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Illustrator, animator, cartoonist and designer

Username: memorydictionary

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Location: vaishali, ghaziabad, India

Member since: December 2009



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My projects:

  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller maurg


    6 days ago

    Very professional work

    Project Description:Hi, I am also providing the details of the next set of designs that need to be done. Let me know what are your charges. I will need these in two days time. 1) A bird animation is attached. The animation is not smooth...
  • £147 GBP
    Profile image for Seller kimboloy


    13 days ago

    Very happy with the results, my brief was understood from the start and executed brilliantly. Some changes were requested and memorydictionary made the changes fast with no questions asked.

    Project Description:Hi! We are building a website specifically for women, the aim is to direct women to the right products by selection of their particular ailment. We want the website to have an element of fun to it, away from the clinical feel many supplement websites currently have...
  • $703 USD
    Profile image for Seller maurg


    13 days ago

    Good designer, understands game sprite sheet design. Professional and Quick. Willing to work overtime as well...

    Project Description:I need some characters, backgrounds and objects for a 2D side-scrolling game (Adobe Illustrator). All these should be done in Adobe Illustrator. 1) 7 fruits (no animation): banana, watermelon, mango, grape, pineapple, apple, orange...
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller Nagromfilms


    18 days ago

    I loved everything

    Project Description:I need a cover and inlays for the book. Each page of the book should be bright in color and vibrant. Some illustrating will cover two pages some times.
  • $157 USD
    Profile image for Seller frivera1


    20 days ago

    Bijan from the very beginning outlined what he would do & gave a timeline. There were a few cartoons that I wanted readjusted and he complied easily. He is GREAT to work with!!

    Project Description:I need probably between 10-15 slightly humorous cartoon SVG pics for a You Tube video. I have a start up commercial cleaning company. I have a rough draft of the script. How would you be able to help...
  • $368 USD
    Profile image for Seller teamcatapult


    Mar 25, 2014

    Great work! Fast and responsive communication. Made commitments on timing and met them. Great design!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller cornelljunior


    Mar 19, 2014

    Excellent seems too weak a word to describe the level of skill and professionalism I received. The experience has made me only MORE convinced that I made the right choice. Very well done!

    Project Description:Illustrate childrens book number 2 in a series using characters from the first book. I need approx. 20 color pages + cover for the book.
  • $50.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller bitxtend


    Mar 14, 2014

    real commitment to deliver job

    Project Description:It is required to have the following:- - animated bird flying (6 frames) - animated falling bird (4 frames) - icon 2048*2048 for the game - background with game title (Frisky Bird)
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller angden


    Feb 25, 2014

    Bijan was timely in communication and very responsive. Pleasure to work with.

    Project Description:Provide an illustrated map of a school campus and its surrounding buildings, athletic fields, and surrounding vegetation.
  • $230 USD
    Profile image for Seller cornelljunior


    Feb 21, 2014

    Excellent!! A pleasure to work with and consistently delivered above my expectations. I would (will) definitely hire for future projects. Very well done!

    Project Description:Hello. My name is Cornell and I am writing a children's book with approx. 25 pages. I need one illustration per page and front cover art for the book. The book's characters are actually flowers. Q:...
    memorydictionary has not completed any projects.
  • $147 USD In Progress

    Ill provide you a PDF-file with 12 english cartoons and the new german texts below each. You will have to re-draw them (be creative!) and send me 12 jpgs (our company logo included). You are allowed to put your small signature below the cartoon, but no URL or company name. Our company logo will.We need a digital, modern, fresh style. Colored. Please have an eye for detail and be awesome in face expressions!Attached 3 of the cartoons. Please provide an example for the style the price is for (sorry, I have a very small budget)

  • $336 USD In Progress

    We are in the process of designing several story boards related to the health care industry. They will be used to educate patients. Because the content is unique we also want to have unique and fun characters that can be used to accent the material. Later on these initial story boards will be used to develop interactive video content but for now they will be used only in PowerPoint slides. It"s important that the work be done in such a way that we can easily re-use the artwork in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, websites, and animated content. Characters needed:ManWomanMale DoctorFemale doctorMale surgeonFemale surgeonBoy (young – like age 5-10)Girl (young – likeage 5-10)BabyFemale Boss(employer) Male BossPoyntPerson (female) - this is a special character that will represent a friendly person at our company that cares for patientsWe will need to have each character delivered in multiple skin colors (caucasian, african-american, and hispanic) so that we can accurately reflect diversity. Lastly, we need to have variations in the facial expressions where each character can be depicted as happy, fearful, sad, or angry.Be sure you have a portfolio available or link to a portfolio that we can review.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I"m writing a Christian children"s book with the following details:-Length: 26 pages, color with full edge bleed-Size: 8.5"x8.5" book/page dimensions-Third book in a series - (script will be provided at time of award)

  • $336 USD In Progress

    I have written a 16- 18 page children"s book about an Alaskan brown bear. The story is loosely based on the life of an actual brown bear. I am looking for someone to illustrate this book with realistic color illustrations that represent the beauty of Alaska and the majestic brown bears. I have photos that loosely match the text and give some ideas for the illustrator. I am open to someone who is really good at photoshop who can alter the photos and make them look like paintings or illustrations. I would like this person to incorporate the text into the picture and design the book and get it ready to print in createspace or blurb.

  • $231 USD In Progress

    Simple illustrations for a short children"s picture book about the adventures of a dog.

  • $360 USD In Progress

    I need 2 backgrounds (one daylight, on nighttime) including a street made for a scrolling background giving a parallax effect ( I will do the parallax effect). Also need 5 images of cars illustrated with some small animation very detailed and vibrant colors. -also an icon (225 x 225) and splash screen examples are included for reference

  • $147 USD In Progress

    Hi, I"m looking for a creative illustrator, who is always inspired by the child inside him/her, as much as I am.The current task is illustrating 2 books in the English Language. The first has 21 pages , and the 2nd - 15 Pages. Most pages contains 4 lines.The aim is to create 2 separate characters, a boy and a girl. They are 6-8 years old, just as my target audience. if you are interested - please contact me and I will tell you what I see when I close my eyes...In addition, the books must contain a front cover and a back cover.Thanks in advance,(Ms.)Yael

  • $150 USD In Progress

    I want to work further on the Evil Bald Genius stuff you did for me before. First thing I want to do is create a logo that incorporates my image and the words "Evil Bald Genius".

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    redraw logo

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I am looking for an illustrator to draw me the set of common Australian fish species. Here is the list of species is an example of a book that has already done this I am looking for the same quality.Happy to negotiate a price per fish, or a fixed overall price. If the work is good I will continue to book for more fish species over time.Thank-you

  • $263 USD Today

    Need a small illustration of a Bear and a Bull a la" wall street on a rollercoaster

  • $421 USD Today

    Dear freelancer,For our game project we need the following:20 unique characters from the middle of the body.10 men, 10 female, style would be like Caricature.It"s like the style from unibet poker figures.Each figure will be discribed with its own personality looks.4 envoirments /rooms with a table in the middle.Design style like unibet poker.Look at there website our see screenshot below to find a right freelancer who can fit our needs.Regards.

  • $2000 USD Today

    Looking for someone to redraw 400 images as vectors: -All images are from cartoons, and quite simple. -It is always just the character, not the background. -It will always just be a single character.-Sometimes it will just be a hand. -All images are parts of sequences of similar images. The majority will be redrawing frame by frame, but sometimes it will be possible to use part of an image and only redraw another element that changes.-The images have to be redrawn, Im not looking for any live trace work. -This bid is for 400 images. There might be more images in total which would extend the job and be paid in the same way of course. -The attached image shows some examples of the types of images that will need to be redrawn.-My budget for this is 2000 $.Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • $263 USD Today

    I wrote a 16 page book about a dog who travels. There is also a puppet that goes with the book. The dog is a cavalier king charles spaniel. I would love to see samples of your work before I select someone. Please help me finish this project. I hope to publish the book on Amazon and CreateSpace. This would be a great starter book for someone looking to get into children"s book illustration. Here is the first couple pages:Charlie the Cavalier Begs For Attention (1) (2 3)(Keep Charlie out of sight)You really want your loved ones to stay.But sometimes they just have to go away. (4 5)You can’t always be in the same place.And you can’t possibly fit in their suitcase!I would need a storybook of all 32 pages, then the finished high quality pages for printing. Can"t wait to work together.

  • $210 USD Today

    20 Caricature drawing in black and white. Body / Head. Will provide photos of each person to be put to caricature and the situation describing the scene that I would like done. All will have Golf club as prop, some will be with club alone and others will have additional props around, near or with them.

  • $3157 USD Today

    payroll entralized automated system

  • $736 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for a 2D graphic artists to create 20 background images and 100 character images. Each character will need 4-5 copies of the main image to show some movement. ( image with 4-5 images of the same dog but legs moving to show movement)See the attached images to see what styles we are looking for. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • £631 GBP 2 days ago

    I would like 100 pictures of specific types of people that are the size of a playing cards like snap. The drawings can be in any style but must maintain the theme throughout the characters. I will supply you with the list of the 100 types of characters.

