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Thanh Hai Nguyen

PheMedia Development

Username: khaintt

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Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Member since: November 2011



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My projects:

  • $373 USD
    Profile image for Seller CosmaWorks


    Dec 10, 2013

    Really good developer, they do the job with a lot of quality and improve my app so much. AA+

    Project Description:I buy a mp3 search android source code APP, some features working fine but others like get the duration of songs and others minor bugs cousing unistalls on my app. List of initial features to fix: - Fix get duration of the song and correctly streaming from sources...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller gtrick90


    Nov 26, 2013

    Very professional programmer. The quality of the final app was very good.In the future we'll choose him again for other projects

    Project Description:We need a simple Android application which should have the following features & functionalities: 1 – The application must scan for available WiFi network SSIDs 2 – As soon as the app recognizes two...
  • $166 USD
    Profile image for Seller davidins


    Nov 13, 2013

    Guy knows what he is doing

    Project Description:I need Instagram like home feed. App header should auto hide. Post header with username and timestamp should stick on top as long as next post's header replaces it. Refresh button should display initial array set from 0 to 10...
  • $266.4 USD
    Profile image for Seller lantracking


    Oct 20, 2013

    Great Developer! Excellent communication! I would work with him for lifetime!

    Project Description:We need an Android Opengts Client application like GPS2OPENGTS-PRO or GPSLogger. Must have 5 configurable options: * GTS Server Host. * User Account. * ID of the device. * Reporting interval in seconds...
  • $353 USD
    Profile image for Seller neotel


    Jan 21, 2013

    I loved working with Khai. He is always reachable and a very skilled Iphone developer aswell as Android. Gives you quality work even if something is a bit out of scope.

    Project Description:I want to have an iphone version of a Android app i have created. If you are interested i will provide you with the source of the Android app.
  • $250.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller chriscana


    Sep 14, 2012

    Delivered product to spec after a few delays. Otherwise, was quick to respond to issues and well supported up until final release.

    Project Description:This Android based audio APP with In-App purchasing is currently at version 1.0. Application allows the use and purchase of MP3 files that are then downloaded from our server root to the phone and allowed to play...
  • $200.6 USD
    Profile image for Seller wayneworks


    Aug 3, 2012

    He went over and beyond to get it right! Will send all future android projects your way! He even fixed SDK on my machine!

    Project Description:We need an android dev to write either: Project A: 1. Using eclipse create a webview that opens an HTML page in the android browser. 2. The user would then navigate using our HTML code. Java coder does not need to worry about that...
  • $40.8 USD
    Profile image for Seller jiteeghagha


    Aug 3, 2012


    Project Description:The MainActivity starts CheckoutActivtiy, but now i want a result from CheckOutActivity startActivity(i); when the activity ends i need a true or false, true that the payment was processed, or false if it wasn't...
  • $31.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller jiteeghagha


    Aug 3, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • £400 GBP
    Profile image for Seller muftisays


    Aug 1, 2012

    Communication wasn't easy and thorough but his work is excellent. Progress was steady once he kicked off with it and he knew exactly what needed to be done. He drew up samples and ideas on day 1 making it much easier for me to provide the information.After testing the first version, his fixed bugs and errors almost instantly and I was very impressed with his confidence to use his own initiatives to make the app work as it should.I will definitely be using this freelancer on future similar projects. Thank you Khai

    Project Description:If you have an android, please install the app called "muftisays" and that is what we need to be made for the iphone. If you don't have an android, the full specs are below: Main Screen Quick...
    Thanh Hai Nguyen has not completed any projects.
  • $200 CAD In Progress

    i am looking to make basic radio station app, it will have tabs on the bottom that will link to share song, facebook,twitter,instagram, email,alarm clock and website etc... it will stream from my server to the app which is icecast i use. i have a picture that will show for a few seconds before app opens. it will have continous play - my stream still plays when listeners leaves app.. i want chosen person to upload the two apps to my developers program with ios and to my android. i want ad banners on the bottom above the tabs where i can use for ads, so connecting to iad network will be needed. song title to be shown and a player will be in middle of the app. over time we will need new features and updates added when we have new idea..this is a easy task for someone who knows how to do this... im looking for good pricing.. if i am happy with work and pricing there will be lots of apps to build.. i want to do make 2 apps a week. i need good reliable staright help...

