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Mandeesh Singh

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Location: New Delhi, India

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    Sep 14, 2012

    Excellent job!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $100.00 USD
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    Jul 21, 2012

    Excellent Developers !! With a Tight Time and Budget, did the Work Flawlessly !! Would love to work again !

    Project Description:Hi all, I am working on a Device prototype which requires interfacing of 7" T.F.T. LCD along with a 32 Bit Micro controller. I need it on ARM7 ( LPC 2138) as I'll be developing the rest of the project on it...
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  • $1000 USD In Progress

    BASIC FUNCTIONALITY OF DEVICEDetect ElectroMagnetic field (240V Electrical Outlet Type G or D) wirelessly using arduino sensor (only detect when really close to current)e.g Detected , send a signal to Cellphone using GSM Shield(quad band)AND Send a signal to ANOTHER device wireless incase user is not using sim card (wireless signal must be ONE ON ONE within 150ft. If two devices are next to each other they should only send a signal to their wireless pairing device) e.g of sensor device (small, simple and efficient for packaging) ON/Off switchA force trigger button to send signal and text manuallyA signal and text when battery is getting weakA way to glue on the wall or hang on the wallwaterproof(at least IPX-5)Features of notification device (small, efficient and simple for packaging)ON/Off switchLED notificationsome kind of Alarmvolume controlUse batteryReset button to stop indicator light and alarm soundPower Adapter for Receiver ModuleBattery for Sensor module double AA or Triple AAA e.g (

  • $1111 USD In Progress

    The project is to design a PCB, assemble and manufacture a wireless pH meter using TI- LMP91200 and TI - CC2541. I device has to be compact and has a sleek design.

  • $555 USD In Progress

    I"m using some DRF1605 module to connect some satelite to a master . As I will need to produce a satellite miniature board that will include the cc2530 soc , I need the firmware for it ( original or similar to DRF1605 ).I also need a sleep command pin ( if is possible should be the P1_3 ) , while this pin is low the cc2530 must be in Power save mode 1 , when the pin is pulled to Vcc the cc2530 must go in Active mode .Please bid only if you already worked with cc2530 firmware .

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $350 AUD In Progress

    Hi,I am looking for someone who can build me a gps/gsm tracking device that will work in Australia. All it has to do is receive a text and return it"s own co-ordinates to the sender.It would need a long lasting battery and a way to recharge the battery easily.I need the unit to be small and lightweight. It needs to be cost effective of course. At this time I am only after the tracker, the "shell" or plastic covering will be designed later. At the moment I am looking for someone who can design the technology and build the device. If successful in your design I would be interested in buying a large number of these devices on a regular basis.ThanksAny questions please email me.

  • €300 EUR In Progress

    I am working on a POV with 40 RGB LEDs. The LEDs are controlled by TLC drivers. This part I have working and I do have schematics as well as the library to run this.Now I want to show several images on my POV. I think internal memory is too small for let"s say 50 images, therefore I am looking at microSD. Images are stored as raw data (R,G,B with every color a value between 0 and 255).I am able to read from a microSD card. I have the schematic and library for this at well if wanted.Now I need to be able to show about 300 columns per 0.25 seconds. So I need to have 1200 Hz update frequency.A picture typically exists of 40*40 pixels or 40 * 100 pixels (every pixel consists of 3 colors). So a picture consists of maximum 12000 numbers.Every column consists of 40 LEDs * 3 colors = 120 numbers [0-255]. So basically the system should be able to read and write to LED drivers 120 numbers at 1.2 kHz update frequency.I think reading a column from microSD and directly send it to LED drivers is not possible because microSD is too slow. Is this right?If microSD is not fast enough, than we should read a picture from the microSD and write it temporary to a SRAM. Then Sram should be read by column and send it to LED drivers. Or if you have a better idea?Who is able to design the ideal electric schematic for me. And who could test the various libraries together in one sketch for reading microSD, Sram and LED drivers.

  • $1000 CAD 25 days ago

    The scope of this project is to connect X number of machines with a master , through an WiFi access pointA master CPU will send request to each machine on the network (a string of 5 bytes)It will start from first address x.x.x.1 to the last one x.x.x.254Each of the slave will reply with a string of 5 bytes.After the last address, 254, the master will start again from first address.As it is not know what machines are in the network, the master have to send request to the entire 254 range. The IP address is assigned manually at each machine.Your task is to take care of communicationWhen data to be sent out is ready , a bit will be set to let you know that a 5 bytes string has to be sent out.When data is received from WiFi controller, a bit should be high to let me know i have new data to read.The other way is to store the data to be sent on eeprom , and you will take it from there, and store new data received on eeprom also at receiving address.Also you should provide a way to monitor sent data and received data on a laptop which monitor traffic.The topology and suggested hardware are on the attached files.For language, i prefer MikoBasic from Mikroelectronika.

