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Jiby Jose

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Location: Kottayam, India

Member since: March 2012



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  • $736 AUD
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    Feb 11, 2014

    Great work on our Node.js library. Good technical knowledge of the Node.js runtime and was proactive in figuring out bugs.

    Project is a service for intercepting requests from Search Engine robots and providing a scraped full HTML representation for JS enhanced web applications that cannot be indexed normally. Basically...
  • $1052 USD
    Profile image for Seller arjays


    Jan 22, 2014

    excellent guy and will refer in future

    Project Description:We scraped thousand of data per second in node.js and post them to node.js server I want better architect on my server. I want to handle to multiple hundred of request properly and supply them to mobile client as per needs...
  • $736 USD
    Profile image for Seller filipmaertens


    Jan 21, 2014

    Awesome set of brains, enthusiasm and professionalism. Will hire again in a heartbeat.

    Project Description:I have written a rendez-vous service in Node.JS for a project called "CRYPTOCOW" that aims to provide end-to-end encrypted mobile messaging. The service code is written in Node.JS and MySQL (through Sequelize)...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller mediageni


    Dec 14, 2013

    Perfect work!<br/>

    Project Description:Fix javascript bugs for Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property &#039;innerText&#039; of null (Google Chrome Developer Console) (anonymous function) In the Bootstrap...
  • $1800 USD
    Profile image for Seller humle30


    Dec 11, 2013

    Excellent work and great communication through the entire project. Very friendly and nice to talk to!Jiby had a excellent understanding on the setup and was very helpful in guiding us in the right direction through Teamviewer, with several improvements added to the final project.We are very satisfied with the outcome and will recommend Jiby to others. We already hired him to continue the project - he even came up with a roadmap for further development of the project.

    Project Description:We need a script that is live updated via XML feeds from various data sources. The script will be displaying the data collected. The XML feeds are available and the old version of the script is viewable...
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller mediageni


    Dec 10, 2013

    Great developer, tried everything to make it!

    Project Description:Change my hashtag numbers to readable SEO words
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller scottjohnsson


    Dec 10, 2013

    Very fast and thorough solution. Did exactly what he said he would do when he said he would do it. Look forward to hiring again.

    Project Description:I&#039;m attempting to install the following open source project: However, I cannot get the source to install. The github project is partially abandoned and I need a stable version installed on an Ubuntu server (v13.10) running node.js v0.10.22...
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller eculture


    Dec 10, 2013

    Jiby is very professional and has a lot of knowledge on Javascript. He was always willing and able to help us on our project, had time to discuss issues, and solved them very fast. His bid was above the average, but he definitely worth it. We will consider him for further projects with no doubt.

    Project Description:We are using the code found in this tutorial to load content via AJAX using Jquery. The problem is that when you want to load content that uses other script (i.e an image gallery) it is not loaded...
  • $526 USD
    Profile image for Seller scheurer


    Nov 28, 2013

    Very well done. Fast communication, high quality, fast reaction. Very satisfied.

    Project Description:We need a JavaScript professional to write a DOM-Tracking JavaScript library. This project only Covers Phase 1 (described in section &quot;B. Phase 1&quot;) A. General Description What do we mean by a DOM-Tracking...
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller EliteMediaDesign


    Sep 6, 2013

    HE IS AWESOME, I will be working with him over and over again

    Project Description:I have a interactive form I have attached the files, I need to have the image swap 4 colors as the colors are selected then I need the OPtions that have been selected to simply populate a form on a shopping...
    Jiby Jose has not completed any projects.
  • £473 GBP In Progress

    I have a website, . It&quot;s a site where users sign up, talk to each other and meet (like a dating website), and then move into flats together.Sign up to the website so you can see for yourself, and explore it for yourself. It&quot;s free to join.You meet people via the buddy-wheel, and can see their profile. WHAT I NEED: Instant Messaging integration, so people can chat to each other, within my site. Something like Facebook Messaging, with popup chat windows, etc. You could click a button on their profile to instant message them. I need this platform designed and built. Put the word &quot;Hacktrix&quot; in your bid, so I know you&quot;ve read this briefing.EXPERTS ONLY NEED APPLY. I want a professional team who can build this for me and make it work well. I&quot;m looking for quality.

  • $1052 USD In Progress

    I need someone with experience using Ace the embeddable code editor for a project. It is a website with ace as the main component.Please bid if you are interested. Thanks

