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Coinciding interest and finance.

Username: joystick220

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Location: Guwahati, India

Member since: May 2012



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  • $60 AUD
    Profile image for Seller gozookle


    2 days ago

    If you need help with Amazon AWS, go no further than Joystick220. This guys simply awesome. Great communication, easy to work with. Will be using him for all our server work in the future.<br/>

    Project Description:I require an expert in the following Amazon Web Services: EC2 RDS S3 To completely configure my Amazon Web Services account in conjuction with my iOS developer. We are having trouble connecting our mySQL Workbench to Amazon RDS, so this will be a priority to set up...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller asteinmetz


    11 days ago

    Great work, very professional - did everything in a timely manner, and spend time showing me what was done and how to take over.. Thanks again!

    Project Description:I need a EC2 Instance on AWS that will require Auto Scaling do to increase traffic at some point. But for starters I just need a PHP server running at least 5.4 - free tier would most likely work for now ...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller cbdevor


    28 days ago

    will work with again!

    Project Description:We need to deploy an Ubuntu 12.04 x64 server running the JODconverter web application found here: We need this to be done using either a shell script or, ideally a Vagrant file with Chef cookbooks to automatically setup and deploy the JODconverter webapp...
  • $555 USD
    Profile image for Seller istream


    Mar 13, 2014

    This was a challenging project that took more time than anticipated to complete. Joy is a nice person and I he did his best under the circumstances.

    Project Description:We have 3 sites that all use FFMPEG to convert user uploaded video files into standard video files to be played on our sites. We would like to stop using FFMPEG and start using Amazon&#039;s Elastic Transcoder...
  • $333 USD
    Profile image for Seller hhhansen


    Mar 9, 2014

    Great work by a true expert! ++++++

    Project Description:We need to establish a high-performance in-memory caching laying in front of our high-volume community web site
  • $110 CAD
    Profile image for Seller Glenprice


    Feb 26, 2014

    Wow that was fast!, thanks Joy and great job! It was a pleasure working with this freelancer. You will be the first to call for any future AWS work.

    Project Description:We have a EC2 Instance on AWS that needs Auto Scaling do to increase traffic. We will need one instance setup and configured to run automatically when required. If you don&#039;t have any experience with AWS...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller fhx


    Feb 25, 2014

    Excellent work, great communication -- very professional

    Project Description:I need help in getting my ASP.NET website scaled on AWS. The website is a membership site, in which users have to sign in. After they are signed in, they must stay on the same server. Each server should be associated to a sub-domain...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller intelliresponse


    Feb 20, 2014

    Excellent coder.

    Project Description:Need api created to send and receive data from amazon web services.
  • $444 USD
    Profile image for Seller hhhansen


    Feb 15, 2014

    Fantastic job, great communication, highly recommended freelancer. Hope to work with him again +++++++

    Project Description:We have developed a solution based on Drupal and PHP scripts and hosted using Apache2 and MySQL. The solution has been migrated from a dedicated server to Amazon EC2, and now we need to &quot;complete&quot; the installation to make it ready for production: 1) Create a procedure (e.g...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller firstchoicesli1l


    Feb 4, 2014

    Great to work with. Completed well ahead of schedule. Great communication.

    Project Description:I have Big Blue Button installed on an AWS account and the installation was working, but recently I have been receiving the attached error message. I would like assistance in getting this back working...
    droidlabour has not completed any projects.
  • $350 USD In Progress

    We need an existing Amazon EC2 production site augmented with log handling, monitoring and backup using the Logstash service

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Dear Freelancer , I have created a Native Mobile Application , the back end of which is complete to the extent of 90%. It has been created in PHP and MySQL. We need to move this entire application to the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform : Please be very clear with respect to the below : 1. Freelancer should be honest and should co-operate with my team and team members including myself in teaching AWS from scratch. 2. We will need the Freelancer on a daily basis for entire April and at least two weeks after the launch of the application. Phone Call Support and Email support is extremely essential.3. Freelancer will be paid some advance and on weekly basis ( 4 Weeks ) through milestones. About the Application : The Application consists of a chat module which requires immediate sharing of Photos , Videos , Text and Audio. Rest of it is all Social Networking , making comments , liking pictures , sharing content , social network page.The Freelancer should provide a list of recent works done using AWS and should definitely have prior experience in the same.They should also let us know the cloud design and architecture they have worked with previously along with what kind of security measures they would advise. They should be in a position to do a proper handover to my team at the end of the project.Freelancer should know how to setup Auto-Scaling , Storage , Security Measures , Instances Etc.Consultancy Will be required extensively on various aspects.I should know that you have at least read this entire description. Please start your replies with #7777Best RegardsDheeraj Sood Arun Industries

  • $50 USD In Progress

    We need some assistance setting up our cPanel (trial account for now) installation on Cent OS on our Amazon EC2 instance (just created).also, configuring server software such as apache, soap, and php

  • $180 USD In Progress

    We need an aws expert to setup and configure Peachtree Accounting Distribution 2011 software with vpc, ec2, s3, etc. We want to host this software and client side configuration for five users initially.This should be a very straight forward job for someone who knows what they are doing.Please advise your turn around time and price

