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Location: Sidoarjo, Indonesia

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My projects:

  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller vizimento



    Fast and nice job.

    Project Description:Ichimoku based expert advisor for Metatrader4 600+ Other needed things: lot, risk, SL, TP, comment, magic, etc
  • $60 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ozkurnaz


    6 days ago

    Perfect Work, Fast and perfect programing, highly recommended MT4 programmer and highly gentle person… Thank you again.

    Project Description:1-sell stop order 1-buy stop order Those 2 pending order will provide myself with the necessary TAKE PROFİT-STOP LOSS + MAGIC NUMBER; ------------------------------------- What EA will do (what...
  • $280 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnborrow


    14 days ago

    Thanks so much. Great work!

    Project Description:Hi, My name is John, I would like some help to code an EA in MT4 for me. I'm also asking if you have the ability to backtest and optimize the EA. My idea is to trade the EUR/GBP pair. I have done this strategy manually with great success, but I lack the expertise to code an EA on MT4...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Professor53


    18 days ago

    Fast and perfect programing.

    Project Description:Good morning. Id like a simple EA. Buys at set lot size. Set TP. Do a Sell hedge if losing a set percentage ( example 5%) at 1.5%multiplier or variable . If hedge profit is greater than ( $1.00 or a variable Box of maybe $100 ) then close and reset start...
  • $200 AUD
    Profile image for Seller garyhoff

    garyhoff [ Incomplete Report ]

    19 days ago

    I was told this project would take 3 days but more than 2 weeks later none of it is completed. What I have received was either totally wrong or made no noticeable. Maybe he can handle small simple jobs but my task was complex and not one modification was completed out of the 7. Communication was very sparse and spasmodic also. It also seems that masterinvestasi is not familiar with set files as the it turned out the one supplied wit the EA was ignored for most of the duration of this debacle.

    Project Description:I have a large complex EA that I want to fix some existing bugs and add several modifications to.
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller jase5150


    23 days ago

    Very good coder..Very good communication and helpful right to the end..recommend highly

    Project Description:Hello.I am looking for freelancer who is extremely skilled in mql4 language coding skill..I have a non commercial EA that was producing the most incredible results I have ever seen in my life..Alpari Uk...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller hundy1987


    Oct 23, 2013

    I would recommend to use. Completed the task within the time and with no problems

    Project Description:Hi I require a fairly complex EA built for the Mt4 trading platform. You will need to be quite familiar with this style of programming as this project is not for beginners. I will personal message you...
  • $111 USD
    Profile image for Seller wpc2


    Oct 4, 2013

    You need to develop your skills more, after all thanks and good luck...

    Project Description:I have a nice system called WINNING SOLUTION SYSTEM 9.4.3 "you can google it" i need to convert it to EA with specific conditions: -enter and exit -multiples -money management so EA can work full automatic...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller irfanmalik786


    Oct 1, 2013

    Excellent job done. Good communication and project completed in very low budget

    Project Description:I need a coder to wite an EA on following strategy. System uses three standard MT4 indicators. 1- Bollinger band. 2- Awesome oscillator 3- MACD -OSMA. EA should have following features:- Currency...
  • £30 GBP
    Profile image for Seller joe217227


    Sep 17, 2013

    Good Work, Highly Recommend.

    Project Description:Moving Average EA As i have send you the attach document.
    masterinvestasi has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    Modification to existing EA required:1. Delete Auto Fibonacci Indicator.2. Adjustments to Take Profit / Stop Loss levels3. Break Even / Trailing Stop settings to be modified4. Changes to trading conditions required.

  • $20 USD In Progress

    i need to connect my two indicators in One by EA. What I want? I will give You my indicators for this work.1. EA must Automaticly open and close positions with two take profit and two stop lose.2. when EA will close position with lose next position will be opened with progresion: 0.5 Lot is lost, next position will be opened by 1 lot. when 1 lot position will be lost next will be opened 1.5 lot ect....

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    Please change EA as discussed..

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    i have attached a screen shot of what and how i want the ea to be coded from the two custom indicator i sent you (1)TSL and (2) hyper-divergence arrow i will attach it

  • $55 USD In Progress

    Create a Custom Indicator in MQL4 for MT4 platform.Description:Indicator finds the primary horizontal support & resistance levels in each time frameIndicator finds the primary non-horizontal support & resistance levels in each time frameSignals are generated by the indicator once the price moves within a set distance of the support & resistance levels as described above.Signals are sent via email + pop-up alert option.Note: once the custom indicator project is successfully completed, I will be incorporating the custom indicator into an Expert Adviser along with other custom indicators in a separate project.Price note: as previously experienced for software programming - 1st project (Custom S & R Indicator) should be approx USD 50, 2nd project (EA) should be approx USD 200. This project posted for Custom Indicator only.

