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  • $200 USD
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    Mar 3, 2014

    excellent freelancer! really knows his stuff! i do recommend

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller kroncool


    Feb 27, 2014

    Excellent, provide as needed as well as other related information.

    Project Description:I have an android app created with interface. There are two buttons. Each button will send a signal to a usb device connected to the phone through the usb connector and cable, which will be detected by the microcontroller of the device...
  • ₹5266.530000000001 INR
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    Feb 20, 2014

    Joby is super fast and highly talented. Would definitely hire him again for future contracts! Thanks Joby for on time delivery of the project!

    Project Description:Using serial port COM18 play DTMF sound tones in phone via bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth connection to PC via phone done. Just need phone to detect Hyperterminal signal using '0','1','2','3' and play...
  • $5000 USD
    Profile image for Seller rodrigorreis


    Jan 30, 2014

    Great service, great communication, great skills, will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:Request full project documentation by private message. >> DO NOT BID UNTIL YOU REQUEST, RECEIVE AND CAREFULLY ANALYSE PROJECT DOCUMENTATION. << PROJECT REQUESTS A) Develop microcontroller source...
  • $3382.5 USD
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    Jan 23, 2014

    Joby and his team was able to complete the project. However, it took much longer than expected and also cost more than originally anticipated. We would choose not to work with Joby again over this unexpected additional expense and time delay. We did not expect this as Joby had great reviews prior to this project. We assume that he was not familiar with the subject matter at hand and bit off more than he could chew. We would be okay with rehiring Joby for a project he was more familiar with.

    Project Description:We require a portable RFID reader that can be mass produced. The requirements are as follows: -13.56 MHz (ISO 14443 B) reader -Must be able to communicate with and read paypass/paywave tags -Must...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller AndracMissions


    Jan 20, 2014

    I needed some "unconventional" changes/updates made to the previous app .. so I decided to re-hire based on how well it went prior.It went very well again. Extremely good communication ~ and sound advice on some ideas I had. Thanks again!!

    Project Description:Hey there ~ I have a slight mod to the application. Here is the scenario: The phone now is required to be positioned upside-down. I am using an app called "Ultimate Rotation Control" to make the screen...
  • $270 USD
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    Nov 12, 2013

    Joby was fantastic to work with. Professional. Excellent communicator. He has the ability to listen to and understand what the client is looking for. Offers meaningful advice, and is very responsive to messages.Joby completed this project on budget and well within the time frame. Will definitely hire him again.

    Project Description:Simple app that has the following abilities: 1: needs to pair to BT device (ardunio BT in this case ~ but it doesn't matter the device). 2: needs a graphical 5 position "joystick" (up, down, left, right, stop)...
  • $315 USD
    Profile image for Seller itserverman


    Oct 30, 2013

    Thank you so much again!

    Project Description:Fix issues in existed program. Private project for existed freelancer. No bid from others. Fix issues in existed program.
  • $950 USD
    Profile image for Seller danieltaft


    Sep 13, 2013

    Joby was terrific on this project. Always available to talk to, and delivered expert software very quickly. I will hire again in future.

    Project Description:I am manufacturing a new bluetooth hardware device and require an iOS application to test it on iPhones. I require the iOS application to pair to Bluetooth 2.1 devices and send and receive data via Bluetooth Serial Port Profile...
  • £3160 GBP
    Profile image for Seller mark2301


    May 14, 2013

    IGNORE THE COMPLETION RATIO. The duration of the project was extended due to my inability to constantly be engaged with the project due to other commitments meaning Joby had to wait throughout until I responded. This has added to the timeline of the project and unfortunately had a negative impact on his overall completion ratio, so he is not to blame for this I am. Joby did an excellent job with no delays on a very demanding project applying existing technologies in a totally different way. He has gone beyond what was requested and his knowledge and expertise in applying these technologies has made the project a massive success. We will embark on the next phase of development and I have total confidence that Joby can deliver what will be required and look forward to carrying on working with him in the next phase of work. YOU MUST HIRE THIS GUY!!

