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Web Scraping | Data Collection | Data Processing

Username: l2factory

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Location: Kharkov, Ukraine

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My projects:

  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller safatash


    Jan 4, 2013

    Very professional, Punctual and a great overall freelancer, looking forward to doing more work with you. A+++

    Project Description:Scrape Lists from specific directories (will be provided to freelancer) and provide in specific format in excel spreadsheet. This project is bing awarded to L2Factory
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller kamaleshkumar


    Dec 6, 2012

    He is a awesome website scraper and i think he is one of the best. Very flexible and Client oriented. I would strongly recommend and would go to him repeatedly for my next projects as well.

    Project Description:Greetings, I would like to have someone do the task of Complete Web Scraping done from an Online Motorbike Seller site. It is for business use and Hence, i require a complete Product without any errors...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller drorcq


    Nov 25, 2012

    Great project was done by L2factory, I will highly recommend on L2factory for every extraction or data mining project

    Project Description:I need to extract data from other website and make some research and data mining, sites detail will be given in private.
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller milanov


    Nov 11, 2012

    Excellent work.. Will hire him again!

    Project Description:Reposting the project! I need someone who can scrape products from a website and then upload it to my Open Cart shop (must be familiar with the OC sql format) Details: 1. just a one time scraping 2...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller drorcq


    Oct 29, 2012

    Another great project done by l2factory , this guy can extract everything and the extraction done very fast, I will highly recommend!

    Project Description:Hi, I am looking for someone who has specialty in data extraction / web scraping to extract data from some big websites. The web scraping need to be done using automatic tools, since the data is big...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller skneller


    Oct 24, 2012

    Excellent work... exactly what I requested

    Project Description:I want to mine (web scrapte) all the following data: > In Regione (in top menu) > Abruzzo (in left menu)> Servici in Stazione then you’ll see a horizontal menu with tabs : Servici in stazione....
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller drorcq


    Oct 21, 2012

    Great provider! the extractions were done very precise and all the data that we needed was extracted with no problem and just on time. I will highly recommend.

    Project Description:I need someone to extract some data from websites into excel csv file, the extraction should be done automatically with automatic tools
  • $55 AUD
    Profile image for Seller kennethjohnson84


    Oct 5, 2012

    Excellent employee, asked plenty of questions and went above and beyond the original spec. Would definitely hire again for a data mining job!

    Project Description:Collect information on approximately 1253 products from a major figurine and jewellery manufacturer using both the french(english language variant) and english website versions Record in an excel file...
  • $820 HKD
    Profile image for Seller bothelho


    Oct 2, 2012

    Perfect work, 100% hire again!

    Project Description:Hello, I need someone who write a script that can scrape all products (abt 70,000 items) for me and put the text data to a MS Access file and save all pictures for each products. It...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller keyoung


    Sep 15, 2012

    Completed the project and went beyond expectations.

    Project Description:* Will escrow 50% at start. Thanks Approximately 1000-2000 members. Will provide login details. Need all fields - see image for an example of one page. Separate in CSV. Attached code so you can see the page...
    L2Factory has not completed any projects.
  • $50 USD In Progress

    Scrape the products, much like the last project, from the siteL www.pureformulas.comHere are the fields we need to capture in excel:BrandProduct TitleMFG #UPC #Sale PriceDescriptionIngredientsDosageDelivery in 7 days. Each variable should be a column in the excel. Each item should be a row. Collect images in a separate folder and number them accordingly.

  • $50 USD In Progress

  • $120 CAD In Progress

    IF YOU DON"T HAVE FAST INTERNET CONNECTION, DO NOT BID.******************************* PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING***************************This job requires web scrapping script.... Working manually will take you years to finish.I need someone to web scrap a large database of products. I have an excel file of the 5000+ products listed on the source site, I need someone to download the pics of each product ( each product may have 2 up to 6 images).The excel file has 5000+products, but most of them are duplicated ( on source site, same product maybe in 1 or more categories/subcategories).Once you collect the pictures and other valuable information ( price , availability etc), you will have to upload the data to my site. Before you upload, you will need to send me the pictures so I can watermark them.Job is time consuming, need it done in maximum 14 days.My budget is $100-150

  • $150 USD In Progress

    I have a couple of websites that I need to be able to pull of data on a regular basis--say monthly to see how my competitors are doing compared to my pricing.I"d like to use either a custom program or an off-the-shelf program like Visual Web Ripper that will allow me to get at the data.If you have your own program already developed for this purpose or know how to use VWR, bid on the project and I can give you the websites that I"m looking to grab data from.I"m looking for a quick turnaround of a couple of days!

  • $150 USD 7 days ago

    Hi,I want to grab information from and integrate it in a prestashop back officeI don"t know if what i want is possible, waiting for your reply or proposition.Feel free to ask if you have any questionAll information are in the pdf fileMust be done asap, make a proposal Thanks

  • $10 USD Aug 16, 2013

    Hi,nnHow are you?, we made some projects in the past.nI need to extract emails from website. if you are available p[lease let me know and i will send you details.nnThanksndrorcq

  • $30 USD Mar 8, 2013

    Hello,We are looking for a developer like you who has some skills in web scraping.We would like to webscrap a website where the content is encrypted.But before to select a developper, we propose to you to make a test on 1 page.You can check our doc attached.If you can make the webscraping of this page and record it in csv, we could hire you for the whole project..The project cost $30 is only for this test. If you can make this test successfull, we will propose to you another price.Thank you

  • $30 USD Mar 7, 2013

    Hi.I would need to scrap product detail pages and import those into my shoppingcart if possible.I also look for a way of scraping or harvesting email addresses for my email list.Could handle such a job?I prefer a fixed price per project.Please let me know.Thank you.Chaim

  • $300 USD Mar 7, 2013

  • $30 USD Mar 4, 2013

    Hey buddy, Are you still around? We worked together on a few projects about eight months ago and now I need some work done. You"ve done great work in the past so I am hoping you can help me now.Please let know if you"re still around and I will send you the details.Thanks,Anton

  • $45 USD Feb 27, 2013

    data mining of 30k data

  • $60 USD Feb 20, 2013

    HiI am looking for someone to scrape data (Name, Phone Number,Email address, Company) from an online property portal ( and organize them in a Microsoft excel spreadsheet format.Data to include all the agents listed on the portal. Pls provide a quote for the whole project or estimated working hours that you would require. Thanks vm! Pls email me at or whatsapp me at +65 90992938.

