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    i need the project which has based on STUDENT ATTENDANCE SYSTEM BASED ON FINGER PRINT RECOGNITION.....contains:#need the finger print enhancement#feature extraction.#storing the fingerprint detail into the data base# matching#i just want the programming (coding) for this projectthanx

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    This is an initial project and we are looking for a long term relationship with the right developer. You must read and accept the terms and condition in the attached file. Please send your acceptance as the first line in your response.We need a Hotel Management Software with full source code. The software must use the initial Win Form framework provided by us on successful winning of the bid.Following are the business requirements of the system:1. A list of rooms must be displayed after successful Log-in to the system. The list must be buttons that can show the current status of the rooms. There can be 4-5 buttons in a row with unlimited rows on the home screen. Total number of buttons will be based on the number of rooms. The label of the button must show the type of room, status, and occupancy charges. In case of room is already occupied, the current rental must be displayed on the button.2. There can be 4 status of a room (Vacant, Occupied, Needs Cleaning, Closed for Maintenance). Each status must have it"s own color code.3. If a room is occupied and button is clicked, a seperate window will popup to show the current occupancy. If room is vacant then popup window will open for Check-In. In case of Closed for maintenance, the button is disabled and if a room is due for cleaning then clicking it will ask user if the room is cleaned or not, if cleaned then color will change to vacant room color.4. Once a room is checked-out, the room status will automatically be changed to Due for Cleaning.5. There can be extra charges such as Restaurant charges, laundry charges, etc. which needs to be accumulated till the final check out is done. All the charges must appear in the final invoice only.6. The rooms can have a certain number of persons and have certain type of beds available. For kids there can be separate charges.7. There must be master screens to create various data such as Rooms, Room Types, Room Charges, etc.8. There must be a provision to enter misc. expenses such as cash paid on certain accounts. There must also a master screen to create the account heads.9. There must be a provision to make a closure for the day, once closed any transaction will then be posted on next date.10. There must be certain reports (designed in MS-Reports) such as Daily Occupancy Report, Daily Cash Flow Report, Daily Check in reports, Daily Check-out Reports, etc.Following are the technical requirements the system must posses:1. Modular approach for easy plug and play support of different modules2. .Net 4.0 with Win Form or WPF.3. SQL Server as the backend database4. No use of paid third party components such as Infragistics, etc. Though, Free Krypton Components can be used.5. Menu system must be Microsoft Ribbon Control Library.6. The system must be a Client - Server application connected through WCF. The server system must have the following layers:DALBLLFACADE (If Required)DTO (Data Transformation Objects)7. There must be separate projects for each module at the server and client side.Remember this is the initial project and we are looking for long term relationship with the right candidate. We need to develop many modules that can be awarded based on the performance of this project.

  • $250 USD 8 days ago

    The main points of the requirements must be covered;1.Operational distribution or deployment; -The count of the users of the system will be from 5 to 10 users.-The database of the system will be a central database not a distributed database or a replicated database.2.Mission profile or scenario;-The scenario of the system will be as the following as the customer determined;-The Basic Data;1.Company Data.2.Employee Data.3.Stocks Data.4.Products and Items Data.-Stocks;1.In and Out Permissions.2.Balances.3.Inventory.4.Stock Exchanges.5.Reports.-Invoices;1.Purchase and Purchase Returns2.Sales and Sales Returns.-Bonds;6.Internal and External Bonds.7.Bonds Reports.-Reports;1.Calculate monthly and fortnightly.2.Calculate profits.3.Report for each client and Providers.4.Accounts.3.Performance and related parameters;-The system can save big amount of data.-The degree of efficiency of the system will not be affected with the amount of documents and data.-The clients PCs are Pentium 4, Dual Core or Core 2 Duo PCs.-The OS of the PCs is MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7 or MS Windows 8.4.Utilization environments;-The clients PCs are Pentium 4, Dual Core or Core 2 Duo PCs.-The OS of the PCs is MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7 or MS Windows 8.5.Effectiveness requirements;-I have explained these requirements later.6.Operational life cycle;-From 5 years to 10 years.7.Environment;-The customer has a collaborative environment.

  • $155 USD Mar 15, 2014

    Hi Freelancer!A Simple ASS Project.....Project Name: Zepthyadd me on skype: ChatwithakashSubtitle: Snap Anything!Needed: Website OR Software (Any 1 if u can do both, perfect.)Software"s Requirements:The programme starts when the user turns the computer The programme MUST show in the task bar (in hidden icons section)when the user rightclicks that icon, options display as follows:Website - goes to www.zepthy.comTOS - goes to - goes to - closes the application FullyNeed a custom installer (a installer like skype"s)Takes ScreenShot by hitting the Print screen buttonCrop the wanted part (the crop MUST be able to drag and resizable and display the size EXAMPLE: 300x500)take the screen shot of the cropped area--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------show 3 options: Save, Upload, close---------Save- saves locally Upload - Uploads to imageshack (need the API key) and gendrates a url EXAMPLE: the image shows in that url NOTE: WHEN UPLOADING THE IMAGES IT MUST BE UPLOADED TO IMAGESHACK NOT IN MY HOST!Close - Closes the Software --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS IS A SIMPLE ASS PROJECT!Im going to ignore all high rate offers.NOT REALLY IMPORTANT :software have work on all OS : mac, windows* and Lunix#Sorry for spelling mistakes this was typed in a fast as the PROJECT MUST START TODAYWebsite"s Requirements:Font used: LatoHomepage:when image is dragged or choosen to the box, upload it, show priview and when user conforms it, display uploaded imageUploads image to ImageShake. NOT TO MY HOST!Download button opens a linktwitter - - of images uploaded shows in the box middle of twitter and facebook---------------------Faq, Terms & Condition Adertise, LearnMorereffer to Faq.jpgDoes nothing. only shows text---------------------3rd page:The page where uploaded image showsgendrates a url like: dont need those options.i need: Save - save to desktop or any location which the user chooses to save onReupload - give a new link.Share on Social WebsitesFind similar - uses google dll ( - preview the image and prints the imageCopy - copies the image to clip boardreport abuse - send a mail to #Sorry for spelling mistakes this was typed in a fast as the PROJECT MUST START TODAYThanks,Akash

  • $305 USD Mar 15, 2014

    There is currently a .NET module inside an existing application which needs to be converted to Java code.

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Deverloper / Programmer/ Tester

Jan 2011 - Present (3 years)


Developed software applications to fulfill the customer requirements and make it easy for the client to carry out their day to day work more effectively and efficiently


BSc (hons) in business computing