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Mario Lacunza

Webmaster & Software Developer, Joomla - Python Expert

Username: mlacunza

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Location: Lima, Peru

Member since: May 2009



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  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattbailey82


    Oct 4, 2013

    Excellent job upgrading my site from old Joomla platform to version 2.5.

    Project Description:Upgrade simple site from Joomla 1.5.22 to Joomla 2.5. Make sure all plugins and the template being used is compatible with v2.5 prior to upgrading. Very few plugins outside the default Joomla suite. Site...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tharrson


    Sep 27, 2013

    Good job. Knows his stuff.

    Project Description:We have a website at The template does not work and we would like someone to make a new website for us. The website should use a simple Joomla template and consist of about 6 pages. We will provide all of the photos and the text copy...
  • $205.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller jdcompany


    Sep 17, 2013

    Job was completed above expectations. Mario understood the brief fully and completed the task.

    Project Description:I have a Joomla site that needs to be rebuilt in a fresh copy of Joomla to remove all the legacy plug-ins it was using. Specifications: The website is basic with 5 static pages and must use Joomla 2.5.x for web host compatibility...
  • $8.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller popcraft01

    popcraft01 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 16, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    Project Description:need to install a plugin and show me how to use it on a joomla 2.5 website please contact me for a details
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller iancox1977


    Jul 10, 2013

    Great work again....will use again.

    Project Description:I have a website that needs some minor adjustments. Change display of category order and layout. Also I need some CSS changes within the site. Thanks Ian
  • $138.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller buffalobillsl


    Jul 8, 2013

    Awesome worker, EXCELLENT communications, Desire to be the best. I highly recommend him to anyone. I will hire him again and again and again. AWESOME

    Project Description:THE TEMPLATE IS ALREADY CHOSEN... Max Price $125.00 USD update a new joomla template web site using an older web site graphics, and information, including uploading images from old web site to new web site template...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller iancox1977


    Jun 7, 2013

    Excellent work done in a timely manor. will use again.

    Project Description:Hi, I need my site restoring from an akeeba backup. It is already in the cPanel but it wont render properly? Joomla expert only and it needs to be done now please. Thanks
  • $55.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dglite


    May 30, 2013

    Great freelancer, good communication!

    Project Description:We need a freelancer to upload contents to Joomla Websites regularly + add some extra small modifications (modules + logo upload + animated header + products). It is not making a custom template. You will not have to make custom programming, nor to install components, nor design changes...
  • $140.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller repsteinca


    Apr 1, 2013

    Great to work with, got the job done effectively and on time.

    Project Description:Our Joomla (v. 1.7.2) website is not getting indexed properly by search engines. Please fix and update to latest version of Joomla.
  • €30.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller alvarope


    Feb 26, 2013

    quite clear and pro, searching for the best solution

    Project Description:I need to have a chat with a REAL joomla expert on how to handle a client need related to a joomla site and, afterwards, may be have the front end editing in the project enabled. Professional attitude...
    Mario Lacunza has not completed any projects.
  • $500 USD In Progress

    Culminar el proyecto de desarrollo de aplicación, para la inscripción, administración y permanencia de socios de un club de ahorradores. Este club posee niveles jerárquicos dependiendo de los depositos de dinero que ha logrado conseguir, y cuando haya alcanzado el máximo nivel ser dado de Baja del club. Para esta aplicación se require: Formulario de inscripción, formulario de invitación, tablero jerárquico del grupo, tablero de aprobación de socios nuevos y elevación de nivel. Mensajes por correo electrónico: alertas de inscripción, alertas abono de aportes, alertas de actualización de nivel, alerta de retiro de socio. Tablas: Tabla de aporte de cada socio, Tabla de aporte de socios del grupo, Tabla de actvación de socios.

  • $455 USD In Progress

    This is for the customization of a Joomla member&quot;s area:1. When a user first logs in, there will be a form collecting the following information:Profile form 1:Male/FemaleAgeHeightWeight (current)Profile form 2:Body type:Here the user will pick between three different images (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph).Current body condition:Obese, A little extra weight, Normal, skinny, muscularCurrent Activity level:very active, moderately active, not activeProfile form 3:Primary Goal:lose weight, gain muscle, bothDesired weight Gain/Loss: +/-KGProfile form 4 (for women only):Are you currently pregnant? Y/NAre you currently breastfeeding? Y/NProfile form 5:Photo upload. Here the user will upload his/her BEFORE photos so we have a comparison for future progress (front and back).Using this data, we will be able to categorize people into 3 categories:SET 1: Male/Female to lose weightSET 2: Male/Female to lose weight/gain muscleSET 3: Male/Female to gain muscleSET 4: Female Breastfeeding or pregnantSET 5: Male/Female Elderly (over 65)2. The member&quot;s area will be composed of 2 tabs: My plan, All Content. And a right-side panel with user info: photo, name, age and goals (from the profile form inputs).All ebooks, plans, videos, etc will be in the &quot;All content&quot; tab.A customized plan will be presented in the &quot;My plan&quot; tab. The &quot;My plan&quot; tab will be organized like this:left column navigation:Diet--Overview--Meals/recipesExercise--Weight lifting--CardioMain:Intro message (text).Intro Video (1 of 5 videos depending on the SET (see above).Two columns below the video: Recommended Diet | Recommended WorkoutsThe content of these two columns will vary depending on the SET (see above).The customized content will all be in the &quot;All content&quot; tab. It will just be featured based on the person&quot;s goals.

  • $264 USD In Progress

    I need a very simple CMS built. In the CMS backend, I will need to enter &quot;Team Names&quot; to be displayed on the front end alphabetically. When you click on the team names, it will then take you to a page where it will display all the players of that particular team. Once you click on the player, it then takes you to a page that displays all of that players details.So basically, I need to enter different &quot;Team Names&quot; and then enter &quot;Players&quot; into the team groups. Then the ability to enter player details to each players profile / page.Each player will only have 3 or 4 details that would need to entered into their profile.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    Empresa de renta de maquinaria por plazos cortos ofrecidos a clientes (maquinaria sustituta).Necesito ayuda con la creación de un software que me ayude a:- Registar clientes y manejo de su información;- Registrar fechas de cobranza a clientes;- Registrar fechas de pagos a proveedores;- Registrar fechas de devolución de maquinaria a mis proveedores (ya que a su vez yo arriendo la maquinaria);- Registrar fechas de entrega de la maquinaria a los clientes;- Registar fecha de recolección de maquinaria de los clientes;- Registrar cobros por servicios adicionales a clientes; - Registro y manejo del inventario (maquinaria); y- Caputra de datos estadísticos.

  • $70 USD In Progress

    HELLOthere is pic attached here showing what template i need ..what i need is joomla template .. it should be simple ,, clean ,, clear .it should look like index of store ... in really it is store ,, but simple one ,, for limited product and offline payment processing.the highest priority factors is ,, price & time line .

  • $1255 USD In Progress

    need a website designed that is similar to expedia where we are taking resevations. The resevations have nothing to do with airline travel. I&quot;m looking for a site similar to Expedia in terms of function. The site would be a reservation site. People would put in their pick up and destination. The database would look at price and assign lowest price or best match of what customer needs are.There would be a member login in for both corporate and individual as well as vendors who we assign a reservation to. Vendors page would be a live feed of any reservations assigned to them and they would accept or decline a reservation. If decline then the system would assign next best choice. On the management of the site for me I would need capability of seeing assignments for billing purposes. As well as updating any pricing or adding new vendors. Site would need to accept credit cards as well as accepting PayPal. Security is important. PHP/MySQL LINUX Server for short listed requirement(s).We follow a three-tier design architecture exploiting the business potential of the proposed system. Designing your application in layers, or tiers, is useful for many different reasons. In a multiple tier design, each tier can be run a separate machine, or machines, allowing for improved processing performance. Efficient layering can give structure to you application, promote scalability, and ease long-term maintenance requirements for your code. We do use our own developed MVC (Model, View, Controller) structure to develop project. MVC structure helps to keep each module of the project as individual entity and makes easy to make any modification on any particular page or module. Database transaction is done through the Model structure, which represent different tables in the database as individual entity and helps to relate them easily, which brings RAPIDITY in RDBM System....

  • $220 USD In Progress

    We are seeking assistance to migrate from Joomla 1.0 to 2.5. We are very keen to hear proposals from experienced developpers who have carried out successful Joomla migrations. Please provide evidence of previous successful project as well as timescales and costs involved.