  • $350 USD In Progress

    We are looking to launch an "unofficial" iphone & Android app for the Belgian National Football team.The example we want to follow is the "PlanetUnited" Iphone app. In first instance we want the app to be available in english (EN), later on we will be interested depending on the success to launch a dutch (NL) and French (FR) version of the same app"s.We want the app to be fast, light (in terms of colouring) and look very pro.Main sections would be: News, Squad, Staff, Fixtures, More (Upload your Fan photo, contest page, settings...)Goal is to have a free app., open to all. 1 banner placement and opportunity to have overlayers should be present.A user needs create a small profile (username, gender, date of birth, e-mail & password,language) to use the app.tThe news section should function as a news aggregator from specific online media sources (as the app of planetunited) + we should have the abilty to add articles ourselves upon occasion. Next to that we should have a seperate page with the tweets of the player(s) the user is following via his Twitter account (cfr. player profiles under squad - see below).The content for the sections: Squad, Staff, Fixtures (can be found at in the section "national teams", "red devils")We can help you with all content.All content (especially the news section) should be shareable by Facebook, Twitter & email (plugins).The Squad section should have a general overview and then go into specific player profiles with all data on a specific player with also a link to his official Twitter handle. all users need to be able to follow their favorite player(s) and have that overview in the news section (news + twitter = 2 tags in the news section)In "settings" you need to be able to adapt your profile + disable the push function of news.Under fixtures there needs to be a possibility to link to specific webpages where the fan can buy tickets (we need to be able to amend that link per match).Under the "More" section we would need a contest page in order to push for winnings of free tickets, gadget, memorabilia. We need to be able to activate and deactivate that page with the "share a fan photo" people should be able to upload their picture (taken with the app through the camera of the phone) and share it with friends through twitter, facebook, email.If you have more questions, please feel free to get in touch.

  • $222 USD/hr 11 days ago

    We need an Android GTS Enterprise Client application like gtsclient should be available in both English and Spanish depending on the language of the Android smartphone.The application should be started as a service at boot time.I need conect my server to view my devices,

  • $333 USD 27 days ago

    we need you to create mobile app with the similar features as the following (existing) app:http://pmtcglobal.mobapp.atprovide quote with time-line and rates

  • $250 USD Mar 13, 2014

    We are looking for freelancer to create an application for IOS, Android, Ipad, Window phone as below:We have online application from that separate to 3 steps:1- easy input form2- Main form (information input form)3- review & payment.The application allow user to take a picture at step 2 (for example Driver license) and automatic scan information on picture and input to our form.That is the main purpose of application.Details will be shared to awarded freelancer.Happy biding.

  • $500 USD Jan 2, 2014

    I would like a template made that is easy for me to customize (preferably using Dreamweaver CS5) using HTML 5 for an Android app. I want it done in HTML 5 because I believe it would make it easier for me to make it accessible for other devices such as Kindle and iPhone at a later date (I"m open to other options).The template I want made is for a Money savers app I have in mind. the idea of this app is to help people save money on a week to week bases for 52 weeks. I would like the app to send out a reoccurring weekly message to users telling them how much money the need to put away (save) for that week. The message can be displayed as a simple text with an icon via update or whatever means you feel would be best. When the user first opens the app it will ask them what Money Savers Program would they like to choose from (3 different version). Each version should be clickable so a brief description of how the program works pops up. The user should be able to exit out of the description and go back to the home page to make their selection.When a program is chosen it should display a grid showing what week it is (highlighted), how much should be deposited for that week (highlighted), the total amount saved so far (highlighted), and the grand total amount that should be saved after 52 weeks.The user should be able to input how much money they put away (saved) for the week. When this is done the highlighted text becomes unlighted and greyed out to indicate the task is complete for the week. If the user inputs another amount other than what is recommended then a new total amount saved and grand total should be calculated.Attached is an excel file with calculations that the app should be similar to. You can also google 52 week challenge to get an idea of what I want.That"s it, very simple... I"m open to suggestions.Thank you,DeanMarquette (c)