  • ₹15000 INR 26 days ago

    I am working on Data Acquisition System of a car and for that I need someone to write arduino codes for me. I will be providing the specifications of the components and the output required and would be needing the codes ASAP. Although the budget is mentioned below, it is flexible as per the job done.

  • $500 USD 27 days ago

    I need a circuit designed to control a solenoid and a fan. The power will be supplied by an off the shelf 120VAC to 24vdc 2.5a adapter. Need ASAP full prototype too

  • $1000 USD 28 days ago

    I am looking for a burglar alarm with following features.Main unit is connected to wifi.The main unit on receiving alarm from motion sensors should trigger a call to an application. If first caretakerdoesnt act then it should initiate another call to second caretakerAndroid application to remotely trigger siren or activate/deactivate alarmoption of cameraLet me know how much will be the cost of hardware and software seperately.Note you need a server which will generate push notification towards android application.

  • $850 USD 28 days ago

    Create Specification, Source parts, and Assemble PCB for Toy Motor control; Program Firmware & handheld RF Remote.Using off-the-shelf parts/components, I need someone to spec., configure and assemble the control/power electronics for a device roughly equivalent to, but slightly more sophisticated than, an RF remote-control wheel-driven toy. The device will have - a clock/calendar system for triggering motor-on-events, - one LED Alpha-numeric 20 digit (on RF Remote)- one LED 3-digit Display (On toy device)- a Count-Down-Timer function, - a very basic sound generator.- Firmware settings for defaults and user prefs (e.g., time intervals, event-sounds, etc. Both Toy (motor-driven) Device and Remote are battery powered.A key goal is to fit motor, battery pack and control PCB into small space (to be determined), and provide coding/programming for limited range of functions based on the User-selected timer/count-down settings and User-triggered Time Delays (i.e., adding time to count-down).Ability to add a Bluetooth control and substitute Android platform for remote would be especially desirable.

  • $2000 USD 28 days ago

    this FW imply :- Camera with FSMC and DMA on RAM (same sensor as dev board : OV2640, but in JPEG output mode, VGA or QVGA, all SCCB command available)- Wifi with SN8200 on SPI for raw socket comm (SN8200 driver based on HAL is done, but need debug)- USB raw comm

  • $26 USD/hr 28 days ago

    We are looking for someone who can help us control a basic machine that is currently controlled manually (with multiple manual push buttons etc...). The job would require designing the electrical wiring of a control system. The system would include a PLC of some sort, a heat sealer control, on/off switches, push buttons, and any circuit breakers etc...

  • $2000 USD 28 days ago

    Hi,we need to develop a product which uses 900MHZ transceiver radios. There will be between 3 and 200 radio devices installed in different buildings topologies and one PC receiving and sending information to each device. To make sure all the radio devices can communicate with the PC, we need to implement a wiresless mesh network. We need the mesh network to be self building and self healing. The PC will be equipped with a USB module embedding a radio transceiver. We will take care of the application specifics, what we need is someone that can implement the mesh network code and then we will take over this work do to the application specifics. We need to work with Atmel microcontrollers and we need to use Silabs 900MHz radios, SI4455. We will provide the all the hardware needed for the developper to work, Atmel uc connected to the radio transceiver by SPI + the USb-radio module connected to the PC.We are looking for someone who can develop this for us using AN EXISTING wireless mesh network stack like LWMesh from Atmel or any other light (8K to 16K) and RELIABLE mesh network stack. The code must be in C and work for devices with only one radio (transceiver). PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER AND TELL ME YOU CAN DEVELOP IT FROM SCRATCH. We want an already working mesh network to be adapted to our needs and not develop our own network from scratch. We need to start from a working and reliable mesh network stack and we want the freelancer to already have experience with it. No one will be hired if you do not have experience with the selected stack because we need a smooth process and finish with a reliable code (this is a serious project development). You need to prove your experience to get the work.What we need:Self building and sel healing mesh network (any topologies, many diferent topologies will be faced and we can"t predict it)Being able to send a message from any device to any deviceBeing able to send brodcast messageBeing able to send a mesage from the PC to any deviceBeing able to send a message from any device to the PCBeing able to add repeaters for farther device to be connected to the networkWe must make sure the message are sent and acknowledgedThe devices are battery powered so we need to sync the communication to let the devices to sleep most of the time.The data volume exchange is small, we do not do things like audio streaming. Only short message (~64 bytes) will travel the netowrk and few messages are sent.If you have any question please feel free to ask.Thank you

  • $650 CAD 29 days ago

    Need an idea I came up with made, need 2 prototypes built. Needs to involve RFID. Working prototypes. Needs history in electronics. Complex idea. Ill message you with details.

  • $750 SGD 29 days ago

    To audit and correct the program on our customized machine which is to communicate between motion controller and LCD display. Ensure the LCD display to display the information required for ease of operation

  • $400 USD 29 days ago

    I need a circuit designed to control a solenoid and a fan. The power will be supplied by an off the shelf 120VAC to 24vdc 2.5a adapter. Need ASAP full prototype too

  • €800 EUR Jun 6, 2014

    The project consist in check an schematic of a gps tracker device. The project(schematic) is already did in EAGLE CAD SOFTWARE.This is the hardware specification:- SIM908 GPRS/GSM/GPS module- Microcontroller Arduino-atmel 328p-au- SPI port -NFC Chip (easy chip)- I NEED FIRMWARE.I have to project an board with uC and Gsm/Gps Module (At Command), Power management chip, Usb charger chip, Nfc chip (M24LR),accelerometerI have already the schematich, you have check it if it is all right and write the firmware for it with ARDUINO platform.The uC is arduino Nano , arduino-atmel 328p-au. The firmware have need to able to control SIM908 (with interrupt). The firmware must be able to receive an sms and do an parsing with this text. If the text received is for example "GPS CORDINATE" then you have activate gps and send back gps cordinate, with time, and google map link.Then the firmware has to be able to read inside NFC chip(m24lr) and if the text inside the chip is for example is 0000 the uC has to control an relè.You have to firmware also for accelerometer, i need and signal out when in movement. And control with fuel gage chip if battery is case send an sms.You need create library firmware with

  • $500 USD Jun 6, 2014

    Project Timer for Arduino Using a Arduino board (model to be specified) and LCD to control the trigger of two cameras after specified count down timesInput 1. From a user operated switch, normally open, starts timers counting down. Output 1, camera 1 trigger, H for 2ms when time reaches 0.Output 2, camera 2 trigger, H for 2ms when time reaches 0.Input 2 User input to set count down times using a switches to change count times and add new time (up to 12 timers) LCD to display user GUI of active timers and display options to add or change times. Operations, when input 1 goes low all timers (up to 12) start counting down, when each time reaches zero then out put 1 and or 2 goes high for 2ms, when all times are zero the system resets waiting for input 1 again. User input GUIThe operator can add new timer and specific which camera to triggers (1 or 2) The user can set the count down time for the new timer The user can edit an existing timer to change the time and camera to triggerSpecifications Up to 12 timers can be set upTimes from 0.5 seconds to 300 seconds in 1/2 second increments.Options to change output duration 500us to 3sec Once the timers start all inputs are disabled until all timers reach zero. Thank you for your time.

  • $300 USD Jun 6, 2014

    HiI need to have a software (freeware, shareware,or recommend a licensed software or you write your own code) to read some values from a PLC (RTU) that runs IEC 60870-5-101 protocol (RS232),You need to be experienced with this type of jobs before,

  • ₹20000 INR Jun 6, 2014

    We require the modbus protocol communication with PIC32 microcontroller.1) Universal Modbus protocol design2) Modbus Master and Modbus Slave communication3) need to communicate with any modbus device or any scada system

  • $300 USD Jun 5, 2014

    Debugging of a small prototype electronic board for controlling some digital and analog IO, ATMega32u4 based

  • £500 GBP Jun 5, 2014

    We are looking for someone with zigbee expertise to help with a project that we are currently working on. We need support developing a mesh networked system to control a number of different motors. If you are interested in this please send us an overview of your skills and we can then discuss more details. We are UK based company.

  • $1500 USD Jun 1, 2014

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $750 USD May 29, 2014

    I am looking for someone who can make a 4x4 matrix keypad circuit ,PCB design and very low power consumption,on battery 3,7 v,that it has an eeprom and i2c real time clock for the time stamp.The keypad entries should be stored in the eeprom with the time stamp and to be read into a hiperterminal.It is needed the following : the source code ,pcb,and the software. Form of data extracted from eeprom:================= Keys | Time------------------------------ 1234 | 14:32:45 6839 | 15:05:28

  • $15 USD/hr May 21, 2014

    I have simple project about the PIC C programing.. need to transreceiever C codes...if you have experience contact me?

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Embedded Engineer

Aug 2011 - Nov 2011 (3 months)

Singh Modelers

Mainly Involved in Automation and LED Lighting Control.<br />Used : Touch Screen ( 4 Wire Resistive ) / LCD / Keypad / Micro-contoller Based System for LED Dimming / Control.



Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University



B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology)


Bachelors of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering