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Python/Django - C/C++ Developer - C# AspNet - Delphi Certified Developer

Username: katrid

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  • $1700.00 USD
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    Jun 18, 2014

    Very professional, reliable and accurate. We worked very well with all the team.Good comunication.A+++

    Project Description:We're looking for an experienced freelancer in the creation of an “Org Chart” component. We actually are using an Org Chart component provided for Delphi, nevertheless, we need to improve greatly the functionalities of our software with a new component, this is why we're looking for a Freelance...
  • $2872.10 USD
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    Jan 25, 2014

    Two words. SUPER AWESOME.When he first bid on my project I was reluctant because he did not have a lot of reviews or projects completed on - however, I took a chance on him and I can easily say that it was a great decision.Professional, super fast, and can basically code/do anything you can think of. A rare find. I plan on using his services over and over again for a long time. If you can get him to work on your project, consider yourself lucky. I can not stress enough how thorough and on point this person is.Jace HallPresident / Executive ProducerHDFILMS INC.

    Project Description:I need a custom software application that can remotely control and command a networked BlackMagicDesign VideoHub SmartControl. This is what one looks like:
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  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We developed a custom Greenscreen/Video program about 7 years ago using .NET. We have all of the native files available, but the total size of them is over 8GB with the video, so we"re not going to upload them for this stage of the process.• You can view final product samples, demonstrations, and other related videos at our website:• We’ve included our past three versions of the software training manuals in PDF format for reference.• All code was written using .NET development tools• We considered converting everything to C++, but have decided to stay in .NET. But, we need the code to be cleaned up and more efficient.• We’d like to have a cleaner installation setup. Right now, we install the software first. Then, we install the Adventures separately. We plan on providing the software to our clients on a USB drive, so that we don’t need to have multiple DVDs for installation.• The software currently requires the hardware to have an IEEE-1394 (Firewire) based video camera. However, these are being phased out of the marketplace. We’d like the software to be able to work with USB video cameras (for regular computers), but they do not allow streaming. Can there be a way to update the software to use non-streaming video?• The current output format is DVD, however, we will also need be able to directly link to YouTube or Facebook.• The “MVOAMusic” files need to be integrated into the GreenKey software as a module called “FreeStyle.” This will allow users to film themselves on a full video overlay of their choosing (music videos, colored backgrounds, etc.). There should be a 5-minute limitation to those videos.• All video processing (rendering) needs to happen as quickly as possible so that the customer can walk away with their video in 4-6 minutes. Our current configuration allows for a 4-6 minute turnaround from the start of filming to the person walking away with their DVD.Lastly, if there is a way to take the finished software update and make it into a {slightly} scaled back app for use on an iPad, we would like a separate quote on that. We don"t believe that a phone will have the processing power to handle the video work, based on what we"ve seen in the marketplace.Please ask questions. Any bids that come to us without some questions or proof of comparable past projects will immediately be rejected.Thank you.

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    Need a high level professional with excellent knowledge of Goggle Maps API.We need to build analog of - 2-3 Mio of points on map with load speed less then 5 seconds.Only people with experience please! No pre payments, no contracts, show us the work and we will pay the full price)

  • $150 USD Apr 21, 2014

    Hey man,I need a league proof hack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It should be ESEA and ESL proof (obviously VAC proof). It must have aimbot and triggerbot. I don"t know if you have knowledge about hacking stuff. If you are able to do it, I"ll pay your work.Thanks in advance and waiting for your reply!

  • $150 USD Mar 15, 2014

    fale comigo por email ou skype por favordirce_bologna@hotmail.comskype dirce_bolognafale comigo por email ou skype por favordirce_bologna@hotmail.comskype dirce_bologna

  • $100 USD/hr Feb 12, 2014

    Caro KatridAtuo nesse projeto > e estamos aumentado o time :) Estou no skype para maiores informações ok.Meu skype é: hilgert-10 Abs,Alexandre

  • €1473 EUR Feb 2, 2014

    Looking for an honest programmer knowledgeable in the internet field and also smartphone app field. The project is based on trading cards. The following is a general overview of what is to be programmed (the list is only intended as an idea of what is to be created):* user account creation* a trading system based on wishlists and tradelists. This system MAY include the need of charging a fee thus involving online payments* a database of all tradeable cards linked to the program/app* a system that organises the cards each user has in an intuitive and new way* a system that allows users to build "decks" of cards based on what they have in their collection (and what is available in the whole database)* real time current pricing of the cards* a system that offers the buying and selling of these cards between users* advertising on the website; advertising on the apps (iOs and Android) unless the app is boughtI have already written a detailed report of the project. I will naturally be able to provide as much clarification necessary for the end product to meet my expectations perfectly. I am looking for the creation of a website (and the hosting of the website on a service provider), the creation of smartphone apps for the iOS platform and the Android platform as well as for tablets on the same operating systems.An option to join the business project is also available whereby 20% of the future profits generated will be given to the programmer for all future maintenance and updates of the project.Naturally, UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY AND HONESTY IS EXPECTED.If interested, please contact. Applicants will be shortlisted.

  • [Sealed] Jan 31, 2014

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1222 USD Jan 28, 2014

    Need someone to build a software that bids automatically on auctions.See the examples listed below:

  • $244 USD Jan 26, 2014

    I need someone to ELECTRONICALLY pull a list of all business emails (with category, company name, address, phone, contact name if possible). There is 2.5M records so DO NOT APPLY IF YOU PLAN TO DO THIS MANUALLY. One way is using the Australian yellow pages however there is not enough emails in there. I am open to ideas how you would extract this list and where you get it from. What is important is that the data is accurate.I will be expecting a sample so I can check for accuracy and completeness.Please detail your experience in extracting data in a similar manner.

  • $5000 USD Jan 25, 2014

    Web-based clinic management system with patient casenote , invoicing and inventory management. The developer we are looking for is someone experienced with ASP.MVC and developing in modular forms (SOA) as we are targeting phase launch with additional features . The developer would be focusing on the business/data layer while the UI is handled by a web-designer.

  • $1000 USD Jan 20, 2014

    1.This project is a plugin that performs calculations that reformat text for IDAutomation’s barcode fonts; this is referred to as a font encoder.Use of the plugin is described at 2.Understand the purpose of the plugin and read everything in this document before starting the project.3.The project uses Visual Studio 2008 to compile the Windows plugin and Xcode to compile the MAC plugin. Calculations from functions are all performed in the project .h files. The same .h files are used for Windows and MAC. If changes are made to the .h files, ensure the changes are cross-platform compatible.4.The Windows version of the plugin is working and is already released. We need the MAC plugin to work the same way as the Windows version. The developer working on the MAC version was nearly complete with the project, he just had a few bugs to work out. He no longer works for us, however, if you need to contact him for quick questions, you may email him.5.Solve the known issues in the MAC plugin, listed below in this document.6.Step through the records in the testing database and Verify that the Yellow field is the same as the Gray field. Records 2 and greater may not have data in all the fields, this is expected because these particular fields do not require additional testing data.7.Verify and Ensure that the results are the same on Windows and MAC in both testing databases:LinearCalcTesting.fp7DatabarCalcTesting.fp7Resolve any other issues that come up to make the MAC plugin function properly.8.Verify the MAC plugin is compatible with FileMaker 8 and up.9.When the project is complete, compile the MAC version. 10.Install the compiled plugin on another MAC, that is not the development machine, to verify it is working properly. Verify proper operation with both testing database files.11.Place the MAC version in a ZIP file along with all modified source code. Keep the source code in the format provided so it can be properly checked back into TortoiseSVN.

  • $1111 USD Jan 17, 2014

    program to analyze music drums and create custom files.i"m developing a game similar to guitar hero, but this game is based on drum notes. I need someone to create a program that reads a mp3 or a midi file, analyze the music/beat, extract the drums information and create a txt file to the game reads it.i need this made ASAP, this is not an easy task, if you aren"t 100% sure you can do this task, don"t bid, i can"t lose time with non serious bidders.i have attached, a song with the txt file with the notes the game reads, the song attached is just an example, it"s not based on drums, but you can see how the output file must be, and some of the information it must have.the game will be sent to the winning bidder for better analysis on how it works.

  • $2500 USD Jan 11, 2014

    developing an api to bidirectionally call java programs from a c application

  • $833 USD Jan 7, 2014

    I have a program for my business that needs upgrading to work with email price upgrades instead of floppy disc .and also will work without new password everytime I backup my pc . I have the program on disc so you can see exactly what is required

  • $777 USD Jan 7, 2014

    I need a multiple car lister for The software must list 30-50 ads to the website. All the ads must appear online, if the ads don"t appear online i don"t pay for it. Each car must have it"s own russian account (Name, Address, City, Zipcode, Telephone Number, Password) which is generated automatically with the email i will provide.I mean i input the e-mail and the program generates an account with it. The program must save the cars i upload to in a database for later use so that i won"t have to complete all the fields again, all i will have to do is change the e-mail with another. Once a car is listed i will like a spreadsheet with Name, Price and link of the car. For more details please contact me. I need the program in 5-6 days.The payment will be provided upon verification of program. Thank you

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