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  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller orangembo


    7 days ago

    Was a nice person to work with. Did the job to the best of their ability. Delivered something which I can use straight away. Thanks

    Project Description:Looking for an experienced Flash Animator to help me complete an animated scene. All keyframes and assets created. Should be very straight forward for an experienced flash animator. Less than...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oshioyi


    14 days ago

    Obliging provider.

    Project Description:Hi I have 4 Flash Banners (swf) that require exporting to MOV or MP4 format. Need this ASAP. Thanks
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Storekaktus


    23 days ago

    Good quality, nice animations.

    Project Description:Animating attached swirls and vines, so it looks like they grow out. Need seperate movieclips for each item. The files must be so small in kilobytes as possible. I need to use the files in Flash CC, so...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller magneticmongoose


    May 26, 2014

    skillful flash designer.

    Project Description:To modify a flash project that has hotspots. Depending on the point of interest, a hotspot may reveal a product image and or a web url, a video clip, and a link to a pdf document. The code has been created and hotspots (flash buttons) are presently over the specific areas of interest...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller freshlimemedia


    May 23, 2014

    It was a small project, but kalwoki understood the specs very clearly and delivered exactly what was required

    Project Description:I need help with a very small project. I need to build a simpler version of the widget like the one shown on Attached is a flash file and an excel file...
  • $115.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller donranie


    May 21, 2014

    kaLwoki has completed the animation design in flash very well. The final work is exactly what I envisioned it to be. Will be working with kaLwoki on future flash projects. :)

    Project Description:To design a flash animation of floating text which explodes upon the user's touch or swipe (by touchscreen). The text will float around the screen as to simulate zero gravity. See similar exploding effect provided in the youtube link below...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller RobertLopez


    May 18, 2014

    Everything was done as promised. KaLwoki was kind enough to make a demo of my project before any commitment on my part. Great job, will hire again for sure.

    Project Description:I would like 20 demo animations created for installing blind fasteners. Most of the components will be reused. Only the fastener and maybe the tool will change. I have attached two videos as examples...
  • $25.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller assignmnt


    May 7, 2014

    Excellent guy.....did the animation assignment on time and within budget

    Project Description:An Assignment to work in flash and create an animation...very simple , but i do not have the time to od it as i have to go somewhere.
  • $95.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bioxsl


    Jan 29, 2014

    I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. It apparently required a lot of effort and some beyond expectations. kaLowki went the extra mile and got it to work the way I wanted it to. Excellent communicator, Professional and caring. Recommended.

    Project Description:I have a home page that is mostly Flash and ActionScript. I would like to break that down into the top section that has the images moving when buttons are pressed (Flash and ActionScript) and then the bottom section I would like to be is normal HTML and Javascript...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hairmaxsite


    Jan 24, 2014


    Project Description:we have a flash website, and need to change a few things on the site. add 2 more categories (just 2 sentences) to our services page, and add more pictures to our gallery page
    kaLwoki has not completed any projects.
  • $250 USD In Progress

    I am in need of someone to build my company website. We are a small start-up company, looking to create a new website. I had a flash intro created, but I think it looks very bad and elementary. I would like to possibly create a flash intro, if it is not too costly. There are certain elements of the site that I need to be able to have built within the site. For example, I need the ability for my clients to log in and view documents I have uploaded to their account, which means I need the capability also to upload documents so that customers can review their contracts and paperwork etc., specifically related to them. But most importantly, I need to have a website created ASAP for advertising my company and what we do as a company I have an example website I can show you. Thank you!

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    I"m looking for a designer to create the following web banners urgently. 350x250 - with 2 colors, Flash (Images & text to be supplied by client)728x90- with 4 colors, Flash (Images & text to be supplied by client)Not necessary to convert Flash to HTML.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I am trying to build a travel blog that has a map on the main page, highlighting areas with travel tips available. I would like visitors to be able to hover over the highlighted areas, see the name of what city or country they"ve highlighted, and click the link to the relevant place"s post. Depending on the time commitment involved for this map, I"d like to add a map for each of the continents on its own page that shows a higher level of detail.My main project request would be the world and continent maps, as well as the connected links. Depending on bids, I would request the addition of slide show design.Right now, the blog is just a template for ideas, but I can see it playing out with different levels:1. Main page: main focus is world map, linking to the continent subpagesUnder the map, a slide show of random travel pictures from my library.2. Continent Subpages: Map for each continent with the ability to link to the countries within each continent on their own page3. Country Subpages: Slide show of random relevant travel pictures

  • $150 USD In Progress

    i need to design a teach ware system in adobe flash. am doing diploma in animation,. so i need someone to help me out in this project work. the users of this teachware system will be grade 2-4 kids.. so i need it as attractive as possible..

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I need all formats that Google accept to promote 3 products. I will provide artwork by private message.Here Google rules: want someone that can make SWF cool ads.

  • $85 USD In Progress

    We seek to re-design with a stunning new look.Same logo.. Mostly the same content with some minor editorial adjustments, but we would like "the look" of the website to be revised to that we are able to better market books displayed on the site, and appeal to aspiring authors who seek to publish their books.Must be able to produce VERY HIGH QUALITY WORK.The winning bidder would potentially become the main webmaster for the new site, depending on the affordability of prices.The targeted budget for this project is below $100.00.Please send examples of your work, and send a proposal on the re-design of best and most affordable proposal wins this project.

  • $4 USD/hr In Progress

    I need to merge into one html page a banner . i have the files . the html page with the description plus the banner files.I am open to new opinions about the design and etc. after the job is done. must be ready with 1 day.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    It is a very simple change in the flash template. You can downloade the Doc file with the look of the template and the changes that are necessary to be done. One of the major changes is to create a form to send information to an email. The email can be changed from and external file NOT Flash.(could be php or any other)Once the we will choose the person to do the project, we will send the full template and the texts that are necessary to be entered.Thank you for your time and Good Luck Bidding...

  • $125 USD In Progress

    I"m looking for a flash site with ten sections and cms.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Need someone who is expert at flash to help me find a flash portfolio template and customize it for me...just need some buttons not much content but the template must be eye catching... budget is up to 40$

  • $95 USD 4 days ago

    Essentially we need then main company reseller site setup to attract buyers of our various site types, domain offerings, security packages, and application profiles. It needs to be professional but flashy, to the point but not too informative, and from a bird;s eye view phenomenal.

  • $20 USD 5 days ago

    I need some easy changes on a flash website. You have to change only some text, easy and fast job.

  • $30 USD 5 days ago

    i need a animation movie project in Flash about a 20 sec untill 1 min

  • $15 USD/hr 6 days ago

    i need to convert our website to a AS2 flash project.

  • $95 USD 6 days ago

    NO LONGER THAN 40 SEC !!A Soccer Match btw Israel Team and Palestine Team Obama is the "Referee"3 Special Charterers in Palestine Team 3 Special Charterers in Israel Team 2 Special Charterers in VIP place in public where the crowds, fans A few Simple Actions ! Thats all

  • $250 USD 6 days ago

    work at e-learning field to create EBook - EConent Flash game for education and make 2d animation and presentation

  • $750 USD 6 days ago

    I would like to have a modern, clean, professional looking and secure website built for my business. This will be a phased project and we will enhance the website as business grows. I like the design of website although my business is in an entirely different industry.

  • $95 USD 7 days ago

    A short 30-45 second skit involving pre-illustrated characters that just need to be animated for a project that will turn to a potential ongoing feature if the workflow goes well.

  • $750 USD 7 days ago

    I would like to have a modern, clean, professional looking and secure website built for my business. This will be a phased project and we will enhance the website as business grows. I like the design of website although my business is in an entirely different industry.

  • $85 USD 8 days ago

    Hello,I am looking a 2d animator for a small animated movie i want to create (30 sec max). Concept is exactly the same like in picture i attached, even main character can be same. Animation does not need to be super smooth, i am more after silly stuff. The more silly you can make it the better.Idea:There will only be 1 scene/background ( perspective wont change)Main character upper body needs minimal animation ( mainly face and hand animation)Best example would be oneyNG cartoons ( the silliness in them)That cartoon is for my younger brother upcoming birthday ( he has a massive beard which he plans to shave soon, just want to show him what happens when he does) So it does not need to be perfect.PS: I am 3D artist myself so please don"t offer any 3D submissions. And please only people who have some 2D work to show me. Type "pancake" at the end of your submission to make sure that you actually read all that boring crap i wrote:Pthanks

  • $195 USD 8 days ago

    I need a 1.5 to 2 minute video.Goal: Have real estate agents signup with my companyI expect graphics, theme music, and a narration.

  • £15 GBP 8 days ago

    Need someone very efficient in ActionScript.

  • $250 USD 8 days ago

    We need to developed the Flash part of our website (site is under construction as well), according to the sent specification.

  • $50 USD 9 days ago

    HEADER FLASH FOR AN ALREADY EXISTING SITE:1. The name/logo of the firm engraving on a very dark mable wall, with the particle/sand squoching out / falling down, and finally the name fully reveal at the end. (Size: 1.5" x 8" and See attached for logo in pdf,CorelDRAW and JPEG).2. A flying Pheonix landing on any surface and all the symbols/write-up of the different component of the firm flying into the bird, and after then everything transforms into the firm"s logo. (Size: 3"x3" and components symbols powercliped in attach pdf, CorelDRAW and JPEG logo, and write-ups typed along too).symbol/meaning:1. Building with window and door /for/ Property Law2. Scale /for/ Dispute Resolution3. Hand shake /for/ Enterprise & Corporate4. other building /for/ Banking & Finance5. Sky scrapper builder /for/ Commercial Practice6. Mast dish /for/ Telecommunications7. Plane and Ship /for/ Aviation & Maritime8. Electric Pole and Oil Drop /for/ Mineral & Energy9. Money Bag /for/ Investment10. Writing hand /for/ TaxPlease, let me know if you can, and cost too. be moderate/affordable.

  • $250 USD 9 days ago

    I want a video presentation for a real estate project which includes some animation and a very short video of the employees.

  • $25 USD 9 days ago

    I need banner for google adsense, in flash. VERY Simple design, carroussel with products (5 or 6), with price and name. And hyperlink. Budget is 30U$.

  • $30 USD 11 days ago

    I have logo of my company and i want to make 3sec flash animation of this logo. This animation will be used at the begining in my videos.

  • $150 AUD 12 days ago

    Our company currently need a short video to show our service.It is about telling customer our company can help them edit perfect resume and help them contact many employers. By using our methods, clients can maximize their chance of getting a job in Australia.Thank you Cheers

  • €250 EUR 12 days ago

    we need a individual catalog with flipping effect from inside and out side of the page, on attachment you will find the concept

  • $250 USD 12 days ago

    Hair business , I need a classy website I have already started but I stuck on putting the price and the rest so I need someone who can do it very faster.

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