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The strongest survives.

iOS+Android Genius Since 2011

Username: jinlongwei

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Location: Beijing, China

Member since: August 2011



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My skills:

  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephanoitz


    5 days ago

    user was very patient.Good experience Would definitely will work again with him

    Project Description:hello, i have an existing xcode project the is using 1 sprite file. i want this app to use multiple sprite files instead of 1. each animation should have 1 sprite file. there are about 10 animation...
  • $1526.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller flash1821


    Jun 13, 2014

    Another great job. Very skilled Freelancer.

    Project Description:Updates to my current iPhone and Android app
  • $157.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephanoitz


    Jun 9, 2014

    Great freelancer.Will definitely work again with him.A Real professional

    Project Description:hi, i have an existing xcode project wich i want to have modified. - integrate advertisements (revmob,chartboost,apploving, playhaven, admob} - integrate inapp purchase (to remove ads) all the...
  • $2000.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller erikgyzen


    Jun 6, 2014

    Great Job. High Quality and delivered on time.

    Project Description:Hi. Sorry for lenthgy delay getting back to you, but its been quite difficult getting all the content sorted for next generation App. I have put things onto test website to give you a feel of what the next generation may look like...
  • $3157.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller maxawei


    May 23, 2014

    Professional and Very hard working. Will work with again!

    Project Description:Build an iPhone app which can communicate text, images and in app phone call. Serious bidders only please!
  • $6366.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller flash1821


    May 11, 2014

    Great programmer. Will hire again. Thanks!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $1100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pontissimo


    Apr 23, 2014

    The most unprofessional worker on freelancer. Ignored half our changes, delivered an ugly crashing app, and had the nerve to ask for more money. Keep looking, there are much better workers here.

    Project Description:I have an existing iPad app that shares pictures via Facebook and email, and I need to make a new version that shares videos instead of photos. You can download the current version from the App Store, its called BoofShare...
  • $684.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller motorcycleusa


    Apr 9, 2014

    Good programmer. Would use again.

    Project Description:I need to develop and customise an IOS sip voip dialer . Siphon open source can be found here : . if you are familiar with this software, please let me know . Please only bid if you have used Siphon ...
  • $126.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ransika


    Apr 7, 2014

    The coder is extremely committed and tried out many ways to get the work completed.

    Project Description:We need a android fragment which is done exactly as per the design. It should work work from Android 2.2 and above. The user takes the photo then when the next (>>) is clicked, the user sees what the photo taken is and then can draw on it...
  • €33.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Raizen21


    Mar 23, 2014

    quick and fast! Still looking forward to work with him

    Project Description:Hello All, I need a start screen for my app with an animation of a logo(color-fill animation) and a fade-in effect when the animation ends. Please look at the attachment for the desired animation(the logo needs to start blank and get filled with the blue color...
    The strongest survives. has not completed any projects.
  • $1578 USD In Progress

    Hi,I’m looking who can create very simple camera app for Android & iOS platforms.Details:- The app must have a timer function- The app must have social share integration which simply allows to share taken photos to social networks- Other function is to play chosen sound (by user choice) few seconds / moments before shoot.- Another simple function is “tap to shoot” (Candy Camera you can find example) , you can take a picture by simply touching the screen.- Ability to switch cameras (front camera / back camera)- Push notificationsRequirements:- Most important thing is design & UX (we are in digital and mobile business for a while so we definitely know what is beautiful, tasteful and made for best user experience). Samples could be provided.- ASO & SEO optimised app.- It must be prepared and fit strong App Store approval- English language- It must work offline- Must be flexible for future in app purchasesSimply - user open an app, chose one from two categories, than one sound from three and thats it. So, talented experts, its perfect deal to show your skills! Thank you.

  • $1578 USD In Progress

    ONLY CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN WORK WITHIN THAT BUDGET. ---- 1500USDAPPLY TO START NOW AND FINISH IN 5-14DAYS (or tell me your estimate) PLEASE MIND BID RANGE I HAVE PLACED, YOU CAN BID AS HIGH AS YOU WANT HOWEVER LOWER BIDS HAVE A BETTER CHANCECOMMUNICATION ON PROJECT PROGRESS IS IMPORTANT.Create an android chat application similar to a well known chat messaging app WeChat or MomoFEATURES** FacebookSignup Phone number (User verify phone number)** Unique Matric Number as Username*** MAJOR FEATURE: Chat** Friends and Invite Friends** Settings PagePush Notifications** Use of Parse for Server Side is important. If you can use other server service , let me know1. send and receive message2. send picture3. momo ui4. user Set a profile photo which will be shown to all your contacts5. once your friend have the app, you can send and receive free message6.Register with username/phone number/facebook9. add user by phone number or UserID10. dating function (Swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match! Chat with a match). 11. No emoji12. No video sharing13. No status update14. No group chatDon"t apply if you are fresher or beginner, you need to provide me portfolio for android and iphone application. I need all feature above. apply with your portfolio and share your knowledge so that i will have confidence about your skills.