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    IMPORTANT - ALL BIDS ARE WELCOME ! ! !Please ASK if you have doubts, questions or I may have not given the best explanation for the project.I don’t know how complicated it may be, but hope it is easy to understand:I am following a “pair” trading strategy so when I BUY or SELL a Currency1 (EUR/USD) I have to BUY or SELL Currency 2 (USD/CHF) and both have to enter at the same time.I need that in MT4, 1)I get a window pop up like the one for entering a trade where I can choose 2 currencies, the direction for each, the lots, profit and “NEW OPEN”… when click “trade” both are execute as market order and accept price change or resend if slippage.2)I can set a profit level in USD so when it reaches that level of profit, both orders are closed automatically. EXAMPLE (BUY C1) + (SELL C2) = 50USD then CLOSE C1 and C23)Pending order to enter if the profit equals to –X (minus X) which copies the initial set of trade. EXAMPLE: That is if (BUY Currency1) + (SELL Currency2) = -100USD then OPEN COPY of Currency1 and Currency2 so a new position of (BUY C1) + (SELL C2) is entered as market order with a new automatic set profit and also a new automatic new pending order in case of negative profitAGAIN, ASK if you have any question, doubts, comments etc

  • $20 USD 3 days ago

    looking for someone to write me a mt4 EA based on RSI indicator

  • $40 USD 4 days ago

    I need a mod to my EA so it will only take one trade per Range Bar, I am not using the standard TF"s so that is where i ran into a problem doing it myself. I am using range bar"s on a offline chart not standard time frames.The issue only shows up during live trading where it will take rapid fire trades anywhere from 5 - 100 on a fast forming bar, if I could have a 12 or 24 hour demo to test that would be great for the last step, or just an agreement to fixit if it starts taking multiple trades on a single range bar again.EA will be provided upon selection.Thank you for your time.Bryan

  • $90 USD 4 days ago

    I"d like to code an indicator called Center of Gravity for Metatrader MT4Here"s the link to that indicator on Codebase: can just do a Google search to find out more about it.We don"t own copyright for the source code above on Codebase. So, we can only look at that for inspiration. And we have to code it from scratch.Canned bids will be ignored. Include the word "CHELSEA" in your bid, so we know you"ve read the description.In your bid, specify clearly your plan of getting this job done.

  • €18 EUR 5 days ago

    This project is very simple, I just need to modify an old ea (very very simple ea) to let it work on last version of mt4.\r\nThe project is urgent and must be done in a couple of hours.\r\nI still tried to fix it but I cannot by myself.\r\n\r\nRegards.

  • $6 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Hello sir , please modify my EA that you built it because now when pending order"s generated all will take profit as same as ( market order ) first order ..Please make it each one same take profit in EA parameter .. so if it"s take profit = 30 it should every one with 30 pips from it"s price.attached the EA to modify .thank you

  • $350 USD 11 days ago

    I also need an expert in MQL4, I have an indicator that does repainting,I need a coder that is experience in coding mt4 with experience, and if you do not have expereince pls do not burder to bid.So o in summary the indicator should stop repainting.You must be able to proove to me that u really know what you are doing

  • [Sealed] 14 days ago

    HiI need enhancement to my current EA.1. Enhance my trade triggering rule2. Enhance to my MaxTrade rulea. When I set Max Trades equal to 2, EA trigger a BUY forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a SELL when there isa SELL signal from the EAb. When I set Max Trades equal to 2, EA trigger a SELL forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a BUY when there is aBUY signal from the EAc. When I set Max Trades equal to 3, EA trigger a SELL forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a BUY when there is aBUY signal from the EA. If first and Second trades arenot yet close and there is a third trade trigger, can onlytrigger a SELL when there is a SELL signal from the EA.d. When I set Max Trades equal to 3, EA trigger a BUY forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a SELL when there isa SELL signal from the EA. If first and Second tradesare not yet close and there is a third trade trigger, canonly trigger a BUY when there is a BUY signal from the EA.Need this to be in properties where can set True or False3. I need the coder to be able to provide me assistant in ideas and suggestions as I will need lots of enhancement to my EA as we move along.

  • $120 USD 14 days ago

    I need a platform MetaTrade. thanks

  • $10 USD/hr 17 days ago

    Quick work for MQL specialist.

  • $30 USD 21 days ago

    Expert MT4 programmer to modify the trading condition of the EA. Also EA has minor Stop Loss, Take Profit, Break Even issues. Needs to be corrected.