  • €1500 EUR In Progress

    Hy Jiby,Here is your new job for the development of 3 Web site.This development includes :- As you previously described : separation between interface, theme and background calculation. - Off course, complete documentation of the written code and backgroud calls- All the visual and graphical staff for the 3 websites, with a specific theme for Digital Expenses web site- All the user login management (register, login, administration page) with intern plus Facebook, Google, LinkedIn login- Native translation system for all visible text, images and videos on the screen (developped in English)- Background basic database Read/Update/Delete instruction coding following our instructions for the different pages- The chat system working between users calling from DIA and DEX to internal helpdesk and remote Helpdesk on the Indexing Web site,- The messsaging system attached to individual objects, with local message list, email notification between sites and user suscription to different objects.For all this stuff, I agree for the 1500&euro; On our site, we will provide :- Direct access to our 3 dedicated online servers for the 3 web sites - Content of the different pages (text, images, videos)- Text translation for French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian- The database model, creation, SQL requests, stored procedures to execute and some content for the tests- Complete description on how the Chat and Messaging system should work between sites- Online assistance from Florent in France Monday-Friday 9am-&gt;12pm and 2pm-&gt; 6pmPrice for all that : 1500&euro;, bonus 500&euro; if everything workd fine on August 5======================I went through the documents.I will attach some design clues i can gather,so you can let me know better in terms how the design i have in mind match you.About the flow we can get this done as we earlier discussed we can go with a generic modular approach. First we can develop the user interface, technologies in use would be ember.js,handlebars,bootstrap and some libraries for those different components i am showing in design clues as an attachment.Handlebar templating allow us to separate logic and design,so we will have templates that will only contain the html.We will break up this templates into generic pieces as far as possible so we have a well ordered set of templates that define the look and feel,So a designer who knows just html can very easily just see this templates to make modification.with rendering the UI and all business logic we will be separating into modules.We will use ember-data for connecting the Interface with the other modules (Can be REST calls,JSON,XML).Two advantages to use ember-data.While developing we can let ember-data use a local data set so we can see the fully working Interface just without persistence to backend.So once the interface project is finished we will have clear separation of the modules and the API needed to them.So then we can start each interface once by one and connect the Interface with the API.So basically what the flow i am planning is 1) Interface Module (The website in what the user sees) 2) Core REST Backend Module 3) REST Blogging module 4) Realtime Chat Module 5) REST Messaging Module 6) File Handler Module (Serves the images(the one we are indexing not resources),PDF export and such stuff )== rest of our previous discussion ===

  • €230 EUR In Progress

    I&quot;d like you to write a JS function that does the following:1.) Detect when AdBlocker has removed an advertising (can be detected by DOM)2.) Replace that ad by a piece of code it pulls from the server 3.) Sends a message to the server that the ad has been blocked by statistic reasons4.) Brings in some kind of routine that makes it hardly blockable itself.ONLY EXPERTS THAT HAVE DEEP INSIGHT INTO JS/DOM/JQUERY! I CAN GIVE YOU SIMILAR APPROACHES SO THAT YOU CAN ORIENTATE YOURSELF ON!Thanks!

  • $300 USD 4 days ago

    I need to remotely access whatsapp messages for an iPhone.I have the icloud username and password. Is it doable ?

  • $3157 USD 10 days ago

    I have a moderately complex RoR+PostgreSQL+JS+Social API (Google, FB, LI, TW) project on Github that I need to convert to NodeJS+PostgreSQL+ExpressJS+PassportJS. I have started the work already and have a codebase that is in transition. I\&quot;d say I\&quot;m about 10% there using SailsJS as a MVC framework to help transition rapidly. Looking for a very competent backend engineer to takeover the project and help complete the transition. The end-result will be a running app on Heroku with functional parity to the RoR version.

  • $42 USD/hr 29 days ago

    I am looking for a programmer with node.js experience that can trouble shoot server side code which leads our application to timeout, it is causing the server to freeze up and we need to reset it manually.We are running nginx on front end and node.js to run our java script.

  • [Sealed] 29 days ago

    I need a developer who is expert in node.js. I have a long time project to offer. Please bid if have very good experience in node.js.Bid with your past work.

  • $42 USD/hr Mar 18, 2014

    I&quot;m seeking a senior developer (INDIVIDUALS ONLY) with advanced competency in JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and HTML5/CSS3 to do ongoing work with my web design agency on an hourly basis here and there as needed.If you have completed Javascript tests on freelancer, or have references from other advanced javascript projects, you will be preferred. Please link to some past javascript projects you have worked on.

  • $50 USD/hr Feb 15, 2014

    Hello,I would like software similar to the offering at this site below and the demo they also have posted with the difference of bitcoin being

  • £250 GBP Jan 11, 2014

    We have a very small javascript file (124 lines) that relies on jQuery and some jQuery components (fingerprint, cookie, uuid, md5).The project aim is to :1) Remove any jQuery dependencies by replacing the jQuery code with Plain Old Javascript; or convert components to POJ where necessary2) Cleanup the code.This will enable us to plug our js component into any environment and not be dependent on jQuery.

  • €333 EUR Nov 6, 2013

    Hi,I would need someone to develop a simple javascript code to track website visitors in real time. The details of users should be collected with javascript and sent to different server PHP file that puts the details to MySQL database. The tracking code will go to multiple websites and the database needs to support multiple sites.Here is the info I want from visitors:Referring URLReferring keywordsCurrent page (+ visited pages)Time on pageLocation (Country and city)Desktop, tablet or mobile userI will create the output from database on my own so you just need to create the tracking code and PHP file where it sends data + database for the data.

  • $100 USD Jul 17, 2013

    This project is use to find the people for job. Exam conduct online and result will be display after complete the exam online.

  • $418 USD Jun 16, 2013

    hi add me at s.k.i.p.e manpreet_singh_dhaliwal , i want to discuss on java project

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Software Engineer

Jun 2012 - Jun 2013 (1 year)

SixDee Technologies

I worked as a software engineer on the time being june 2012 to june 2013 working mainly on java projects, Google Web Toolkit for GUI, core java for backend services, JSP, javascript,css,html.mysql and realtime data push technologies


B-Tech Computer Engineering

Cochin University of Science and Technology



B-Tech Computer Engineering


I completed my B-Tech in Computer Engineering from CUSAT India in 2012.


WaveScalar Architecture And Future of Parallel Computing


Published Seminar on wavescalar architecture as the basic of future sustained parallel processing at 2011 @ CEM