  • $420 USD In Progress

    I need someone who is great in programming, and who can build/develop software or good at writing scripts. The software/script you will be developing is already existing on the market which we used but it stopped being updated/supported and I need a personal in-house version for my company, I&quot;m not trying to re-invent the wheel but make the exact replica with some minor changes. Just giving you an idea of the kind of work involved.Let me know if you are interested in my offer and I will let you know the software and then,1.You let me know if this is a software you know you are fully capable of developing as needed.2.How long it will take to complete and how much you expect to get paid for this contract and when you would be available to start work.Henry.

  • $450 AUD In Progress

    Hi everyone!I am looking for a professional software designer to design some software for me! It is an accounting software that I want to use to help business owners to interpret their financial statements. The basics are already done in an Excel spreadsheet. These formulas have to be created into a stand alone software that anyone can use. Other requirements are that the software is linked to a payment administration system. People pay for the software, and through the system I can give them access or deny it when they don&quot;t extend their membership to the software. Any help to integrate this with my website will be highly appreciated too and these software developers that mention this in their private message will be preferred! NO time wasters please and please send me a private message with your thoughts on this project! I have a long history on Freelancer and know how to pick the right people only. Long term opportunities for the right people

  • $70 USD In Progress

    The objective of the assignment is to provide the design, development and Search Engine Optimization for the personal Bi-lingual website of the musician/composer (the Client).The site would be updated for content by the Client and supported by the Contractor.Mail and domain IDs will be provided by the Client. Web server hosting will be provided by a third party.The website shall consist up to 5-6 pages with the essential such as home/news, credits, audio/video, contact.1.Home/news page should be showing recent news and blog entries.2.Credits - showing Client&quot;s past works and achievements.3.Audio/video – Client&quot;s portfolio reels and music projects.4.Contact – email contact form.The website shall be totally compatible with main browsers – Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE . Social networks plug-ins such as facebook, twitter, google + and shall be embed.The actual website already exists, what makes the creation of the new one a bit easier. Also, the reference examples of audio player would be provided by the Client.

  • €480 EUR 7 days ago

    Stiamo cercando un esperto che riesca a trasferire un Sito web già esistente, su piattaforma Joomla. Forniremo tutto il materiale grafico e le informazioni necessarie. Il sito in questione, è un portale di eventi che viene caratterizzato da un database (già pieno di eventi), e dalla consultazione e l&quot; inserimento degli annunci nello stesso.

  • $88 USD 7 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for a freelancer who can make Joomla websites (Already installed, you get the log in-codes). I will also provide the menu-items and text that should be inserted. Basically, you get a sitemap and you have to build it.In the future you also have to design the joomla-template.For this particular website the Joomla template is already installed. Its gonna be around 20 pages. Mostly text.When i find a good freelancer I will send the information needed to get this project underway.kind regards,Bart Merkus

  • $17 USD 7 days ago

    We need to put up a site to remember victims of the aircrash yesterday.Things must be done directly. you get paid by the hour.Important. You can start now.

  • $12 USD 16 days ago

    I have a joomla website which cannot edit Our Content on my website, cause programmer resign , and i don&quot;t know how to access Administrator password ,I need to edit my web asap, I have cpanel password, Thanks

  • $1555 USD 16 days ago

    Hello,I want to develop cross platform project for my business.This would be available on thrice of the platform.All the data will be same in thrice of the platform.Its simple job for those who developed such projects which are on mobile and web based.There is no social features like chatting and others.Its specific to business.User can make setup their details of work in the website like contractors,suppliers,products,customer,invoice,letters,emails,bills,notice,rules etc.All these features are also available to mobile devices as well.Please tell any movie name of tom cruise in at top of your cover letter.I have all the specification ready with me.Please bid I will reply to every one.Freelancer must be very communicable as well as passionate,highly technical.I don&quot;t want scam or fake peoples.I want to make a long term relationship to eligible candidates.Thanks

  • $8 USD/hr Nov 6, 2013

    need a expert joomla and programming today for 8 hours today for urgent project will pay 8.00 per hour usa

