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Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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My projects:

  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller swappers


    Dec 5, 2013

    I'm very happy with the results. Thanks

    Contest Brief:We're building an app and are stuck trying to duplicate a specific functionality achieved by an this app - Safely Go - We need to achieve the exact same functionality of their home button: When the home button is pressed (while the app is running in the foreground) this should happen, just like in Safely go: 1. After returning to the homescreen our app to jump back to foreground (takes 5 seconds in Safely Go but that's fine). 2. If a different app is pressed/launched within those 5 seconds, our app needs to open instead of the app pressed. You can either explain to our developer how to achieve this or write a piece of code that does this + instructions to our developer how to implement this. Again, you can see exactly how this works (perfectly) on Safely Go. First to get this done gets the prize. Simple as that. Good luck,
  • $275 USD
    Profile image for Seller mdavie


    Nov 30, 2013

    Great work. Very professional as well as went beyond the requirements to help me understand his code. Would hire again and recommend to others.

    Project Description:This is a prototype application that I would like to first do some basic features in this phase. In short: This is an Android application that will send the users sensor data to a AWS database. More details...
  • $277 USD
    Profile image for Seller chanpeter


    Jun 3, 2013

    he is good developer

    Project Description:I want to take screen shot. You can use Android SDK, linux centos commandline not connected USD and android phones. can you take screenshot on this enviroment?
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller mango9x


    Jan 22, 2013

    kakoappa is Professional , good communication , will hire again soon :)

    Project Description:i have android app that read images from server , i want to make windows phone version from it i will give json urls .
  • $1400 AUD
    Profile image for Seller chucky123


    Jan 1, 2013

    kakoappa was great to work with , completed work with top results - nothing was too hard for him to do.Will most definitely use next time I need a job doing!<br/>

    Project Description:Not sure what language to write it in - so what ever you think is best This will be to make a program and a corresponding iphone app Firstly I&#039;m not sure how much to pay for this sort of job - and...
  • $650 USD
    Profile image for Seller Elsita


    Nov 18, 2012

    Excellent work, very professional. Definitely will hire again!

    Project Description:I want an Android application that has an alarm button that once is clicked it calls an existing webservice. I already did it for iPhone now I need it for Android and BlackBerry. I will provide the web...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller bookingbuys


    Nov 6, 2012

    Great to work with.

    Project Description:Hi Aruna, I&#039;m not sure how much you remember about the project, but you designed a book buying app that used a barcode scanner and a database file to show prices for books. I need a few changes made to the app...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller luisspranger


    Sep 16, 2012

    Very good job! Thanks

    Project Description:HI need a developer who can convert an Simple Android App with 3 Activities and UDP communication (send and receive UDP packages, 4 types of UDP packages). This App is a remote control for a Hardware...
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller FriendlyDevelop


    Aug 16, 2012

    Top DeveloperVery nice to work with, fix fast, good communication

    Project Description:We have an open source mail application (K9 mail) to which we need a few minor adjustments a - set the mail server defaults to my domains (imap &amp; smtp) b - replace some Logo &amp; Labels c - replace application...
  • $129 USD
    Profile image for Seller austinps


    Aug 16, 2012

    Work went nicely at first, the developer was very patient with starting the project. But once the project got rolling, there were fixes that should have taken a few hours that ended up taking 1 or 2 days. In addition, code was sent to me with more problems, so the new fixes needed another day or two. It wasn't progressing fast enough and the communication wasn't there.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller knoybie


    Aug 8, 2012

    We spent good time working into the wee hours to fix this project. Aruna showed great patience and expertise in fixing my POS printer. I appreciate it. Highly recommended!

    Project Description:I need a simple C# software that either utilize the .NET framework, or the OPOS framework (i attached the DLS) to print the following through USB/LAN connection to my thermal printer: 1) A simple logo...
    kakoappa has not completed any projects.
  • $200 USD In Progress

    I need a Windows Mobile 8 app. It is a very very simple App. I need fields where I can input data (text and numbers) and then save that data into an excel file that then can be exported to a local PC. Must contain a main screen where team names can be entered, with a location and a date. Following screen(s) should contain the ability to enter statistics for each individual play. For example: #15 pass complete to #88 for &quot;x&quot; amount of yards. Also a field for running. For example: #9 runs for 20 yards. Each play must be able to be submitted individually and then the screen is cleared out to enter a new play. Each time it is submitted this must be logged into an excel file. Once all plays are entered there must a button that says &quot;finish game&quot; or something like that and all plays entered are put into the excel file and it is ready to be exported. Also need a back button to be implemented just in case the user messes up. Possibly a home button to go to front screen? I have a logo that can be set as well, maybe as a static image on top of every screen? Not sure how this works. Maybe its possible to save the game and go back to it at any point with a button to look at &quot;most recent games&quot; or something like that and edit those games?

  • $166 USD In Progress

    I want someone to write a very simple callback dialer (basically a screen for making as single http call)A call back dialer makes and http call to a server (URL configurable) and then passes on three parameters in the call. The calling party A phone), the called party (a phone), the password. Server Ip:- Enter your Server IP address or URL.User Name:- Enter your Login User Name. Server must configure this. Password:- Enter your Login password.Your Phone Number:- Enter your own phone number with country code. So, that the call back server can call you back.That is all to is an example implementation on android.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Application should scan QR code from ID card of a person.After scanning, it should display informations from local (offline) database that should be synced once in while with remote online database, when internet connection is available.Database should contain:First NameLast NameID number membership number (varchar 30)Valid membership (true/false)Type of membership (varchar 20)GUI should be on Croatian languageI saw you already developped very similar app, so I figured you can do it more quickly than others.I am still negotiating about the price with the client, so my proposed price below is not fixed.Just let me know if you can make it and how much money would you ask for it.Thank youRegards,Domagoj

  • $250 USD In Progress

    We are looking for someone able to develop some mobile automatiion applications - Whatsapp toolsInitially an Auto Messenger would be required. Something like a classical messenger script or bot.In Whatsapp, you cant directly select all your listing to broadcast, precisely to reduce spammers activity (whatsapp just allow broadcast message to maximum 25 contacts at the same time). In this case it would be enough to be able to &quot;select all&quot; the contacts.HINT: Whatsapp do not provide API, so need to resort to some external automation solutionThe best in order to select all the list of contacts and broadcast as normally inside Whatsapp app...I would prefer both apps working for iphone and Android.Would prefer that you had experienced on existing source code/program from past project.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    I want someone to assist to develop apps which can run on mobile phones including iOS, Androids and Window based mobile phones. The apps is for fast food outlets like Subway, Burger King or McDonalds.If interested,kindly let me know.Thank you.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    I already contacted communicated with bidder kakoappa regarding this project with previous/earlier frozen project, and I awarding this project to him.I already shared document details for this project with Kakoappa.

  • $400 AUD In Progress

    Hello,I am wanting an app built for apple and android phones/tablets.The app is to be based on the website which I built myself :)Basically I am wanting it to do the same thing as the website but be designed for smartphones and tablets.Users are given a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) based on their input data, if you have a look at the site it will make a bit more sense. I have all the data you will need.We will also have to have some sections with explanations just like the website and an area for advertising.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi I&quot;m looking for someone to help build a working first version of an integrated desktop/mobile application. As a first version it simply needs to demonstrate basic functionality but does not need to be perfect (which I&quot;ll explain if you&quot;re interested in the job), but as an overview:- The desktop application will be a plugin for the Windows suits- Mobile application will eventually be native but web-based for now will be fine- C# and .NET skills preferred, although happy to be guided by your experience!Love to hear from you if you&quot;re interested - budget is flexible (within reason!)Regards

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Hi All,We are looking to create a custom built Van Sales program for one of our customers. I am here by attaching an excel based screen shot of the application we have in mind. Feel free to contact me for more information. We do have a time constraint, which means that the project has to be finished by August.

