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Specializing in unique 3D mobile, browser, and desktop based apps.

Username: jeremiahleslie

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Location: Lafayette, United States

Member since: June 2012



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  • $1650.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller PuppyPunch


    Jun 10, 2013

    Friendly, straightforward, quick and very capable. It's been great to work with him!

    Project Description:We have a map that was made in UDK and we want to now recreate it in Unity 4 (because it will be easier to port to mobile). You will have access to all the original UDK source files (models, decals, textures, etc.) The map has water, a sky (with clouds), and trees...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller fhhvw


    Feb 19, 2013

    Enjoyed working with him.

    Project Description:Overview: We have an initial starting point for a Unity iOS role-playing game. The game is a party-based RPG where you control 5 characters, each with their own XP and HP. You then embark on Quests by choosing a location from the Map...
  • $600.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller rwain


    Jan 21, 2013

    Jeremiah communicated very well over the course of the project and exceeded expectations in every way, budget, timing and features. I would highly recommend him for any job involving Unity programming. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

    Project Description:I want to build a real time controlled digital puppet. The puppet will be controlled by a game controller. The opening and closing of the mouth should be digitally proportional to the joystick movement...
  • $200.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ravinator


    Jan 9, 2013

    highly skilled and experienced

    Project Description:Someone to produce the following in Unity 3D: 1 scene with 2 rooms, doorway joining the two rooms and a first person controller to move between. Walking into Room 1 will bring up a GUI: Room 1 ...
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Azteroth


    Dec 9, 2012

    I would definitely hire this freelancer again.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone to help me for a short time to solve some bugs and get a game closer to finish. We will fix some small things together and there may be more work to come. Must be skilled with Unity3D and c#.....
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Krome


    Nov 10, 2012

    Jeremiah is a highly experienced Unity 3D developer. He did everything according to requirements and exceeded expectations. Will hire again for more work.

    Project Description:Unity 3D Map Generator We are looking for someone to create a Map Generator system that can be used in Unity 3D that can create procedural/algorithmic or randomly plotted maps that can be used in levels inside an RTS game...
  • $750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller regimented


    Oct 2, 2012

    Fantastic result. Exactly what I was wanting from the project.

    Project Description:I need a developer to complete some Unity 3D scripting for an Android/iOS diagram app. I will provide the Unity project as a starting point that includes simple meshes and textures as well as the 3d and 2d camera views...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tiagoGsilva


    Aug 6, 2012


    Project Description:check out this websites: all of them got a kind of GRID DOTTED MASK. So what I need is the script to create that effect on any WEBSITE...
    jeremiahleslie has not completed any projects.
  • $50 USD/hr In Progress

    Looking for a Unity 3D dev for about 10 wks of full time work - prefer fixed bid but tasks to bid on depend on skill level. Would require code samples to review before officially offering work.

  • $36 USD/hr 8 days ago

    Job DescriptionDevelop a virtual world game that is full of adventures and surprises. Player will spend a great time with their friends, they will start the adventure by doing quests that has been requested by NPC. Quests will help the player to improve their personal skills and professional skills. The game will support iOS and Android devices. Be part of our development team. Responsibilities:•Implement game functionality as per design document and specification (avatar & character control, AI, maps, game GUI, scoring and other game elements)•Design implementation approach to take game road map into account•Communicate with other team members to integrate media assets•Give regular feedback to project lead as to implementation issues and possible improvements to game design•Produce technical documentation•Address bugs and other technical issues identified for subsequent releaseDesired Skills & Experience• Significant experience in developing interactive applications, including games• Analytical ability to study and assimilate technical structure, data, and requirements of an autonomous character-based training game•Experience and effectiveness in working within a project team•Demonstrated ability to work effectively, and harmoniously in a fast-paced, diverse team environment •Excellent knowledge of Unity and C# scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, user session management, etc.•Direct experience with game physics and particle systems•Experience with iOS and Android game development•Experience with version control software•Ability to work independently, remotely, and in a team

  • [Sealed] 10 days ago

    Need an 8 ball pool game development on Facebook and mobile app stores both on iOS and Android. The inspiration can be taken from 8 ball pool on Facebook already played by millions. One has to closely assess the elements already available in all pool games currently on Facebook and accumulate better ideas to one single game.

  • [Sealed] 11 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $277 USD 11 days ago

    We need a simple app game made in Unity 3D. This project involves programming AND designing the app. The app will start with 3 doors visible on the screen. The user has to choose which door to enter. Upon tapping any door, the door will slide to the left and the user will enter the room and a wall will appear with some text written on it. From there, the user will read the text and can exit back to the main screen (with 3 doors) again. That"s about it. We can explain more in a private message.This is an urgent project so we will select a provider as soon as possible.

  • $1000 USD 11 days ago

    We are looking for a programmer to work directly with our head programmer in designing and implementing a random dungeon generator for the project we are currently working on. The games similar in style to something like Castle Crashers. One feature which we are experimenting with however are side scrolling randomly generated areas. This is the area that we are looking for assistance on with this contract. This is only one of many areas that we will be needing help on and would certainly like to find someone who could assist us long term. If you have experience working with beat em ups / action oriented combat systems / role playing games that is a big plus. Some information regarding the Random Dungeon Generation is provided below.Random Dungeon Generation:-6-12+ types of sections: straight, split, up/into, down, up/into & down, special situation, dead end (4 directions)-some transition sections will be unique, like at the start and finish of a zone transitioning between like forest and snowy mountain etc.-all puzzles will be relatively simple. the most complex will be part of the scripted sections. a too complex puzzle: see a code somewhere in a level and have to punch out some ruins in order somewhere else, or fit items into special slots which you gathered around… those are too complex and won’t be in there. simple puzzles are like pits to grapple across, or boulders to bomb…-randomly generated areas, once generated should be stored with the players saved-data so their world remains consistent and persistent. When they revisit a random area, it won’t be random anymore.- A 10-20 "screen" procedurally generated side-scrolling level with the assets provided that fit into the existing codebase.- 2-4 procedurally generated parallax background layers with the assets provided- Sufficient enemy spawners procedurally placed throughout the level at appropriate places- Seamless stitching of assets between screens and between assets, assuming the assets you are given also tile.- A desctructible rock blocking that path to the new procedurally generated area- A well organized and ordered generation schema that given an initial seed value will generate the same level using the same seed value each time.- No loading screen or noticable pause when moving to the new area/level A "screen" is defined as one fully unique area covering all of a 1920x1080 display. So a 10 screen level would be 1920x10 = 19,200 pixels wide.This phase does not include:- Serialization- World, Mini-, or Overhead maps- Any puzzles (aside from the 1 destructible rock)- Support for anything other than the forest area assets- Branching beyond the one entrance to and one exit from the procedurally generated side-scrolling level- The special "fork" path sectionThe DrykkurRandomZoneSketch.jpg attached is potentially confusing. Its supposed to represent branching side-scrolling paths. Each row or column of adjacent squares represents side-scrolling areas. This is not a platformer, there are no pits to fall down or shafts to climb up. If there is a square up, that represents an exit to the top of the screen. If there is a square down, that represents an exit at the bottom of the screen. When you take one of these exits you enter a new side-scrolling area that may branch further. So... On the sketch when you go up/down, rotate the image so the new area is sidescrolling left-right, its not meant to be a bunch of 1 screen areas going up or down. The part here it branches diagonally, that"s one of those forking branches. It works slightly differently. Rather than moving up or down into new side-scrolling areas, you could choose a path and while you might unload an entire area to move up or down, you wouldn"t in this case.

  • $99 USD Jun 18, 2013

    this is a RTS game, developing for android platform. we think u can help us do business.

  • $4000 USD Jan 2, 2013

    Dear Freelancers, First of all, Happy New Year and thanks for viewing my project. We have a 2.5D strategy multi-player online game developed for Windows Phone devices since 2011 and are working on the 2nd version of the game to rewrite the game using Unity3D so that the game can run on multiple mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, WinPhone 8, etc…). You can find the game website link and screenshot in the attachment. We have all the graphic artworks ready and the server infrastructure ready. The current game client was written using Silverlight. We are looking for a talented Unity3D developer (team) who can rewrite the game client using Unity3D. Previous work developing mobile games in Unity3D is a big plus. The work includes Game Client Development and testing in three popular platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Moreover, developing a game with great performance and fast UI response time are one of the major factors to define a successful product. If you have done similar mobile game/projects in Unity3D before, please attach the links to your projects. Again, thanks for viewing my project and looking forward to your quotes. If you have any questions, don"t hesitate to message me.

  • $750 USD Dec 15, 2012

    racing game for AndroidThe game is about 20 stage of each phase is determined and also there are 5 characters in the game are designed with small carsOnline game by any You can register for the game and play online with others and add your friendsA game similar to the I want and I"ll give you pictures and links to the game lateri want my game like this (crash):,r:57,s:0,i:259

  • $25 USD/hr Dec 8, 2012

    HiAre you free?, I need unity3d developer for 10-20 hours per week. I"m web developer and I am building the website, and I need you to do the whole unity3d-work. What do you say?Kind Regards,Ruslan

  • $30 USD/hr Dec 8, 2012

    Jerem, we have a 3D Kombi that we mapped as perfect as can be into three D with a tape measure. I have a Unity 3D programmer who needs some help. a tag team guy to help out with whatever he knows and the two of you can get through it. $30/hr is ok but need you next three days if you can do it then please contact me on SK7Ype midex.mccrannCan give you three days straight. Need the work festered out now because have window for summer here in Brasil and just needs be done now or never.

  • $200 USD Dec 2, 2012

    I need someone to create C#-class for reading Zip-achive from binary data. (should work in unity3d-web player)NOTE: 1. you cannot use dll-libraries only the CODE itself.2. code must be clear and easy to understand

  • $2000 CAD Sep 20, 2012

    Project Goal:To build a puzzle game for the iOS platform with an excellent UI design and the best user experience. Details:The game relies on a simple rule for winning. The player has an initial screen with some objects, and the user will have to rearrange the objects in a certain way to win and move on to the next level. The concept is very simple and the game is very addictive. The game will provide free hints to the user at the beginning of the game, and then the user will have to make in-app purchases to buy more hints. What is available:- Most of the game engine has already been implemented using XNA. I can provide the code so that you do not have to worry about writing algorithms. Of course you will have to rewrite the logic in Objective C. - I have already published a similar game on the Windows Phone Marketplace. This will make your life much easier understanding the requirements of the game. But keep in mind that the UI design and the user experience of the Windows Phone version are really bad. Also, the Windows Phone version does not support hints. - I can provide background music and other sound effects. What I need you to deliver:- A game that is fast and reliable.- A fun UI and an excellent user experience. - All the files used to develop the game including project source code, configuration files (if any), images (in their layered format) and any other files used in the development process.- The certificates and output files needed to deploy the game on the AppStore. Some more comments:- This is only one application. I have others in line, and I"m looking for a long-term partnership with a freelancer I can work with and trust. So if you think you can be a reliable partner, this first project should be our starting point.- The intellectual property of the produced game and all the files associated with it will be owned solely by myself.

  • $5000 USD Sep 17, 2012

    Iphone, iPad, android, block game required. Game will have 8 different versions. Graphics core game play, principles, scoring will remain the same within the versions, with alternative modes of play. You will be required to complete All essentials from start to end of development graphics, music, coding etc. Under no circumstances are any compromises to be made on detail and quality of works, all must be of high end completion. Game versions to incorporate single player, rewards, multiplayer and social elements. Limited Lite version as well as paid version to be rolled out. In app purchases to be included. To be provided by me;Detailed briefing covering all game play versions, scoring, rules etc.Graphics of game play layout drafts and designs.Menu layout and screen layouts.Further details will be provided.Previous works and portfolio showcase essential. Can I also highlight this project is for a developer and not just a coder, and works are to completed at the desired and envisaged specification. Portfolios should be of works developed not just a small contribution to graphics or segment of code...... Previous bad experiences of so called developers promising a result they have never delivered before. Completion of works and go live date will be 6 weeks from when development works commence.Please highlight the language you prefer to code in.Details to follow.

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