  • ₹100000 INR Sep 28, 2013


  • $368 USD Sep 17, 2013

    Se necesita un software con las siguientes características preferiblemente en lenguaje visual studio o delphi:Que el sistema tenga cobro de servicios recurrentes (Mensual, Trimestral, Semestral, Anual)Que el usuario pueda crear tipo de servicios a facturar con diferentes categorías de precios y en algunos casos introducir un precio manualQue se elija si desea aplicar impuesto o noQue pueda elegir si el pago es único o recurrente Opción tipo de pago por medidas ej. el metro cuadrado es a 10; si quiero comprar 3 metros que el sistema realice el calculo acorde a la tarifa (30). y pregunte si es único o recurrente.Modulo clientes:Nombre:ApellidosTelefonoCédula / DNIDirección ReferenciaLocalidadSectorReportes:Todos los reportes relacionados a cada uno.

  • $777 USD Aug 7, 2013

    I am looking for a Joomla expert to develop a component with functionality similar to The component should have the following functions1. Buyer Tools - These tools will enable buyers to post and manage buying requests, view received quotes, manage own settings2. Supplier Tools - These tools will enable suppliers to view buying requests, manage own products, submit quotes, manage trade shows3. Supplier verification - This feature allows supplier to apply for their businesses to be verified. They will have to provide documentation e.g proof of company registration, VAT certificate, telephone numbers, physical address(es).4. Product catalogue and searching component (Basic and advanced) - This will enable users to search by entering keywords (basic search) and or specifying other parameters e.g. product budget price, product category, etc (advanced). Categories will be managed by site administrator 5. Admin only component settings/functions - This section of the site will enable the site owner/ administrator to make several global site configurations from managing users, categories, quotation screening and more. 6. Front-end modules - Category Listing, Latest buyer requests, latest productsThe component should work on Joomla version 2.5.11 or above

  • $111 USD Jul 15, 2013

    I need a fully dynamic website built with Joomla, complete with top range graphics. The site must be functional.

  • $200 AUD Jul 11, 2013

    To create template for joomla 3 or convert existing html.5 links in menu bar.Content well as images for template.will accept variations depending on quality of work.

  • $1250 USD Jul 4, 2013

    Good day! I need to create monetize system in my traffic exchange system. I have site build on php and i want to add &quot;earning system&quot; when users send traffic they get money.Site this similar 2leep.comMore info contact me.

  • $40 USD Mar 28, 2013

    Our Joomla (v. 1.7.2) website is not getting indexed properly by search engines. Please fix. Need this done TODAY!

  • $30 USD Feb 26, 2013

  • $30 USD Dec 18, 2012

    Hello If you can please send me Virtuemart 2 Template - PureMart for free

  • €170 EUR Dec 6, 2012

    Creaci&oacute;n manteninmiento de sitio web, hacer backups, actualizaciones, e intentar posicionar en buscadores

  • $200 USD Dec 5, 2012

    i want to create a website for some users. this users can add their details from the frontend and then i can see the details from backend.this details include:1.name2.email3. mobile no:4. current location5. sex(a)male(b)female6. level of studies(a)primary school(b)high school(c)college(d)universityif primary current classif high school current formif college or university; course of study and year graduating7. current jobalso their must be an allowance for this users to update their profile

  • $40 USD Oct 23, 2012

    Hi,I have a Joomla website that I need copied and then installed on 14 other domains. I will give you access to all the FTP details etc and you just have to make a copy of the 1st website and then upload it so its exactly the same on all the other domains. This will obviously mean that you have to copy the database and set it up as well.This shouldn&quot;t be a hard project to do, but if you have any further questions just message me.

  • $550 USD Sep 18, 2012

    I require a website design that gives me the facility to add/edit my own website as well as add new pages and content using a simple browser interface. I require a &quot;Tax calculator&quot; placed on the front page which is essential to the site. The overall site should be approx 20 pages but I should be able to add pages at any time .I require the website to be able to be translated into many different languages, but am guessing we can just embed google translate. A good website to view to see what I would like is here: another good website is . If you think you can do a good job please message me with your best bid. Please start your message &quot;Dear Mr Elliott&quot;, any offers without this will not be condsidered. Please also send me any good examples of websites you may have already built.

  • $30 USD Aug 3, 2012

    I need a person who has the accounts on following websites.* YooTheme* RocketTheme* Theme Expert* Shape5* JoomlArt Or at least on any two from them, PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU CAN PROOF YOUR ACCOUNTS.

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