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Alexander Merkulov

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Username: meral

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Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Member since: April 2007



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My skills:

  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sergeishurubov


    16 days ago

    Alexander is the responsible, executive, sociable, benevolent, exact and obligatory person. Did all job in time.

    Project Description:Здравствуйте, У нас работает call center на базе Астериск 1.8. Вы могли бы проконсультировать нас по скайпу по следующим вопросам: 1. Логирование операторов в очередях. 2. Настройка параметров очередей...
  • $210.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller uppaljs


    18 days ago

    Excellent freelancer - Provided all deliverables in time and went an extra mile to ensure that nothing was missed.

    Project Description:Hi, I am in need of the following asterisk dial plan macro / script Scenario: I receive calls from one carrier and route it to X trunks. I have X trunks with Y minutes limit each - I would like...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller carlosmp


    Jun 15, 2014

    Very responsive, and easy to work with.

    Project Description:Need to modify the from-pstn-e164-us to do: - modify callerID(number) based on a few rules - modify callerid(dnid) based on rules We've done some tests, but can't seem to get it working for all scenarios:...
  • $364.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller silsoftstudio


    Jun 1, 2014

    A true Asterisk professional !

    Project Description:Hi, I need an Asterisk expert to spend 90 minutes with me online on a simple asterisk configuration. Preferably on skype or chat and shared linux terminal. I have few basic questions and very simple asterisk configuration...
  • $618.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller atsak


    Apr 11, 2014

    Pleasure to work together on this.

    Project Description:I'd like someone with experience setting up A2Billing to setup a billing platform for me on a new PBX we'll be using for clients who buy communications services for us. I will provide a PBX In a Flash server setup you can SSH to and setup, and we can work together to determine how to set it up...
  • $115.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller olod


    Mar 16, 2014

    Project finished successfully and on time.

    Project Description:Need to check settings for CISCO 7970 advise what to change to phone to register. What you be budget for this job?
  • $240.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller calvinbradshaw


    Mar 3, 2014

    Excellent follow up work. Thanks.

    Project Description:Hi Alexander. I have put a copy into in production; The team have reviewed, and they have 2 requests; (1) We need a version without "Total queue time" column...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller calvinbradshaw


    Feb 25, 2014

    Excellent work, very skilled and talented with our complex Asterisk / Elastix / SQL / VOIP programming needed. Great communication. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $115.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cmic


    Feb 22, 2014

    Excellent as always. Got the job done fast and taught me some things too.

    Project Description:As discussed in email, here's the project for the two tasks that we discussed: TASK 1: Simple IVR System We just need a simple IVR to handle two button presses ("1" for Sales, "2" for Support). We have .gsm sound files ready...
  • $532.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mda2011


    Feb 9, 2014

    One of the best voip professionals we have worked with, thank you Alex. Will work with you again!

    Project Description:Hi we got CIsco 7960's with SIP firmware and we would to work with someone to make it work with end point manager on freepbx. we are very serious about finding a experienced engineer to do this task. we are willing to accept TFTP, HTTP, FTP provisioning...
    Alexander Merkulov has not completed any projects.
  • $736 USD In Progress

    We will work together on a Nagios system to enable monitoring & alert conditions from nodes across various OpenVPN connections.We want to know up/down status, process monitoring & any other recommendations brought up by this experienced Nagios freelancer i"m looking for.Skype communicationRemote access/VPN to system will be provided! If you are personally adept w/ Nagios this is cake!

