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Voice overs with or without music, video work with Camtasia 7

Username: made217

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Location: Anderson, United States

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My projects:

  • $225.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Battlefield1


    Feb 16, 2014

    Very professional voice over, was exactly what we were looking for to go with our Battlefield LIVE brand,

    Project Description:I'm looking for 5 voice overs with scripts similar to the one below. Will need MP4 format files for each voice over, studio quality recordings. The Voice Talent needs to be MALE, US ENGLISH and sounds like a US officer providing orders to his troops - therefore a command voice is required...
  • $155.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller one4kids


    Jan 8, 2014

    Great voice...highly recommended

    Project Description:I have about half a page of verses from the Quran in Engish that i need recorded with someone that has a nice smooth deep voice. Example of one verse: For them will be Gardens of Eternity; beneath...
  • €43.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller AlmasApps


    Nov 24, 2013

    Very Professional and Customer oriented. with no doubt I recommend made217. I would hire again.

    Project Description:We need, recorded by heavy male voice up to 15 words with cheering. also male or female voice 15 more words all in English British accent
  • €34.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller endriu75


    Sep 6, 2013

    He has worked in real time: a short briefing via chat, then a sample and finally what I needed. Very good!

    Project Description:I need you to record (via a high quality microphone) a short text (only 53 words, around 30 seconds recording time!) that I'll use for a short video. I need you to have a perfect english US language, being...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oliver40


    Sep 2, 2013

    Very satisfied with the result. This guy is a pro and works quickly and efficiently. Voice is absolutely perfect, deep, clear and audible. Will hire again for sure.

    Project Description:Voice over for a Video Game, approx. 170 small lines of dialog, most of them are checklist items. Examples : - "Positive rate of climb, Gear UP" - "Parking Brake ON" - "Giving...
  • $83.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Casinofaces


    Aug 28, 2013

    Absolutely excellent, nailed it as always. Will re-emloy in a heartbeat

    Project Description:We require a male voice over artist to record a 663 word script to be used over a video for one of our products. Ideally the person bidding will have completed work like this in the past and will be...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MagicProductions


    Aug 10, 2013

    WOW! What a professional! Rick is absolutely the best voice over talent I have ever worked with. Would definately hire again!

    Project Description:Hi, I need an American voice over artist (male), who specializes in promotional videos. I have a short script (2-3 minutes). Please send me your examples. I need it ASAP (up to tomorrow), and recorded in highest quality (PROFESSIONAL!)...
  • $11.11 USD
    Profile image for Seller SinanDira


    Aug 3, 2013

    Made contributed to the VO of a short video, and he was a great addition to our small project! Will surely work with him again!<br/>

    Project Description:As per our conversation
  • $11.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SinanDira


    Jul 31, 2013

    Made has an impressive voice and is very professional. We'd definitely work with him again!<br/>

    Project Description:Voice Acting for the Joyfess Project - Second Phase Initially starting with 150 words (in 2-4 installments) for $10; subject to increase at $5 per additional 70 words.
  • $144.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Casinofaces


    May 31, 2013

    Rick was excellent, this is our first project and we will be certain to use again. He offeres a natural VO tone, and is every bit the professional. Connections like this are rare on Freelancer and you'd be a fool not to consider him for your projects.

    Project Description:I am looking for a professional voice over arist for a 900 word project, and I require this doing quite quickly. Freelancers must have professional equipment, with noise cancelling and compressers etc...
    made217 has not completed any projects.
  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hi. my name is Paweł SłabiakI would like to ask, how much does it cost to record some text to 1 minute game trailer? Second question is how much does it cost to record 3 or 4 A4 pages of text (600-800 words with pauses) ? Thank you in advance for response. text

  • $44 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi! \(^o^)/I&quot;m looking for American/Canadian male voice actors for my English lesson self-study MP3s and future iOS app. I want to make studying fun for students, so I use crazy, funny, sexual situations, and a lot of curse words in my lessons. The sexual situations aren&quot;t like porn or anything like that, just funny sexual situations, like coming home and finding your partner cheating on you. This job might not be for everyone, but like I said, it&quot;s not porn. There will be 2 types of voice acting needed for this job. One will just be reading sentences and the other will be voice acting in a conversation. Here&quot;s an example sentence: sentence has to be read twice. First, naturally and with intonation. You have to become the character. The second sentence is said slowly, so that students can hear the pronunciation of every word you said in the previous sentence. Here is an example of what I mean, you would say, &quot;I&quot;m going to go to the store.&quot; When speaking naturally it would sound like this, &quot;imana go da the store&quot;. So, when you say the sentence slowly, you would say it, &quot;imana go da the store&quot;, just like you said it in the first sentence where you were speaking naturally.Here&quot;s an example of conversation: you&quot;re able to make more than one voice, you can do voice acting for both characters in the situation. If not, one is fine.I can pay $30.00 USD per hour. I know what I&quot;m offering to pay is cheap, but I don&quot;t have much of a budget for voice actors. If my MP3s and app can do well and make a good profit, I will increase pay for this voice acting job and make it worthwhile your time. For now, it&quot;s basically a test to see how well it can do, so the budget is low. I&quot;m not looking for a female voice right now, because I think I can manage, but I&quot;m not really a voice actress. The voice in the example sentence and the voices in the situation are all my voice. If my company goes well, I&quot;ll have a higher budget and will start hiring female voice actresses too, so if you&quot;re a female voice actress and you&quot;re interested, go ahead and send a demo and I&quot;ll hire you as soon as I&quot;m able. There&quot;s not really deadline for project, because it will be an ongoing project, but when I send you the sentences, of course the sooner you can finish them the better. Both WAV and MP3 files are fine. You don&quot;t have to edit your voice, just record it. As long as there isn&quot;t an echo or background noise, I&quot;ll be able to edit it myself and there won&quot;t be any problems. If you are able to edit it yourself, I can up the pay to $40 an hour. I guess I will make a new project posting each time I need a recording for a new lesson and I&quot;ll just keep rewarding the project to the same person. Not, really sure how to go about that part.Please record yourself reading this sentence as a demo, if you can:A girl came to my house last night and we fooled around and she lost her underwear in my junky room. We looked for them, but no luck. I’m going to be dead meat if my girlfriend comes across them when she’s cleaning up.It&quot;s just a demo, so don&quot;t worry about the quality, I just want to hear how well you use intonation and stay in character before I reward the project.Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions, just ask.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    Hi,We are looking for professional voice over for 2 video (1 min each)Please send me sample of voice over you already did (Male & Female required)More details will be given by PMHappy bidding

  • £5 GBP/hr In Progress

    Hello all, I have currently made a youtube intro via cinema 4d rendered and uploading it to youtube currently. Just so I can take a look and anyone else could too. This 9 second intro could just do with some audio, and im no good at the audio part of it. Can anyone help me here?I dont have much I can pay but im willing to help someone get off the ground and leave them a good feedback to help them out. But I will pay. The video is only 9 seconds long and based on minecraft..

  • $150 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a 3-5 male voices to record a script and move through a powerpoint screen by screen recording their voice and their full-screen powerpoint that we&quot;ve put together. Price may range from $35-$100 depending on the size of your script. We need to have this project completed by THURSDAY.We will send a powerpoint to you and you must be able to read our script and record both the powerpoint and your lawyer-persuading voice at the same time and send us a video file as a final result in the end.If you need technical help recording the screencast, we can probably assist you with that along with software you can use.

  • $111 USD 4 days ago

    We need an american voice over for a 3 minute demo video. Please provide us with details.

  • $55 USD/hr 10 days ago

    We are searching for excellent experienced voice over talent for our video news reports.Thanks,Dave

  • $222 USD 13 days ago

    Voice over artist for cartoon. Male. 3 sheets of text, 2 roles: 1. Story teller of the fairy tale (soft kind voice like ideal grandpa)2. Dragon (menacingly, low voice )

  • $166 USD 26 days ago

    Hello everyone,I&quot;m looking for a professional voice talent to record station IDs for a new native radio station. •The voice should be native US English, male or female and neutral accent as possible. we have audio production to create finished project. •Please attach a sample of your voice &quot;without music or sound effects if possible&quot;We will need about 25 TOHs and station id&quot;s with various imaging and promo scripts.Thanks.

  • $333 USD 28 days ago

    &quot;New Game +&quot; will be a web series with a difference, based around the lives of several characters from a wide variety of gaming genres, it is a comedy animation show, with an immature yet adult humor that will push the limits of censorship. My goal is to first launch a pilot episode then create a kickstarter which will fund an entire series.I am looking for animators and voice actors who can help bring to life my, and my teams vision.The most important thing I am looking for is passion, I want applicants to finish reading this ad and feel like they MUST get a position on our team!Applicants must also be totally self motivated and possess the tools to create their craft in the comforts of their own home, as well as be available for meetings via keep with myself and other members of the teams.I will select applicants based on a personal level of skill, availability (possibly long term), and funding.Now some more information on the series it self... New Game + will be set in a world where all types of video game characters live, think of it as a gaming themed &quot;Drawn Together&quot; or an adult humor filled &quot;Wreck it Ralph&quot;. The series will have about 7-8 main characters all from their own genre of games, unique but clearly based on stereotyped characters that we are all familiar with.Expect to see the odd cameo every now and then within the copyright limits!We currently have a team of 3 writers, 1 musician, 1 sound manager, 4 concepts artists and 2 storyboard managers so it is important that all candidates for voice actors and animators be able to be a team player!Should this project get off the ground after a kickstarter, valued members of the team can expect several months of paid work.It is all about the effort that is put in before the next step!We are also seeking general artists for BG design and concept design, and we are also open to anything else one might think they can contribute.Payment is up for negotiation, and will be set based on the quality of work you produce, so an example of your work will be a must!If you are simply after experience and would be happy to work for free then by all means feel free to apply.I am personally funding this out of my modestly paid pocket so I am NOT going to shy away from hand outs or charity.I will remember those who have helped me.Please contact me if you wish to apply, or have any questions.

  • $5555 USD Jun 17, 2014

    Hi. I recently finished a 55,000 word epic, fantasy poem, and would like to illustrate it and have it recorded by a professional reader. I&quot;m looking for:1. Illustrators who enjoy fantasy work, and can produce 20-22 B&W ink drawings for the chapters, as well as a color illustration for the cover. Would include primarily fantastic settings with distant characters, and perhaps a couple of more detailed characters. Would like it to have a fairytale/mythological feel rather than a cartoonish feel. 2. Audio book readers - Must be male, with a deep and dynamic voice. I would like it to sound epic (ie JRR Tolkien) rather than flighty (ie for kids). The idea is to publish an e-book, complete with an audio book, and some illustrations to help out with the fact that poetry lacks detail. I&quot;m not really knowledgeable about costs, but as it&quot;s an epic fantasy poem--which doesn&quot;t exactly have the biggest reader base--I&quot;m on the lower end.

  • $555 USD Aug 10, 2013

    THIS IS ONGOING SAFE & SECURE WORKI&quot;m launching a new service and I need voice overs in bulk. Sometimes it&quot;s 5 seconds, sometimes it&quot;s 1 minute. I need your costs based on 30 seconds and how many takes is included.All American and European Voices, gender, race, accents are welcome. Don&quot;t even bid if you don&quot;t have a sample I&quot;ll need to talk to you over phone or audio chat like skype to confirm it is actually your voiceIf you are a manager then please submit samples and ratesIn any case, good luck ladies and gentleman

  • $222 USD Jul 5, 2013

    We want to do a short commercial for customer to understand what we do. We have our own manufacturing facilities and design capabilities. It is for us to show during exhibition. We will provide the pictures and the freelancer to do a voiceover introducing our company while the pictures are on slideshow. The freelancer to put the photos and voice introduction in a file suitable to be played on a DVD player or directly onto the TV via USB.

  • $444 AUD Jun 25, 2013

    I need a professional voiceover done for a video - it would be for a DVD video which i am doing, and it will run for about 40 mins. i need the cheapest price possible because it is for the local community and i am a not-for-profit organisation.

  • $250 USD Mar 11, 2013

    Require a US Accent Voice over artist for Digital Storybook. Please send your samples also. Should be ready to work immediately.

  • $750 USD Nov 15, 2012

    HiWe are a new mlm company from brazil and we are looking for someone to produce our Power Point presentations.Company affiliates will use these presentations to present our business, services and mainly our compensation plan to new possible customers.To have an idea what kind of work and skills we need, please take a look at our competitors websites and (these is in portuguese, but take a look just to have an idea about what we need)jumptofreedom.comWe will provide the compensation plan and additional needed informations and we hope that the developer have the skills and ability to develop the whole work.All presentations will be produced in english, but the final work should be sent as &quot;open document&quot; due portuguese translation necessity.Send your portfolio if existing.Thank you.

  • ₹5000 INR Aug 3, 2012

    We require voice over for 2 videos!! one is under development but this is the content&quot;Welcome to Raze Accounting consultants!! The end to end consultant for all your Accounting & business needs!!Why raze??There are 3 reasons why you should choose raze!First, you can cut down cost incurred on hiring accounting staffs!For example, a company&quot;s accounts department can have 4 to 10 accountants! The company can cut down the expenditure by outsourcing the company accounts to raze accounting consultants!!We have the expertise to handle huge volume of business transactions !Secondly, cut down expenditure for accounting and inventory softwares!Raze accounting has customized software using which they will keep track of all youraccounting and inventory transactions, and provide you with desired periodical financial & inventory reports as per your request!On using this service you need not spend on highly priced third party softwares.thirdly, the other areas of services include Registration services required for various incorporationsTax advisory and compliance services Accounting services for various financial management levelsare handled by raze too.Hence, raze will cut down costs in every aspect and make you concentrate more on your business as all the accounts,inventory management and business management aretaken care by us to the best.&quot;Contact raze at once to get the best Accounting and business consultancy service which you actually deserve to get.&quot;Only male voice over professionals can bid. We have lot more many projects following.. If your quality is satisfactory we will give the following projects too.Need to have expression in voice with clarity.Happy bidding!!Regards,Nazeer.J

  • $155 USD May 28, 2012

    We are looking for a professional children&quot;s storybook reader, for the right person this will be a long term project with over 50 short shories to read and record.The reader must be energetic, have personality, be funny, and engagingPlease submit samples of your work upon response for considerationThanks

  • $250 USD Mar 7, 2011

    I need voice talents to team up with me for an upcoming Home Business launch. I will be supplying complete voice script. If you are a voice talent with professional voice equipment and great quality output, Please apply.I am looking for all voice over talents so looking forward to see your proposals. Male Voices, Only English Language. I am very excited as this will give me a good chance to connect with high quality voice over artists.Example of the sound of voice over I&quot;m looking for... Not by topic..;m looking for a very personable, business-like, trusting, and high quality voice.Looking forward to work with youThanks

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