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Lokesh Kumar

Developer Java - Dot Net - SQL - Shell

Username: lokeshk9936

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Location: Dispur, India

Member since: December 2011



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  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller TheCreedsNet


    Jan 24, 2013

    Delivered on-time, on budget, and he does a very good job of keeping you in touch and has a very solid work ethic.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller hulagutten2


    Jan 22, 2013

    Simply the best database expert I have ever come across. About 20 other coders had a solution that was vastly inferior to his solution.<br/>

    Project Description:I have lots of data in a table with the following structure: CREATE TABLE receipts ( id serial NOT NULL, customer_id integer, receipt_number serial NOT NULL, image_name character varying(255),...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller ml8

    ml8 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 17, 2013

    Complex parse that ultimately has not been completed.

    lokeshk9936's reply:

    The initial files ( available at the time of accepting the project ) were much simpler. More and more different and complex files were required to be parsed ( the latest ones were almost impossible to parse ). I made changes for few set of files , but then newer set of files started taking a lot of my time ( I had already spent many more hours than initially estimated from the initial test files provided ). The mistake from my side was - not clarifying on the whole set of files at the time of accepting the awarded project.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller jw6aa


    Jan 6, 2013

    Project completed quickly once the goal was understood.

    Project Description:# I have the following table: CREATE TABLE RES (S int, R int, Q int, P int, RES varchar(100), M int ); # With the following contents: INSERT INTO RES (S,R,Q,P,RES,M) VALUES (1,1,1,20,&quot;London&quot;,1),...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller search1


    Jan 5, 2013

    Very excellent programmer!! Fast and good job! excellent communication ad give exactly that i need.I would like to work with him in future also!

    Project Description:hello i need to change some think i a perl script. Now it make a research in a ,txt file tab separated, for boat vendor and give it a result. Now i shold make some modify on this research because not...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller mazitizeh


    Dec 17, 2012

    he was very good in understanding the logic and expert in his skills ,fast and perfect in modify the project

    Project Description:I need expert advise (with working scripts) from someone that has done lot of coding in MYSQL using triggers. my project database is MySQL and i have 6 tables, by inserting in first table, 5 more table...
  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller stevemps


    Dec 2, 2012

    Great job and fast communication. Thanks!

    Project Description:I have a database with over 140 million records, with more being added constantly. I need someone to help optimize the design of the database and the queries used. More details on request.
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller myservicesl


    Jul 11, 2012

    Lokesh did the job quickly and efficiently. Thanks!

    Project Description:I have a list of approximately 2000 school names and addresses in the USA that I need the corresponding domain name for. The list will contain the school name, address, city, state and ZIP code. All...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller ecsqatar


    Apr 9, 2012

    Very hard working and very cooperative.Will like to work again with him.

    Project Description:Plz bid 30$ as agreed on gtalk.
    Lokesh Kumar has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    I need a stored procedure (in PLPgsql or SQL) or a pure SQL statement. The database schema is:CREATE TABLE receipts (id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY,entry_date DATE,amount NUMERIC(20, 2) DEFAULT 0.00,customer_id INT NOT NULL,deleted BOOLEAN DEFAULT false);CREATE TABLE bank_transactions (id serial PRIMARY KEY,transaction_date DATE,amount NUMERIC(20, 2),customer_id INT NOT NULL,deleted BOOLEAN DEFAULT false,matched BOOLEAN DEFAULT false);The point of your procedure is to match any group of bank_transactions to any group of receipts or the other way around, so that the sum of the amount in a group equals the sum of the amount in the other group. For example the following two rows in receipts table will match a row in transactions with the amount 20.00:10.0010.00One or more rows in receipts may match the sum of one or more rows in transactions, and the other way around. The output of your query or stored procedure should be in the following format:array of ints of matching receipt ids array of ints of matching transaction ids[1, 3, 8] [2,3,8]The example data above means that the sum of receipts with ids 1, 3 and 8 match the sum of the transactions with ids 2, 3 and 8. Please use the array data type for this.Then after calculating these, insert them into following table:CREATE TABLE reconciliations ( id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY,receipt_id VARCHAR(250) NOT NULL,bank_transaction_id VARCHAR(250) NOT NULL,status integer NOT NULL, -- Your queries should define this field as `2` match_type VARCHAR(5), priority integer DEFAULT 0);The priority field in the above is the difference between date in receipt table and bank transaction table.The price for this project is 30$ and the deadline is 2 days.Please provide your username in your bid.

  • $30 USD/hr In Progress

    Write SQL queries for the Hotel System on MS Access. These queries should serve some business functions. You need to list all queries and a brief explanation of the purpose of each query. Output of all queries will also be included. You should write at least 3 single-table queries and at least 7 multi-table queries. The following 5 queries have to be designed. You can design any other 5 queries depending on your system. Find the names of customer having at least stayed twice last 18 months. Find the most valuable Customer (paying most) during last 24 months. Find the most preferable/popular room type (Look at the reservation)? What is the total revenue for the year 2012. Find the average price of rooms where &quot;smoking is allowed&quot; and average price of rooms where &quot;smoking is not allowed&quot;. (Hint: May need to use GROUP BY). Which room type has been reserved most?Any additional features that you may have included that enrich the project will also be included. Waiting for your bids. Thanks.

  • $150 USD Feb 11, 2013

    Good evening,I need to write little project with SQL, I am sending you some information how it must look, The topic its free, but the best way if it would be something girlish like jevelerry shop, or magazines database, I do not know, Work must be done not just copy paste from Internet. So I send an example, how finished work must look, I am very sorry that one ducument is not in english but I do not have different example.I need it till wednesday evening.In the project must be:Define de E-R model;Define de Data Model;Define the script of creation of the presented model in ORACLE;Analyse relevant information to retrieve from the database and define SQL commands for that;Develop the necessary triggers/stored procedures (if apply).Best RegardsRuta

  • $300 USD Jan 8, 2013

    convert some MS SQL Server code to mysql. converting create tables, triggers, procedures, etc from MS SQL to mysql.

  • £100 GBP Jan 7, 2013

    I am in first year of my degree course. I need a formal, word processed report of work done in a laboratory practical (titration of phosphate buffers). It should be written in the style of a bioscience peer-reviewed research journal report. 1. have a title2. Followed by introductory section (do not include an abstract) this section should start with the scientific and technical aims of the practical3. No method section please4. follow the introductory section with the results section. This should include a text to introduce the titration curves.5. follow the results with a discussion section which relates to the results in the context of the aims and where possible make links to previously published work in (text books and/or peer-reviewed journals) with references.6. then the reference list ( every ref. in text should be in list and vice versa) no references from web pages please

  • £500 GBP Jan 5, 2013

    MySQL, SQLite, PDO, PHP Developer SQLStatement of WORKI&quot;m looking for a developer with experience with MySQL, SQLite, PHP, Notepad ++, XAMPP and the ability to create queries and functional CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) web application.I have already started and 75% of the database structure is already there, but now have other work to complete and don&quot;t want to stop with the development. I&quot;m looking a long term agreement with a developer. The CRUD, and Queries need to be write but I ready know them etc.Your English needs to be good and so your MYSQL skills, please remember the scale could be large with the database and its use, should be used international within 3 months. Plus need to be written to work with SQLIte for Iphone and other use.

  • $50 USD Dec 31, 2012

    Expert in Matlab and Mathematics needed.Work is to solve a differential equation using Runge-Kutta Method of differenet order.

  • ₹10000 INR Dec 27, 2012

    Needed a Financial Adviser Cum Accountant to formulate a Business Accounting System for an IT Enterprise yet to be started . Accounting system must be simple and must suggest Tally 9 software .Prepare a Documentation , so that our accountant who is a fresher can understand the accounting basics and can apply the same thing to the tally.It is nothing but prepare a training manual for our company accountants so that they can use the tally software and work on it

  • £400 GBP Dec 11, 2012

    Hi,We require a fully exported and completed European Tecdoc excel/csv database (English Version) in excel/cvs format that is fully operational and consists of the all individual brands files available in Tecdoc 2012.The individual brand files must be complete with the specific vehicle application list along with their associated correct ktype, part numbers, fitment notes/specs for those vehicles.Example brandsATEBOSCHAEBERGABERUBILSTEINBOGEBERALCORTECOCONTITECHEXEDYFERODOELRINGFEBI BILSTEINFARCOMFEDERAL MOGULCHAMPIONBOSALLEMFORDERDELPHIGKNLUCASNGKLUKMANN FILTERCOMLINEFIRSTLINESKFTEXTARSACHSMONROEVALEOWALKERPAGIDVARTAQHEXIDEOSRAMGATESBANNERZF PARTSExample in attached excell sheet.Thank you

  • $150 USD Jul 12, 2012

    An assignment for the course of Finance in post graduation.Very simple accounting and finance questions.Deadline: 12 hours

  • $125 AUD May 25, 2012

    This assignment need you to do some sql work, and I need this assignment very very hurry....i put detail as attach file. please contect me as soon as possible.

  • ₹1500 INR May 22, 2012

    I have url of annual reports for 1998-2010. I have a PERL code which needs to be use to download the annual reports. Once the annual reports are dowloaded, I need to extract a section from annual reports. For this there will be another PERL code.I don&quot;t need codes. I need one folder with the annual reports and one folder containing section from annual report.

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Programmer Analyst

Jan 2006 - Oct 2009 (3 years)

US-based multinational

Worked as a Programmer Analyst for a SalesMIS project, for an international Investment Banking Client. <br />Domain : Investment Banking, Banking and Financial Services<br />Major Technologies Used: Sybase ASE, Unix, Shell Scripting<br />Version Control : Clearcase, Subversion<br /><br />



Pune University



Certifications in Sybase ASE and Banking


Certifications in Sybase Development and Financial Markets.<br />Certification in Currency Derivatives