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Luke Nuttall

Software Architecture - Software Engineering - Technical Writing - Copywriting - Editing

Username: lukenuttall

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Location: Adelaide, Australia

Member since: November 2013



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  • $280 USD
    Profile image for Seller crushftp


    14 days ago

    He was very knowledgeable on VSTO, VS2013 and the Wix installation process. A talented Windows developer, didn't have to waste time learning the project. It was a good project overall.

    Project Description:We have an outlook attachment for 2007 and above. Two separate projects to span the differences in 2007 versus 2010+. The project was developed in VS2010 which had a builtin installer. We want a Wix based installer for this...
  • $700 USD
    Profile image for Seller littlepeppa248


    Jan 16, 2014

    Luke was very professional, and went over and above my initial request. i needed to determine how long it would take a developer to write a technical document for me and what skills/knowledge they would need to complete this task. In addition to providing this information, Luke produced a written report in which he critiqued my functional spec by providing feedback on how it could be structured more proficiently and he recommended the best types of technology that would work for my build. In addition to the above Luke also gave me the option to contact him if i had any questions about his report.great work<br/>

    Project Description:Calling all expert C#, .NET, MySQL, XML Coders / Developers. I need feedback on my functional requirements document. It is 188 pages long, with approximately 500 business requirements. I want to...
  • $666 USD
    Profile image for Seller joshuaokello


    Jan 11, 2014

    I enjoyed working with Luke. He is very knowlegeable and was a real resource for the project he worked on.He goes the extra mile to make sure everything is up to standard and the way you want it. Truthfully, and this is not in any way meant to bias you, I can't wait to work with him on a future project.

    Project Description:Windows phone 8 Algorithm to take sound from microphone, detect/isolate beats in the sound (song, normal song or just heart beat) and then count the beats per minute. I can even provide a mathematical...
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  • $3000 USD In Progress

    I need some well organized C# code that will be used to analyze the frequency domain for multiple EEG machines.Here are some requirements:- Needs to be able to take raw EEG data and put it in the frequency domain, so that we can determine which frequencies are in the signal - It goes without saying but we also need to determine the *amplitudes* of those frequencies (in microvolts, percentages, etc)- Would like to support different types of data windowing- I imagine we will also need low/high or band pass filters with the normal array of options available there- Because it is being used for multiple EEG machines, I need it to be very flexible as far as sampling rate, resolution (bins), FFT period, refresh period, etc. Also the EEG data from one machine may different from that coming from another machine, so we can talk about how that would be handled.- I need it to be very well documented. I want to understand exactly how each part works so that I can later make changes if I want, so every step should be well documented, and the code should be well organized, even if there&quot;s a price in performance.I&quot;m starting off with a Neurosky MindSet EEG. I have a newer EEG based on the latest Neurosky chip (with 2 electrodes) that I will also be using later on once I get it working with the manufacturer.Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

  • $25 USD In Progress

    I need a program/batch file to create a zip file from an Access MDB file and then ftp the file to a linux server. The zip file naming convention needs to include the MDB file with the current date and time appended as the naming convention.Also, there needs to be a confirmation pop up when completed.We cannot provide access to the PC nor the Linux server so the process needs to be developed off site and demo via screen prints.

  • $500 AUD 14 days ago

    I have 3 building floorplans.Each floorplan is a seperate wpf xaml file.The floorplan consists of meeting rooms and office desk locations.I require a toggle-button to be shaped as one of the office desk locations and also shaped to the meeting rooms.Then I require the toggle-button to be placed over the floorplan for each office desk location and meeting room location.I require the toggle-button to be labelled as the designation number of the location on the map.I require the toggle-button to be transparent in colour.I require the toggle-button to be overlayed with good accuracy so when the toggle-button is coloured it only covers the bounds of the space where it is required.There are approx 60-100 locations per floor.I will provide the xaml file with the map in location within xaml controls and this cannot be altered.I only require the overlay of the toggle-buttons on each fllorplan map of which there are 3.

  • $3000 USD 18 days ago

    Multi tiered architecture software ALM experienceVisual Studio .Net 2013Visual Studio Online (TFS)GitWCFMVC or MVP or MVVMSQL AzureJob Description:We are looking for a talented Mobile Application Developer who will be responsible for the design, development and deployment of our mobile apps.Your responsibilities:- Review and perform a technical analysis of requirements- Produce a solid, detailed technical design- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements- Contribute ideas for making the application(s) better and easier to useYour qualifications:- A work style that is extremely detail oriented- A complete Elance profile- References or an established Elance reputation preferred

  • $1500 USD 22 days ago

    Write a concrete implementation the clientSyncProvider class for SQL Server. described here: There is an existing implementation for SQL Server CE which I am currently using but I need an implementation for regular SQL Server. The implementation must include units tests. I have a strong preference for CodeContracts and use of StyleCop.

  • $6800 HKD 23 days ago

    there is a working project already, but DLL version changed and need to update the pinvoke wrapper

  • $7500 USD 23 days ago

    We need some development with Bluetooth 4.0 using the 8.1 SDK

  • $750 USD 23 days ago

    I have a complete software in c# based on winform and would like to rewrite in WPF form.If you interested please let me know.

  • $750 USD 23 days ago

    Hello,Please relate in your answer to the following, and do not send just a general text, which I promise to ignore.I have a working software, in a site.The software tool is visual studio, with sql.In general the software&quot;s input is a picture, and the output is a list of attributes about the picture, rates by their strength in the specific picture.The way the attributes are generated does not matter at this stage, consider it as a black box.I need to do the following changes in the software;1. Now there is option to upload one picture, to upload two pictures, and also to analyze a URL. I need to leave in the main screen only the option of URL, and move the other options to internal pages of the site.2. When the URL is given, I need to add up to 3 attributes, that the user expects to get in the result.3. The result, as said, is an output with a list of attributes. I need to save the input URL with the 3 expected attributes, and to save the output with the found attributes.4. I need a report that will compare expected attributes to found results.5. I need that at the end of the process a feedback screen will appear automatically to the user, and it will be sent to operator&quot;s email.I detailed very specifically to show that there is no need to dig into the heart of the software, and to give you max info for making a bid.Further steps and developments in the software are surely expected.I am waiting for you.S

  • $50 USD Dec 16, 2013

    I have create a program in c# list of websites (list size will vary) and extract information from several websites about the sites on the Excel list.Column A is the list of sites.Column B will compare the site from the list to and either output Ok if Norton says the site is clean, Warning if Bad, caution if caution and N/a if not available. Norton has a captcha so will need to look for it and ask user to fill it out.Column C will be the same except with D will go to and use their blacklist check to see if the site is blacklisted. If it is it will enter &quot;YES&quot; followed by what blacklists the site is on, and if the site is not blacklisted a No will be entered.My program has few issues.1.when it works, it fills only few rows some rows missing.2.take too much time3. it never reach to end I will send code once request, thanks it is not hard work, please bid below 40usd and new freelancers are welcome too.

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