page on every video change, but I found a way). I already know how to detect a new video on &quot;normal view&quot; but i could not detect that a new movie is played when the user is in full screen mode. This is where I need your help. Hello How Hallk sir Karim hope to benefit from thisAlrawabt proposed: -                        thats link what do you these links in order to find MATRADE

  • $5 USD/hr Nov 5, 2013

    I am a newbie in C# using VS2012Express. I have to work on a C# .NET WebForms Applications project starting soon. I have been given the sourcecode of the previous programmer that I have to modify. I am unable to compile it. Being a newbie, I MAY be needing such help off and on.I want someone to skype with me. I shall screen share and go over the problem

  • $200 USD Aug 16, 2013

    We are developing a dot net project and want to have a one-to-one video chat as one of the feature.Looking to implement a video chat using dot net technology.

  • $100 USD Aug 14, 2013

    We have 20-30 designed HTML CSS pages ready. They have to applied to a ready made website. The developer should know Core PHP/ HTML properly. The task is simple and anyone who knows PHP/HTML well can do this really fast and easily.The project is only for 3 days only. Bid only if you are not busy with other projects and can start immediately today.

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