  • $600 CAD In Progress

    Create iphone version of wiw app as already created, upload to apple app store, add download iphone download button to website. Supply screen shots. Deliver completed project and file/database access by Aug 3.

  • $555 USD Feb 2, 2014

    Smart Application for cell phone under Android

  • €111 EUR Jul 22, 2013

    Native App development for blackberry.The app is quite simple, a wizard process with 10 pages with really simple engine.We already developed it for android, ios and windows phone.We need the blackberry version.

  • $300 USD Jun 20, 2013

    We just want to develop an Android APP to take inputs from Sales Reps and send those inputs into our back office distribution system which is developed by .Net.

  • $750 USD Nov 17, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $15 USD/hr Sep 4, 2012

    i am working wm and wp.

  • [Sealed] Aug 18, 2012

    In its general application to be installed on the phone by way of a download or a data cable, then there are the stages of permissions that must be passedI want to find programmers who can make phone tapping applications, install the followingTarget will receive an push sms or mms, when the target to open or read messages, secret phone tapping applications downloaded without known by the targetIn essence the application can be installed on the target phone from a distance without touching the target phoneCan work on the Symbian 9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4/Anna/Belle/Android/BlackberryMandatory feature of tapping phonesA. Recording incoming / outgoing Calls Using memory light AMR 3gp SMS, MMS2. GPS, Network Info, Camera shots silently3. Spy call4. Uploading contacts list5. Remote control setting by SMS commands6. Automatic transfer of all captured events to your online account7. Hidden mode: there will not be shown up in the installed apps folder or tasks list8. Autostart after rebooting phone9. Protection from uninstallingAdmin features such as in generalIf you do not understand please do not make an offerI just want to pay for this project by freelancer

  • $2000 USD Aug 9, 2012

    Contact me Skype: adminsyncsoft

  • $300 USD Aug 5, 2012

    Hello,the program i need written will be created for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. I do not need you guys to publish the applications to their markets, i just need an beginning start point on which i will later continue to expand on. This is a fairly simple application and it should not take more than 10 hours. Please look at the attached file for further details on the program. Only additional thing i need is a settings tab where you can add in a pre-set email to send all the voice recordings to after confirmation. Will give more specific detail after winning bid. It is fairly simple. Looking forward to working with you, Thank you! - Dennis

  • $250 USD May 30, 2012

    I need a Blackberry and Windows App version of our iPhone and Android app, so it has the same features. If you need a php file created then we can do that for Blackberry and Windows app if it helps speed up the process.We look forward to working with you if you have the right skills require

  • [Sealed] May 13, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Sep 4, 2010

    Goal: A Windows utility to allow a Canon Powershot digital camera to be connected to a computer via USB, and instantly save images to the computer as you click the shutterbutton.Key Characteristics: -The image, as seen by the camera, will appear as a live preview BOTH in the utility on the connected computer, and ALSO on the camera LCD screen at the same time-User clicks the Shutterbutton on camera to take an image, and the image is saved on the computer automatically in a folder (image saving path can be changed by user in an Options menu)-In the Utility window itself (where the live preview will also show), there will be a button on the Utility, which will have the same effect as the shutter button on the camera, so users can take pictures either from the camera shutterbutton or directly from the computer.-Ability to set resolution of images being saved on the computer (can set resolution via Options menu)-When a photo is taken, a 2 second preview of the image that was just taken will be shown on the computer screen AND the camera screen at the same time. (Option for no preview, or 4 second preview to be available via Options menu). BUT, if the user clicks the focus button of the camera again (hold shutter button halfway down), the preview of the just-taken image will stop on the computer, just like on the camera LCD, and live preview will start again so that the user can take another photo.-Another program will be calling this new program to open when a certain button is clicked, so it must be able to be called to start running-Camera Compatibility: Any Canon PowerShot digital camera-Windows compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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