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    develop a whatsapp like client app for both ios and android.Exclude server side development.interface to server shall only be http/ Json or web service.

  • $40 USD/hr Today

    I need an iPhone developer to create a simple iPhone app for me that does the following:When the application starts for the first time, it takes the phone number from the mobile device settings, shows it to the user to confirm and then communicates to a server to sign up the device. Server sends an SMS with a 6-digits random code to that mobile number (I will supply server side). On the iPhone app side, following user clicking "Sign up", the application will wait for an SMS to be received, read the 6-digits random code (or let user type it in). It will send that code to the server and show a message to user depending on server"s response saying whether signup was successful or not. That"s it. Simple as that. NOTE that I require the app to support all possible iOS versions and devices.Also, communication from there onwards (following signup / sign in) needs to be secured/verified, so I need the app to maintain whatever cookie/session id/device id mechanism required so that it will be dispatched with each subsequent requests made to server and identify each client securely. I am not sure what"s the best (or common) approach to use, so I request each bidder to suggest his approach to that in a sentence or two. Just let me know what would you suggest to use to identify each client later on and be 100% secured.BIDDERS - PLEASE BID ONLY WITH AN ANSWER TO QUESTION ABOVE !

  • $105263 USD Today

    Looking for an iOS developer who understands iOS in its full-stack. I have both permanent work and contract work for great companies in South Florida.

  • $5000 USD Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €28 EUR/hr Today

    Die CinePostproduction GmbH ist eines von Deutschlands führenden Postproduktionsunternehmen mit bundesweiten Niederlassungen. Als Full Service-Anbieter sind wir technischer und kreativer Partner unserer Kunden von der Beratung im Vorfeld des Drehs, den innovativen OnSet-Services, der digitalen Bild- und Tongestaltung bis zum DCP und dem HD-Sendeband aus einer Hand. Mit unserem jahrzehntelangen Know-how in der Filmindustrie entwickeln wir wegweisende Workflows und Services für digitale Produktionsumgebungen und Stereo-3D sowie für Filmverleiher und Kinos.Für unsere Niederlassung Bavaria Bild & Ton in München suchen wir ab sofort für unseren Bereich Digitale Postproduction eine/n kompetente/n und engagierte/n Administrator für die Postproduktions-IT (m/w).Wofür wir Dich brauchen: Du betreust am Standort München die produktionsrelevanten IT Systeme (File Server, Clients und Netzwerk) im Bereich Bild- und Tonpostproduktion. Du bist für die Serverbetreuung und den Endnutzer-Support verantwortlich. Hierfür arbeitest Du eng mit den jeweiligen Ansprechpartnern zusammen.Du hast sehr gute Kenntnisse in: •Linux und Windows OS•Netzwerktechnologien•Active Directory•Medien-Fileserver TechnologienDu verfügst über eine abgeschlossene technische Ausbildung oder über vergleichbare in der Praxis erworbene Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen und beherrscht gängige Scripting Sprachen wie Python und Shell.Ein Plus sind Kenntnisse in postproduktionsspezifischen Systemen wie Baselight, Nuke, PF Clean, Avid, Protools und Autodesk Smoke.Was Du sonst noch mitbringen solltest:•Eine selbstständige Arbeitsweise•Prozessorientiertes und unternehmerisch ausgerichtetes Handeln•Einen hohen Anspruch im Hinblick auf Umsetzungsgeschwindigkeit, aber ohne Kompromisse bei der Produkt- und Dienstleistungsqualität•Du scheust Dich nicht davor, Dich mit Neuem auseinanderzusetzen•Teamfähigkeit und soziale Kompetenz sowie die Fähigkeit komplexe Sachverhalte mit einfachen Worten darzustellen

  • $736 USD Today

    Generic responses will be ignored, this is a very specific job posting please show me you understand the job requirements very specifically in the posting by rephrasing using technical language.Work to be completed on a highly structured, well commented Objective-C code base.Apple has modified their guidelines so our prior usage of iOS data storage is no longer considered acceptable. The App needs to be updated per the new Data storage guidelines.Brief App description: The app allows virtual repainting of interior room images to a new paint color of the users choice. Paint color palettes are dynamically loaded into the app on download. The method by which these paint color palettes are currently getting loaded into the app needs to be updated.Apple has been contacted and their tech support has offered several suggestions for troubleshooting the app and updating it which can be passes on to interested candidates.Interested candidates should be willing to review The reason for app store rejection and a response from Apple"s Tech support suggesting a resolution attached.This should be a very straightforward short term project.

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3000 USD Yesterday

    This project will require extensive work from a mobile application developer. This app will focus on giving everyone the opportunity of having a private driver. This service will be cheaper than a taxi. This application will function by getting the users and the drivers location by GPS and send the nearest driver to the user. This service also requires an encrypted credit card service. Please contact me if you have any inquiries.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    Hi!I need to setup a open-source SIP server on my own Amazon AWS server. For now I need to replicate on my own server and make it work 100% to customize it later.There is a project on Github to automate the full stack with Chef. See more details here: the end of the job I must be able to access the web registration form, signup and use CSipSimple Android app to comunicate securely/encrupted with SIP over TLS.Can you help me? :)Thanks!

  • $3157 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for a developer to build an x-windows application (i.e. an application that uses the x-windows binaries present in a Linux distro).Note: More details can be provided if needed.Requirements on this particular application are:1. The application should be preferably written in C or C++ (some other compiled language may be ok, if justification is provided).2. The application must allow the x-server to connect through a USB data port.3. The application must provide a wrapper inside which most any other windowed Linux application can be executed and represented to the x-server.4. The application must provide a menu through which the user can select the actual local application (from installed applications on the same Linux box where this application resides) that they want this application to host.In other words this application must make it possible to control a windowed application running on a Linux box through a USB connection to that box.Other requirements:A. Reasonably commented source code must be provided.B. UML diagram showing the relationships between the components is preferred.C. Payment will be through Developer must be willing to sign a contractor agreement (which includes a section on intellectual capital and a non-disclosure agreement)

  • $5263 USD 2 days ago

    I need a native application for any operating system / device designed and coded.

  • $3157 USD 2 days ago

    Hi there. I want to develop an iPhone app like Tinder and a small Web Interface to register users via Facebook (not everyone has iPhone)Is note exactly a clone of Tinder, is just to have the idea about the navigation mechanism to select users.I"m finishing the layout, want to start developing asap.Hope to hear from you soon..Regards,Thiago

  • $2368 USD 2 days ago

    I am looking for someone who can develop an app that simply sends a pre recorded voice messege to another person on the users friends list. it will contain a few voice messeges to choose from, so the flow will be: 1. select a voice messege 2. select a friend/group to send it to 3. sendit should have some kind of access to a persons contact list on his smartphone, same as whatsapp. in terms of design - the app should look pretty much like shazam, only the big button will trigger the voice messege. at the bottom there should be a menu with the following: profile, friends, messege, more/other. (could be different, but thats the idea)thats it, super simple. lets see what you can do!:)Thanks,Gal.

  • $473 USD 2 days ago

    i have an IOS app, and all the code, i need to change icons, and logos, and remove 2 options. is really really easy and fast

  • $10000 USD 2 days ago

    We require a skilled developer to take an app we have invested 10,000 in, from basic concept to market ready in the next 8 weeks.

  • $2947 USD 2 days ago

    Hi there. I want to develop an iPhone app like Tinder and a small Web Interface to register users via Facebook (not everyone has iPhone)Is note exactly a clone of Tinder, is just to have the idea about the navigation mechanism to select users.I"m finishing the layout, want to start developing asap.Hope to hear from you soon..Regards,Thiago

  • $1473 USD 2 days ago

    Need iPhone app developed - chat app with geo-tagging and map integration.I have the design and the framework for the app, so the developer can start right away. Map is already integrated.Need someone to complete this asap.

  • ¥157894 JPY 2 days ago

    I would like to have two flashcard programs for studying simple English words. The target user is a low level student of English. The application should be similar to "quizlet", where one side has a picture, supplied by me, and the other side of the flashcard has the English word. If there could be a concentration game, again, similar to quizlet, that would be good. The number of flashcards would be around 200 flashcards for each program.

  • ₱63157 PHP 2 days ago

    Good day! Hi, Im Russel of eSearch Corp. Currently, we are looking for a iOS DEVELOPER for one of our client. This is for a direct Hired position and permanent. Company Background of our Client:Our client has been working with a few select clients to produce the best web projects in the world. Unlike other web development outfits, by focusing on select clients, and offering only enough resources that they need, we help keep both the clients and our own development team happy. They don"t just work on one time projects, we establish a long relationship and provide all the IT needs from small startups to established companies. The office space is designed to inspire communication and comaraderi among the team, by removing partitions and arranging them like a huge conference room (everyone is facing each other). If you join to our client, you will have a chance of working with international projects, that encourages using the latest solutions in web technologies. Select clients also means, you won"t have to worry about working with different clients every week. Allowing you to establish a good rapport and understanding of the clients needs.Thank You :’)

  • $4210 AUD 2 days ago

    We have a vision and a plan for an App and require an App developer to assist in taking it from an idea to market. The App will be a social networking/game type app, in a similar domain to Words with Friends, Quizup etc. The app will have both online and offline capabilities and the aim is to have both iPhone and Android compatibility. As we have no experience in App development, we"re initially looking to get an understanding of timeframe, complexity etc from someone experienced, and more details on the App can be provided upon consultation, after which costs etc can be discussed, with the potential for either a fixed price or profit share.

  • $2631 USD 3 days ago

    We are searching for an iOS developer with UX talent to write an iPhone application.What needs to be done:The application will be a social network with features like user authorization,profile, pictures, posts, private messaging between user, geolocation search (full details are in the requirements documents).We want you to be comfortable (preferably with Backend as a Service experience)Please also give us examples of some of your apps and/or link to your GitHub repository and approximate time you will need for this project.

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China Network Research Center



Shanghai Jiao Tong University



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