  • $30 USD Feb 9, 2013

    Hi there,The past job that you did for me was excellent and I would like to offer you another. It is completely up to you whether you want to do it or not. I will provide a sample job for you to do, and as long as it is done to my standards, I will give you the full job. What needs to be done is I have a long database of addresses, which will need to put put into an online directory, and the results that appear need to be scraped and put into the database alongside the addresses. There are about 1200 addresses in the database, for each you will need to scrape 20 elements. To get all of those elements (short pieces of information) you will need to visit 3-14 web pages per address. These will need to be done on Canadian websites.I"m not sure whether you want this job or not, but if you do that would be great.I have included a file with a short list of addresses. I also have a video you will need to watch, but I will have to send that to you in a bit. If you want the job, I"ll need you to take those addresses (when I say "addresses" throughout this job description, I mean for a literal piece of property, not a website) and scrape the information for them. Please watch the entire video, and if you don"t understand something, please contact me so I can explain it.You will need to scrape data from these exact websites: reply if you would like the job.

  • $100 USD Jan 31, 2013

    I need you to give me a quote on a daily report send to my email. The email should including any price % change on" Lego" from major stores. Like , . would like to run the script in every hour, and anything over 20% change in price will send me email immediately. I am willing to pay on going fee . thanks

  • $170 USD Dec 19, 2012

    Around 4000 items with ~ 50"000 pdf file to download.Site run asp load under iframe on ajax.Only be considered bidders with preview reviews in relative Data Mining project.Thanks

  • $250 USD Nov 20, 2012

    Hello,I would like to have the ability to perform the following: given a list of people perform a search on google scholar for their publications and produce a csv (or excel) file with the following fields:- author"s name- publication title- publication type (e.g. book, article)- publication year- co-authors (if any)- current citationsAs a suggestion, please take a look at BibTex citations in Google scholar search results for these authors (since BibTex citations already have highly structured information on my fields of interest).The list of people will be large (~40 000), for a minority of people the list of publications could easily be in several hundreds, but for most of them there will be just 1 to 10 publications.Please contact me for further conditions and information.

  • $60 USD Sep 20, 2012

  • $140 CAD Sep 13, 2012

    Please bid only if you can speak Chinese.I need someone to web scrap products from popular chinese site.I would need titles - categories - subcategories - prices - sizes - colors products would be around 25,000.You would be given a list of stores to scrap.Budget is limited.Additional info would be provided to the winner.Good luck.

  • $100 USD Aug 9, 2012

    Hi, I have been reading your profile and think you may be a good candidate for a job I need help with. I need data scrapped off of the two websites below. I need the data for 2006-2012 for MLB,NCAA FB, NFL, NCAA BB. I have templated with the data I need filled out that I could send to you to show you how I would like the data.It is very important that the data be accurate. The person I have hired to do it has done much of the work but I continue to find incomplete and inaccurate work. The file I uploaded is just an example of the data I need and how I need it for one sport.Please review the file and let me know if this is something you can do. Thanks!I need data scraped off of these two websites:

  • $40 USD Aug 5, 2012

    Hello,I need some more scraping done. Here are the details:1. Go to Type in Course Title: Photography3. Click searchNow it shows a list of colleges with photography classes. I will need this list to be scraped for the whole United States.The problem is that I will need address information from each school. So the best way I could figure out to get that information would be to:Go to and get the college address and more information. This site has information from every college in the US. I would use this website alone, but it does not show individual courses (photography classes) it only shows photography degrees which not many colleges offer.Please let me know what you think. That was probably confusing.Thanks!

  • $30 USD Aug 1, 2012

    I need someone to take the xml sitemap of a drupal website and extract all of the data out of the site. I would like all the data to be extracted into excel worksheets or csv worksheets. I need all the relationship data to be kept in tact. Should be a very easy job - would be great if someone could do it now...I will award it immediately to someone who can get it done now. There are about 55,000 links in the xml sitemap. I will send the winner the name of the site as soon as I"m confident that they can do the work. Would be great if you can create an API to continue to updat the data. If you do a good job on this project i have more work i can have you do immediately.

  • $90 USD Jul 19, 2012

    I require the data from 2 websites. Names, barcodes, prices, and possibly a few other categories to be put into a csv file.

  • $200 USD Apr 18, 2012

    Hi there,This is a website: inside the attached file, I want to scrap and get the full contents of it (with graphic files inside). Can you please get back to me with a quote on that, and the methodology of your work.Besides that, please find our what is the CMS used for it, as part of the project, I want you to upload the scrapped contents into that (basically create a website with mySQL database inside), and then export this website, so that I could easily import that into newly created website. And get back to me with a quote on that too.ThanksCarluccio

  • $35 USD Mar 28, 2012

    Scraping a very simple website that contains a form to fetch required info and and some javascript / Ajax updating a list (appending). Scraped data should be put to excel (as well as optionally to an MS SQL DB).I would prefer it to be done in .NET. Please use "bikbik" wording in your answer so i know you are real.

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