  • $368 AUD 2 days ago

    Hi there,I am looking for an experienced game user interface designer who can create a new GUI for my game from scratch for the game I am creating for the Iphone and Ipad.You should have excellent communication skills, speak good English, have good time management skills and overall be an excellent listener, a responsive and creative individual who has good attention to detail and above all enjoys what you do. You should also have excellent design skills and talent.Further details will be given regarding the game and what is needed once potential freelancers have been contacted but in general there will be approximately 13-15 GUI screens that will need to be created from scratch.Please don"t waste both our times by copy and pasting generic introductions from yourself. I want a real person replying to this ad not someone who just copy and pastes their introductions on every job they reply too.I look forward to hearing you and thank you for your time,Peter

  • £221 GBP 2 days ago

    Wedding Present for a BrideTask: Illustrate a 20 page custom story book with cartoon characters.

  • $842 USD 5 days ago

    I have movies/videos 2-15 minute long, I would like them to be recreated on 2D or 3D programs. or what ever programs you prefer, as long as I can upload them to website later. Size is important files can not be very large(( They are educational videos how to use paper spray. This is example of what is I’m looking for; this is military one I’m looking to do a civilian animated looking version.You will be creating the character talking of course but with no sound. I will get someone do the voice. (Narrator). Details in the background you do not have to be worry about, Our main focus is on the instructor and trainee. ))I"m looking for someone who I can depend on if future project. Not one time deal. I have more then 30 movies. and probably more will be on the way.

  • $526 USD 5 days ago

    Hello, designers.I am finding excellent mobile game graphics designer.If you can do animation too, please bid now.I will provide detailed spec to hired designer.Thank you.Jong.

  • $94 USD 5 days ago

    Looking for 3 illustrations for an ebook I am working on. Details will be given to the freelancer I choose, but for bidding purposes this will be 3 full-color scenes with simple backgrounds. (Think children"s book illustrations.)

  • $315 USD 5 days ago

    We are looking to have line art/illustrations of multiple types of aircraft. A profile/side view as well as a front view. These designs do not need excessive detail. Please see images attached as examples.

  • £421 GBP 5 days ago

    HiWe have a client who wants to create an App based on "Adult Emoji" which will basically be 80 adult themes Emoji icons which will be used the same way all emoji"s are (in texts, imessage, emails etc). We need someone with creative flair and a strong design portfolio to design these icons which will then be implemented in to the App. Please IM us with a rough quote for this work and any questions.Thank you

  • $315 CAD 6 days ago

    I need some digital painting done. You will be creating custom inflatable bouncy castles, obstacle courses and inflatable slides from photos of animals, pirates, planets and much more.For example, I will provide a photo of an inflatable slide and also photos of a spaceship. You then would integrate the two together to create a spaceship inflatable slide. I need 16-20 designs created.I will be providing all of the photos required.I have a budget of 300I have much more work in the near future.

  • [Sealed] /hr 8 days ago

    HiI want a graphics designer to coordinate with my app designerto re-launch a game app (re-theme it & change the concept to launch it as a new app).You will need to change the icons, and some GUI elements... The programmer will tell you about the format & dimensions ...etc.. Additionally we will want a change in the game concept which will be explained later.Please send me some of your previous works if you"ve done caricature/cartoon characters.You will need to work with my programmer to finish this asap.Thanks, more details inside :)Mary

  • $263 AUD 8 days ago

    I would like a accurate map designed in a 1950"s retro style that shows places and routes of various activities that will happen during the week of a wedding on the island

  • $5263 USD 8 days ago

    We are looking for an illustrator who can develop 10-15 illustrations that would cover topics like Sustainability and the Evironment, Governance, Housing and Urban Development, Public Finance. These would be used for a series of brochures for a university that covers these topics. Infographics that detail the subject matter will also be needed, so the ability to understand and grasp the subject matter and then turn that information into engaging and interesting illustrations is very important

  • $54 USD 10 days ago

    We need an illustration of a flat image we currently have. It"s a line drawing of a carburetor with some shading. We need it to be all screens of black.

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Senior illustrator

Jun 0004 - Aug 2009 (2006 years)


I worked as a senior illustrator and animator. I have made book illustrations, character animation, designing, game designing, cartoon illustration, caricature illustrations etc.


Advanced 3D, graphics

Maya Academy



Indias first online animated humour

India book of records

Me and my friend has made indias first online animated humour is now upgrading to


Paapu chala Chand pe

Dynamic memory

I did the illustrations in cartoon and realistic form.

India Book of Records

Diamond Pocket Book

I have done the illustrations and page designing.