  • $555 USD Nov 29, 2013

    We looking for a freelancer to develop a new IPTV application for android , Linux based set-top boxes or java based set top boxes , the application should run when box boots and should be as follow:The freelancer should deliver the source code of the developed application so we can modify it to the needs of the company plus the .apk version ready to be installed and tested on the hardware.Video Player requirementsThe video player should supports MPEG 1, 2 and 4, H.264 codecs mainly plus other codecs. Also it should be capable of handling High Definition (HD) streams.The videos should come from local SD cards or from remote servers. The streaming protocols needed: HTTP, RTSP, UDP (unicast and multicast),RTMP with regex support. Note that multicast is very necessary.Above the video player, the application should have a semi-transparent layer to hold menus and bars.In the bottom, this semi-transparent layer should consist of the channel number, name and information.The application should be capable of channel changing and zapping with fast response to user’s interaction. Also, it should support remapping keys. Application requirementsThe target device is a TV Android box. The application should work on new android devices (Android 4 and above) and using the newest SDK versions available on android developer website. The target processor is ARM.The preferred development environment is Eclipse (java) with ADT (android development tools) plugin.Channels listThe application should read the channels list to be broadcasted from a database connected to the application (MySQL is preferred). And if possible the channels can be read from the database to a local xml file which lower the client server communication and give fast response in case of channel zapping.More information can be provided if needed

  • $1666 USD Oct 4, 2013

    Looking to get a simple music related iphone app developed. Design is completed already just need it to come to life. More details will be disclosed if interested.

  • $111 USD Oct 3, 2013

    I would like an APK file that configures android devices with wifi settings and proxy detailsbasically loads a profile onto the device with the necessary settingsthe wifi will be wpa2 enterprise (802.1X) peapsettings will be ssidproxyport

  • $200 USD Sep 30, 2013

    Need to make an app for Iphone like an gps2opengts, i see you are in progress to do anyone like this.

  • $388 USD Aug 5, 2013

    We have built an Android app that is near complete. It has some design issues that need to be fixed, a few small features that need to be added, and some technical bugs to be resolved. In addition, we need to enable caching throughout the app.We will deliver a review of the app to applicants after they sign a NDA.

  • $750 USD Dec 23, 2012

    I want an app Android menu but not in cloud (sync with dropbox or similar) to give the opportunity to the customers to choose the meal or beverage from a tablet with exciting photos that push you to order. Main features:The main view will be the list of categories. Clicking on it will open the meals or beverages list with small photos, title and prices. Clicking on a small photo or title will open the detailed page with big size photos. Multilingual front end: the selected language appear all the time in a corner (the flag), when click pop-up a list to change (between English, French, German, Spanish and Italian but not limited).4 levels of users (admin, waiter, registered user, user). For waiter will be active the table selector, a feature to able, unable or modify items from the menu. Also the cart and billing area will be active too. Billing area not implies a card processor (maybe in the future).For registered user will be active the cart area that will give the possibility to send the order to the kitchen. This feature will be reserved to regulars clients, registers previously. As user could only view the meals with details but will not be able to select table, use the cart or billing area.Each meal will be described with full details and photos. Each meal will be assigned to a category. The meals will switch from a category to another. A special category will be used to special events as Christmas, Easter or local events. In this category only could be assigned meals that already "existing" to an ordinary category. The same database will be used for the web page (menu section) to be able to change at the same time on the web page too.The app have to run in the restaurant server (localhost) and all the time will sync with Dropbox (or hosting services) but when internet connection is down the app is still working. Two printers for bar and kitchen will be used. The app will split the beverages and meals to send to the right printer. More details on request or to the winner.

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Mobility Ecosystem

Sep 2010 - Present (3 years)


Mobility development. <br />This time, we focus in smart phone application outsourcing<br />* Media streaming: video, music, photo<br />* Newspaper, magazine, catalog, ...<br />* System tools<br />* Guide: Food, travel<br />* Location base<br />Interested in:<br />* Location base<br />* Media streaming<br />* Food & travel

Mobility Development

Mar 2008 - Aug 2010 (2 years)

Vega Corp

Integrate service to mobile platform: <br />* Media Streaming : Television, music, video<br />* Content provider : Ring tunes, ebook



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