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Lokesh Jaiswal

Solutions, Research And Development

Username: lokjaiswal12

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  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tom8872


    7 days ago

    good work very patient and professional.

    Project Description:need to make modifications to a php form, this should take no longer than 15 minutes for someone who is good with php.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Awesomo3000


    Jun 3, 2014

    Good MySQL knowledge and Java implementation, excellent communication, I will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:Need a piece of java software for MySQL queries. Will provide file and specification.
  • R2000.00 ZAR
    Profile image for Seller Schminton


    Apr 4, 2014

    I'm very satisfied with his work. Always available and willing to do the job until I'm happy.

    Project Description:Please update the form with the following: Equipment to be Supplied/Stores Requisition Amend Choose PBX box to add another 2 types of system called: eMG80 – KSUA and eMG80 - KSUI Add: BT Elements DECT phone as an option under option 10...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Awesomo3000


    Feb 24, 2014

    Excellent service, will definitely contact again for future projects!

    Project Description:I am looking for a program written in C that compiles and runs in Debian 6. So basically, the program should run like this: 1. Run the program. 2. Enter a String of any length. 3. The String repeats itself endlessly 4...
  • R4000.00 ZAR
    Profile image for Seller Schminton


    Feb 24, 2014

    The freelancer always kept me updated and informed me of any possible setbacks. I will definitely use him again.

    Project Description:Form already designed in HTML: Using php and mySQL, I require the ability to add new fields instead of having set amounts for repetitive tables, store data in database and populate form with relevant data if required...
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ilanazbel


    Feb 3, 2014

    quick delivery, clean code.

    Project Description:I need a .jsp file that will run under Tomcat that will list all .xml files in the directory where the .jsp resides.
  • £21.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller terefere


    Jan 7, 2014

    I like the guy, he is good!

    Project Description:write PayPal button's HTML code to give a dropdown option with currencies. I used HTML to create three separate PayPal buttons with different images to cover three currencies: GBP, USD, EUR. As you can see on the attached file (top half) this does not look too nice...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mike12341234


    Dec 20, 2013

    This programmer is truly outstanding, he delivered project on time even sooner than expected.Hes a programming guru.

    Project Description:CMS Infrastructure Reason is to replace the Drop box Feature Programs Needed PHP & My SQL The CMS(Content management system) will consist of 3 functions. 1. A backend system for clients to view and analyze the blue prints...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp

    assignmentshelp [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 29, 2013


    Project Description:please pass All JUnit tests / program description requirements ( ZIP FILE) here is the complete description of program12 ( PDF ) ======================================================== I WANT...
  • $225.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rmb12345


    Nov 22, 2013

    I have never been disappointed by Lokesh. Great work always.

    Project Description:N/A
    Lokesh Jaiswal has not completed any projects.
  • $45 USD In Progress

    This is an existing site working and perfect in design with css3, html5 and responsive design. we will give you a footer,header page and if need css with js files we will give if needed to complete 9 extra page design to be done.It means we need just 9 additional page design in according to our current html5 design using the same footer and header and our design.Do not bid above the budget also we need project done and completed within 1-2 days maximum since it wont take lot of time

  • £15 GBP In Progress

    I have a form for capturing data with empty form field validation. I also have an input which allows a user to upload an image (images are uploaded into a folder and the path is then written into a table).Users can upload images WITHOUT entering any data in the form and they can submit a completed form without submitting an image. As the image is linked to the form everything must be written on a single submit and not independently. Data is being written into two tables.The solution must be in mysql php only, NO JAVA! I believe this will be relatively straightforward and should only take a matter of minutes to resolve.

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello Freelancer , I am an student of the java so i need one program in java i need only STUDENT CAN registration and log in . with his details and all details should be store in database ,, i need this program live on my server .. so please help me if u have already available this type program .. Thanks,Brightwebbox.

  • ₹1300 INR In Progress

    we need 1 page template designed to opened on mobile and desktop with downloads available of all types dialer with Contact form and login button map to our Ip

  • $450 USD In Progress

    Need a website that looks simular to www.bradrep.comcontent will be provided as well-attachment subject seo(graphics would have to be altered and look graphically appealingWhen client clicks on pricingneed a pop-up where we can charge the client pop up needs to look like this :First name:Middle name:Last name:Address:City: State: Zip:Email:Company name:Website:Credit Card #:Exp: Cvc:Name on card:Business address:City: State: Zip:(Spam encryption)Disclosure credit card must be charged on a merchant account.Web site would need to be modifed upon request.anso client can log into accound so he can analyse and track his performace we offered him in terms of the web marketing service.additional info can be required upon request

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need a simple crawler to get data from google play store (can be in java/php or rails)using this API: crawler will save in a text file the download link for the app (the link to the web page for the App in the App Store) you done similar things at,

  • $44 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need a PHP script written that takes a Reddit categroy url as a parameter (eg: and does the following for each post that has a direct link to,, Saves the thumbnail image, title, description on my server2. Opens the thumbnail url and saves the image on my server3. If there is a photo album, it should save all the images on my serverThe script should be able to:4. open the next set of Reddit pages, one by one so that it can do all of the above tasks for each post on each Reddit page5. I want to be able to run this script each day. This means the script needs to be able to download the information of new posts created since it last ranNo database programming nor HTML coding needed.Good luck and I look forward to working with a professional (no cheaters, liars nor timewasters need appy).

  • $400 USD In Progress

    The website will be targeting a niche. It will include number of features such as internal rating system, strong admin panel.We need a turn-key solution - starting from the back all the way to the front, but on tight budget.Only offers of less then $400 will be considered.Post only with quote and times.

  • $220 USD In Progress

    I need a website for blood donation information.details:* People have to sign up to provide information. Just some information. Name, email, blood group, mobile no, address.* Phone verification system.* Anyone can submit blood request. For search, they have to provide name, blood group, mobile no and address.* When someone searching blood, all member from same blood group and destrict will get sms alert.* Also need user report. Means how many people joined, member per blood group, total blood request.Tell me how much money you need to make it and time.Its non profit and no budget project. Have to pay from my pocket. So please bid with senseIntegrate with social mediaplease check site like

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Guys i want to develop a site like or like Give me your prices and time how much you will take for development. My Budget is fixed $100 So please bid only if anyone can do it in $100

  • $15 USD 27 days ago

    Write a Java program in an Eclipse project that does the following. Input from the keyboard text that represents an eight digit binary number starting with a one. Confirm that the input is a valid binary number. Have the program continue requesting input until the number is a valid binary number.Once the number is valid, convert it to a number in the decimal system, and print it. Divide the number by a random number between 2 and 5 and continue dividing until the quotient is less than 109. Print the quotient, which is the temperature in Fahrenheit. Also print that temperature in Celsius (C = (5/9)(F-32)). Label accordingly.If the quotient above is greater or equal to 80 print that it is summer. If it is greater or equal to 60 and less than 80, print that it is spring. If it is greater or equal to 40 and less than 60, print that it is fall. If it is less than 40, print that it is winter.The program must have three classes: 1) a client class with the main method, 2) a service class where the binary number is input and validated, and 3) a service class that converts the binary to a decimal number, does the divisions, and determines the season.

  • $30 USD May 24, 2014

    HiRequirement : I need the code to read the content of files stored in the current folder. (i mean code files will be placed in the same folder).mostly files are of types .xml and .txt.Code should read the names of files stored in the current folder and display the content in a html file (append the content of all files and content should be displayed in the form of scroll from from top to bottom).so final html file should scroll the content of all files with some space.I need all this in the form of java script file and html your demos, if i like them , i will assign the work and i need this in another two days, and i will release the funds immediately after completing the work.

  • $30 USD Apr 21, 2014

    I need someone to scrape 3 popular directory websites. I am looking for someone who could script this and make it fast. I am not looking for manual scrapers. Bids above $60 will be rejected, as I know this is a simple job for someone who knows how to automate scraping. Additional details will be supplied to the selected freelancer.Thanks

  • $150 USD Feb 18, 2014

    Hi lokjaiswal12, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Please review the project description and we can discuss any details. come to the chat

  • $36 SGD Jan 30, 2014

    Database implementationTask 1 - Task 71. Data Definition statements2. Structural modifications of relational tables3. Data manipulation statements4. Data manipulation operations 5. Complex database maintenance operations6. Data retrieval operations7. Using the data dictionaryBooking Management SystemUsing MYSQL workbench & ubuntu netbeans.

  • $789 USD Dec 11, 2013

    1. Custom Pricing.- When the customer registers, the admin will have the ability to give the customer a custom price. This will normally happen when we speak to the customer directly and negotiate on specific product pricing. Lets say this customer gets silicone iPhone5 cases cheaper somewhere else but they talked to us and we agreed to lower our price for THEM only. The admin will then go ahead and select the iPhone5 Silicone category and adjust the price to what ever he and the customer agreed on. Each customers price will be different and will need to be stored for all of there orders.2. Excel Document Upload for adding mass products/updating excising products- I have attached our product list below so you can see what we have and how it is organized. We wish to keep this format so it cannot be changed. Under the K column named description you can see that there are some bullet points in there. Some products will not have a description but most will consist of 1-3 points. How we want this to work is by having the admin log in and basically just upload the whole file to the site. If there is a new item it will automatically add the URL picture, price, Title, and so forth if set. If anything is left blank it will still add the item but will just leave the blank field ex: price to be blank (or in the case of the price being left blank, it will be set to $0.00)The 2nd site will need to only sell products that work with these carriers. 1st site wont have these* Metro PCS* Boost Mobile (Might be called just Boost)* Virgin Mobile (Might be called just Virgin)There should still be a page where we can manual add a product one at a time and upload a image for it as well.3. Adding Multiple Products without leaving a page.- If you register for a account and get accepted underneath each product you will see a small box for adding your quantity of that specific item. We love that idea and want to do it as well. But when they press "Add to Cart" it will redirect them to the cart. What we want is to have the customer be able to add multiple items on 1 page by pressing a button that says "Add All" which will be located at the top or bottom of the page (Or can even just scroll with you) so when a customer says adds 5 red cases, 5 blue cases, 3 green cases by just adding the quantity in the box they can click on the Add All button and it will add all of the cases.4. Latest products (Home Page)- We want a latest products section where on the original template it shows "Category deals". Once we add new products we want it to show and loop through the latest 10-20 products we added. When we add more we wish for it to automatically update by it self.5. Popular Phones.- We wish this section to be right under the Latest Products Section and we wish for it to just show the most purchase phone category. (So if most of our sales are for iPhone5 silicone cases then in this category it will show the iPhone5 name/picture.) We want to display 5 and only those 5 most popular phones.6. Featured Section.- For this we just want to show a mixture of popular cases.7. Home Page/Warehouses- We have two warehouses with two different types of inventory. I have attached a picture that gives you kind of a visual example of what we want below. Basically when you go to the homepage it will take you to a page that gives you two options. One is to view the northern warehouse and the other is to view the southern warehouse. Underneath these two buttons are the popular carriers each warehouse specializes in. Both sites will look exactly the same but they will hold different inventory (Which is why we need our products list to be separated) We should be able to upload/update each site using the same file structure for excel. Again these two sites are separate, one site (The northern ca site we deal with the orders, the other site we send them to our sister warehouse to fulfill the orders. But we manage both sites.)

  • $400 USD Dec 11, 2013

    vIn this assignment, you are required to develop part of a B2C (business-to-customer) e-commerce site, which is an online bookstore. Through the developed site, the user should be able to login, search for books, view book details and add books to a shopping cart. The structure of the tables in the database is presented in Appendix A.In this coursework you are required to develop PHP scripts and HTML documents to implement the application server of the web store. The web store must provide the following functionality:• PHP: The core logic of the web store should be implemented in PHP.• Home: This is the front page of the site. For this page, the user should specify whether he/she is a customer or not. If a customer, a customer id and password are required to be passed for this page. The returned HTML document should contain customer details and a link to the Search Request page.• Search Request: This page should allow the user to enter a search criterion (search by name, by author, by topic) and a value in a form.• Search Result: The reply of the search request should be provided by a search result page, which requires a search criterion and a value. The HTML document returned should contain links to Search Request and Product Detail.• Product Detail: This web page returns the details of a particular book. An item id parameter is required for this interaction. The HTML document returned should contain links to Search Request and Shopping Cart.• Shopping Cart: A cart should be associated with each user session. In this web page, such a cart is updated. If no cart is associated with user session, one should be created in this interaction. New items can be added to the cart or existing items updated. The function interface to the cart should be designed in such a way that a list of (i id, i qty) pairs is passed to the main function updating the contents of the cart, where the first component of the pair is the identity of the item to add/update and the second component is the the quantity to add/update. Additionally, the function interface should provide a parameter add flag, specifying whether the quantity should be added or updated in the shopping cart. The HTML document returned contains the updated cart and includes links to Shopping Cart and Search Request.• DB interface: The application should provide an interface to change the settings for the database connection (server, user-name, db-name, table-names).• GUI: The above functionality should be presented in a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use GUI.

  • $15 USD Dec 11, 2013

    Write a program which takes three parameters:A user nameA hostnameThe name of a .exe file (max 255 characters)Your program should log into the machine as user@host, download the .exe file and also a .sha file (same name with .exe changed to .sha). It should then check that the sha digest of the file corresponds to the .sha file; if it checks, it should report success, otherwise it should erase the files and report failure.Since this executable will be run by the same process invoking this program, it will be running with admin privileges, so extreme care should be taken. All input should be validated, buffers cannot be overrun, etc.In addition, a compilable program will be expected. .pdf, .txt .doc .docx etc files will be graded as 0. Please submit a .c .cpp or similar.

  • $105 USD Dec 7, 2013

    I have 6 projects due tomorrow.Could hire per hour looking to keep under 150. Very easy basic programs may even already exist.

  • [Sealed] Dec 6, 2013

    I just purchased a wordpress theme called LANIA from Templaza.I need a web designer who can create a web site similar to the one in this example of the theme:

  • $263 USD Dec 6, 2013

    Looking for someone to build amazon scrapper that can pull the following information by category. Must not have limit on how many products it can pull if there is a limit must be a minimum of 10,000 at a can use other api if needed to do scrape. Cannot be a regular web scraper that pulls directly of the site as I do sell on amazon and I dont want to get banned.-Title-Brand-Manufacturer (same as brand most of the time)-Buy box price-Lowest price-whether fulfilled by Amazon or Seller-ASIN-Amazon overall rank - not rank within category but overall rank product.following info if available-country of originLet me know your price and how long it will take to deliver

  • $3052 USD Dec 1, 2013

    Hello,I need a clone of in 2 languages. English and French. I need this project as soon as possible. Thanks

  • $150 CAD Nov 19, 2013

    I have to finish my project by 22nd. or 23rdIt has to be done using MS visual studio and openGL n GLUTiam attaching 2 file names project 1 and project 2.I want the file project 2 to be done. and its continuation of project1 file.I have 80% of the project1 code .and i can provide you that code,I want your help completing my proj2 doc file which i have attached below. let me know asap

  • $789 USD Nov 11, 2013

    I need a website that does the same thing as eventbrite. A similar software would be good and I need it to feed my mobile application.

  • $49 USD Oct 25, 2013

    ************************* NO BIDS OVER $50 PLEASE *************************I will provide you with a url of property 30k tax records website.You need to find the property tax, address and all other information related to the property and return the results on a CSV along with the script used for scraping within 3 days of starting the project. weekdays or weekends. You must complete this within 3 days of starting the project. weekdays or weekends.************************* NO BIDS OVER $50 PLEASE *************************

  • $30 USD Oct 14, 2013

    Write a program that finds a suitable schedule with minimum colors when an input is given.Number of courses, students and course list for each student will be read from “input.txt”. Firstnumber in the first line indicates the number of students and second number on this line is thenumber of courses. After the first line, other lines (each of them) indicates the course list for eachstudent. For example, first student takes courses 0, 1, and 4. After execution of the program, colorvalues should be printed to screen for each course.

  • $1052 USD Oct 7, 2013

    We need someone to build a fantasy football site similar to the Premier League Fantasy Football game, which can be found at ("FPL").We have an Opta fantasy sports subcription, which provides all the game variable inputs (specification attached), and can provide you with all game rules used to allocate points to players, etc.We would be happy with identical functionality to the FPL game engine (same pages, same UI), but will provide a few extra wireframes to differentiate our offering. That said, you have a working prototype to start with, so this should be a quick task of writing the game engine using input feeds from Opta.Applicants MUST be familiar with the FPL website/game mechanics.

  • $200 USD Sep 19, 2013

    This is mainly for image auditing process where my employees will be auditing images on a daily basis. They will be just rating the image as yes or no.Each employee will need to be able to login with their own ID.I should be able to extract report on a daily basis based on how many images were processed and which employee processed how many images.Also I should be able to upload the images and delete on a daily basis.

  • $1500 USD Sep 5, 2013

    Hello every body i want an expert in website developing to develop a website same as SAME DESIGN SAME FEATURESSAME FUNCTIONALITYSAME EVERY THINGLOW BIDS WINS

  • £250 GBP Sep 2, 2013

    I want to build a directory website like I will be connecting it to an app so customers can use the app to find whoever/whatever they are looking for.

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