    Project Description:As per agreed scope document attached
  • $1000 USD
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    Apr 16, 2013

    Thank you again for Great job!

    Project Description:As agreed before
    jobykpaul has not completed any projects.
  • $6500 USD In Progress

    private project , micro controller

  • $4836 USD In Progress

    0Freelancersviewing right now6403TOTALviewsProject Description:We are looking for someone to design a very small, flat bluetooth activated speaker device. We would like the initial prototype to be activated via a keyfob type design, although the device will eventually be one of many paired to a mobile device.The device must:* be able to be actived by the keyfob sending unit within at a minimum distance of 30 yards (Bluetooth 4.x)* be highly durable(enclosure) and impact and water resistant(entire unit)* The device must be battery powered* The device must emit a noise loud enough to be heard at a minimum distance of 50 yards with normal outdoor background noise* The device must weigh less than 6grams and have a max height of 6mm and max surface area of 12 square cm(3cm x 4cm would be fine, for instance).* The device must include an adhesive backing to attach it to flat plastic surface. The adhesive must also be durable and weather resistant.This quote is for the prototype design only, with deliverables including a sourcing list and approximate material and construction costs. This is to determine the feasibility of designing a 3-pack of these devices at approximately a $25-30USD price range.Please include a list of qualifications in any bid or response - further details will be provided to qualified candidates.Skills required:Electrical Engineering, Electronics, PCB Layout, Product Design

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I have a patent on what is called a smart glove or a wristband to be used by cyclists to improve their visibility and communicate their intentions more clearly to drivers. It uses a small accelerometer that determines the cyclist hand signals for turning and stop and activates LEDs within the glove. I have a prototype board design that uses a pic microcontroller and is programmed currently using PicbasicPro. The design functions well but has some limitations with the use of a glove and I would like to adapt the electronics into a wristband. The wristband would have multiple LEDs that could be seen from front and back. I would also like to charge via usb and be water resistant, if not near waterproof to hold up with sweat and rain. I also want to look at some type of wireless or Bluetooth communication to activate remote led light indicators that can act as turn signals and brake lights.I am open to other microcontroller platforms such as arduino. I have the existing pic source code, prototype board layout, prototype PCB design for a starting point. The current design uses a MEMS accelerometer.The first part of the project would be the wristband with LED design and the second part would be the addition of Bluetooth to the wristband and a LED Bluetooth activated signal. The wristband design itself is open for discussion. It could be a flexible strip of very bright LEDs in a silicone translucent jacket with either a flexible stretch portion or an adjustable clasp like a watchband.We would need a confidentiality agreement for more discussion. I would also like some design input as well as Prototype and possibly manufacturing quote.. I can provide a concept rendering once the NDA is signed. The rendering is meant for concept and may not be able to be manufactured exactly as Modeled.Please estimate a bid and sign the NDA for more information.

  • $1052 USD In Progress

    Private project for existed freelancer (details discussed privately). Private project for existed freelancer (details discussed privately).

  • $275 USD In Progress

    I need a research paper written about sensors that are sustainable and use a wireless network. If you are interested PM me and I will send you the details and specifications of this assignment. You will relinquish any copyright to this material.Happy bidding! :)

  • £1600 GBP In Progress

    Ultrasonic Sound Activity MonitorDetection circuit consisting of an ultrasonic microphone fed into an amplifier and high-pass filter to detect ultrasounds within a 12kHz-150kHz waveband. Detected sounds are further amplified before being rectified and fed to an op-amp comparator to adjust sensitivity.Detected sounds are fed to a Count Logger circuit with an adjustable logging interval. This should be software-adjustable in 3 steps i.e., 5, 10, 15 minutes.Logging interval (minutes) 5 10 15Count Sampling interval (Seconds) 1.17647 2.35294 3.529412Full memory capacity time (64,000 readings) (months) 7+ 14+ 22Example: To allow logging at a rate of one reading of 255 counts per 15 minutes (900 secs) digital output is sampled at 3.529412 sec intervals (900/255). At this rate a count logger accepting 64,000 readings would therefore accept readings for approximately 22 months.The following features are necessaryLow power consumption;The unit would normally be left unattended periods of 6 to12 months; User-replaceable battery; Delayed start option; Led count indicator; Reading range 0 to 255 counts; Data stored in memory (64,000 reading capacity); Data transferred to PC or tablet device via USB and Bluetooth wireless; Logging Interval adjustment and Transfer function programming softwareThis is a full project including a full working prototype and software but does not require an enclosure. Once accepted an existing prototype will be sent to the designer for evaluation and further development as to the above specification.Payments terms;On award of the project 30% of the total value will be released followed by 10% after schematic completion, 10% after PCB design, 20% after notification of the working prototype. The final 30% to be released after delivery and personal testing.

  • $263 USD Today

    Hello I"m trying to get some information about how much it might cost to make a sms button mobile application what it is instead of sending sms text to a phone number you can push a button that haves preselected text to a cellphone sms. i have a remote gsm system if i send a - a1 in text to the device it will turn on some stuff if i send a a2 to that device it shuts off that device looking for a application instead of typing in the preselected text i can push 1 button that sends the a1 or a2 signal to that device in sms. i have google talk under josephchrzempiec if i can"t be reached in hereJoseph

  • $2105 USD Today

    Hi, This is the second time I am posting this project.I need a very skillled IT and electronic who can design and small keypad with inverted key that can be glued on a other device keypad and automaticaliy press the button of the device to digit the numerical combinason received by sms.

  • $1052 USD Yesterday

    We need to write an Android application or an iPhone application to control a device using the Bluetooth. We need to use Phone A as a controller and phone B as a receiver. So, at location A you can control a device at location B.

  • $842 USD 2 days ago

    Need to program DDS (AD9834) signal generator , from a microcontroller (PIC16F877A) using 3-SPI interface

  • £31 GBP/hr 3 days ago

    Engineer required for project based around the PIC18F66J60 microcontroller, specifically Ethernet features and a single page web interface. Ideally the coding would be able to measure the average speed of the connection and if necessary utilising a to d inputs or any other features or hardware as required. More details can be submitted to eligible candidates.

  • $3157 USD 3 days ago

    I have a company that creates a smart shoe insole check out my website to understand better I would like to have an app that can connect to a Bluetooth enabled Arduino micro-controller and stream data to the phone. The phone would have to display an image of the insoles and put a pressure heat map that corresponds to the values that are received from the micro-controller. I would also like to have the program give me information such as cycle time and sequence of impact (i.e. heal, arch, ball or ball, arch heal). I am sure whomever gets this project would have to help me create the specs better.

  • $263 USD 3 days ago

    Android bluetooth spp simple get and send data to bluetooth device

  • $1578 USD 9 days ago

    The project Consist in integrate in my existing pic16f628a program a external magreaderThe mag reader is a t/l interface , they need to be interpretated and output using the existing ps2 outputthe pic have 18 pins and actually im using 12 so i have 6 pins free to read the 3 tracks using the 6 wiresso if u think u have the ability to adapt your code to mine please contact meIn resume i needinterpretate a ttl signal from a external magnetic card reader and output this data using the existing ps2 interface

  • $5263 USD 9 days ago

    I have an open source project about muscle stimulation, I need someone to do some modifications or make something similar match my requirements based on the attached one.Here is the link to the project : requirements are:-A Muscle Stimulator with 16 different output ports.-Every port has an address can be controlled by a software from another device through "Bluetooth"-The out Pulse have a specific shape, "will talk about it later".- The device has multiple difficulties options lets say two or three.- The output ports could work all in the same time if needed.- uses low voltage battery.If you have more questions feel free to ask.If you have no idea what is this please don"t bid and waste my time, I"m looking only for Experienced people know what they are doing.

  • $421 USD 9 days ago

    Looking for a application that will read the android phones GPS data, then display and send it via Bluetooth to a paired device. The application should scan and list all Bluetooth enabled devices.The intended device will be an Arduino.there should be a button that when pressed sends the informationeclipse project files will be required for emulator testing

  • $4500 USD 9 days ago

    We are developing an audio remote control for car/boat stereos that is unique to the industry. We will share more details upon hire. What you need to know: We have learned that we need a particular Bluetooth chip that meets the requirements of range (approx. 100 feet) and battery life (ideal goal is to have disposable common battery that lasts 3+ months, rechargeable if we must). Also, this chip is unique in that it can connect to both a smartphone or directly to the stereo receiver (AVRCP mode). This is important to have both options because some consumers don"t have a smartphone and wish to link directly with the stereo. I am in need of someone to program the chip. The chip is the WT32i by Bluegiga; I have this development kit for it tasks are to program the chip so that it can link up with the stereo receivers (AVRCP mode) and control the basic audio commands of Play, Pause, Skip forward, Skip backward, Volume up, Volume down. Additionally, I would like a button that will scroll through the various Playlists, if any. This Playlist function would be used when an MP3 player such as an ipod/iphone was the source of music play (since these devices use Playlists), whether connected via smartphone or via stereo receiver. Another button would be an Activation button that would need to be held down to activate the other buttons. This prevents the buttons from being inadvertently pressed or pressed by the force against the water when the rider falls and lets go of the handle. The same tasks are required for linking up the chip with a smartphone. Preferably, it would link with the native audio player on ios, android, and windows smartphones. Alternatively, we would create a simple media player app top connect with. Also, thinking about whether it would work with apps such as Pandora (it would likely work if connected via stereo receiver, but would it work if connected via smartphone?). Finally, in both scenarios, we need a switch or combination of button pressing to determine connection route (i.e. hold down play button and skip forward button for 5 seconds to connect via stereo receiver, …and skip backward button to connect via smartphone). We have a PCB board developed, but will hold off on ordering it until the chip is programmed since we may find some things to tweak in the process. For example, I think we need to tweak it to have a switch or combination of button pressing to determine connection route (i.e. hold down play button and skip forward button for 5 seconds to connect via stereo receiver, …and skip backward button to connect via smartphone). Pardon my ignorance, but I don’t know whether this is implemented into the PCB board, the chip, or both. We also need to look at the current battery set up and see if it suits classic Bluetooth well for power consumption or if we need to switch batteries or go with rechargeable.Rechargeable might not be so bad if we must since we should implement a mini USB for updating the device anyway. You would need to program the bluetooth chip and/or PCB board to implement mini USB. THE DEADLINE IS 4/22/14. This gives us 6 days to get the PCB board ordered and delivered and 6 days to put it all together for the design show on 5/6/14. Even if our deadline cannot be met by a given referral, I am still interested in the referral. Perhaps I can make some adjustments to the schedule and still make it work. At a minimum, we could get the AVRCP mode accomplished first by and then the smartphone mode second. Thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly refer me to someone who could handle this project (or hopefully you can do it!).

  • $105 USD 15 days ago

    I need some one to program the Adc in my circuit from the PIC18F4685 microchip microcontroller to display the voltage values ( status of battery from a laptop). Urgent, need it today itself. I will give more details to the expert programmer who have very well knowledge of it.

  • $263 USD 15 days ago

    we require to communicate GSM modem with pic mcu. It should send given sms to desired number on an event that ADC reading of microcontroller is zero

  • $5789 USD 15 days ago

    ===BID ONLY IF YOU HAVE FULLY READ===I am looking for someone with a long history and experience that can help me out on a simple, yet detailed bluetooth project. I will need to be able to see proof of work from concept, to reality. As well, i need strict guidelines in designing and prototyping this pcb. You MUST have knowledge in FCC, Bluetooth certification regulations, layout, ect for this project. I need from you:PCB design(including: Gerber, schematic, detailed bom, PCB layout, and any files associated with it)Quality design work neededwill need you to make sample prototype that can be tested, then mass produced at low costfor now, testing will only need to work with android phone as demo until further coding can be completedmore specific details after biddingPayment terms:pay is not forwarded any milestones until proof. Don"t even ask.Payment set up:ONLY50% upon completion and proof of physical PCB50% upon completion of working prototype + demo working codewill reimburse any cost and fees associated with manufacturing pcb board and partsExpected time frame: 30 days or less. must start immediately and be dedicated to project until completionNote: i have case design, so that should help with PCB sizing and layout dimensions.

  • $36 USD/hr 15 days ago

    We are looking for assistance from someone to help design the electronic system for a new mobile accessory.Requirements - Experience with Bluetooth connectivity - Complete system design The ideaMobile accessory will connect to the user"s mobile phone via Bluetooth when activated.When device is triggered it is capable of delivering an automated sms (without requiring a smartphone app).

  • $210 USD 15 days ago

    Hello Everyone,I Want a Android App which connects to my Bluetooth device.This app is for Smart home purpose.A connect button for connecting to bluetooth module.A disconnect button for disconnecting the bluetooth module.The App should take control of 2 lights. so keep 6 button 1. Light 1 on 2. Light 1 off 3. Light 2 On 4. Light 2 off 5. All on 6. All offDetails:Bluetooth HC-05 MODULEPIC 18F45212 DC RELAYNeed urgently....

  • $789 USD 29 days ago

    mobile phone send it position to website and to mobile, Also read data from bluetooth or wifi device and send to website or mobile.

  • [Sealed] Mar 19, 2014

    We are looking for an experienced individual to design a low cost Wi-Fi snapshot camera. Expectations:Provide initial design concept proposal (Components, Communication, and Data storage)Provide all deliverables submittal committed datesSubmit all deliverables listed belowThis bid is for a proof of concept design, we are looking to entertain a working relationship for the next design iterations Qualification and preferences of candidate•Experienced hardware designer•Existing Linkedin profile preferred•Elance profile complete•References if available prefered•Available to skype•English of french speakingOperation description:Power up: The self-contained board, on power up will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network it was configured to. Once the system has powered up and connected successfully to the Wi-Fi network LED1 is turned ON and blinking only when data is transmitted. Action: The prototype board will have a press button. When pressed it triggers the camera to take a picture and automatically start the save process onto the cloud based virtual drive through the Wi-Fi connection. LED2 is turned ON from the start of the picture process up until the saving process is complete then it is turned OFF.Configuration: The setup of the Wi-Fi connection (Login, Password) and the setup of the cloud base virtual drive (target address, login, password) will be done by connecting a USB cable to the board USB connector and a PC USB port. A simple software will take care of the configurations steps. Software must be Windows 7 compatible.PCB needs: PCB maximum width is 1 inch, length is to be discussed when preliminary silkscreen layout is available. Camera must be attached to one end of the board. Details on test pads and additional solder point needed will be provided once BOM is accepted.Deliverables:Preliminary layout (silkscreen layout ok)PC application to setup Wi-Fi and virtual drive setting (location, login, pws, …)Configuration application software codeHardware software source codeBOMPCB layout (to be designed on free software preferably)Circuit Schematic (to be designed on free software preferably)Working prototype assemblyGeneral system characteristic:Prototype must have USB connection port for programming, debugging, Wi-Fi connection setup, virtual drive setup and configurationCamera (low cost surface or through hole mount camera; resolution >= 1 Meg, Color or Black & White type)Wi-fi connection (open to solution to meet low cost criteria)Storage: open to suggestions; ok to use any free online storage service for prototype purposePower: Prototype board power could be any off the shelf AC/DC transformer (AC: 110~240 VAC, DC: 3~6 VDC). DC power selection is at the discretion of the designer

  • $5263 CAD Mar 19, 2014

    I need a bluetooth bridge , modified to an existing board. Also need a ethernet port added.

  • £126 GBP Mar 19, 2014

    Hello Freelancers!I need a simple android app which does the following: -Connects to a Bluetooth device, (paired manually or via search..whatever works)- Once paired, the app will receive a number (i.e 123)- Once the number received, the app needs to get the GPS coordinates, and store the three numbers ( lat, long , and number received via bluetooth). It should store the numbers in a file that"s easily accessible. Voila! Don"t hesitate to contact me for more details!Happy bidding!

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