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Leonardo Medina

PHP/MySQL Web Developer

Username: leomedina01

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Location: Cabo Frio / RJ, Brazil

Member since: July 2011



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  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bobnoll1


    6 days ago

    Good work delivered on time. Thank you!

    Project Description:We currently have a website that lists various talent Auditions in the US. Links to the Audtions are then posted on Twitter to drive traffic. Right now, we add the audition, then login to Twitter to post the link...
  • $122.10 USD
    Profile image for Seller kgtrip


    16 days ago

    Very professional and knowledgeable programmer. Did everything I asked for. Thanks!

    Project Description:Hi, I need a script that will deal with recurring billing over Paypal. The script has to do the following: 1. A visitor to my site, is logged in (with a session), wishes to upgrade to a premium membership account...
  • $127.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller justinah75


    17 days ago

    Delivered the project as required. Being able to test remotely on Leo's server made things easy to verify. Thanks for your work.

    Project Description:Background The Australian government provides free data online regarding business registrations and Australian Business Numbers (ABN's - which are required for all trading entities in the country). Information...
  • $4000.00 MXN
    Profile image for Seller lewisluna


    18 days ago

    Nice guy, i recommended work with him, also for next projects i will think work with him again.

    Project Description:necesito una tienda en linea, disenio simple, alrededor de 2000 item
  • $98.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller accesspath


    23 days ago

    absolutely will hire again, very professional!!!!, highly recommended.

    Project Description:We need a php script that will calculate word count for a file uploaded by user. Please note that user will be uploading .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .doc, .docx, or .rtf file, so your script should work for all these file types...
  • $179.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ccdigital


    26 days ago

    Very impressed, easy to work with, always there to help.

    Project Description:Allow members to fill in an php form and upon clicking the submit button, have the script convert the form data into a predesigned PDF and then have it attached to an email and sent to a specified email...
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller materialmaster


    27 days ago

    I rehired Leo for some more enhancements on the previous Budget. He always impresses with his quick turn around time.Using the previously developed project by him from last 2wks and it works great.

    Project Description:(1) Ability to upload same csv file twice without creating duplicate records if combination of partner, deal id , order id already exists in the db..don't touch those..ignore those specific records from...
  • $190.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller materialmaster


    Jun 22, 2014

    Project completed in timely manner. understands requirements easily. very knowledgeable. very quick with bug fixes.

    Project Description:Locally run application (GUI based or web based) to be developed. We are inclined towards developing this in PHP. But this won't be accessed over the internet. Screen One provides selection screen and a result list...
  • $197.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ash1213


    Jun 4, 2014

    All in all, he knows what he's doing. I'd suggest incentivising him with a bonus if he meets certain deadlines, for the last fixes to my project a $50 bonus got him to finish up quickly.

    leomedina01's reply:

    Look at my past reviews, and decide if this client is telling or not the truth about me. I don"t need any tip to be faster to fix a issue. In fact, most of my past clients liked my work a lot. I have a rating of 4.9/5, so must of my clients are very satisfied with my work.

    Project Description:Submit form data to a form on HubSpot as well as a second service. Hubspot API : Form id will be provided to post data properly. Second...
  • $144.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller irrlichtx


    May 24, 2014

    GOOD: Final product met 100% of my expectations. BAD: unreliable with the timeline.

    leomedina01's reply:

    Bad and dishonest client. I do not recommend him for any Freelancer. First, in his feedback for me, he is complaining saying I was unreliable with the deadline. Let me explain the case: I asked him 2 days more to complete the script, we talked about this, and he told me he was OK with this. Also, at the beginning, he refused and did not want to provide me all the necessary info like login credentials to the newsserver in order to test the script and make the adjustments. So this has delayed the delivering of script a lot, because I was busy trying to find a free newsserver which was not the best option for testing. I have helped client and fixed all the issues that was found by him. I was always prompt to help, always communicated with him, and replied each msg from him in less then 6 hours. And now he is very dishonest with me posting this bad feedback.

    Project Description:Hi, On several webpages I integrate News from a newsserver. A PHP script enables access to the newsserver. E.g like here: The code is working fine but a little bit outmoded and should be revised...
    Leonardo Medina has not completed any projects.
  • $77 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $62 USD In Progress

    Hi, I have a PHP script that has some minor issues. The script is integrated into my website and has modified by some developers but it"s not fully functional. I need someone to modify the script and remove unnecessary codes and cleanup the script. It"s a simple job for a experienced PHP coder.Modifications needed:1- cleanup the script and remove unnecessary codes2- Matching the CPU socket type and Motherboard Socket type isn"t working (Fix needed)3- Make the pages look nicer (modify CSS to make it look better)4- email function isn"t working (Fix needed)The payment will be divided into two, half upfront and remaining payment will be paid when I"m happy with your work until all the issues mentioned is cleared. I"ll explain all the issues in details when I select a bidder.

  • $31 USD In Progress

    XAMPP Server Apache 5.4 running on Windows Server 2003 32bit,I need connect SQL Server 2008,u need connect to my Server By teamviewer and install dll extensions to php.u can look : u need install Microsoft"s SQL Server Driver for PHPThank you.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Need longterm active expert in building FUNCTIONS for our panels.Must have knowledge in php, sql. Let me know if you serious and ready to start.

  • $440 NZD In Progress

    We operate an Email Marketing application which needs a little fix up. We need a good developer to re-write API functionality. The idea is quite simple. For insert, update and delete functions, the developer must use permission logic to secure the code. I have examples which I can provide. It has already been done for some functions but I need it to be done for all API functions. All necessary files are open source.No Time Wasters...Please bid only if you are serious you can handle this. It has large filebase and well organized structure.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    I need a script created that will run continuously or at a given interval.It will need to do the following:Check if a database table is currently holding any records. If it detects any records, then nothing happens.If it detects that the table is empty, it will add a chosen number of new records.A php page with 2 fields and a submit button needs to be created to save and hold the new records untill they are required to be added.The php page should be able to display a number of the records currently saved and update accordingly as new records are added / As they are subtracted out and placed into the database table when no records are detected.Additionally an email needs to be sent whenever records need to be pulled from the php page and added into the database reflected the change.This project is not as complicated as it sounds. I have tried to explain it to the best of my ability, Please let me know if you require any additional information.

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    I need help finishing a map project. The site allows a user to create custom maps and embed them into a website- The part that is unfinished are the infowindows and a few bugs in the back end CMS panel. The map pulls data from a MySQL database.

  • $103 USD In Progress

    Google checkout is being discontinued. My website, used to use google checkout, but since it has been discontinued we are now desiring to switch to amazon checkout instead. For this project, you will make it so that the user has the ability to checkout using Amazon in place of Google Checkout.

  • $170 USD In Progress

    Hello. I need someone who is really proficient on DB management and who also understand javascript/Ajax to create fields in a db and update an existing JS/Ajax search script. Here is the complete description of the project: read carefully before bidding.

  • $18 USD/hr In Progress

    Seeking developer to build a web application that allows people to opt out of various marketing services.Many of these marketing services have their own opt-out forms that basically require the same kind of form data. The problem is that the user has to 1) know which marketing services to opt out of and 2) submit their data to each and every opt out service.I want a master web form that allows people to opt out of all marketing services, whereby they submit just one form, and the data is then passed to all the marketing service opt out forms for processing. This application will also need to interface with PayPal, as this is a for-fee service (so fee needs to be processed before forms are processed). In addition, need the application to generate a confirmation email with submission results.This is going to be a long-term assignment, as I will need to continually update the application.

  • $100 USD Today

    I own an online shop and I currently use a spreadsheet to manage returns. I have attached a sample of this spreadsheet.If someone asks to return an item I add their detaails to the first tab in the spreadsheet. I then go to the second tab and print this to a pdf. This creates a pdf that I send to the customer and ask them to include it with their return.Instead of using the spreadhsheet I would like a php app instead. I would like it to be all file based and not require a database.I have created most the HTML part which I have also attached (app > returns.html). I need the following finctionality added:- Allow the form to be submitted- It should be checked to ensure all inputs with a * have been completed. If they haven"t an error should be returned- Once submitted a pdf file should be created on the server and some text should be displayed to the user that contains a link to the pdf file. I can then copy this directly in to an email and send it to the customer. The text could be something like "Dear customer please return the item to us and include the retuns form that can be downloaded using the belo link [link to the customers returns form]"- The pdf created should contain the same info as the attached pdf.- The pdf should be named [returns authorisation number].pdf- There should be a link on the main page that be clicked to view a table containing all the returns (similar to the spreadsheet)- The serach box on the main page will allow the user to input an authorisation number to search for the return info relating to that number.Please let me know if you require clarification.

  • $100 AUD Today

    We need help in modifying/fixing an existing website (PHP with database) so that it is compatible with all current browsers especially IE. For instance in IE, the total cost in the shopping cart does not show.Note: FTP is the only access to the website as there is no cpanel. References required.

  • $100 USD Today

    I need a script where you can read all emails from POP3 & IMAP server and Dump in MYSQLThe data should be stored in a Table and do the following.1) Insert Subject in one column2) Insert From email id in another column3) Insert Actual message in 3rd column4) Insert Attachment ( file name) in 4th column ( if there are multiple columns use comma separated value to store it5) Store All attachments in a Folder6) If the file name in the attachment already exists in the folder rename the attachment file and update the attachment in 4th column7) Insert Date and time of email in 5th Column8) Mark email as Read once downloaded 9) The Script should not timeout10) Any Error log should be written to a text file with line numberThe code should work for any email servers ( Gmail, hotmail, hostgator etc)You may use following to complete the task or any other script, you will comment your code and provide small documentationThe code should work on my server @ hostgator

  • $18 USD/hr Today

    We are currently developing a CRM system for a client which includes callander management , epos sales, ussr management and much more. We are currently behind schedule and require someone to join us full time for a minimum 1 month contract.You need to be EXPERT in PHP , Codeigniter, Bootstrap and be great with both front & backend development. You must understand how to work as a team and use GIthub etc to share code.You MUST be available all day by skype, phone, email and be ready to start right now!PLEASE MAKE SUREYou show LIVE examples of your past work You are EXPERT in EnglishPlease DO NOT bid if.....You are a company or agent - This is for a freelance developer onlyYou DO NOT understand codeigniter etcYou can not provide URLS of your work

  • $35 USD Today

    I need someone who is skilled at php and mysql. I have a ready made template all you need to do is implement an area where users can log in and write in a certain part of the template. To get more information please contact me so we can discuss in more details.Thank youserious workers only please

  • $188 USD Today

    We are looking to rewrite one of our websites with either PHP or ASPX, it will require some complex get and put connections through out the website and store data in a MySql database. with report functions to pull information from database, email forms and process payments. The site graphics can be suggested for updated and more modern look. This project will need to be completed installed and tested with in 10 days of accepted bid. We required seasoned developer and programer for this project. current site is located at

  • ₹42222 INR Today

    Hi,We want Pathology Management software to be developed using java and mysql with tomcat (If it is possible on PHP please provide your way to achieve this bellow specified modules).The application should have the following functional work flowUser rolesadminDoctor Pathologist NurseThe architecture should be like SAS Means if the software is installed on to the server then it should be used in scoped manner by distinct pathologist within there own data accesswithout interfering the other oneSpecify the time frame as we want this to be achieved in 20 to 25 days at most Process 1)identification number is allocated to the specimen. The technician will then process the specimens and prepare them for review by the pathologist. "Work Sheet" used to track the status of each specimen.2)Clinical Work, Transcription & Sign out ReportOnce the samples are tested, the clinical work can be performed. The technician enters the results and completes the report, uploads images and any relevant document (i.e. clinical, insurance details, etc)3)Upon completion of the technicians work, the pathologist reviews the report and sign out the report from any location whether it is another lab, a hospital, home, etc.4)Report Is Authorized and ready for delivery.Once the case has been finished and the doctor has signed out (Authorized) the report, it is ready for the printing. generate automatically HTML/PDF format of the report. This report is NABL compliant. The report is ready and can be emailed, faxed to the referring physician, or the physician may log into to view the report online. The entire reporting process is done electronically, automatically, and instantly. Report delivery is made electronically. There are no couriers or shipping companies involved. 4.a)The Bi-Directional interfacing system must be there so as to have the report to be imported from the analyzers to host system and work orders should be again uploaded to the machines,This machines may be different for different Test .(For this u will have to integrate some Interface ) as this machines have the functionality to have TCP/IP Communication . 5)Billing is generatedOnce the report has been generated, the billing is generated instantly for collection centre/individual patients/referring physician. enables the fastest and most accurate information needed for the billing dept with the data they need. 6)Bill Is CollectedThe billing can be raised at end of the month to collection centers. Collection centers can able to see their electronic bill. They can pay the bill by cheque/direct depositing payment in the bank . 7)Bills are generated instantly; lab can keep a complete track of every collection center. At any moment you can see complete up-to-date information. Lab can instantly see Income and expense statement, Collection centers Ledgers, cash books, bank books etcFor the further detailed info about the modules and function"s we will have the next stage discussion

  • $122 USD Today

    I have a real estate website that currently takes a feed from the MLS (multiple listing service) in that feed is the realtors contact information. I was previously useing a look up table that is no out of date on my site and would prefer that the listing agent information be taken directly from the feed and displayed on the page. The site is PHP MySQL based and written about 10 years ago. nothing has been done on or to the site in ages.

  • £77 GBP Today

    Create a simple data capture form and results stored in a database and email confirmation sent to client. Form to protected against spam-bots, SQL injection etc.

  • $72 USD Today

    Hello Bidders..I need a schedular..Anybody who has already wriiten such program or can develop in limited time of 3-4 days..I need same as on google comes here it shoes Schedule Time button and when we click this shows Calendar and time slots on right side for each dayI need admin also to assign the days for my availability and time slots when i am free to discuss with people..So anyone who has readymade..will be most preferableThanksSUNIL

  • €750 EUR Today

    A web site for food online ordering. Features:-search restaurant by location (street, city) and deliver the closest restaurants with online delivery-select restaurant and choose food to order form a list-customize the order-complete order and proceed with paymentNon functional requirements:-easy restaurant info addition and solution maintenance-intelligent geolocation search-intelligent filtering-nice design-easy navigation-inteligent order customization-easy and intelligent solution to add/import Restaurant info in the portal backend (name, location, menu, etc)

  • $130 USD Today

    HiThis small project is to load new emails into a mysql db. All elements of the email including any attachments, to, from cc, bcc, subject, etc are to be uploaded into the db. If the email has been forwarded then the last forward from details must be captured.The code must handle any type of email, HTML, MIME, Text, etc.Please ask for any further info if required.Thanks

  • $22 USD/hr Today

    Na verdade eu queria mesmo é colocar uma interface do google map em uma landing page. Trabalho com motoboys, gostaria que meu cliente pudesse definir a origem da entrega e o(s) destino(s) e de acordo com a distancia e quantidade de pontos o sistema retornaria um valor. E um botão para ele solicitar o serviço. Nesta solicitação receberiamos por e-mail o endereço de origem, destino(s) e o valor. Aqui está um exemplo de um concorrente gostaria de fazer exatamente porém iria colocar numa landing page.

  • $22 USD/hr Today

    We would like to hire a developer to build a custom TeamworkPM addon that can create a custom report, based on the information from TeamworkPM using the TeamworkPM API ( addon would create a report with the following six columns...1. Client2. Person3. Task list (project)4. Total estimated time for each task list (project)5. Total time entered for each task list (project)6. % of time used (time entered divided by estimated time)

  • £490 GBP Today

    The software’s main purpose is to provide the tools to manage a list of Customers.The software must provide a multi-user access to data (each user must be able to operate over data indipendently from other users) and allow to list all available records and filter/sort them according to several parameters.It must be possible to edit every detail for each record, add or delete a single record in any moment.We also need to create a Campaign management area, where we’ll be able to create a campaign (newsletters, telephone marketing or add a new type of campaign) and assign every single customer to all the campaigns we want.Another important feature we require is a Calendar which must display the scheduled activities for the next 7 days. It’s important that this Calendar shows an alert to the user (with the main details for the activity: Customer, Campaign, Notes, deadline) on the deadline the user set for it.

  • $244 USD Today

    In order to connect our invoicing system with our website and, in the future, our webshop we need a script / program that will do the following:1.receive e-maila.if the mail is from a valid sender: GOTO 2b.if the mail is NOT from a valid sender:➢log sender, subject, timestamp and fail reason into a mysql table and discard the mail. **END**2.Check if the mail has a PDF attached and if the pdf is an invoice.a.If pdf is an invoice: GOTO 3b.If no pdf is attached or the pdf is not an invoice:➢log sender, subject, timestamp and fail reason into a mysql table and ➢reply to sender including the attachment using a predefined template and➢then discard the mail. *END** the invoice pdf and update the relevant tables with the following data elements:a.invoice numberb.customer numberc.customer e-maild.invoice datee.invoice amountf.invoice VATg.invoice lines (quantity, name, vintage, price each, vat, line total)h.PSP reference (this is a specific invoice line)4.Save the pdf in a predefined location and update the relevant table with the location.5.Log sender, invoice number, timestamp and ??? to the log table. **END**General information:-- script shall run on our web-server (CentOS 6.5 with a LAMP stack – dedicated VPS)-- preferably to fire when a mail arrives, but cron is also OK-- implementing mail receipt function is part of this project (!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!)-- the script shall have documentation; preferably as comments in the code!-- script shall also be capable of being run against a directory full of pdf’s or a specific pdf file to facilitate loading of historic data-- test data is at ; pdf and some corresponding txt files (pdftotext poppler-utils)

  • $25 USD Today

    I need someone who is skilled at php and mysql. I have a ready made template all you need to do is implement an area where users can log in and write in a certain part of the template. To get more information please contact me so we can discuss in more details.Thank youserious workers only please

  • $1500 USD Today

    We have an PHP coding for our software. We need somebody who can quickly look at the existing code, make the necessary changes as per our guidance, set it up on a server (we will provide amazon access), and then load test it. Then improve it to take more load.1. Use open source php application. (we shall provide it).2. Work on it to make it take a load of 1000 bids a second.3. Implement different bidding strategies (3 different strategies).4. (Maybe) a dashboard with analytics and controls.Required skill: Solid understand of PHP, and performance.

  • $211 USD Today

    I need a PHP Developer to convert this pages into php for me. Similar to Hotels.comso i can upload the pictures and information myself. Thanks

  • $20 USD/hr Today

    We need quick php work - Fix " apostrophe issue- content is not displaying because of apostrophe"s appearingNeed recaptcha installed on a form. Immediate start when hired required

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Delphi Software Programmer / PHP Developer

Mar 2009 - Aug 2009 (5 months)

ECNet Solutions Inc.

Software Development for the their financial area in Delphi, PHP, and SQL Server 2005(stored procedures & triggers) (4 months project)

Developer at

Aug 2007 - Aug 2013 (6 years)

Responsible for development/design and server configuration of the news search engine "Hoje Noticias", located at<br /><br />The pages of the site were developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and Smarty, a PHP library that allows creation of HTML templates and generation of cache, allowing faster loading of web pages.<br /><br />It's also used advanced technologies such as Apache Lucene for full-text search allowing a much faster search of news.<br /><br />The site has its own search robot that tra

Delphi Developer / Software Programmer (Using Firebird / MySQL)

Jan 2005 - Aug 2007 (2 years)

Prefeitura Municipal de Cabo Frio

Development of a students management software with Delphi and Firebird / MySQL

Delphi / SQL Server 2000 Software Programmer / ASP Developer

Mar 2002 - Mar 2003 (1 year)


Programador Delphi

Jan 2001 - Jan 2002 (1 year)

Frigorífico Capixaba

Desenvolvedor ASP

Apr 2000 - May 2000 (1 month)

Modern High-Tech Web

Programador Delphi e Visual Basic

Feb 1996 - Feb 1998 (2 years)

Control Center Informática



Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro