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  • $155.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller radiosvicius


    8 days ago

    Simplesmente fantástico, precisamos de profissionais como este.Simply amazing, we need professionals like this.

    Project Description:exe must have a dongle to work, this done in autoit with obfuscated in EXE2AUT decompiler does not need this to work without USB Dongle, not need source not only require dongle to work
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller JSplinter


    May 4, 2014

    Very nice to work with. His experience made completing this small project a piece of cake. Nice support through chat as well!

    Project Description:I need to write a simple script (and convert it to an .exe) that will automate keyboard typing and mouse clicks in Windows 8. The free tool, AutoHotkey, looks perfect for the job, but I am open to other options as well...
  • $65.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AishaAlimuhammad


    Mar 16, 2014

    Once again it was a great help. Very hard working freelancer, did exactly what I asked for. Would hire again

    Project Description:The project is to update existing amazon extractor so that it can extract products with multiple colors. Budget is as agreed $50
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller berkoma


    Mar 12, 2014

    Fast professional service, got my project done, I will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:Hello, I recently posted a project about an AutoIT Script for a league of legends automatic Queue tool. I completed this project with teh help of a friend and now it works well. The problem is that it has very high cpu usage and I would like someone to review it and optimize it...
  • $619.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller firstpageposting


    Nov 9, 2013

    Words cant explain how professional this man is.. he asked all the right questions and went out of his way to make sure everyting worked perfectly....

    Project Description:I made a software but i never got the source code. Now i need to make some text changes (not function). and also add a Timer that i can control OR a key generation type addition. so i can sell for a certain amount of time and then it will stopworking until they pay again...
  • $39.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AishaAlimuhammad


    Oct 28, 2013

    linuxohmcoder is an excellent freelancer to work with. Did the work exactly as per my specifications, very hardworking freelancer. Recommended!

    Project Description:I need a script for extraction products from amazon. Information that I would to be extracted is Product title, Price (plus shipping), Description, and images. I need script that extract above information for any amazon URL...
  • $0.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller iwash

    iwash [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 12, 2008

    Linuxohm (the worker) agreed in their Worker Contract that if their project went into arbitration, they would respond to the arbitrator's questions fully and on a timely basis, or they would forfeit the arbitration. An arbitration occurred and Linuxohm did not do this. All funds in escrow were returned to iWash (the employer).

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $17.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattdykstra


    Sep 2, 2008


    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $85.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller revelation68


    Aug 31, 2008

    Very average. Worker took on too many projects and left me on the backburner. I INITIALLY hinted that there would possibly be a bonus if he did an excellent job but by the end of this alleged simple project, I felt it wasn't deserved. Granted, there were unexpected surprises along the way but his communication with me was extremely poor. His coding skill and competency is very good. It was an overall very average experience - I got what I asked for BUT it was difficult due to no communication for days at a time which resulted in time-loss, and when the application was said to be fixed... it wasn't.

    linuxohmcoder's reply:

    Hi! I can quote YOU where you offered a bonus for extra work involved in new features. The job was delivered BEFORE the dead line. Also, the final work didnt have bugs. It was state in the project that the buyer is responsible for the testing! I really think this rate is not fair.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $22.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aimshaman


    Aug 12, 2008

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    linux_ohm has not completed any projects.
  • $149 USD In Progress

    I need someone who can code a multithreaded submitter, the website where it will be submitted informations has only two field, its very simple. Software will be: - Multithreaded - Have ability to work with deathbycaptcha and decaptcher.

  • $199 USD In Progress

    We manually go to a websiteWe check the status of our claimsThe site has a captcha.We need software we can run on any of our PCs that will take an Excel list that will fill in the missing columns.Need by Tomorrow.

  • $149 USD In Progress

    I need a windows desktop application just like :- features of this1 - Eats up resources and makes computer works slow 2 - Changes the default homepage of all browsers3 - Puts an icon in task bar and pops up a message every defined interval 4 - Puts up an icon next to X on the top most windowUser friendly admin panel to track installs and users via a unique id. Clicking on the icon should display a pop up message, the contents of the pop us message should be from an image hosted on the internet ( can be gif / png / jpeg ) , if the computer is not connected to the internet if will display the default image . If connected to the internet it will display the one fetched from the internet. Please download the application and explore the features, the best quote from the person with outstanding reviews and good communication skills would be preferred. Thank you

  • $250 USD Today

    Preciso de um profissional para finalizar um sistema em .NET. pois a pessoa que estava fazendo desistiu...é um projeto bem simples, e rápido em 2 dias da para finalizar.

  • $200 USD Today

    We need some app/script/software to scrap 5 different discount coupon sites. Export as a CSV file. Option to scrap "Only new".

  • $283 USD Today

    Need a script to create/ replicate/ duplicate an ad campaign that is created in an online ad buying platform. This script will be created instead of making a macro for this type of work In the platform, I just want to define the variables available in the ad platform such as create an ad or which approved ad to replicate. the number of times to replicate, the date to start (usually just the current date as default setting), targeting, and the bid price, account, etc. Further clarification will be provided to bidders upon request. Good luck and please reply with "Mango" in the title so that I know you have read the whole thing- seriously.Thanks

  • $30 USD Yesterday

    Just need a HWID PHP license system that I can add into my autoit program. It should be able to query if the computer is valid for use or expired

  • $16 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need an AUTOIT expert that can help teach me how to do the following (tutoring will be by voice through SKYPE and/or some sort of screen share program like Teamviewer):- Trigger a script housed locally from a html page button- If Firefox is minimized or out of focus, bring it in focus- Search for text string (e.g.: xyz) in a web page and single mouse click anywhere in that string- Search for text string (e.g.: xyz) in a web page and double mouse click anywhere in that string- Search for an image (e.g.: xyz.gif) on a web page and click it- Search for an element (e.g.: text field or text area) on the web page and click anywhere in it. Below are sample codes. The first one shows a text field and the other shows a text area. Text field: Text area:

  • $1500 USD 2 days ago

    I need someone to create a bot for facebook . It must create accounts base on a exploit that i found and save it to a database . You must create a panel which will be hosted on my server, there i will have the option to start and stop the bot . You also must devolp a module to like fan pages . Pm me in the chat for more informations

  • $319 USD 4 days ago

    I am looking for an excellent script writer to be able to grab/import the live refresh cams from site has has an anti hot link prevention code built in it.I need someone who can write me a script to have all of these cams featured into my site. This will be an ongoing job to write script to grab these cams.

  • £250 GBP 4 days ago

    Great work from home opportunity available as a home based typist/data entry which you can earn up to an average of £250-£500 per week. We are looking for sincere, determined and self encouraged people with an aspiration to work in the home typing and data entry field, with the ease of working in their own homes. The ideal applicants should be 18 years old and above with full internet access. There are basic skills which are needed such as computer and typing skills, ability to spell and print efficiently, as well as the ability to follow instructions however there is no experience needed for this. But there are also some requirements which would be expected in this job title such as having a computer with internet access, an applicable email address and good typing skills. If you feel you are suitable in this job field as you match with the above description and you meet the requirements, then please do apply with providing your email address.

  • €299 EUR 4 days ago

    We have several small enhancements which should be done via autohotkey. Starting from simply downloading reports from ERP to more complex decision based programs. Price depends on complexity.

  • $155 USD 4 days ago

    I need a tool that scrapes email addresses and names from websites.The tool should be made in ms access. the website to scrape from shows the email address directly visible and the name too. the pagination is like listing.php?page=3 45etc.

  • $30 USD 5 days ago

    This the first of several similar projects that I will be seeking to complete.I"d like a few AutoHotKey macros that, in the context of MS Word only,1) if a user highlights a word or phrase and presses alt-A, that word or phrase is stored as variable "a".2) " and presses alt-Q, it"s stored as "q."3) when a user presses ctrl-alt-1, the boolean variable "interviewNoTimestamps" is toggled true/false.4) when interviewNoTimestamps is true, the enter key inserts: a) line break, b) variable a or q, depending on which was last inserted, c) colon, d) tab

  • $555 USD 8 days ago

    Hello, we make premium after effect templates. We need to automate customization and rendering process.01. User come to our website provide details via form to customize.02. Software automatically grab contect from the form.03. Render it and provide mp4 files as a output.I heard that Adobe after effect is to heavy for server. So Is there any wat to create csutom application to run on the sever.Thank You,Nuwan T.

  • $277 USD 9 days ago

    I need a quick autoit or similar script to execute stock options trading automatically upon recognizing a specific word or words that periodically scroll within a browser window. The type of software/program doesn"t matter to me as long as it"s compatible with a Win7/8 OS system. User configurable criteria would be useful as well. There are some variables that can change over the course of time, so being able to update those is critical.Specifically, I need to automate the manual steps a human would normally take once a specific set of words is recognized up to the actual trade execution. These are the macro actions, however there may be more micro actions once the flow is further dissected. I will include screenshots of the applications.Your Job:Step 1: Specific word or words recognized within a currently open browser window. A portion of this window scrolls and when a specific set of words appear, the following actions need to occur. (See red rectangle of Screenshot 1 - I can provide the words that need identified)Step 2: Ticker symbol from the recognized area input into specific window of trading platform (TWS - Interactive Brokers). This causes the TWS platform to populate the option chain for the specific ticker symbol identified. (screenshot 2)Step 3: Ticker symbol from the recognized area input into a specific open browser window to bring up the current chart for that symbol. This allows for a quick visual of the chart from the human if required. (Screenshot 3 - this is easy...once the window is active, simply needs to "type" the symbol and hit "enter")Step 3: The specific contract for that ticker symbol identified from recognized area and selected from TWS window activated in Step 2. The option chain populated in Step 2 should now contain the specific contract and simply needs "clicked" to populate the order entry window. (screenshot 2)Step 4: A check/validation needs to happen to ensure that price in order entry screen matches (or within a specified range of) the initially recognized area. This is a check against the initial order identified in step 1. If Step 1 shows the stock being bought at 3.00, then the order entry screen needs to match that or be within a pre-defined range....example: 3.00-3.05 would be okay to continue. (screenshot 2)Step 5: Probably should do a complete validation on the "order entry" to ensure that key criteria are populated properly before final step. There are other criteria that need to be checked. Lot size should be no more than "X" (to prevent excessive accidental order size), etc. (screenshot 2)Step 6: Execute the trade (in the first iteration, this will just be "clicking" the Transmit button so a pop up will come up and allow a human to final check everything before submitting). This should be coded so I can eventually "turn off" the final human check at this step. (screenshot 2)Step 7: Target orders to be placed automatically once initial order executed. For example: 100 lot of stock XYZ bought at 3.00, so 4 sell targets placed...25 lot at 3.15, 25 lot at 3.30, 25 lot at 3.45, 25 lot at 3.60 (the lots sizes and targets are based upon the initial value of the stock, so I can provide a spreadsheet with this data as required).Stock execution done in the TWS trading platform at (note: TWS has API if that helps)Information flow captured from scrolling text in Browser window. (I"m note what type of window so I"ve provided a screenshot)I need a working beta in 10 days approx and final delivery within 30 days. (You may add a three day trial restriction, as I shall only pay after complete delivery and testing. Minor changes may be made to the project, with no major software changes.)Please ask questions if uncertain. I can also provide access to the Trading Platform (I have a demo trade account for test purposes also) so you can get a feel for how quick the application reacts and whether there are any unusual pop-ups etc.

  • $222 AUD 11 days ago

    I"m looking to automate a few tedious tasks for an Android game via Blue Stacks (I"m open to other emulators) I"m looking for it to simply log on to each account ( separate macro for each one I click it once and it opens blue stacks logs in and stops) possibly from an Excel where I can put username and password?It would also be able to log in to each account consecutively and send resources to a main account ( Simple login, clicks, drag a slider, clicks) I would like it if this can be fully automatic.Probably the hardest one is to go through the tutorial and level up the buildings to the maximum possible with the provided starting material ( its about level 3-4) the whole tutorial process should take about 5-10 mins if done manually (averaging 7 mins)The Tutorial is again simple clicking parts of the screen no typing and no random events same thing every time.I am not aware of what is possible and what is not or additional features that would be possible so we can negotiate on that and price.

  • $155 USD 20 days ago

    Looking for someone who uses AutoIt To automate the installation of a piece of software, without any user interaction.the installer is an internet server explorer object and can be controlled by _ieattach

  • $199 AUD 28 days ago

    I run a computer repair facility and often remove viruses and malware from customer"s computers. Currently, I download software and install each time on customer"s computers, then run these programs.I want to automate this process as much as I can. Some will need to be done manually, but only a few items. I have played around with winautomation with some success, but I don"t have time to go through and learn the entire package and write and debug it all. So, I am asking if someone can do it for me. The program needs to run from flash/pen drive.You do not need to use winautomation to achieve the end result, but I have found this to be quite useful. If you do use winautomation, I will have a commercial license available for use at my expense if you don"t have it.A nice splash screen would be helpful that gives updated information as to what the program is doing.The attached file is a simple spreadsheet that lists the steps I want to automate and the sequence in which to run them.

  • $45 USD Jun 20, 2014

    I"m looking for a coder to code me imagesearch scripts for a game. It"s like a trigger bot I will give you icons you will code them to autoshoot.(left mouse)Thank you

  • $666 USD Mar 16, 2014

    Greetings.I am hoping for having a freelancer-friend who I can discuss with according to uncommon and common IT-security. Background:- I am 17 years old, struggling to gain knowledge and experience in several security-issues. - I want to be able to understand better in IT-security- I want a social relationship with a cool freelancer.--------I do not think I am able to pay out, but would really appreciate if any1 are interested.By the way, it could be very nice if we could use skype with eachother, as we are able to talk, chat and screenshare easily. I am not expecting any person to be there for me always. I accept if you are busy or something similar.

  • $50 USD Mar 14, 2014

    I need to have something that"s make possible xrumer solved captcha from gsa ser engine rankerI don"t know specifications ,but surely it must be some bridge that catch captcha from GSAIn the same time xrumer loop posting on that bridge solve that captcha and resend answer that gsa catch.It could be stricly connect to GSA or realized as a extended service via Captcha Breaker

  • $150 USD Mar 4, 2014

    Hello,i have a Project in Adult Industry with PayPer Lead.Is It Possible to get a Toll u can make Autosignup on Website with differen IP Adress, ID and Email for every Account.+ Email Verification and Auto Profile Fillup. please reply

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