  • $84 USD Today

    This project is to connect php to amazon web services RDS database.The Database is MYSQLThe sql code you will need to make is two simple codes - one creating a table and one for select. Statement must have error trapping.As a reference for the project. Elastic Beanstalk is being used to deploy the code so all needed files will need to be in a folder structure.Please have experience with this before.Thank you

  • $1578 USD Yesterday

    Hi guys - im new to cloud tech and AWS so bear with me.I currently have a web app thats very simple used a mysql db and servers a single web page which has an image around .5mb to a user which is accessed about 10-20 times a day irregularly.My current single shared server can run about 100 concurrent connections.What I want is to be able to handle around 10,000 concurrent connections. How would I go about doing this the easiest way? Also I will have massively varied peak and off peak times so want to upscale and downscale as needed to reduce my overall cost.This guide I found is the closest I think i need the current website moved to a cloud service then set up to handle users from 100 - 10,000 scaling up and down on resources as needed.

  • $59 USD Yesterday

    Hello,Task is simply, you have to move about 300 Gb of 2000 files (most of them are mp4 videos, pdfs etc.) to Amazon S3 server.Type your offer and time

  • $26 USD/hr 2 days ago

    Require an expert with PROVEN experience in Amazon Web Services. Job is to provide advice and perform changes to an existing Amazon AWS hosted website. Existing site is a customised WordPress site so experience with the LAMP stack is essential.Main requirements are to scale back an existing AWS infrastructure which is currently costing too much for it&quot;s purpose. There are redundant databases, load balancer etc. The site is not in production so does not need such a large infrastructure setup.You will be expected to provide expert advice, answers to questions and ultimately once agreed implement the changes ensuring the website remains fully functional.I want to implement other elements like a fully daily backup and a full backup and test restore carried out prior to any work being done.I have a strong technical background and some experience with AWS so you will be dealing with someone who understands the technical nature of these things. For time reasons I do not want to learn and carry out the work myself but I do have a very good knowledge of such things. This should make communication on requirements much easier. Pay will be hourly according to the work required. So please be sure to include your hourly rate. The site you are working on is very professional and my hope is to establish a long term relationship with a good resource.Feedback - DO NOT ASK ME WHAT I NEED OR MORE DETAILS. The responses I want to see demonstrate YOUR experience with AWS. Tell me about what you&quot;ve done, provide example URL&quot;s where possible, talk about high availability. BE SPECIFIC. I&quot;m paying well for this, no rookies. Sorry guys but I get too many vague responses which are a waste of time. Sell yourself. Amaze me with your knowledge. Code houses - DO NOT RESPONSE WITH TEMPLATE POSTS. Either read this properly and respond with a focused customised reply or don&quot;t reply at all. Experience - EXPERIENCED AWS USERS ONLY. I&quot;m a professional developer and will spot inexperience in this area.

  • $34 USD 16 days ago

    I need to have a 1.1gb db imported to our AMAZON RDS (postgresql) This is not on an aws server, it is RDS! so, please only bid if you are experienced in with aws rds.Should be fairly easy, I am getting a timeout connection error on step3 when following the instructions here... you

  • $147 USD 18 days ago

    I have set up the Amazon S3 streaming video via a plugin name S3 Media Stream and the video can be played successfully, and also able to use streaming function. The only issue is that when I click play, it has to load for more than at least 1 minute before the video start playing. (not issue relating my network speed, mine is fast)Sometimes it is quick, but most of the time it is very slow. Please help. PM me for the link. Thanks.

  • $5263 USD 19 days ago

    Hi, I am a professional in corporate world and willing to venture into business, I am looking for someone who has an idea and needed some investment and some help in terms of planning, etc. I am willing to invest in the range of 20k-40K USD and willing to work fulltime.Please note that I am making more than 6 figure salary and just wanted to venture in new technologies/business ideas, if you think if you have a great idea and we can work it together to make it succesful, please contact me.I am currently based in Canada.

  • $526 USD 22 days ago

    Using PHP and a fast background queue system to upload, manipulate and retrieve objects like pdf documents or jpeg pictures to amazon s3. Using best security practice.So I have a php web server on cpanel with the PHP connection to S3. I am going to have many users uploading files. So I need to securely save the files on s3 and have reference on mysql database. the files need to be queued in mysql before sent to s3 (amazon advised me to do this because of a rare issue on s3). We will need to use some sort of background queuing system so the user doesnt wait for the upload. It would be great if this is done in a class that I can use in a flexible manner to save and retrieve documents to/from S3 storageOnce the file has been uploaded, it should do a checksum to ensure it was uploaded correctly.Need to document the system and detailed steps to install on production environment.

  • $526 USD 25 days ago

    I require an expert in amazon server to help configure my ecommerce site that is using magento as my shopping flatform The site will have over 1 million items on connecting to a shopping API We hope to have about 100,000 visits per day to our site we will also be synchronizing all our products to ebay and amazon shopping Please demonstrate your skills,experience and some suggestions to demonstrate you know what your talking about

  • $155 USD Feb 24, 2014

    We have already made website in Ruby on Rail. Now I have to upload(code and database) it to Amazon Web Service(AWS) to make it live.

  • $10 USD/hr Feb 4, 2014

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Work Fixing Big Blue Button Installation on Amazon Web Services&quot;

  • $5 USD/hr Dec 30, 2013

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;AWS Sys Admin&quot;

  • $50 USD Dec 7, 2013

    Hi,I need someone to help my programmer fix my sites email issue. Saw your profile, you look like the right person.The website is built using codeigniter framework and installed on Amazon EC2. my programmer has confirmed the email script is fine, but he doesn&quot;t have much aws experience and struggling to solve problem.He is also based in India and a fellow freelancer. Just need you to communicate with him and resolve issue.Hopefully with your knowledge it should be quick : )

  • $5 USD/hr Nov 26, 2013

    My VOIP server is crashing every few hours due to what I think is a corrupt database. It uses asterisk....any chance you can take a look at it?thanks.Anthony.

  • $5 USD/hr Nov 4, 2013

    BlueMailerPro is the solution we have generated in order to- have lower expenses in our activity (mass mailing)- go through the barriers ISP more and more oppose to commercial messages we send to our recipients, as opt-in as they may be (they are).Basically BlueMailerPro dispatches to a large group of disseminated VPS the total mailing load.The application has just been delivered by our freelance developer : unfortunately, he has got a steady job in a large company which will use all his time now.We are looking for the person likely to- implement the missing functionalities (first of them : to search and find a @ among the multiple databases)- debug what has got to be debugged, that is respond to any problem our diffusion service might point out.We wish to keep this person available on the long term.In the future, when all the missing functionalities will have been implemented (statistics panel, IP reputation panel, multi-account, pre-payment), according to the commercial results, it may be time to think about a 2.0 version.The current work counts more than 20 000 lines.Frameworks are :framework web : bottle.pyframework sgbd (orm) : sqlalchemyframework tcp (services) : twistedIn order to have a better understanding of the project, a skype or google instant messenger can be organized with thomas, the person who built the system.Would you be interested?I can be reached over skype : barondecrac1, or directly on my GSM 33 614 617 716 (France)Thank you.

  • $155 USD Oct 3, 2013

    CDN for imagesOur website uses many member photo&quot;s, we would like to have CDN running for the images on our website.

  • $35 USD Aug 1, 2013

    HiWe&quot;ve been a seller on ecrater since 2009 - but don&quot;t have a backup inventory file of the items in our account.I&quot;m looking for a solution to scrape my username&quot;s inventory off my account at - and have it land in a simple spreadsheet or csv file. Be nice to have a simple utility setup so I can use it again if I need to.Let me know what your thoughts are.

  • $150 USD May 13, 2013

    I need to install and configure a mail server on my personal severYou must be able to work on:postfixdovecotsquiremailapachei know its a simple work... make a bid!

  • [Sealed] May 6, 2013

    I am looking for technical content writer for my knowledge base. I just need a batch of developer and system administrator related articles created for now. However, this overall project will expand rapidly once we have everything stood up.My requirements are as follows:

(i)Articles should be unique and should not be copied from anywhere. They should be able to go through copyscape. If, any plagiarism is found (with the exception of commands and configuration content), writer would not be paid.(ii)Writer will complete all technical knowledge articles listed below. These articles should include clear and concise instructions, with screenshots and commands when appropriate, to guide the reader through to successful completion of the task. Articles should explain in enough detail that even a novice could follow the instructions.(iii)The articles should be written in proper English. English mistakes cannot be tolerated. Poorly written articles will not be considered.
(iv)Any screenshots should have size and resolution appropriate for web content.(v)You should know what you are writing. Articles should be free from technical errors. Quality of the content is TOP priority for me.1)How to setup nodejs2)How to setup apache (with directory structure and virtual hosts), mysql, php3)How to setup python with mod_wsgi and apache4)How to set the hostname of a machine5)How to add users based on distro6)How to setup nginx (with directory structure, virtual hosts, port forwarding), mysql, php, fastcgi7)How to install django8)How to deploy django applications9)How to install web.py10)How to deploy applications11)How to install ruby12)How to deploy ruby on rails application13)How to setup apache tomcat14)How to deploy tomcat applications15)How to use public key auth with ssh16)How to use and install fail2ban17)How to install git18)How to install redis19)How to install mongo20)How to install couchdb21)How to setup piwik

  • $100 USD Feb 25, 2013

    I have a Windows 2003 server with several additional IP addresses added int he advanced section. Since a Windows update these stop working after a few minutes. They are required by IIS and as a result the websites stop working. The main IP on the box continues to work OK. Only the additional IP addresses fail.. This could be an &quot;arp&quot; issue

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Dev Ops

Feb 2012 - Present (2 years)


Cloud (AWS/Rackspace) System architect



Gauhati University



Code War

IIT Guwahati

Coding competition organized by IIT Guwahati @ Techniche 2012



Synchronize data across all the EC2 instances inside an AWS Auto-Scaling Group.