  • $73 USD 22 days ago

    I need a simple alert indicator for MT4. Following Criteria should be met using the indicators listed below.Bollinger bandsMoving avergeKeltner Channel FParabolic sarTrend barSar indicatorQEE indicatorCondition for Sell Alert1. Yellow line (Keltner Channel F) crossover aqua line (Bollinger Bands) towards selling (downtrend)2. Magneta color (QQE 5) indicator below the 50 level.3. Parapolic sar dots present above the crossing and candle stick.4. Sars indicator signal is red for atleast these time frames (1 min - 5min - 15min).5. Trend inicator signal is red for atleast these time frames (1 min - 5min - 15min).6. Adx signal is red for atleast these time frames (1 min - 5min - 15min).Alert with popup and email option if the entry conditions are met.Condition for Buy Alert1. Yellow line (Keltner Channel F) crossover aqua line (Bollinger Bands) towards buying (uptrend)2. Magneta color (QQE 5) indicator above the 50 level.3. Parapolic sar dots present below the crossing and candle stick.4. Sars indicator signal is green for atleast these time frames (1 min - 5min - 15min).5. Trend inicator signal is green for atleast all these time frames (1 min - 5min - 15min).6. Adx signal is green for atleast for these time frames (1 min - 5min - 15min).Alert with popup and email option if the entry conditions are met.(If this is possible with mt4) Alert with popup. When an alert pops up and it is confirmed with a mouse click the chart immediately opens. I dont want to then have to search for the necessary chart if I have 20 different charts open thus losing a lot of time.I just want the software to alert me whenever the defined entry conditions are met. From there on I will manually decide to enter and manage a trade or reject it.Please see the attached screenshots of how it will look.Need this asap please bid only if you have good experience with MT4 indicators.ThanksNaseer

  • $250 USD 22 days ago

    Hello Developers, Strategists and Coders,i"m looking for an expert advisor who is able to produce about 5 to 50 trades a day /intraday (maybe more if the strategy could be adapted to all majors). Maybe some you has made still something like that or has the knowlegde to built such a specific Expert Advisor.This expert has to be able to work with:- a mark-up of 1-3 pips (spread widening or commission based)- fix sl/tp has to be tight as possible (maybe with a Break Even setting or a good Trailing algo), or a good and intelligent MM based on your idea- target is to be break even at the end of the month or maybe a bit better. Of course no big losses or big open flaoting positions at the end of the day/monthAny ideas are very welcome, thank you in advance,Best regards,Peter

  • $250 USD 23 days ago

    Szukam osoby znającej MQL4. A dokładnie potrzebuję kogoś do pisania programów na roboty forexowe. Mile widziana osoba która już kiedyś pisała program na platformę transakcyjną Meta TraderProszę podać cenę prostego programu, opartego o jeden wskaźnik.----------------Looking for a person with knowledge of MQL4. And exactly need someone to write programs for forex robots.Welcome the person who has ever wrote a program on trading platform Meta TraderPlease give the price a simple program based on one indicator.

  • $250 USD 27 days ago

    Expert Adviser to be developed for MT4

  • $133 USD 27 days ago

    Hello,Looking to develop a Mid frequency system. I want someone to help me develop the MT4 EA which will use a simple indicator.Any shortlisted candidate will be required to be of give it all during development. Provide a detailed performance of your past performance in EA development.Please do not apply for this Posting if you do not meet these stated terms. Looking forward to working with the successful candidate.Kind RegardsTFXKENYA GROUP/ SBGINTER

  • $5000 USD Oct 19, 2013

    The project is all about expert advisers. Before applying for the project you must understand that you have to be very good on mql4 language. I am going to describe some strategies and based on those strategies you need to make some EAs. You must know about forex very well so that you can understand the description I"ll give you. Take-profit/stop-loss would be in steps, using both volatility-based pip target. Take profit and stop-loss needs to be externalized so that it can be optional for me. You"ll make 10-15 different EAs based on different strategies. Please, feel free to ask if you"re confused. I am in hurry while I"m posting this job for which I could not write everything but a summary. So don"t hesitate to ask.

  • $95 USD Oct 17, 2013

    I have MT4 ex4 files which are protected. There are DLL files with the ex4 files.The EA seems to need the indicator to run.I need to decompile this .ex4 file to a readable and editable .mq4 source file. I think the protection is MQL Patriot?

  • £30 GBP Aug 20, 2013

    The project basic on MQL4. I need a you to add a basic Martingale system that can work with my EA. First trade start with Lot Size=0.01. IF previous trade profit is 0 (WIN) then take the action on the next trade with the start Lot Size=0.01.nn(Loss) Lot Size Trend:0.01,0.02,0.04,0.08,0.16,0.32,0.64,1.3,2.6,5.2n(Win) Lot Size Trend: Stay at 0.01nMaximum Open Trade:1n

  • $250 USD Aug 19, 2013

    I require a Metatrader EA program to produce one minute quotes and my current balance in a CSV file. I will read and delete the file within 5 seconds of its creation.I also need to be able to supply a CSV file containing information for a trade and have that trade acted on and the file deleted. The trade information will include how long that trade is to remain open so that MT4 will close the trade automatically in the future. I am completely open about the file structure and will probably accept whatever you recommend.I expect only to be working on one currency pair.

    masterinvestasi does not have any open projects.
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