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Professional Systems Engineer

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Location: Giza, Egypt

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  • $6.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller edgeineers


    Jun 9, 2013

    Good work.<br/>

    Project Description:I need 1000 Youtube likes. Bid your best price. I have lots of projects to be given. Bid your best price and also mention the minimum quantity that you can do. Only original sellers may bid, resellers...
  • $10.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller keyanage


    May 18, 2013

    thanks for getting all those images<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I need to contact a Chinese dropship company, I need to compile a list of at least 100 video games, game related goods and accessories from the site and email the company for the unwatermarked images...
  • $2.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller keyanage


    May 18, 2013

    thanks so much sir, hope you can do some more work for me<br/>

  • $6.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller keyanage


    May 18, 2013

    thanks so much for providing the video footage I needed<br/>

    Project Description:Hi I need 6x 10 minute video game videos. I need you to download the ROM&#039;s or have the ROM&#039;s handy. I just need 10 minutes of footage from 6 games per hour, from a list of games I will send.This is very easy and fun work...
  • $18.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MangoMedia


    May 15, 2013

    mfawzy6 was ready to do what was needed to complete project<br/>Completed job per requests

    Project Description:We have a two Wordpress sites that are giving us issues when adding new features based on the theme installed. One theme is Passion Reloaded from United Themes. The other site issue is that it&#039;s mixing the English version with the Spanish version when it shouldn&#039;t do so...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wensoft


    Apr 7, 2013

    Good data entry working. Looking forward to working with again.

    Project Description:Convert attached pdf to excell. There are 7 columns that need to be converted: 1. id number 2. first an last name OR transaction description - note that this might look like 2 colums when first and last name are seperated but it is really 1 3 tranaction code 4...
  • $7.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wasishah506


    Apr 4, 2013

    A+++ work done!<br/>

    Project Description:1000 USA fans. Insights should be from USA.
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller keyontes


    Mar 27, 2013

    The worker prompt communicated several times a day, left updates and made sure the work was efficient. Stayed on schedule and made sure the instructions were 100% clear and followed.<br/>

    Project Description:A few very short Windows 7 assignments. Most consist on gathering small miscellaneous information such as folder size and things of the sort. This project note even worth 20$ will take no longer than a hour to complete...
  • $27.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wasishah506


    Mar 23, 2013

    A+++ work done!<br/>

    Project Description:5500 real fans.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller NSExpert


    Mar 22, 2013

    Did a good job. Thanks

    Project Description:10,000 worldwide real fans US, UK, AUSTRALIAN, INDIAN fans preferred Check pm for link
    TechnoMan has not completed any projects.
  • $50 USD In Progress

    5000 REAL tumblr followers for 50$

  • $100 USD In Progress

    I need a website build in Wordpress.I got an example website the way it should wordk and look like.inclusding Image gallery, events and nes postsfirdst setup look at attachement

  • $5 USD/hr Jun 13, 2013

    Need 10,000 like on my new fan page .Like must come from real active bot ,no fake,no script.i must check after make payment.

  • $155 USD Jun 2, 2013

    We have a Hair and Beauty Salon in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA and we need up to 10,000 fans to our facbook page , they must be from Sydney real fans so let us know if you can help.

  • $10 USD/hr May 10, 2013

    ادخال بيانات وكتابة المقالات والتقارير

  • $100 USD Apr 6, 2013

    Hi, I like to have 30,000 likes on my fan page. It can be global likes. Let me know , I can give you admin power on the facebook page. And I want 10,000 likes. Milestone :10k - release 20%20k - release 20% 30k - release 60%

  • $750 USD Mar 25, 2013

    I need 100% Real Twitter Followers provide NOT Real Looking .!I DO NOT NEED REAL LOOKING FOLLOWERS that ihave just a profile picture , bio and have twitted all in the same time almost .Please bid only if you can deliver 100% REAL FOLLOWERS