  • $309 AUD In Progress

    I am looking for code for my trixbox Asterisk PBX to dial up to one number, but use multiple times until one answers.IE when dialling a competition line and you need better chances to get through. I would like to make multiple SIP calls simultaneously either from one PBX or use multiple PBX’s to make more channels to call from. If a call is answered we need to be connected to call.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $670 USD In Progress

    Meral as discussed, The following is the work to be done:\r\n1. Bind CID to DID\r\n2. Bind PIN to DID\r\n3. Daily limit per user, \r\n4. Blocked calls

  • $1578 AUD Yesterday

    We currently operate OpenSER 1.2 as a Media Proxy and SIP Registration server back-ended to Asterisk 1.4. We have PERL scripts operate a HostedPBX platform we have written ourselves within Asterisk and a web interface based on PHP and MySQL.We require assistance to set up a new server which will need to operate on the EC2 platform of AWS Sydney. We would like to use CentOS 6.4 as the base operating system. We would like to use SIP-Router project to replace OpenSER 1.2 and also upgrade to Asterisk 11.x LTS as it is supported for another few years (later to upgrade to 13.x probably about 9 months after initial release to ensure stability).We need to ensure the following Asterisk functions work through the SIP-Router Proxy:* BLF Lights for calls made, transferred and in progress* Call Group Pickup* SIP Registration on SIP-Router itself (not on Asterisk)We will need to make sure that our MySQL Database works with the new Asterisk 11.x and configs will need to be adjusted to make this work.We currently are using PHP5.1.6 and MySQL5.0.95 (but would like to upgrade both to latest stable versions during this process).We will put up a copy of our MySQL Data, PHP Pages and PERL code onto the new server on AWS Sydney as well as the old OpenSER and Asterisk 1.2 config files for your reference. We will need to ensure the new system works with all the functionality of the old system as well as making sure the above (BLF and Call Group Pickup) works properly too as we currently have issues with it on our old system.No changes to our PHP pages should be needed and our existing MySQL database structure should work for everything. SIP Users details are stored in an openser database separate to the Asterisk database.Please provide a cost for this project as well as a timeline for completion. And if you have any questions, make sure you ask me to clarify everything for yourself.

  • $150 USD Yesterday

    Hi!I need to setup Ostel on my own AWS server. The instalation hel guide is here and involves Ruby on Rails, Chef automated script, Kamalio... have certainly heard about, so I think you can help me! :)There is a "Howto: Build A Secure Telephone Network" on Amazon AWS: use Ubuntu LTS.Can you help me?Thanks!

  • $210 USD Yesterday

    Hello,I am paying $75 a month to host my FREEPBX VOIP server and I would like to eliminate the cost by having you remotely connect to my home server and remote transfer from my paid host to my server (with assist).I will need you to remote installI will need you to tell me specs on a blade server good enough to handle my 10 agents on the phones I have seen servers from 2-400 on ebay (provide link, cheap)I will purchase server and get it next day to my place.Do I need to order an additional ip from Verizon (my isp)Thank you for your interest in this projectBarry

  • $263 USD 2 days ago

    Prevent 0 balance on accounts. Some of my clients account show negative balances in a2billing dashboard. We would like to prevent an account from going beyond 0.

  • $263 USD 4 days ago

    Hello Fellows,We need an expert with Nagios, a real expert who can help us setup our own monitoring service (It"s going to monitor our own backend structure)Monitoring will include both remote-check (ex. httpd, dns) and internal-check (ex. memory, load.. etc).We are going to use the pre-made Nagios VM.Please, if you believe you are the right person for such project, finish your message to me with "Veni, vidi, vici", otherwise.. your message might be ignored.Regards..- H.

  • ₹25000 INR 6 days ago

    I need combination of a2billing separate database server with asterisk media server and opensips proxy server. And finally need customized portal for customer.Regarding commercials we will discuss on chat

  • $105 USD 6 days ago

    Configure asterisk to accept call without registration

  • $1578 USD 11 days ago

    We have a Live Asterisk Server that runs on New Asterisk but Old A2Billing platform.We have a New Server with New Asterisk and New A2Billing installed. the Bulk of this project is to Migrate or rewrite 14 Apps to run on New A2Billing platform as the old Apps will not run on new A2Biling platform.

  • $1578 USD 14 days ago

    We need a script (software) to generate CDR"s with Asterisk for billing reasons.We have Asterisk and Freepbx servers and the software must generate every day 2 times a new CDR with this data like in the description and upload it on a ftp server on the ftp server is in an other folder an error report.It must also be possible to integrate this in actions from FREEPBX and ASTERISK.There must be also an error handling (error report -> correction -> new upload)Please read the documentation and make an offer.If you need more informations, please let me know.

  • $210 USD 15 days ago

    Need to create an IVR menu in A2billing to allow users to remove their current saved CID in A2billing.

  • $2105 CAD 15 days ago

    I would like to create a web2fax/Email2fax application.users will have the ability send fax through an online gui on my website or through email.two types of service will be offered free and paidfree faxes will include an ad cover page.Paid Faxes.will have no ads.Email adresses on an allowed list. will have the ability to send an email which will then will send any attached documents in that email to the fax server for faxing. the body of the email should be used as a cover page.

  • $2105 USD 15 days ago

    Looking for an Avatar implementation for a ViciDial setup with a nice GUI.

  • $105 USD 15 days ago

    Edit our current Asterisk dialplan entry to allow the CallerID to be changed dynamically as part of making an outbound call. For example...from the softphone we would dial "12345#0123490"....this needs to actually dial the number "0123490" and use the number "12345" as the outbound CallerID display.

  • $3157 USD 17 days ago

    Hello there,I"m looking forward to find a professional to build advanced Asterisk system with IVR for International Premium Rate Numbers. We plan to startup a new company but we need to build our dedicated system:1- A control panel for the administator2- A control panel for resellers, subaccounts, and fo test3- Invoicing system with the admin panelif any professional has the experience with this business please contact us as soon as possible

  • ₹157894 INR 20 days ago

    Hi, I am asterisk developer. I have plan to deploy click to call service using asterisk PBX. Any one inetersted contact me.

  • $526 USD 21 days ago

    I have about 350 people that needs to get a call everyday and I need them to input 2 separate numbers. These 2 numbers should be saved in a way that is easy for a webapp to pick it up.

  • $400 USD 23 days ago

    We have a Programmer from Bangladesh disappear. We had operating system but now it is broken :( Need it running for a demo and minor changes. Thomas@txtCOINSnow.comSKYPE: [The administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions - Section 13:Communication With Other Users.]

  • $1263 USD 28 days ago

    hello , the main issue of the project is CLI AMI AGI FAST AGI and more with Asterisk , we need to find someone that will help us with the Asterisk connection and manipulation for our solotion to work

  • $1157 CAD Jun 24, 2014

    Looking for a script (perl or AGI) that will ask callers that are waiting inside a queue if they want to be called back, if they want to be called back1. Repeat CallerID or Ask for their callback number.2. Ask to Record Name.3. Give estimated call back time.Once calling back:1. Play recorded name to ensure proper person is on the phone, and give option to look for the called party,eg 1. to connect to queue, or 2 to wait 30 seconds, and to route them back into the right queue.I think its called a virtual hold. we are using asterisk 11.8.1/Freepbx 2.11.

  • $263 USD Jun 24, 2014

    We are looking to migrate our existing on-premise PBX setup (Elastix 2.4.0 CentOS x64) and all of it"s settings to the Amazon AWS EC2 (free tier) cloud platform.What we have:- A live, fully functioning, on-premise PBX running Elastix v2.4.0 with all extensions, IVR, MoH, Queues, and settings perfectly setup how we like.- An active, unused Amazon AWS account with no currently installed instances.- Intermediate knowledge of AWS and PBX to answer questions or collaborate with the migration.What we need:- A fresh AMI install of Elastix v2.4.0 onto EC2 (or v3.0 if you"re sure we can import existing settings from v2.4.0)- All settings/extensions/IVR/recordings migrated from our current on-premise PBX running v2.4.0.- Firewall rules setup and locked down so there is only access to SSH or HTTP from our specified IP addresses.- All external logins/credentials removed so the system is thoroughly secured.- A basic 15 minute Q&A after everything is tested so we can be sure everything is 100% done.

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master voip developer

Mar 2003 - Present (11 years)

UA Prime LTD

voip developer,work as freelancer.

voip developer

May 2000 - Mar 2003 (2 years)


created billign system for voip, voip support<br />cisco/asterisk



Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University





Cisco network level basic certification


articles about voip

FAX/help for begiiners