  • [Sealed] Mar 25, 2013

    PLEASE, BID ONLY AFTER READING COMPLETE DESCRIPTION and if you are an experienced Lead provider who knows about CPA Marketing very well and can generate on an average 50-250 leads weekly.I have access to many different Download Offers in CPA.Please read following instructions, if you can follow them and provide genuine unique leads i will pay you extra commission based on your performance.NOW HERE ARE THE CONDITIONS WHICH YOU NEED TO FOLLOW STRICTLY TO GET PAID:*Only USA/UK/AU quality traffic and sign-ups (Based upon Offer)*Only unique and confirmed Leads (Mostly Double Opt-in Leads)*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses*No Rotating IP addresses*No fake Emails and Zip Codes*No duplicates and fraudulent sign ups*No Automated Methods*No Cookie Cleaners*No Black Hat/Spam*No use of proxy servers*No Craigs list or any other any other classified ads*No Incentive Traffic*No Auto Bots or Software*No You can not hire other people to fill them for you*No Do not get your friends or relatives to sign upALL LEADS MUST FULFILL FOLLOWING TERMS:- Unique and confirmed E-mail and IP addresses only.- All Leads must be Genuine, No fraudulent sign ups or duplicate sign ups.- These Must be REAL People who are interested in Whatever is being promoted- ABSOLUTELY NO BOTs, BLACK HAT or CRAIGS LIST SPAMMING!- NO use of proxy servers.- You must adhere to the specific rules and guidelines provided for each offer you are to promote.- Few Offers need double opt-in leads in that case each lead must confirm his/her email address only then it would be counted as lead.Remember, to get paid you need to follow all Terms and Conditions mentioned above, If you will fail to follow guidelines mentioned above you will lose the project without any payment. I will keep an eye with my Affiliate Manager on all generated leads by you.TO WIN THIS PROJECT You Need to PM me with message &quot;I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS MENTIONED IN PROJECT DESCRIPTION.Payment Procedure:First payment will be processed after 15-20 days and then bi-weekly.Payment will be paid via Paypal instantly or any other processor suitable for you and me.There will be No Upfront OR Milestone Payment.Payment will be made based on confirmed leads by CPA Offer and my Affiliate Manager.For Satisfactory and Good Service you will be awarded by commission based on your performance with every payment.If you have any question or want to discuss further PM me.

  • $750 USD Mar 23, 2013

    Hello I need 300 tom 500 reviews for a music artist on Itunes we are releasing an album with 2 versions on in English and one in spanish we need good legitimate reviews from genuine music critics as well as real people fans

  • $4000 MXN Mar 21, 2013

    Publicacion de articulos de interes social, tecnologico, cuturales y curiosos sobre acontecimientos que pasan en la vida diaria

  • $50 USD Mar 1, 2013

    Job offer.Subject of work — producing simple, short, easy to understand and step-by-step video-tutorials (screencasts mostly) with a voice-over about iOS. We are looking for video production team:Your team has to be able:1. write texts on the provided themes about mobile OS&quot;s2. make a professional voice-over in correct English3. record screencasts. Our requirement is 720p video, please check the Terms of Reference. You need an equipement for that.4. edit the final video5. create a text articles and screenshots5. provide a report of work. deadlines are very important in this project.Before you bid, please be ready to provide the following information:1. general information about your team and yourself2. information about equipement which you have for recording video from a mobile devices.3. samples of your previous works or links to your previous projectsCost of each tutorial is 25$.Here are some requirements for the tutorials:-the tutorials must be 1-3 min length, in correct English with correct pronunciation, in &quot;how to...&quot; style. -video should be a screencasts with a voiceover, there is no need in making any graphics.-tutorial must be a step-by-step explanation.-in addition to the video we need a text article. Text article is a text combined with screenshots, created as step-by-step manual. Each important step must be illustrated by screenshot.-the article should include screenshots for each step, meta description, meta tags, meta title of tutorial according to the provided template.An example is provided below.The work structure is:1. we provide you themes and keywords for videos for each month.2. you create texts and edit it according to the terms of reference.3. thereafter you create a voice-overs, screen recordings, and edit the final video.You can find full terms of reference attached to this message. Please check it carefully.Useful links:Here is an example of videos which we produce: this link you can find a folder with an example of complete result for each theme:

  • $200 USD Feb 12, 2013

    I am in need of someone to provide me REAL 1000+ CPA Leads Dating Email/zip submit Needed WeeklyI am in multiple affiliate networksThe ONLY Allowed Marketing is:Adware / Toolbar TrafficBanner / Text Link TrafficContextual TrafficNetwork SyndicationSearch Engine Optimized PagesPath / Linkout TrafficFree Social MediaEmailPaid Search (PPC)Allowed Countries: United States, UK, Canada, AustraliaLEADS MUST BE QUALITY, 100% REAL TRAFFIC NOT BOGUSIn other words...*NO Use of proxy servers.*NO Rotating IP addresses.*NO Fake Emails.*NO Fake Zip Codes.*NO Duplicates sign ups.*NO Fraudulent sign ups.*NO Automated Methods.*NO Cookie Cleaners.*NO Black Hat/Spam*NO Craigslist.*NO Auto Bots or Software.*NO do not get your friends to sign up*NO you can not hire other people to fill them out for you*ONLY quality sign-ups*ONLY unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes*ONLY unique and confirmed IP addressesYou will receive $0.50 for each valid and unique lead you bring and this is not negotiable. This means you will receive at least $500 for getting the minimum 1,000 new leads.All payments are processed instantly via Freelancer.Your first payment will be made to your Freelancer account immediately after my CPA Network pays me for the leads that you have generated in your first month. You will only be paid once I receive the money from my affiliate company. The reason that I do this is if I pay you up front for the leads and the affiliate company tells me that my leads are garbage then I will lose out on all of the money. But if everything is OK and my affiliate company send my payment in my Paypal account,then I Immediately send you the money via Freelancer in your Freelancer account. If you really think that you are good CPA leads provider, then there will be no problem for you to work without uprfront.If everything is OK, you can be hired full time to generate more leads.Please Do not bid if you did not agree with the terms above no further discussion I required if you are interestedto start Immediately Today ! have nothing more or less to Discuss.

  • $500 USD Jan 23, 2013

    I have a dating and marriage agency. I am looking for someone to advertise and upcoming event in Ukraine on Feb 24th. am looking specifically for male clients to travel to Ukraine on a group dating tour. I need a min of 100 high quality male leads who can pay $5k for a Ukrainian dating events tour. The advertising budget is between $300-$500. I need a lead generation, adwords, social media, and craigslist ad posting expert for U.S.A.

  • $2 USD/hr Jan 4, 2013

    Sir i want to work with you as data entry

  • $100 USD/hr Dec 26, 2012

    I currently have a simple excel project and I might have other projects in the future.I want someone who can deal virtually everything about excel such as most functions and macro and other things.I also want someone who is creative enough to mix various functions and macros of excel to make a desired outcome.The project I currently have worth only $10.But I might have other excel projects in the future. In that case, I will tell you again.

  • $50 USD Dec 24, 2012

    Looking for someone preferable from United States to post 300 Threads and 500 Posts(Not included in threads) on a new Forum.Requirements:1. You must be a webmaster or a professional forum poster.2. Threads required to be posted in all the forums. Each forum(or sub forum) must have atleast 6 threads.3. SEO optimized Posting. Specially the Thread titles.4. Appropriate Tagging.5. UNIQUE THREADS. No excuses with this part. This is not simply a copy-paste job. I will give you details of registered user accounts. You have to use them to post on the Forum.Each thread and post will be reviewed for uniqueness before releasing the payment.The work should be done within 7 days.If you are interested in this project, please send a Private Message with:(1) Your Previous history in forum posting and article writing skills.(2) What you can do exactly for this project using a timetable and clear plan.Good grammar and correct spelling are required. You must have a very good command of English.Low bids will be given preference.

  • $1500 USD Dec 19, 2012

    We would like a business plan, presentation and a pitch created for our ecommerce startup. The project is for an Middle East E-commerce fashion retail startup and we are looking for someone who can research existing business models which we will be providing reference sample ecommerce business. Details will be provided upon project award. Please remember we are a startup and we do not have enough money. Currently, we are in talks with some high net worth investors and are seeking our first round of funding. I am willing to give you a fat fee based on when I receive this funding.

  • $100 USD Dec 12, 2012

    I have a contract proposal form that Igive to my customers after I quote their project. I have to manually fill out this form so it sometimes gets messy. I would like someone to use my form or design a New one that can be on my computer and I can fill in the necessary blanks and make these proposal forms look more professional

  • $100 USD Dec 5, 2012

    I have a lot of B2B and B2C leads for selling. I need someone who can get a buyer for me.I will pay you 20% of the payment after I get the money.

  • $3000 USD Dec 4, 2012

    I need 14 PDF documents typed and formatted into MS Word based on the following specifications:Project Scope:Outlined below are all of the deliverables included within the scope of this project. The deliverables are listed in the order of their completion, along with their associated delivery (due) dates.Project Start Date: Deliverable 1• Delivery Date: 2 weeks from being awarded • Description: material to be typed into MS Word (14 x PDF’s with a total pages = 2052): 1. Consulting PDF&quot;s: 4 x pdf with 630 pages2. Marketing: 6x pdf&quot;s with 624 pages3. Speaking: 3x pdf&quot;s with 394 pages. 4. Letter Book: 1xpdf with 404 pages• Description: I need 14 PDF documents typed and formatted into MS Word based on the following criteria: • 100 % accuracy (format, spelling ect.) • Font, 11point Times New Roman; title page does not add toward the page total for this manual; table of contents does add toward the page total for the manuals; • Type should be single spaced (1.15); page margins should be set at normal margins = 2. 5cm; page size A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) • Font, 10 point Times New Roman for editable tables Conditions: • Submit first typed draft file for checking to ensure that the product meets the stated requirements. • I will own all rights to the completed manuals/books. You may not distribute the manuals/books in any way upon delivery.• The agreed upon bid for this project will be the only compensation due. • While I am very easy to please, unlimited revisions will be expected until I am completely satisfied with the completed manuals/booksProject Completion Date: Two weeks after project awarded________________________________________Project Deliverables:1. Retyping of fourteen (14) Books based on the following terms: • The total value of the project is (the agreed upon bid) (This includes the Transaction Charges - 7% Guru escrow charges + 3% Guru Transaction charges)• Unlimited revisions• Delivery by Guru Work Room and Email• The content material will be checked by the contractor to ensure that they are 100 percent accurate. • The Books will be layed out, and formatted to a commercial standard, comparable to other books sold on• All deliverables will be submitted to the Employer by their listed Delivery Dates. • The Employer will notify the Independent Contractor of acceptance or rejection of each completed deliverable.• If the Employer accepts the deliverable, he/she will tell the Independent Contractor to proceed to the next project task. • If the Employer requests revisions to the deliverable, he/she will outline the needed changes. The Independent Contractor will resubmit the deliverable to the Employer within 1 business day.2. Desire output file format: • PDF (Adobe Acrobat)• MS Word (2003-2007)

  • $100 USD Dec 3, 2012

    I Need a Wordpress Plugin just like this French Blog running for Zynga Facebook Games. When a user Connect via Facebook and Zynga Games on Facebook all feeds and gifts of the game appears on the above link. I need same kind of Link Exchange Mechanism for my blog . Example is here . This French blog has a Wordpress Plugin. If anyone interested and can develop same kind of Link Exchange Mechanism for me than Contact me

  • ₹8000 INR Oct 27, 2012

    I want List of all colleges with their courses in India. Colleges List should include their name, details, contact details, email, phone no, website, University etc records and courses should have their name, details etc.I want colleges list City wise.College_o1 (Name, Description, Contact details, Email, Website, Features, City, State, etc) ----- Courses_01 (Name, Description, Features, etc) ----- Courses_02 (Name, Description, Features, etc)Please also Categories each college like MBA Collges, Medical, Animation etc

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Senior Computing Services Engineer

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Nile University


Bachelor degree of communications and electronics engineering

Cairo University




Nile University

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